Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yet again when my camera aids me in my distress.

I'm just gonna say it. I hate when my husband works on Saturday's.  I hate it.

I know it could be worse. I know it could be. 

But this morning I was just frustrated. It started with realizing that I only had enough milk left for one sippy cup. Fine, no big deal, right? I can have Declan stop for milk on his way home later.


She threw her sippy cup down to the ground SO HARD that the top popped off the cup, and my clean floor was now covered in milk. Fabulous. 

Then, we had the ever-so-familiar-lately battle of The Wills. About Food. Again. I honestly think this battle could be the death of me. The sound of the freshly made food just being chucked at the floor was starting to send shivers up my spine and cause my blood pressure to rise.

And then? I finally just gave up and let the Disney channel babysit. I know, that was such mom-win move. But sometimes, I feel better telling on myself to The Whole Internet. That way, in case you  had any question at all, I can prove to you that I'm not perfect. *snicker* 


While Jake & the Pirates were keeping a good eye on Emeline (in all seriousness, I can see her the entire time), I remembered again that I had taken photos yesterday when my sister and I visited a new (horrible) park on a whim. 

So these brightened up my morning.

Who takes their kid to a park in white leggings? WHO? *ducks*

My two favorite girls in one photo? Win.

I hope your Saturday started off better than mine. :)



  1. Always impressed with your photog skills! I hope your day gets better :)

  2. LOL... mine didn't start any better, It started with the changing table tantrum, that includes feet in poo.... ohhhhh soooo much fun! Mommying is so GLAMOROUS

  3. Those are great photos. Hope your Saturday gets better. :)

  4. Aw Katie I hope your day goes better. These photos rock though!

  5. ugh rough mornings are the worst! I just love the pictue of Eme and Susan (frame it!) and Eme with the sky!

  6. Boo to food wars! I love that swing picture, though!

  7. Ahh, the battle of wills with food. We're so there right now too. I honestly think my dogs eat 6 meals a day instead of just 2 because a certain daughter of mine likes to share. Your admission to the Disney-babysitting sounds perfect for my weekly Friday Confessional link-up: Come over and check out how, I promise, everyone is imperfect!

  8. it definitely could be worse. my husband works W-S 8pm to 6am so he's either asleep or at work the entire weekend. It's rough, but again it still could be worse for me too! :) Glad your pics brightened your day, that sure is a cute little nugget you've got there ;)

  9. I am sorry that your weekend is off to a rough start!!

    The battle of food will be a hard one to conquer, but just know that it will be ok. Give her different things to try (or throw) and then give her something you know she will eat (aka oranges). It will make you feel better to know you are at least trying to give her different options, but still wanting her to eat. I will give Brayden (my one year old) grapes (which he loves and devours) as well as something new to try almost every meal. He may or may not eat the new thing, but at least I tried! Hang in there momma!!


  10. You crack me up! :) Love your sass!

  11. Sorry you're having a rough start today. Surely it will get better. That park may have been horrible but it made for good backdrops in your photos! Great pics!

  12. I love the one looking up at the sky. So gorgeous!

    And, you know I hear you on the hating Saturdays thing - Evan works basically every Saturday. And when he's not "working" (as in, on a jobsite at a customers house), he is still working, as in cleaning up/organizing the shop from the past week, getting ready for the next week, putting together estimates, shopping for materials etc ... Rare is the day where we "do" much of anything together as a family on a Saturday (unless of course eva and I tag along to home depot, which we often do)... so yeah, I'm with you. I wish we were neighbors so we could let the boob tube babysit our girls together and drink coffee and chat the lonely Saturday mornings away.

    I hope he's home now and you are doing some spectacular family fun-thing.

  13. These pics are gorgeous!

    And I hope your Saturday improved and your Disney channel move sounds like certainly a must! No shame in it girl!

  14. I used to Nanny for a little boy around the same age as Eme and he and I had this same food battle for several months. It was the MOST frustrating thing I've ever experienced. I loved that little guy but OH-EM-GEEE. That drove me up a wall every time! But eventually he got over it!! Hope Eme gets to that point sooner rather than later!

  15. hope your weekend turned around for the better...the photos are AMAZING, again =)

  16. I can so relate to the hubby working on Saturday thing. Not a fan either, but you are right...could be worse. Love the pictures, as always :) Hope your weekend got better!