Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silent'ish Sunday. See also: Missing my camera like whoa.

It is absolutely killing me not having my camera. Literally, if this isn't a test in patience I don't know what is. Color me lame, but I miss my baybeeeee. I need my new baybee here like, yesterday.

So this is a glimpse into our last few days through instagram pics.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Love them!
    We go to the chiropractor too, as in ALL of us. All four kiddos we go weekly, I swear by it!
    It keeps them so healthy!

  2. I love the chiropractor!

    I've been going once a week for a few months & haven't had any sinus problems like I had before I started going to the chiro. I was seriously about to have sinus surgery & now I don't need it!

  3. Love the pics. It made me feel guilty that I haven't been taking enough of my own.

  4. Love these pics...dont you just love Instagram?

  5. Feast for the joke!

  6. This momma is getting very antsy over you chiropractor post! My son has been getting monthly ear infections and we finally got a referral to an ENT and our appointment is THIS WEDNESDAY. I am dying to hear if there are other options out there and if they work!!

  7. Adorable pictures. I do love instagram!

  8. I completely understand - I would almost die without my camera. Looks like a fun few days. I love her Toms.

  9. Katie,

    cute post :) At least you can make do with your camera phone while you wait for your new baby to arrive! I wish I could say the same about the quality of pictures my stupid Blackberry takes! I have to wait another month before my contract ends before I can get an iphone.. and I am

    Love the new Tom's Em is sporting. So cute! Can't wait to hear how her chiropractor appt went too. Oh.. and the crablegs and beer.. total tease to this burstingattheseams preggo! I am soo ready for a drink I can hardly stand it ha! I just keep reminding myself I am in the homestretch :)

    Happy Sunday

  10. It goes to show that the camera does not make the picture - these instagram pics are SO cute! I know you miss your big fancy camera but I think you have a great eye for taking a good photo. They capture a story and that's hard to do!

  11. I LOVE these photos....isn't Instagram fun? How did you organize them all like this -- Photoshop or some great feature in Instagram that has been hiding from me?!