Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where I talk about my love for braids.

I kind of have an obsession with braids, and not just the past few years, even when they've become all the hair craze. I honestly have loved them since I was little.

When I was in grade school, I taught myself how to french braid my own hair, by just practicing over and over and over again. 

In my teen years, I became the friend to go to when you wanted your hair braided. It was known that while I wasn't always "gentle" (come on, everyone knows that gentle braids fall out), my hairdo's always looked pretty fabulous.

In fact, I did many-an-updo for proms, miscellaneous school dances, for bridesmaids in weddings, and I even did my friends hair on her wedding day last summer. 
And look? Surprise, surprise....there was even a braid or two.

Anyway. All this to say---Pinterest has only made my love for hair grow stronger. And I pretty much adore all the awesome braids that are being pinned. They are seriously fabulous and it makes me wish I had a guinea pig (um, more like a person, with long flowing locks, I'm looking at you, sissy!) to practice all these fun ideas on.

Instead? I just have myself. And so that's what I do when I'm dying for a new mom-do. You know, when I didn't have time to shower, so some sort of hidethedirtyhair do needs to be in place.

Here are a few things I've tried recently.

[Also, how I wish I had my camera. These are all iPhone pictures and frankly, they suck.]


First, Chelsey at The Paper Mama always has really fun hair tutorials. That's where I got the general idea for this one. However, her hair is 10x cooler than mine and also much longer. Therefore I could not make mine look as awesome. But, the idea of two braids I adapted, and well--it's kind of fun. And the day I wore my hair like this my almost 5-year-old niece said, "Whoa, Aunt Katie! Your hair is so cool!" So I'll call that a win.

Then, I saw this idea on Pinterest, and I decided to try it. The verdict? I LOVE it. Although in the future I will keep the leftover part of my hair a bit wavy versus straight. 

It gives off such a fun little vibe. 

I still have to work on perfecting that one...but this was my first try.

And then yesterday, I was scouring Pinterest for yet again, more braid ideas. I saw this one and fell in love, because I love me a side pony, and I also ADORE any type of wrap/headband, etc (as you know). I'm all about the accessories.

So, since I have endless amounts of foldover elastic from my headband making days, that's what I used, and this is how I wore my hair yesterday.


So that's been the hair-fun I've been up to. Do any of you also use Pinterest for Hair Inspiration? What have you tried? Care to tell me how ridiculous I look? Don't you dare. 

Have a happy Thursday!


  1. I love braids, but sadly my braiding skills are severely lacking. My favorite is the headband braid. Sometimes I ask my stylist to put one in for me. I seem to have all thumbs when I watch tutorials and try myself.

  2. I've always been a hair person. I can't even tell you the number of proms/dances/events I've done hair for. (Little known fact....I can cut hair pretty well too). So I've been a huge fan of braids forever. I love them.

    I'm so gonna be trying that last pic you posted.

  3. these all look great! i think i want to try that last one! LOVE it!

  4. you already know I'm a big fan of that last one. I probably need Brad to watch Noah for like an hour for me to actually perfect it, but I really want to try it.

    My stepsister was the one who always did hair when we were growing up. As a result, I was the guinea pig and had some of the coolest hairstyles (all involving braids). We should've taken pictures, because I bet people would be lovin' them on pinterest now. lol.

  5. Those are cute, I wish I could braid my own. I can braid other peoples, but I never could get it right on myself. You should link up on Wednesdays, Oh so pinteresting Wednesdays.

  6. I too LOVE me some braids. I love the little bang braid that's going on right hair is short so that's all I can do. My sis on the other hand, has the long hair and I used to pull her eyes slanted from getting her the perfect double french braid! We're having a slumber party this better believe I"m goign to try some of these on her! AND...have you seen the tutorial on Paper Mamma about wrapping her hair around the elastic for no heat curls! TRY IT! It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Braid ideas on pinterest? I hadn't even thought to look. There goes two hours of my day!

  8. So jealous. I can't braid hair. My own or anyone else's. I also love looking at the hair stuff on Pinterest, but know that unless I go somewhere and pay to have it done, those styles shall never be mine.

    My mom still braided my hair for me up until I moved out of her house when I was 22. ::shame::

  9. I have to be honest. I am pretty jealous of your HUGE talent in all things creativity.

    Also, I wish I had long hair again so I could do this. SO CUTE!!

  10. Ugh! Jealous!!! I can not "french" braid my hair to save my life.. i can do a regular braid, but who can't?!?! I can do a sorta OK french braid on someone else, but on myself? Forget it. They look awesome!
    Some of those would look sweet in my hair (my hair its pretty long)
    Once again... jealous! =)

  11. I too taught myself how to brain my own and other peoples hair in gradeschool :) However, I'm a terrible perfectionist, so it can take a long time. Thus? It is faster to wash and dry my hair than it is to put in a cool braid.

    Not sure if you would consider this a complement, but you remind me of Amber Tamblin in the second braid pics. *meaning it as a complement!*
    *sigh*I need to find a friend to braid my hair more often.

  12. I love me some braids to, but for me I can NEVER do them right and it looks dumb. Maybe I just need to keep practicing! Yours look great though!

  13. I love love love these're so good at it, too! I will admit...I've tried to fix my hair this way but I just cannnnot do it! I'm gonna need you to post a tutorial to help a sister out :)

  14. I love the one where you have a braid and the rest of your hair is down...if only I could braid my own hair. *tear*

    Maybe I can talk Dan into braiding mine...(fat chance - but it's worth a shot)

  15. call me impressed. i really love the first one. now to figure out how to do it.

    from pinterest i've tried the waterfall braid (worked) and the no heat curls with the headband (did not work). i'd like to see if the no heat curls works with you. i think the paper mama tried it too.

  16. i love braids too! but i am better at doing them on other people then i am on myself! i did updo's on people for prom too in highschool!!

  17. ok. must have crazy hair then. ha!

  18. this post really makes me wish I could braid my own hair! I can braid any type of braid in someone else's hair but for me to braid my own hair seems impossible...

    I must practice because these are adorable hair styles!

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. I love the last one! I am terrible at braiding my own hair, but I may have to try that. The second one? I like your unbraided hair straight, the contrast to the braid is so dramatic that way. :) Looking good!

  20. Love braids! Grew up having them all the time. First done on my head by mom, then my aunts, cousins, sister, then by me! I love the ways yours look!
    I saw this the other day and was amazed! Check it out, I would love to be able to do that with my hair! :)

  21. Katie,

    You know how to rock some braids! Seriously, you look so cute :) I always get in a rut of wearing my hair down, but when I see such cute braids like the ones you showed, I get "hair style envy".

    I love the fishtail braids too and only wish I knew how to do them. As a girl I always rocked the braid but I guess I will have to learn how since I will be adding a baby girl to our family!

    Love Love :)

  22. I LOVE it! and pictures like this make me regret cutting my hair! too cute :)

  23. love them all!! I just wish I was talented enough to replicate a few...I'm barely able to do the traditional version!

  24. Very fun!! I love trying new things with my hair too! Now I want a cool new thing to do with mine.

  25. Love braids! I wish that I could do them on myself..I am what you would call mirror challenged. I can never figure out what way I'm supposed to move my hair or brush or comb, I'm always backwards haha. I guess I'll have to learn some awesome 'dos though for the mini!

  26. I've always been a braider, too. I was the girl on the bus who french braided all the other tennis players' hair in to pigtails on the way to tournaments. Yep, we were Anna Kournikova wanna-be's before she was cool!

    But I'm definitely thinking about trying out that middle style! :)

  27. So fun!! I tired to do the french side fail. Love the look but this girl cant braid worth a flip.

  28. love love love! I wish I could braid my hair but at least I have my momma :)

  29. Wish I could be your hair dummy! I can french braid my hair, but cannot get the sideways part figured out. I need to have my mom play with mine. I love the updated spin on the french braid-it's so cute and fresh without being too 80's/90's. Adorable!

  30. Well you know I'm a fan of braids and you also know I'm incapable of doing them or much anything else to my own hair. Yes I'm one of those girls who had Katie do my hair for school dances, proms, oh and yes my wedding! Yep that's me up there with the daisies! Love you Katie and my hair does too!!

  31. You're making me want to grow out my hair, just to play around with these hairstyles. They're so cute!