Friday, October 28, 2011

Notes of the week.

1. I'm consistently running now. By consistent, I mean 3x a week. I've finally worked myself up to doing distance runs of 2 miles and over. Two nights ago I ran my longest run ever...2.25miles, and I hope to beat that tomorrow by adding another 1/4 mile. Considering I started just a few weeks ago and hated running only 5 minutes straight? I say, success.

The thing is? I still hate running. There is nothing enjoyable yet about it. I like how I feel afterwards, but that's about it. During it? I feel like stabbing myself in the eye. Also, My sister took me on my first two miler earlier this week, and she had to encourage me the entire time, because I literally complained non-stop. I'm a whiny runner.

2. I was encouraged by my friend, Hailey this week to attempt carving holes in the tops of my cute little pumpkins and use them as little votives. I had been wanting to do this forever, and for some reason, I just didn't. But after seeing hers, I knew I could do it. And now? These are my favorite and only Fall decoration.

3. I've attempted making Emeline's halloween costume all week and it sucks. It's horrible. Also, some of the key elements needed to make what I was attempting to make her (see how I'm trying not to give it away?) didn't even COME IN YET.  Shipping fail. So? Screwed. See also: making halloween costumes costs just as much money if not more.

So, you'll find me at the stores this weekend scrounging through costumes trying to find something for my toddler girl to wear. Yep, I'll be That Crazy Lady. Sigh.

4. I stepped foot into WalMart this week (I know. The horror.) and found a grapevine wreath for $3.50. I snatched it up, got a little .94 cent bundle of fake leaves, and then a box of $5.00 "whicker spheres" (I really just want to call them twine BALLS), and I whipped this sucker up in a few minutes when I got home. 

It's not bad. Not awesome. Some old fabric criss crossed on one side, a hot glue gun, the balls, and the leaves. A fall'ish wreath, yea?

5. I cannot believe I didn't have the chance to write about this yet, but on Tuesday I got to meet Desiree of Hitting My Stride. I love her! And I've been reading her blog for a while. All through her days of trying to having a baby, and then through her pregnancy. Me & Emeline had the privilege of meeting her sweet little lady, Sofia, too. Or as Eme said, "Baby! Uh-Oh, Baby?

See, Desiree's moving here. From Texas. Talk about a huge move. So? The bonus is, I get a blog friend-turned-in-real-life-friend out of the deal. And it was fun meeting up and showing her some of the prime shopping locations around here. There's nothing that can bring two women together like their love for shopping. Especially for their baby girls.

So, it was awesome. And she is awesome. And I love how we were able to just connect right away. She's such a wonderful momma.

6. This weekend we actually have a semi-free weekend, and thank the Lord, we could use it. That had nothing to do with my week, but it must be said.


Happy Weekend, friends.


  1. What a week!
    You are doing stinkin' awesome at running!! I can't seem to find my motivation, like anywhere!! But I desperately need to start running again. I hate it but agree I feel great AFTER...
    BTW I Love the pumpkin candles!


  2. running is love-hate. But I LOVE couch to 5k app. I don't know why I didn't get it before! Those candles are so pretty! So making them next year.

    Happy running :)

  3. I hate running. I despise it. And, while I feel accomplished when I'm done, I've never gotten that runner's high people talk about. I get Zumba high. Or, Elliptical High. Or, 5.5 mile walk high. Or, sitting on the couch with a good movie high. But, never runner's high.

    That said, I need to get back into it. This time last year, I was doing C25K and was flourishing. Then, I stopped.

    Good for you for progressing so well!

  4. Yay! I'm so proud of you :) I'm glad that you are sticking with it! I hope you start to love it though!

    As you know I'm a long distance runner and still complain the entire time haha so it's okay!! :)

  5. I bought the same grapevine wreath from walmart! It's just sitting on my craft table... waiting.. waiting... for me to do something with it. I like the addition of the balls! Cute. Cute. Thanks for inspiring me to pick that darn thing up to make something out of it!

  6. The wreath looks great! I am also a whiny runner, but I haven't ran in over a month. I blame the cold weather, but I'm making excuses. :)
    I agree on the Halloween costumes, we made the girls' this year and it was almost $100!!!

  7. Congrats on the running! I always like to follow a half marathon plan to get me back into running. A plan to have and be able to cross off that workout? Priceless!

  8. The candles look great!! And the wreath is super cute.

    And yeah, I'm a whiny runner too. I hate it. The only way I can get through it is if I picture that Friends episode where Pheobe and Rachel go running and Pheobe runs so ridiculous (because it's fun). And then I try to run like Pheobe, crack myself up, and still the whole thing is a flop. :) But hey, GOOD FOR YOU! That's awesome.

    ps. love the new blog makeover!

  9. E is wearing a costume that I got at once upon a child for 6.50. No shame. No shame. Eme will be cute regardless of what she wears.

    Also, did you scope out boots when you went to Walmart?

  10. 1. Love that you are running regardless of liking it or not. What a great thing. Maybe since reading your blog inspired my weight-loss, maybe I will get my butt in gear to run.

    2. I'm going to steal your wreath off of you door. Just sayin'. Just because I don't know where you live, doesn't mean it won't disappear. ;)

    3. And last. Lizzy is being a pumpkin. Lame. I know. But it was cheap and she is going to be FREAKIN' adorable. No matter what. I'm sure the same goes for Eme.

  11. i hate running too...keep up the good work
    those little pumpkins came out so cute, you are so darn creative!

  12. I still hate running too. BUT, sometimes it's worthwhile to do things even when we hate them, LOL. That's pretty much how I feel about running a 5k in a nutshell.

  13. I love the header pics- your family is a.dor.a.ble. I have totally fallen off the wagon with running... now I have to start all over (no natural endurance here). Enjoy your free weekend!


  14. Goodness, I hope you get Eme's Halloween costume together! I feel like that can be the most stressful thing ever! Have a relaxing weekend :)

  15. I love that you bonded over shopping! That's the best.

  16. I JUST finished making Zoe's costume like 20 minutes before we had to leave for her fall festival. It's cute from far away, just don't look to close...I glued the whole darn thing together! One of these days I'll learn how to sew.

  17. Good for you for running! That is so awesome.

    I'm sorry about the costume; I was that crazy mom tonight looking for a costume for her 20 month old. I was beating myself up I hadn't handmade her one and finally I just had to stop it because really? It doesn't make you less of a mom if you buy a costume.


  18. You're doing great with your running! Do you ever listen to music while you run? That helps me a lot.

  19. Hook a sista up.
    I want to know the good shopping places too :)

  20. Ive always wanted to run but have not ever taken the step to do it. Great job on sticking with it!

  21. You go girl for running!!! I swear the 1st 3 miles suck then its smooth sailing after that. Horray for endorphin rush after. Best feeling ever.