Monday, August 8, 2011

Thankfulness amongst The Sick, and a photo.

It's not wise to write a post when you're feeling bad and your kid has been sick, whiny and foul for days on end. Or else everything you write comes out as intense whining. And whiny posts? Are so annoying.

I will annoy myself.

But I kind of want to do a "Wahhh she's still sick! And I was up 6x last night with her! And she's still getting fevers! And the crying, oh the crying!"

I'll spare you. 

So here's my list of things I'm thankful for when dealing with sick-child: (See? bright side.)

-I'm thankful for coffee. For without it, I would be up a creek without a paddle. I need some boost after being up all night with said grouchy toddler.

-I'm thankful for ibuprofen, because tylenol sucks and doesn't work. At all. The few hours of relief it provides a night for painful ears, I am thankful for. 

-I'm thankful that getting up lots of times a night again reminded me how I am so.not.ready for another baby. Nope, not yet. I'm not.

-I'm thankful that friends like Jess are always there when I need mom-advice. With four kids, she's pretty much got all the tricks, and I love her for that (and lots of other things). She reminded me this morning that I could make Eme a smoothie (since she won't eat)--and I packed it full of yogurt, fruits, milk, etc--and I got her to drink some. Yay! I will take anything at this point. 

-I'm also thankful for friends like Gina, who remind me when I'm in sickies up to my eyeballs, and begin to lose a bit of myself--that I should enter a photo contest. For me. Friends that can encourage you? Are awesome. So thanks, Gina.

So on that note, here's my entry for The Paper Mama's, 'Whatever' photo contest.

She's totally moody & sick here...but her eyes are so pretty. Hey, true life. :)


Happy Monday, friends. [It should be noted that I first typed, "Happy Friday". Clearly, I am delusional. And now? Sad. I need a weekend re-do like naow.]


  1. Love you friend. Praying that Eme gets feeling better so so so soon. Feel free to text/DM/email or whatever if you need to chat (you can whine to me, I won't get annoyed).

  2. Sweet photo of your sick, little one. Bless her heart for STILL being sick :( I know it breaks your heart...

  3. she is still adorable even being sick! hope she feels better soon

  4. Hope you sweet girl feels better SOON!!!!! And love love love your new header on the blog!!!!!!

  5. Anytime we have a rough night or nights in your case....I am also reminded I am NOT ready for a newborn. I'm enjoying my sleep too much these days!!

    Glad you were able to find a little good in the midst of a crappy situation. Hoping Miss E feels better sooner than later!

  6. Love the new header!

    I hope she gets to feeling better for you soon!!!

  7. Aww poor baby- nothing is worse than a sick babe. Well a sick baby with a double ear infection. I felt the same way when my son was teething and with his double ear infections. The winter months were literally DREADFUL lol. (I know that sounds terrible, but I was totally not ready for a second babe until just recently, and my son is 2.) All that rambling to agree with how you felt about the 6x getting up during the night.

    Praying for Little Miss to get better soon and for a GOOD nights sleep :)


  8. I sure hope she gets better SOON! And you get some rest SOON! Bless her! That is the cutest little face, even if she is whiney right now!

  9. Every single time I've seen a twitter update my heart has gone out to you. Sick babies are heart-breaking. Praying she feels better soon. Ps...have you tried garlic drops in her ear? Or an onion?

  10. Awww thanks for the shout-out. I'll encourage you anytime you need a lift. You've certainly done it enough for me! :)

    I was thisclose to calling you to whine yesterday. Maybe we should make a phone date with whining the only topic on the agenda.

  11. aw sweet girl - Hang in there!! I hope all is well soon. At least you get to wake up 6x to see that ADORABLE little girl who loves you very much ;)


  12. Sickies stink! I hope she's feeling better soon.

    Gorgeous picture though!

  13. Aww, I really hope your babygirl feels much better today. I know, it's extremely exhausting when your child is so ill. Poor you...going on with so many days without proper sleep. I hope you guys will be better soon. It's great that you have such a supportive and helpful husband.