Monday, August 1, 2011


I'm the wearer of many hats. Maybe some of you are, too.

You put on a new hat depending on the situation you're in. It doesn't mean you change as a person, it's just that, with that hat--your focus changes.

You know, I have my wife hat. The one that I wear virtually all the time, but I can wear almost solely when I'm out, alone, on rare occasion with my husband. Or in those late night pillow talk moments when there are no distractions. When I can be all-wife. You know, like on this trip we've booked? (Yes! We booked it! Yay!) That'll be mainly my wife hat.

I like that hat a lot. But, it gets gradually more intense and takes a lot more work when you add in the dynamics of a mom hat. You know, your mom hat is demanding. A little more shabby and less glamorous. While I adore it, it's intense, and time consuming (and I only have 1 kid), and truthfully? You basically can never take your mom hat off.

Then, if you work--either outside of the home or you work at home, you've got your work hat on, too. Maybe it's the business-professional hat, maybe you have to roll with the big guys, or talk corporate-type talk. Maybe you teach kids, and you have your teacher hat on. And heck, as a teacher I know personally that can also involve a counselor-type-hat, then your colleague-to-colleague type hat....oh how the list goes on and on.

I also do some things for my church...some secretarial-type-things...entering information, sending weekly emails, keeping up with new member information, helping with the service schedule's, and leading small groups. So, add that hat in with all the other ones. 

How about your sister-hat, daughter-hat, your homeowner (and the issues that come with it) hat, and maybe your friend-hat, auntie-hat, etc..etc...

Sometimes? I feel like a circus-act. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. It's like the clown, you know...on a unicycle, balancing multiple hats on his head--trying to keep them all in tact. Quite the visual, I know. But it's true. 

The problem is, with all these hats--I just feel sometimes that I cannot wear any of them right. Or give them all the appropriate amount of time, and care they all need. I fail. Over and over again. 

Sometimes I fail my friends. Sometimes I fail my own family. Sometimes? I fail my husband and I'm a sucky wife. 

Trust me when I say this...this is not a pity party. It's just a reminder. Life is a juggling act--you add something more to your list, throw in curveballs of stressful family situations, or health-issues, or the unexpected-life-scenarios that just...happen....and it seems something goes by the wayside. It's really hard to be 100% in every area.

And this is my personal reminder that it's okay

Life is about balance. It is. But your real friends will understand that and extend grace when you let them down. So will your family. Your husband will probably even forgive you when you've had a bad day and treated him poorly. And the people that matter and love you will keep on walking with you. Because, after all--we all have our own hat-wearing we do, and we all mess it up sometimes.

Today I'm reminded of that. 


  1. We're women! We all wear many different hats; and we wear them well. It's putting them on and taking that responsibility that needs applauding. We may not do it all perfect, but we try. And try is all we can do. Here's to being the best in every hat that we can!

  2. Amen!I totally relate to this post. I am trying to not wear as many hats, but i have no boundaries & have a hard time saying no...but I am working on it!

  3. Oh Katie I've been dealing with this lately. Especially the wife/mom hat. I had no idea how much harder it would be to be a good wife once I became a mom. As soon as Alivia is weaned we are booking a trip for just us. I can't wait! Hope you have fun on yours :)

  4. Oh the hats we wear! Agree completely; it is so hard to balance them all, and sometimes some hats seem bigger than others and take up more time, and then they shift. All an adjustment for sure, and what would we do without God . . .really? I REALLY don't think I could handle it without His help, and of course my super hubby and fam too.

  5. Blogger needs to have like button, don't you think? Maybe they don't and I just don't know it. But this post gets a very big "LIKE". good post sister!

  6. The visual of a circus act balancing all those hats is so my life right now. It's ok to not be perfect with that juggling. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. So true. I always find it hardest to adjust back to the professional hat when school starts each year. I always let something inappropriate slip out a few times in September, hahaha.

  8. This is one of your best posts, Katie.

    So true.

  9. I love this sooo much, words can't even describe! Awesome post:o)

  10. I honestly can't think of anything to say other than "I know exactly what you're talking about". Great post.

  11. I love that the ad below this post is "Bipolar Help for Women". So true right? Anyways...I know the feeling. I've discovered it's impossible to be the best all at everything all at once. *sigh* much to learn still!

  12. You certainly hit the nail on the head! It's all about balance and realizing that I'm not going to be able to keep all the balls in the air all the time. I feel blessed to have friends and family that do extend that grace when I fail. Thanks for a great message!

  13. Love this post. There are just not enough hours in the day for any one "hate" to be worn perfectly. But we all can just do our best to balance everything at once.

  14. I needed this post. Today, I have been feeling really nervous and anxious about how I'm going to deal with life in just over a month when I have to add a few more hats to my shelf. It's hard to keep that many hats on your head all at one time.

  15. Love this post and how we wear different hats to represent the many roles we play.

    It's so true that we have to find balance, but like you said, our children are very demanding and can take most of our time, so our husbands are left out usually. I'm scared to think just how different my life is about to change as we go from one child to two in just a month, as my daughter's due date approaches! Hope there is room in my closet for another hat ha!

    glad you got to book a vacay :)


  16. totally great post and so so accurate. the life of a woman is so versatile so demanding... you captured it very well.