Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Today I confess...

-I am being a terrible contributor over at Poop Whisperer. I can barely crank out one post a week over there, I have a ton I need and want to write for them, but instead I sit and type this. Not to mention, having corporate blogging as my at-home job, too--you know, the one that makes me money, also kind of takes the fun out of my regular blogging.

-I'm thinking about only writing here a few times a week versus everyday. Well, granted--I know I don't always "write" everyday (ie: posting pics), but I at least post something 5 days a week, and often times, 6 or more. I'm not posting because I *have* to--I just want to, and feel this looming need to do it. But I don't really want it to be like that.

-I unfollow people on Instagram when they have posted approximately 394830948 pictures in one day of themselves, in the mirror, and every single one looks identical. Look, I like a good mirror picture. I take them sometimes, too. But don't go and overkill it. 

-On that same note, while I appreciate some OOTD ("Outfit of the day") pictures or blog posts....I mean, every single day? That's a bit much. I'm glad you like your outfit that much to show us every day. I mean, that's great. Fabulous, really. Also, why does everyone (and sometimes I catch myself doing it) stand pigeon-toed in the mirror while taking self-portraits? Did you notice that, too? Now you'll notice. Trust me. Also, on the outfit blog-posts, some peeps kind of look like they're about to tip over with those fancy-schmancy poses. You'll now notice this too. Promise.

-Emeline has now officially entered the picky-eater stage. I remember so naively writing one of her monthly posts back-when saying what a great eater she she wasn't picky at all....and how I hope it stayed that way. WRONG. My hoping didn't help, apparently. She pretty much hates everything that I'd like to feed her. 

At least she looks cute when she's refusing her lunch. Yea?

Yepppp. Those are tears in her eyes.

-My good friend, Jess wrote a post today about Toddlerhood and it's pretty fabulous. Go check it out

-Whenever I have a ton of things to do, I sit and do nothing instead. My closet is packed to the brim with clean clothes, all folded, but ALL OVER THE FLOOR. They need to be put away, in a major way. My bedroom is a mess, I can't remember the last time I cleaned my kitchen floor, and I let the dishwasher sit unemptied yesterday for an entire day (I never do that). I am putting all bets on the fact that my Erin Condren planner is on the way to me this week and that maybe, just maybe it'll bring a little sanity to my life. 

-I didn't buy trip insurance for our vacation to the Florida Keys. Oops. In light of all this hurricane talk, not to mention the new ones out there at sea swirling around, you'd THINK I would have done that. The problem is this, every time I look into it? It confuses me. A lot. There, I admit it. It almost looks like they cover NOTHING in the end and the fact of jumping through hoops to only recoup a little bit of money sounds incredibly annoying. I am banking on prayers & the fact that God knows we needs this sooooo badly that hurricanes will stay away. Call it naive. Call it hope. Call it what you will. That's what we get for planning a trip during hurricane season. 

-I'm planning my next tattoo, and it's going to be a large one. I don't particularly care about anyone's views on tattoo's, I love them. Like, love-love-love them. I need more of them in my life.

-I haven't put my camera down since it came. I'm amazed by it, and I'm trying to recoup the time I lost while waiting for it to get here. I may, however, develop carpel-tunnel because it's SO heavy. But I know I'll get used to that.

-I have developed a major love for dyeing my own hair.  I went even darker again last night. I used to do it all the time, then I stopped for a while, and now I'm back on that kick since I'm sporting The Dark Hair Look. I absolutely love my hair dark and it makes me feel 1,000x prettier than light hair ever did. I'm secretly jealous of all of you naturally-exotic, dark & gorgeous types. 


Go ahead. Confess. It feels great ;)


  1. The blog you post on for your that something we would all read and I'm just out of the loop? I love your posts and the honesty in them, I think it'd be cool to read more of your posts in other places :)

  2. I am 110% backing you up on the OOTD pictures. It's annoying and a desperate plea for people to have their ego stroked by others telling them they look good! I get it on occasion! I really do! But all the time? No thanks. (Ok, don't hate me for this comment!)

  3. How many tattoos do you have and of what?

    I really want to get one but I'm so scared and nervous.

  4. Ha! You make me laugh! AND, not feel so bad about my self-admitted "down time" even though I should be up getting lots done while the kiddos are napping, instead.

  5. I just wrote a post about this MOnday.. I am in the same boat with buying insurance for our honeymoon cruise to the bahamas.. I just dont know! I am hoping the same.. that nothing will happen because I really dont want our honeymoon ruined! ahh what to do!

    As for the tattoo.. LOVE IT.. I have 4 myself, and plans for more.. if I ever have the money to get them done! I feel the same way that I dont care what people think (including my own mother) I really feel as if it is artwork, and every one has its own story. What are you planning to get?

  6. I've been reading your blog for a long time, but I don't ever remember you talking about tattoos - I have been thinking about getting one for so long but never pulled the trigger. Have you ever done a post on your tattoos?

  7. I've been bit by the tattoo bug too! Ever since my 30th and our trip to Vegas when I chickened out I've been thinking about it. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head I just can't put anything concrete together!

    I'll be excited to see what your new piece is. If you share it with us of course!

    I also tried to dye my own hair last week but it was a big fat fail. Problem was I trying to go lighter....which is WAY trickier that trying to go dark. It basically looks exactly the same.

  8. I'm over the outfit posts too...because quite frankly, I shop at Target or Old Navy...and really these gals apparently all shop at Anthro or other top dollar stores.

    I wish I could color my own...too bad blonde is so dang high maintenance. I normally go brown in the fall/winter but I feel for now I guess it'll stay blonde.

    AND...Emme...even if she's picky...she's a DOLL!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Girl I am loving myself dark too! I never thought those words would come out of my mouth, er fingertips, but it's true! It's so much easier to maintain too!
    Oh and I am one of those OOTD posters, I am no fashionista and really have no business posting it but sometimes I can't help it. LOL.

  10. Pigeon toed makes your thighs look skinner...not that I would know ot anything! ;)

    So glad you are loving your camera! And, I promise, you'll get used to the weight. I am no longer phased by the weight of the camera - or of the camera with I have a big Tamron lens on!

    The picture quality is amazing - love your picky eater!

  11. I have gone back and forth between blonde and brunette for years now...I always am equally in love with each and have the hardest time deciding!

  12. I hate OOTD posts too.. I've stopped following people who post them.. They are just not interesting to me- if I am not at work I am wearing jeans and a hoodie. Most of the time I think that the girls look way over dressed.. or they just have dumb outfits.

    Also.. DITTO on loving tattoos. I cannot WAIT for my next. I've got like the next 3 lined up of what I'll get already :)

  13. It's a good day for some confessions. :)

    One of my absolute least favorite things to do is put laundry away. It will sit around on the floor, on dressertops, in various baskets...but not in the drawers or in the closet where it should be. Sigh.

  14. I totally feel ya on having too much to do and just not touching any of it! Maybe it has something to do with having a baby glued to my hip because when I out of sight as of lately he freaks... Oh, and I love the look of super dark hair too! So gorgeous...too bad I could never pull it off

  15. so going to steal this idea {when I find the time}... thanks for keeping it real ;)

  16. Dark hair will works for you.
    You're gorgeous and so is Emeline.

  17. hey if you can't post everyday and need a break, its ok! we'll miss ya but I understand life gets busy!

  18. You know, I wouldn't have pegged you for a tattoo gal for some reason. Not sure why!

  19. I can totally relate to doing nothing when there are things to be done! As I sit here catching up on blogs, I can count 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of socks, and 4 magazines in my living room that need to be put away! Ha!

  20. I really understand the whole "doing nothing when it seems like there are 1 millions things to do" - sometimes I feel like we are so overwhelmed with being mom, wife and employee...but you know what, we are young and have plenty of time to figure all that out. Right now, embrace what you have and ride it out - it always at some point gets better!

    Trip to the Keys?? Enjoy, we live about an hour from Key Largo, it is absolutely beautiful and hubby deserve this much needed time!!

    On the note of dying my own hair - big fat fail for wasn't good lol kudos to you mastering it!!

    Eme is adorable, your very blessed!!

    -Shelby xo

  21. I have to admit it felt good reading your blog post this morning. I'm also laughing at the pigeon toed look in front of the mirror. I wonder if I've ever done that? haha!

    I need you to come to Jacksonville and take pictures of this cute baby that I know. Because you're really talented. and don't you dare say otherwise :) (that you're talented...not that you wont come to jax ha! I understand that)

  22. I looove your dark hair! What kind of dye do you use? I have only tried it once and it made my hair ashy, so I'm too nervous to try again!

  23. I recently darkened my hair too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Also, I want to see pics of your tattoos. I've secretly wanted to get one but am afraid it'll make me feel clausterphobic when I realize I can't wash it off. I love watching all the tattoo shows on TV.

  24. I don't know how you post everyday. I had a hard enough time doing it a couple of times a week before the baby and now, I'm doing well to use the computer without a little somone slamming the screen shut. I'm debating doing a recap post though since I follow some new folks and not having anything out there makes me feel a little stalkery.

    Monroe went through a picky phase about 6 weeks ago (probably right around the same age). He wouldn't eat green beans and two days prior they were his favorite. I swear, he wouldn't eat ANYTHING-except junky carbs. I tried to resist that urge and trust he'd eat healthy stuff if he was hungry, but I caved. The good news is that phase didn't last and he's eating normally again. Hope Eme does the same.

    LOVE your dark hair.

  25. OMG let me just say that my 3 year old? During the first ALMOST 1.5 years of his life, he ate EVERYTHING. I made him everything from scratch. homemade everything. blacks beans, avocados, bananas, apples, green onions, carrots, sweet potatos, ANYTHING I picked from the fresh garden and made, he ate. EVERYTHING. Veggie chix nuggets, celery even. his palette was amazing.

    NOW? My 3 year old eats THREE THINGS. PERIOD.

    1. pancakes (which I make with most pure pumpkin so he gets a little nutrition)

    2. pb and honey sandwhiches (which I ONLY make on whole wheat bread so at least he isnt digesting nasty white crap)

    3. chix nuggets and fries.

    oh and chocolate and chips.

    seriously,. some days? its pb and honey for breakfast lunch and dinner. I have tried everything but starving him which is what I plan on doing next.

  26. oh ps I love tattoos too. I have seven and have plans on many more.

  27. ok Im back for a pps. I have naturally almost black hair, and for two decades (almost) of my life, I have bleached it within an inch of its life. Paying $125 every 6 weeks.

    Now? Back to my roots, and I dye my own hair and pay only $14 every 2-3 months for riteaids hair dye. LOVE it.