Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The gut instinct to laugh, why I like Dora, and REALLY? Way to make a girl feel all self conscious.

You know when the ketchup bottle is at the end of it's little ketchup-bottle life?

You know--you squeeze it, and in my husbands case, in desperate attempts to get whatever is left out of it because his beautiful, gorgeous, kind and loving (hehe) wife forgot to purchase a new one for her ketchup-loving husband.

We're all adults here, right? Well, you know that sound that ketchup makes--when it's on it's last leg?

Ahem. Yea. That one.

Well this weekend? We discovered that Emeline giggles hysterically when she hears it. 

And you know what my husband immediately says? "Why did you teach her that?!"

Say WHAT? You can blame her knowing how to say "1-2-3" on me, or her knowing her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or her new words of "bible" and heck, even knowing the key dances in Dora the Explorer. But you absolutely may not blame me when our kid just naturally laughs at the ketchup bottle farts. Mmmk? Some things are just gut instincts.


Speaking of Dora. I really like that show for Eme. I don't really get all the parent hate of Dora. I mean, I get that if you sit there and watch the show intently, I'm sure its repetitive and annoying. Aren't all kid shows? That's exactly why I don't sit there and watch it. Luckily my living room and kitchen are basically connected and I can sit here with one eye on the dora-lovin' girl, yet pay no attention to what's going on. In fact, I just play Pandora.

And you see what else? I absolutely love the bits and pieces of Spanish she could potentially pick up on. For us, that's an important thing. See, we are in a community of friends and part of a multicultural church with a lot of Spanish speakers. They have already been teaching E little bits and pieces of spanish, so much in fact that she will pick up an imaginary phone and say, "HOLA!" (sometimes said like "hola-la!") sometimes before she even says "hiii!" And I love that.

So for us, we're Dora fans. It works. And I think she's quite adorable with her little blunt bob.


And really? Yesterday, 363 of you watched our Weight Watchers Vlog.  That is scary. Yet, only a few of you said a darn thing about it. Look. I don't mean to be all "OMG YOU DIDN'T COMMENT", but you could have at least been like, "Oh hey Katie, your hair looks nice". Or, "Wow, Susan, your face is so skinny!" You see? When you put yourself out there like that, a little feedback is nice. And then to see that so many people actually watched it (yes there are stats on that ish) and then didn't say anything? Makes a girl a little self-concious.

Just sayin'.



  1. Ketchup bottle farts are always a favorite around here with Isabella, but not nearly as big as Dora! I agree, Dora is great for kids!

  2. You have no clue who I am and quite honestly I have no idea how I found your blog, but I love it and I think you & your sister are adorable. Kudos on the weight lost, you both look wonderful. God bless!

  3. It's not just the show Dora that I don't like. Yes it's annoying and no I don't want to listen to it (my niece was obsessed with it so I've watched it many many times before Alexa arrived) but it's all the "products" that come with most shows. Every time someone gets Alexa a Dora toy (ball, doll, whatever) it gets returned. I just hate it.

    That said, I love Yo Gabba Gabba and many people hate on that just as harshly as Dora. LOL. Oh and they have plenty of licensed products that I won't buy.

    Oh, and I think Swiper is super annoying :P

  4. I hate Little Einsteins. Only because of the repetitive "tap tap tap tap" part of the song. and because it's always stuck in my head. lol

    Anywho, I loved the vlog! I didn't comment though because I watched it on my phone this morning :)

    Y'all are doing amazing and it's been so inspiring to follow this journey that you took. I think you should submit your stories to WW!!

  5. I tried to watch your vlog and nothing came up...the screen stayed blank :( Maybe I'll try again today. Even without watching the vlog I know you've done amazingly on WW...I need some of your motovation!!

  6. You both look super skinny! I was really impressed, and I'm hoping to see the same results!

  7. Kendall has loved Dora since way early on and I like it too. Like you said, she gets annoying at times but I think overall it's a great lil show!

  8. My niece LOVES Dora and Diego. She has learned so much, and can count to 10 in Spanish! It's very educational, but there is ONE thing that annoys me. The title. Dora the Explorer does NOT rhyme. It's not Dora the Explor-uh. And that drives me crazy. :)

  9. OK, so at least 5 of those stats are from me...I couldn't get the video to load correctly yesterday on my IPad. So I just watched it this morning on my laptop. You guys have been so inpsiring to me. I'm going to post a link to your vlog today on my 'Watcha Eatin Weight Watchers Wendesday". Thanks for sharing your weight loss and your sister is super cute too. Does she have a blog? Gonna go check out skinnytaste too. You guys both look amazing.
    Dora...I love anything that can allow me to get a load of laundry done, the ONLY thing I don't like about Dora is the 'I can't hear you say it louder', which prompts my almost 3 year old to yell, usually when I'm trying to put my 15 month old down for a nap!!!

  10. Ok, #1... hahahaha.
    #2... people hate Dora? I mean, N doesn't watch it, but if he did, I'd be cool with it.
    #3... Um, yeah. Not one of those stats was from me. I'm playing catch-up this morning. Off to watch (and comment!). lol.

  11. I am horrible at leaving comments, but you both look fabulous. You are motivating me to take off the extra weight. You rock! I feel ya though, sometimes you just need a little love and encouragement. Heck just some recognition of what you have accomplished is nice. You look awesome.

  12. Just so you know, I watched your vlog yesterday... then I went back and watched the other two and I was totally inspired. You guys were so helpful with all the tips and I'm starting my new lifestyle today because of you two! Does that make a girl feel good???! because it should! You both look great and super sweet too :)

  13. Haha! You should've told D, "She laughs b/c she hears you all the time." LoL -I kid. :P

    Yeah, Dora, not a show watched in our house. We are more Sprout ppl than Nick Jr. ppl. But, I think that it's AWESOME you want Eme to learn Spanish!!! Such a beautiful language (though I'm bias) We speak Spanish everyday here, so fingers X the boys pick up on it. It's just something about that show that I just do not like. Though, if Trey caught eye of it, I'm sure he's be hooked. The show we get tons of "bad hype" about is Caillou. Trey LOVES that show and cannot get enough...but sooo many ppl HATE it! Boo.

    As for the vlog, I was one of those "hits". Sorry for not commenting, had to put the boys to bed. It was LATE. 0_0 But my goodness, you and Susan look so beautiful. Not only b/c you are so skinny, but you both look so lively, and happy, and HEALTHY!!! Much more confidence in front on the camera than the first video. Being healthy and feeling so good about yourself is what counts the most! ...and I LOVE how you say it's your LIFESTYLE now, instead of diet. I really hate that word. Even though WW did not work for me, you still give me (especially Susan, I can relate more to her) the confidence that I CAN do something about my weight, be it whatever. It works...having that support, even when you have never met any of us. STILL gives us motivation. At least for me, it does. So, thank you so much....vlog was AMAZING, and here's to you and Susan living a long, very healthy life!!! God bless Momma! xx


  14. We're a Dora house too! Oh and your hair looked great in your vlog! :)

  15. After working in a pediatric dental office and watching hours upon hours (upon hours) of cartoons I have to second the Dora love! Jamie isn't much into tv (yet) but when he starts sitting still long enough Dora will definitly be a show I don't mind him watching.

    As for fart noises. J discovered recently that he can make them himself by blowing on his arm, my leg, etc. I can't help but laugh. I'm human.

    And I watched your vlog, and then didn't comment. :( Oops. Blogger fail. I will say watching you and your sister was inspiring. I showed my coworker your amazing before and after pics and then said I'm joining WW when we get back from our labor day vacation. Wish me luck! I'm sure I'll be coming to you for advice!

  16. We're all just jealous bitches. Kidding. I commented so yay for me.

    I did notice your arms looks toned as well but I didn't want to be all oh my gosh she's so skinny and I need to copy every little thing she is doing so I didn't say anything. I know a while ago you said you were going to do the 30 Day Shred. Is that what you've been doing?

  17. I actually dont mind Dora either. I've watched it a million times with my nephew. The repetitiveness gets annoying, but it's still less annoying than other shows. I hate Thomas the Train, just saying.
    Laughing at fart noises really is just intuition.

  18. i watched. and i didnt comment.
    you got me. but im fessing up.

    you both look fab and kudos to both of you for the drive to continue with it! it shows.

    i didnt really watch it for ww reasons though. i just like watching the sister interaction. sisters are awesome.

  19. I've never watched Dora but I think learning a bit of Spanish is a great thing!

  20. That ketchup bottle thing had me laughing out loud! For real!
    I'm trying to get Giada to watch other shows, since right now she's stuck on Olivia ONLY, and there are only so many reruns of one show I can take before I need to pull my hair out. Oh, and she cannot watch them by herself. I need to suffer too...

  21. We are a Dora family too (or, well, we were...S grew out of it several months ago). She learned SO MUCH Spanish from Dora - especially the books. Most times, she speaks Spanish first. It's fun for us, but annoying for family members who have no idea what she's saying. Tee hee.

  22. We love dora and diego around here! I caught Addy counting in spanish a few weeks ago, up to 8! She also will walk through the house, saying, "hola mama, hola dadda!" They do pick it up!

  23. One of the mommies in a group I'm in was just complaining about Dora. I can't remember what she said..I think she said she was whiny or manipulative or something. I haven't really watched her, but I'm all about learning some spanish! Monroe's got his own little Ricky Ricardo impression going on around here.

    I watched the vlog. Can't remember if I commented or not, though I have been trying so hard to be a good blog reader/commenter since I so famously stuck my big fat foot in my mouth a few months ago ;)

    I LOVE the vlogs. They've really inspired me and it's fun to see you girls in person. I love your chemistry together-you just seem so down to earth. I think you've done amazing with WW. The updates have helped keep me on track. Oh, and Katie, you're hair looks really good and Susan, you're face is so skinny ;) for realz!