Monday, September 19, 2011

Taking a break from shampooing my carpets to bring you this really important post. Not quite.

Why are there most some mornings I wake up and literally feel like I was hit by a train in my sleep? Why? Despite having slept through most the night and all? File that under things I will never have any freakin' clue of. I am just so not a morning person and the day I wake up with a kick in my step? Well. I'm not sure that will ever happen.

Little fun facts about me.

Anyway. Moving on. 

We leave for our little 2nd honeymoon trip on Wednesday morning. When I think about it, I get really excited about all those things we get to do childless. For instance, stay out past 8pm. I know, I know, hold your hats. We *might* just stay out past 8pm. Or, having to give no little person bath-time (no silly jokes). No fighting mealtimes with a stubborn toddler. The sound of kid-shows will forever be ringing in my ears, but they won't actually be there. We can sleep in. Although I'm pretty certain my body isn't even capable of sleeping in. Who cares. We can try.

Oh, we can sit by the pool. Did you hear that? Sit. As in, not get up 2930820x to make sure that cute toddler doesn't go jump in headfirst. Or stub her toe. Or put a rock in her mouth. We can go out to dinner without making sure we pack along a spare sippy cup & snack to help with the toddler meltdowns. We can, well, talk. And enjoy one another. And whoa. I'm not even sure we'll know what to do with ourselves, besides, um, talk about that little girl we miss.

You get it. 

It'll be hard. Our first time really going away from her. I'm sure someday, in the future, when I have 15 kids, a Duggar-style bus, and a forever-pregnant-looking-belly from having so many kids, I'll be dying to get away sans children and wouldn't even think twice about it. But right now I'm in that "I'm so excited, but I'll miss my baby so much!" mindset. I need to shake that, because we need this. And, it'll be awesome. Right. Tell me it will be awesome.

Oh, and I'm kidding about the Duggar-style-bus. I will never drive one of those. Or, have 15 (or 18..or 19...or however many they have) kids. 

I bet you're wondering what's happening around these parts when I go away? Okay, so maybe you aren't but I'm gonna tell you anyway. Here's the thing. Declan and I agreed that we aren't even bringing laptops. Nope. Nada. My camera? Abso-freaking-lutely is coming. Cell phones? Yes. But only because its necessary and I will be face-timing my baby girl so she doesn't forget me. For the most part we are staying off of all social media. So, I'll be spending half the vacation twitching from twitter-withdrawal (kidding. I'm not that bad. stop laughing.) and then the other half of the vacation feeling all free and relaxed. 

Oh yes, back to my blog. It won't be empty. I've asked some of my best ladies to guest post for me. So you'll be hearing from my girl Jess from Dude and Sweeties, Gina from Namaste By Day, and Lindsay from Me, E & Baby Makes 3. I've already read what they're going to be posting, and you won't want to miss it. They are some fabulous girls that make my world go round, so make sure to show them some love later this week.

So now, for me--I'm going to be doing very useful things with my day. You know, like getting a spray tan when I really should be packing & doing laundry. Or shopping for a purse when I really should be shampooing my carpets. [Side story: This is kind of a joke. But for real, I ended up shampooing some of my carpets last night in the midst of Get Ready For Vacation chaos. Like, really? Was that necessary? I don't get how my brain works sometimes.]

I hope that you have a fabulous day. And tell me--have you gotten away, on a vacation with your husband sans children? Was it lovely? Do you stop worrying and missing your kid? Is there hope for me? :) Do share.


Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh wow, am I jealous. We've never left N overnight with anyone, so I have no clue how I'd be feeling about it. But this vacation you're going on sounds amazing. No kid shows?? Just sitting? Heaven.
    Hope y'all have a fantastic time!

    ps. Not laughing at the cleaning the carpets thing. I'm like that. Something about coming home to a clean, fresh smelling house. :)

  2. Have a great time! You deserve to get away.. guilt free! I can't chime in about leaving your kid (obviously since I have none) But I do know that When i was a baby my mom and dad did the same thing.. they never really had a honeymoon so when i was little they went on a cruise. Well lets just say my mom was a mess and made my dad call from the ship.. that is very expensive! BUT.. despite her being a mess they still had a good time, and I was perfectly OK! And so will EME!

    By time you get back I will be on my honeymoon cruise! Looking forward to seeing how your trip went when I get back!


  3. You will LOVE it!! And don't feel guilty for a second. YOu know that you are leaving her with people she likes to be with maybe even more than you ;) I kid! But you know how grandma's and grandpa's love to spoil and that makes them seem so much more cooler than mom and dad - maybe E isn't at a point where she realizes this yet ;)

    I've gotten away a few times. The most recent was 4 days in Vegas (leaving 3 kids back home) and it was the best vacation EVER! I sat! SAT!!!! I cut up my food and ate it warm! I drank adult beverages and didn't worry if I'd be "less of a mom" the next day if I had TWO of them. Did I mention I SAT???? SAT!!!!! By the pool and just had conversations. It was the best! On a particularly hard day at home, I will look at my husband and say, "do you remember when we were in Vegas and we just sat down?" Hold on to those moments. You will need those memories when you get home.

    Have a wonderful time and DO NOT bring a computer, even if at the last minute you change your mind. DO NOT ;)

    Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

    Oh and pack that bikini - you deserve to wear it. I wore one on my Vagas trip and it felt great! Even if I never put one on again, I did it that one time and my husband who loves me anyway, LOVED it ;)

    Also, just one last little note. Talk to your parents before talking to E or Skyping or whatever. Make sure she's adjusting well while you are gone. The last thing you want to do is make it worse or ruin her adjustment to not seeing you by having her see or hear your voice. I know this sounds hard from a mommy standpoint since you'll want to see her face and hear her voice, but if she can't "have" you when you talk or Skype, you might make the adjustment of not having you there even worse.

  4. I left Connor for only one night not too long ago. I did great.. even better than I thought. And I wasn't even with my husband, which would have made it even better, I know. We are planning a weekend getaway for November, because honestly? I think it will make us better parents to get a little time for ourselves. I want more than anything for our kids to see the love between us and so you have to keep it fresh :) ANYWAY, have fun, enjoy each other and know that your reunion with Eme will be so sweet when you see her again!

  5. Enjoy your trip! Personally, I'd be looking forward to us both being able to have a drink or two!

  6. I felt very sad and guilty when watching the twins get on the plane with my mom and grandma to go on their vacation while I took my vacation. Then I slept a ton and had all kinds of freedom and it was awesome! For 7 days. The twins left 4 days before us and we went on a 7 day cruise so the last few days of the cruise we both sat around eating and whining about how much we missed the babies.

    Get some sleep and have fun!!

  7. When we went to Vegas in June, I was sick to my stomach the day we left, but once we said our teary goodbyes and we were child was wonderful! Did I miss him? Sure. But I knew he was in good fact we only checked in once a day. He didn't forget us. :)

    Have fun!!

  8. Enjoy your getaway! Staying away from social media and the internet in general can be so freeing... once the twitching subsides, that is!


  9. Enjoy your getaway! Staying away from social media and the internet in general can be so freeing... once the twitching subsides, that is!


  10. Hi love! We're actually headed on our very first trip together since our honeymoon and we leave in less than 2 weeks!

    I have mixed feelings.

    While I'm totally excited about it, I'm also feeling really bad about leaving the kids at home (they could care less, I'm sure)... we're just going to miss them SO MUCH. :(

    Oh well, we deserve some alone time with our hubby's, right? RIGHT?

    No, we do.

    PS- Any more guest post spots available? ;)

  11. I hope you have a wonderful trip with your hubby :) Are you rocking a bikini?! Can't wait to see all your awesome pics when you return!

  12. have fun!! did you ever say where you were going? i remember you talking about st.lucia, but i think that might've fallen through? someplace tropical, i hope.

    i totally know where your thought process is about leaving your baby girl. mrb and i were just talking about this last night, and how, for the past 4 septembers, i have researched and booked our tropical Sandals vacations ... and how i just dont think i can emotionally do it this year. i cant leave my baby. cant fly on a plane. etc. ugh.

    im glad to know it IS possible to leave numero uno baby at some point.

  13. I hope y'all have fun! No advice on leaving a little one as I've never left Kate but I know you will enjoy your time!

  14. I wish you a wonderful vacation Katie! You deserve it! It will be awesome :)

  15. Oh please oh pleaaaase, send us a few twitpics from your fab vacay so we can live vicariously through you! So excited for you...hope you have the best time. You deserve it!

  16. Have so much fun.. I'm still only dreaming of an unplugged vacation with my man! :) hopefully I'll soon be able to leave C overnight. I should probably start slow.. Work my way up to a few nights away!! Enjoy your time together :) soak it all in and relax!

  17. Im with AP... I have yet to even be away from her for a night.. so I may need to work my way upto a full vacay.. however I just know you are going to have a super grand time! Yes you will miss her... and she will miss you.... but this... is also something you dont want to miss.. a chance to reconnect!!!!

  18. My husband and I went on vacation for a week when our son was 13 months old (he was born about a month after Emeline). Our son stayed at my parent's house for half of the week and then with my husband's parents for the other half of the week. I cried when we dropped him off, but then we went out to dinner to kick off our vacation and I calmed down and we had a great time! I was nodding along the whole time reading your post...staying out past 8pm, sitting still for long periods of time, not packing an extra sippy cup and snacks, etc. You will miss your little girl, but it will be such a nice getaway! We did wake up the first morning about 7:00 and looked at each other like "now what?" It was too funny! We did manage to sleep in later in the week though. I hope you have so much fun and enjoy your time away!!

  19. My husband, parents, sister and her boyfriend and I all took a cruise in May Sans child and it was ahhh-mazing! We stayed out late and got up early (only because there was so much to do). We loved every minute of it! Don't get me wrong, we missed her like crazy but I think as a married couple with kids, you NEED a vacation away from them to be able to fully enjoy them. We came back home and couldn't wait to get our hands on her. It was all fine and dandy until about a week later when the tantrums were back and I was wishing I was back in Mexico :) Enjoy and don't worry! She will be fine!

  20. I hope yall have a fabulous time! We have yet to get away for any type of real alone time overnight yet in 15 mths but maybe one day.

  21. Be sure to enjoy the peace and quiet with your husband! We just back from NYC and it was delightful! Some time alone recharges you both and is wonderful! Enjoy each childless moment and the best part is when you get back you are so excited to see your little one and feel recharged as a mama too! Enjoy!

  22. we haven't left KP for a long weekend or anything yet, just over night, so i can't imagine how excited you must be. of course you'll miss her, of course. but you will have so much fun with D. it will be so nice. i can't wait till the day j and i go alone somewhere.

  23. I think you'll miss E like crazy but it's so good for you two to have a vacation sans-kiddo! Enjoy it!

  24. Hey Katie,

    I know you're on vacation probably having the time of your life (even with thinking about the little) but I wanted to say hey and that I loved this post, as I am a fairly new follower that started leaving comments, and still do, I just had a squishy new baby last week so I have been out of comission lately :) anyways, I hope you guys have a great time and it's great for the two of you to get away for some "you" time. Enjoy the massage!