Friday, August 12, 2011

Stop and smell the roses.

I have real words, you written over at The Poop Whisperer today. An entire post devoted to baby-proofing, and some weigh-in needed. So go check it out and then come back, mmmk?


So, my girl is feeling so much better. We had almost 8 days of pure yuckies, and I am beyond grateful to finally see my goofy kid back again. I was beginning to think this was her new personality (sad/sick/miserable) and it scared me. I think I was just in a foggy haze. But, phew. All is well, and she is back to normal. Thank you for all your prayers. 

Yesterday we headed out to Longwood Gardens, where we have season passes. It's such a gorgeous spot with acres upon acres of flowers, greenhouses, a children's gardens, a water area for the kiddies, and most of all? Serenity. Dude, the place is peaceful as whoa and it's so vast...and spacious...that even when there's a lot of people you just kind of feel....calm. It's so nice.

I managed to snap only about 10 minutes of our fun with cousins before my camera battery died. Yea, that totally sucked. But, maybe it was better that way. I got to just soak it in without the camera in front of my face.

I swear, she was trying to jump in that water. Girl is courageous.
What? You don't wear a tu-tu to gardens? {perks of having a little girl I guess... :) }

She was so cute...pointing at everything, and going up to all the big pretty flowers, sticking her nose in them and sniffing them (her PopPop (my dad) taught her that). She was little miss independent just walking/running around, and trying her best to keep up with her 4.5 & 3 year old cousins. 

I was impressed. 

It was a good-for-the-soul day. After so many days of being inside and feeling so miserable. The weather was gorgeous, and there's something about that place that just rejuvenates you.


Have a great weekend, loves.

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  1. SO adorable! If I ever have a little girl I hope she wears a tutu every day! haha

    Glad Eme is back to her usual smiley self!

  2. I am so glad that she is feeling better!! And the tutu is presh!

  3. CUTE!! Yep. It's settled. If I ever have a baby girl, she's going to be in tutus every where we go.

    We have a garden like this not too far from us, and I've been waiting for Noah to get over his yuckies so I can get some cute 2 year photos! The only challenge is getting him to sit still long enough for a "photo session". :)

  4. She's such a cutie!
    I'm SO glad she's feeling better!

  5. Those curls just make my heart melt! I am so so so glad that she's feeling better...and I'm so glad that you're finally getting back into your groove! Hoping and praying that she gets back to her normal self soon :)

  6. That sounds sooo wonderful, and the pictures are beautiful. Did you increase the saturation on them?

    I also liked your post on the poop whisperer. I TRIED to right click it>open in new tab, which is how I perfer to do my browsing on the interwebs, but your site wouldn't let me! Drats! I will forgive you, but only if you give me the code you installed to do that.

  7. So glad she is feeling better now! These summer colds are no fun!

  8. Days like that are just good for the soul. Glad you had a great day!

  9. I Love that age. isn't it so FUN!

  10. Katie,

    I'm so glad to hear litte Miss is feeling better and that ya'll were able to get out of the house. The gardens looked like a really cool place to visit. There is a neat garden like that in Charlotte called Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens and we took my son last year at Christmas because they have it all decorated with lights and he loved it!

    I LOVE that she wears tutu's and I already bought Brynley's first one I can't wait for her to get here soon so I can start dressing her all up!

    I'm so glad it's Friday! Have a good weekend :)


  11. That tutu is too much! I love it! Where did you find it? Because you know we need one for the girly girl in our house ;)