Friday, September 30, 2011


I am totally ripping off my sweet friend, Lindsay today. She had this ca-ute post entitled, "Things that are Awesome", and well, I think I need to reflect on those good things today, right before the weekend. Sounds like a fabulous idea to me.

So, ahem. Things That Are Awesome.

-Reconnecting with old friends, ones whom you thought there'd be no possible way. It really, really brings joy to my heart. I think that when friendships have 'falling outs' (as far back as high school days), or people go in different ways, no matter what, you kind of grieve the loss of those friendships. At least I know I do. So when they come back into your life? It's a good thing. A really good thing. It makes my heart smile.

-Vacation photos. Because it's amazing how quickly when you pop back into 'real life' again that you can almost forget or feel like your trip away was a dream. And thank God I have pictures to prove that we indeed went on a trip. Alone. And talked. And sat still. So I'm glad I have pretty pictures to remember. 

-Having a Loves of Life Facebook Page. I'm not gonna lie, I kind of hated on FB pages for blogs because I didn't see the point. Except, I kind of do see the point to it now. There are a ton of you on Facebook who are not on Twitter. I've not been much on Twitter recently. So it just reaches more people, and, well, I kind of like you guys. Plus, I kind of like keeping my private account, well, more private anyway.

-30% off at Kohl's is awesome. Yep, I shop at Kohl's, and I am proud. And when the little peely-off thingie comes and it's 30%? I do a happy dance in my kitchen. Because 30% off on top of their already amazingly low prices due to clearance racks and other sales? Is considered bargain shopping to this momma.

-Virtual shopping. As in, send a picture text to a friend, or my sister (who is my main virtual shopping buddy), or to the entire Twitter world, asking for advice on a potential dress, outfit, etc. Obviously I cannot take everyone shopping with me, and schedules just don't allow for that. But thank God for The Picture Text, which makes life easier to get feedback while shopping with a toddler who only knows how to say "pretty" about my outfits. Because that's the word I taught her. Because apparently I don't want her telling my I look "yucky". :) 

-My sister! She is so awesome. You all know she is continuing to ROCK this weight-loss thing (while I'm over here just standing completely still on the weight front). But! But! But! Guess what else!? She is running in her first 5K tonight! I mean, LITERALLY, I could not be more proud of her! She's lost over 55lbs, and now is running in 5K's? I am totally and completely sappy about how inspired by her I am. I adore her with every ounce of my being, and well, frankly, she's amazing.

-Healing Lips. That sounds weird. Let me explain. Last night, Eme was running around the kitchen table with glee. She thinks running in circles is awesome. She was giggling the entire time until I heard The Big Fall. And then the silence. Followed by a scream. And THAT cry. I ran to get her and always cringe a little before taking that good look for blood. You know you do it, too. And of course, she had fallen so hard that her tooth cut open her lip, and holy good gosh, the blood. A lot of it. It was worse than other little lip-abrasions she's had before. It instantly got puffy. Like, sad, pathetic-puffy. Right in the top, middle. Declan said it looked like she had a "beak". I assured him that wasn't very funny. But! The good news is, she is so much better today. It's way less puffy, and she's seemed to forget about it. Phew. Hence, healing lips are awesome. I was afraid if I took her out today that people would think I hurt my child.

-Weekends are awesome. And this weekend we have a wedding of a high school friend! So it's like a built-in date for Declan and I.


Annddddd on that note. Have a happy one :)


  1. this post = awesome!

    Happy Weekend!

  2. love all your awesome things!
    Love Kohls!

  3. Always good to focus on the awesome things going on in our lives when it's easy to focus on the negative. Love this. Have a great weekend, girl!!! :)

  4. Thanks for being awesome with me :)

  5. Oh NO, I HATE that cry! It's so sad. :( N fell face first at the park the other day and got a big nasty bump on his forehead. Thankfully, it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.

    And I think you've convinced me to make a Khols trip this weekend. :)

    Happy Friday!

  6. those friendships are the BEST! I just had a 3 hour coffee date last night with a best friend from HS. We had a "break" for about a year due to some drama, but we've been "back together" for 6 years and it's such a blessing!

  7. You inspired an awesome list of my own this morning!

    And I like what you said about reconnecting with old friends. That is the best.

  8. Jealous! I only got 15% off this time... :/

  9. We're getting a Kohl's up our way and I think that's awesome, but you know what else would be awesome....if they brought a Super Target too.