Monday, September 5, 2011

The post in which I bounce off of a friends post.

My good friend Jess wrote a great post today. Too often people think exactly the way she is thinking, but have a hard time writing it. Jess? She doesn't mess around and I love that about her.

Being a blogger is a wonderful thing. It is. But like any other group of people, it has it's cattiness. People take sides on issues, people bash others for the decisions they make, what they put on their blog, what they share/what not to share, whether they watermark their photos, whether they do sponsored posts, do reviews, etc, etc...the list goes on and on.

Jess touched upon the whole sponsored post thing today. It was really, really good. She had some amazing points and I felt myself being all cheerleader'ish from the sidelines reading. You see, like everything--it's about balance. If you want to write a sponsored post to make an extra $50-$75? Then good for you! I say, kudos, really. 

Because, if you're like me--you really thought about it. You really, truly thought about what you'll put out on your blog. Your little personal space that you've grown to love, and that oozes 'you' in every sense of the word. And if you're like me? You try not to compromise that. Or you think very carefully about the reviews you do, or the sponsored posts you choose--because there's an integrity to your blog you want to keep up that you've worked so hard to gain.

So with that said, I get it. I get how doing a sponsored post every now and again for that extra money is worth it. Is worth it to be able to buy your kid that pair of shoes they're dying for, or heck, even for groceries? Probably. And I'm not going to judge you for that. 

I honestly think that the fact that companies are seeing the value in bloggers is something to be proud of, yo. BE PROUD. That is awesome. We have influence. Our opinion matters. We are a true, honest, real testament of a product, service, or whatever else. People believe us when we talk about something, because we're relatable and not some Joe Schmo on a TV commercial.

Around here, I choose not to do too many sponsored posts. A few here or there, sure. And I'm okay with that. A review for a dress I love, or thank-you cards for my girl's birthday party? Why not. Because those thank-you notes? Saved me money. Because that dress? Was pretty. Because that canvas on my wall? I'd have never spent the money on otherwise, because it's a luxury we just didn't need at the time. But for free? Sign me up.

I don't care to write about dog food, or a household cleaner (unless someone cleaning my house for free came with it), but I don't care if you do. Because we all have different situations, and like my friend Jess says--maybe that little bit of extra money is what you need to help your house run. Or buy your kids stuff. Or whatever.

Granted, full-out review/sponsored posts blogs aren't my cup-o-tea to read. But that's my choice as a blogger, too. I get to choose who and what I read. 

Remember, it's all a choice. ;) 

You have a choice, I have a choice, they have a choice. And that's a-okay.


  1. Greatly said!!

    I do some sponsored posts, but I do try to limit what I would be writing about. If I would never use it or need it, then I am not gonna write about it on my blog.


  2. Totally agree. To each their own. No cattiness should be here in blogland!

  3. I *wish* more people would ask me to do reviews. I think they're fun, lol.

    As it is, I've received $20 to link a travel post to the city's Chamber website. I've also been asked to do a canvas review and am currently going forth with that.

    I was also asked to do a card giveaway, but they wouldn't let me try the service first. Sorry Charlie, I'm not giving away something I haven't used myself.

    All that said, I find that sort of thing fun, in moderation. The only thing I expect (and maybe "expect" is an arrogant choice of words) from ANY blogger who is doing a review/sponsorship is that they're honest about it. If you like something, tell me...... if you don't, tell me. I don't begrudge someone $50 or a free item...... I do get annoyed when I try an item based on a Blogger's review and find their glowing recommendation to be false.

  4. I love reading your thoughts on this. I agree about it being a choice that we all make. To each their own, but I know what I want for me. ;)

    Great post!

  5. People have a choice to READ the blogs just as much as if they don't like what they are reading to STOP reading the blog. If they don't like people doing product reviews, why complain about it? The unfollow button is in the same place as the follow. Who is some one to judge what another person puts on their blog and why? My opinion is that if I am following someone, I've grown to enjoy what they write about, enjoy seeing and sharing in their joys, pray right along them when things aren't as great as they could be. And despite not actually knowing these bloggers in real life, I feel like I know them more than some people I am in contact with every day. I've grown to value their opinions and so if they do a review for $50 I probably will look at the product a little longer than just seeing an ad on the side of google. To each their own! But doing that ad puts $50 more in their pocket that wasn't there before! And in this economy, we all could use the extra money! :)

  6. It's funny you both have blogged about this because I've had an email from Easy Canvas Prints sitting in my inbox for weeks now. Do I want the free canvas? Heck yeah! But do I want to advertise for them on my sidebar and dedicate a whole post to it? Not really. I broke down and did the shutterfly one last Christmas and I will probably do this one too. I'm a sucker for free stuff.

    As for others doing it, I'm a firm believer of your blog, your choice. Like any other post...if I don't want to read it, I won't.

  7. Thanks for the bump Katie. :)

    And I love what you wrote here. It IS our choice. We should be able to make those choices in our own corner of the internet without anyone being rude about it.

  8. People complain about those things? That's weird. I completely agree with you. If you don't want to read something just hit the X button!

  9. I'm with you! And I'm so glad that there is someone putting our feelings and thoughts on these sponsor thing out there. I don't do much of those but some are too good to pass. Again it's my blog and I'm to do with it what's BEST for me :)

  10. nothing wrong with making a few extra bucks from the ole blog, but I will say that when the same person does them all.the.time, it gets annoying. their choice, my two-cents :)