Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Going away without your kid(s), leaving them, being prepared, and all that jazz.

It's no secret that my husband and I went on a little 2nd honeymoon trip. I'm not gonna lie, leaving Emeline for even as short as 4-5 days weighed heavy on me. I'm sure its a first time mom thing...maybe. But, it was definitely one of the biggest worries on my mind.

However, it was necessary. It was necessary for us, at this time in our lives, at this age, to leave her for a few days so that we could go and be just us for a bit. To refresh ourselves. To relax. To put our work duties and mom/dad duties to the side for even just a few days.

So, if you're thinking of a trip, or have something planned, and are leaving your little person too? Here are a few things I picked up along the way. Since, well--we survived. And all were united happily :)


-First of all, you need to have someone in your life (family or friends) who you 100%, completely, utterly and positively trust to care for your kid as their own. This, honestly, for me? Was KEY. In fact, I would not even had considered the trip had my parents not been on board to take her for a few days. I was able to fully relax knowing that Emeline was in good hands and not be all worried & fidgety.


 -Pack your child appropriately. In this case, we bunked Eme at my parents house. She is a great pack-n-play sleeper if need be (but only when staying the full night through). They made her room comfortable, and very similar to home--they kept it dark, and we brought along her fan for the white noise. I made sure to pack her favorite blankets and stuffed animals, too.

-I was probably overly-prepared in the clothing department for her--but better safe than sorry. Honestly? I wanted to make it as easy as possible for my mom. So I pre-packed in large ziplock bags her pjs & outfits for each days. Of course I added in extras (shorts subbed for jeans, skirts subbed for sweats) if the weather changed at all. And it did. But it still worked out. read the rest of this post, please visit me over at The Poop Whisperer.


  1. just wanted to recommend one quick edit:

    "I'm sure it's a first time mom thing... maybe."

    Should read:

    "I'm sure it's a mom thing... maybe."


    I'm the mom of four... youngest is already FIVE... while I love to get away with my hubby, it never gets easier... just NEVER gets easier. While you are footloose and fancy free, enjoying the HECK outta yourself, you STILL ache for them.

    Good news is: that means you're a GREAT momma!!!

  2. Good point :) but I only have the view of a first time mom! I'm sure at every stage it's hard though. Thanks ;)

  3. I'm going away this weekend and my mom is watching my daughter, thank god!! She is 4 and it gets easier and easier to leave them, esp when you know they are in good hands and are having fun. It's def good for you to get away, you need the break from time to time. Good for you and your husband!! But I completely agree, I wouldn't consider leaving her with anybody else.

  4. for me personally, I worry and worry and have anxiety like CRAZY about leaving my kids (even though I am leaving them with my parents and sisters, who probably shower them with more love than I do daily) but as soon as I get to my destination? For some reason that worry all goes away and I LOVE the time to myself. Maybe it's the influx of adult beverages that help me forget but whatever it is, it works ha!

  5. great post! we left our son last summer when he was 18 months for a week. My mom was able to come down and work out of a firm downtown and i lined up friends to come stay with H or go to their houses. Trust is huge when leaving your little one for the 1st time! we haven't done it since but now I know we can.

  6. Hi, I'm new to following your blog and I love it! You have a beautiful daughter! Thank you for writing this post! My husband and I are going away next month for a few days and will be leaving our daughter with my parents. It will be my first time away from her. You don't realize how much this post means to me, it was perfect timing :) Thank you!

  7. Oh thanks for this! As I mentioned before, we're planning a trip to Hawaii next June. M will be 13months & most likely be staying home with my MIL for the week. Im already missing her & worried about how it will go! Good to know that it is possible to get away & have fun!

  8. Great tips!
    I'm not a mama yet but I imagine I'll be the same way one day.

  9. Thank you for this... I really needed it. As the trip fast approaches, I'm getting more and more excited about it. I KNOW the kids will be fine. Sure, we'll miss them like crazy and we'll cry when we drop them off tomorrow night... but they'll be fine.

    We'll be fine.

    Thanks for the packing tips... you're EXACTLY like me. I always use the large gallon bags to pack outfits/pj's and then coordinate outfits with matching pants & shorts b/c you never know with this weather! I also have a note to write up a letter and leave their ins cards too, just in case. Ugh, I don't even want to think about that... but it's necessary.

    Thanks love!