Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Questions Part Deux.

This is the 2nd half (and final) answering of questions post. I had a few repeats on questions, so if you don't see a part of your question, it's because I answered it either yesterday or on someone else who asked first. Hopefully this wasn't incredibly yawn-inducing. 


Sarah's World asks: What is your favorite clothing store?

It's pathetic to say Target, right? Gah. I'm cheap. I honestly shop at Kohl's often and one of the highlights of my week is when the peel-off 20-30%'s come in the mail. I get my cuter statement pieces from places like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, or random places like Ross, Marshalls, etc. The occasional Old Navy, or Gap Outlet sale. I guess? 

Rebecca asks: Um....I actually don't know any of the answers to the questions you those are my questions.

Ha. Okay okay. 

Favorite Pandora Station: Justin Bieber. Don't knock it till you try it.
Favorite brand of mascara: Mary Kay Lash Love
Do you dye your own hair?: Yep. Natural Instincts, baby.
You have tattoo's? Where?: Yes! I have a Jesus fish on my right foot that my sister & sister-in-law have, too. I also have my miscarriage tattoo on my left, inside, top area of my foot which will help me always remember that little love I lost. I have plans for a big 'ole pretty tattoo on my upper back and I AM SO STOKED about it :)
Your dog's name is, after Apple products?: Well, kind of. I mean, we love our apple products, it's true. But we loved the name Mack, and just decided to spell it like "Mac" in honor of our favorite technology. Nerd alert? Absolutely.
How do you get your husband to do the laundry anyway?: It's called, a big screen tv, cable, a beer, and football. Strategically placed right outside of the laundry closet. You leave him alone for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon with all of the above items, and voila. It's magic, really. 

ECoop asks: Where is the constant messiest place in your house? and why?

Everything. All the time. So it feels anyway. But, really? I would say that my master bathroom and closet are the constant messiest places in my house. It's a combination of laundry I never put away (I never said my husband puts away the laundry), my hair that sheds incessantly, my makeup and jewelry all over the counter, and my child who pulls out everything from all the drawers while I'm getting ready. 

It's pretty much NEVER clean. In fact, it's borderline disgusting most of the time, and I'm not proud of it.  

Sarah asks: I'm sure you get told all the time how great you look, how do you respond?

I laughed out loud a little at this question. First of all, I don't really get told that too often. I mean, for the most part people have seen my transition from fat girl to normal girl in a fairly slow way. So it's not as shocking. You know? But when I do get complimented I've learned to accept the compliment and return it with a simple thank-you.

I've never heard the name Emeline before, where did you find it?

One of our favorite musicians, Ben Folds has a song called "Emaline". Spelled differently, yes, but pronounced the the same as we do. We have loved that name ever since we heard that song umpteen years ago. So, that's where we actually heard it first, and honestly, I had never heard of it anywhere else prior to having her except from other people saying they knew someone with the name, etc. Oh, wait! I do remember someone telling me his 105 year old grandmother was named Emmaline. :) I liked that, as I'm obviously into the old fashioned nature of her name.

I've since met people with little girls named Emmaline or Emeline but only via blogland. None still in real life.

When is the world going to be blessed with another one of your babies?!!!!

Oh Sarah, you make me laugh today. Let's see. I do want more kids, I totally do! But I am working right now on getting myself worked up to be able to run a 5k, and going from a non-runner to a semi-runner is proving to be challenging. I'm getting more mentally ready, let's just say. Soon'ish? But not too soon. I don't know a non-vague way of answering this question :)

Basically? I just don't know yet. 

Dana asks: Tell us about your family, parents & siblings? You know how y'all were as kiddos and how y'all are now? 

Family of 6. Four kids. I'm number 3 of 4 children. My parents are still happily together after 34 years of marriage. I have a brother who's 32, my sister, Susan (whom I talk about often) who is 29, then me at 26, and my little brother, who is 22. 

We all had our moments as kids, you know? Fighting one second, loving each other the next. But the best thing of all is that now, as adults? We are all really close and I love that! I've always been close with my sister, but my brothers have really turned out to be pretty awesome guys. I love hanging out with everyone. My family time is some of the most precious time of all to me!

What is your go to bible verse/ favorite verse?? 

Oh wow. I used to always say it was, "A Friend Loves at All Times" Prov 17:17. I guess, maybe, in a way-it still is? I guess I'm just learning still what this means. All times? Really? Easier said than done. But, I'm a continual work in progress. 

What were you like in high school? 

I talked to a lot of people. I had a lot of acquaintances. I did not have a lot of "friends". Like, real, close friends. I had a few and that was it, and I was fine with that. I didn't play sports, although I wish I had the courage to. I was into my extra classes like drawing, painting, ceramics, etc--but not over the top. I've always been a pretty balanced person. I'd say the same about my high-school life. Kind of balanced. There doing my thing because I had to, but not a huge fan of school, although I did slightly above average grade-wise, etc.

So, overall? No big deal, really. Just me. 

And lastly, how do you do it all?? Seriously, you work, take care of the most beautiful little girl, take the most awesome pictures, have time with your hubs, do tons of creative things I would never even dream of accomplishing, do tons of work for y'alls church, and look fab/stylish all the time??? Do you sleep? Come on, can I get a sweatpant/messy hair shot, HAHA!! :)))

This just makes me laugh. You are so nice first of all. Secondly,  you are crazy! :) Most of the time my house is a mess, dinner isn't made, and I never get around to making that craft I've been eyeing on Pinterest. 

The only thing I do typically get done daily is getting myself dressed (which is why you don't see me in sweats/messy hair pics), getting my daughter fed (so long as she'll eat it, ha), and writing blogs. All the rest? Is totally up in the air. :)

In all seriousness--I do sleep. Actually, I sleep quite well these days. I spend the evenings from about 8-11pm some nights getting work stuff done, while Declan works on his own stuff for Church or whatever (he runs the finances). There are many-a-night we sit with laptops open on the couch working side by side. Also, he has a bunch of meetings and other things in the evenings so I have that time to get my work done once Emeline is in bed.

For a while there, I felt like I wasn't seeing much of Declan. But, with a recent schedule change he had, he's now home with us by 4:30pm instead of 6:30, so it gives us a lot more time with him and as a family.

Shannon asks...Why are your posts so cute? Ok..that one is cheesy but seriously your blog has quickly become one of my favorites! 

Ha. Well thanks! I have no idea how to answer this. I appreciate that you think my posts are cute and thanks for reading. :)

Is that a feather hair extension in your side bar photo? I'm kind of obsessed with them and too chicken to try.

Yes, it absolutely is! I got it done at the beach this summer at a nice salon, and it was SO fun--I loved it. But it fell out a month or so ago and I've yet to have it put back in. I think they are a fun, cute way to add a little sass to your hair. 

Holly asks....If you could invent something, what would it be?

I used to LOVE this question, because as a teenager I would always say that I wanted to invent something that would do my hair and makeup daily. Probably because I am SO not a morning person. But now? As a mom? I want to invent something that puts sippy cups back together after they've been washed. I swear, putting sippy cup parts together is the bane of my existence. 

What quotes or sayings inspire you?

"Free to be Me". Francesca Battistelli's song has always spoke to me, and I'm just learning to be comfortable in my skin, in who I'm made to be. 

Whitney asks....What is one thing you think is worth the splurge?

Ohhh. Very good question. Where do I splurge? I think we splurge when it comes to technology. Since we are Apple loyal, that is our go-to computer--and they are more pricey than PC's but to us? Oh so worth it.

And also? I don't even remotely coupon for food shopping. I just don't really get it nor do we have a good grocery store around to do it at. 

And what is an area you try to save money in and how?

Oh gosh. Okay...let's see. I buy inexpensive clothes. I don't go and get my hair professionally dyed or highlighted. I cut Declan's hair instead of paying for it. I use coupons on certain products & stores when I can. I got the Target Red card (which now links direct to your checking account) so that saves me 5% now one very purchase. Not much, but something! 


Happy Wednesday!


  1. I know you have mentioned this fear before, but what courage did you need to try a sport? Just curious to that answer.

    Also, I enjoy the mundane task of putting together sippy cups. Weird? Maybe you should just clone me :)

    I have loved reading your answers!

  2. Thanks for answering my questions! :)

    I totally understand you on the couponing thing, I just don't have time and nowhere around here matches coupons or anything like that. Honestly, I don't even pay attention to prices in the grocery store because I KNOW I am going to have to buy it anyways! I don't think I could even come close to guessing how much a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, or pound of sugar would cost, and I buy those regularly!

    I also cut my husband's hair at home. It has gotten really difficult because he wants it cut as short as possible, with NO guard! I'm always so scared I'm going to cut him! But it is really easy, and since he keeps it so short, it saves us a lot of money on haircuts!

  3. I love Ben Folds and I know exactly how you feel with the 105 year old grandmother. Everyone else's 105 year old grandmother is named Faye!

  4. great questions! glad I could make you laugh!
    and that verse? might just be a new fav too!

  5. Ah Katie, I LOVE and appreciate your honesty so much. Especially in regards to the housekeeping or lack thereof. I spend most of my days beating myself up that my house isn't clean or that dinner isn't cooked when (in my mind) I believe that all these other wives/moms out there are getting it all done and somehow I'm not. It's refreshing to read that someone else doesn't clean, that things are messy and that dinner hasn't been cooked. Currently I have enough food on my kitchen floor to feed an entire third world nation. There, I said it.

  6. These were great questions! Love the song too. One of my favorites.

  7. One of the reasons I love Lizzy's middle name (Grace) is the Ben Fold's song "Gracie". J sang The Luckiest to propose. We love Ben Folds in this house!

    Also, I literally just updated my Twitter to say that I feel like I am ALWAYS cleaning, but my house is never ever clean. I feel ya!

  8. I love question & answer posts! This reminds me that I have a bunch of questions sitting in my email that I need to answer, ha.

  9. Okay, I think I should get a little credit here! Declan had to do his own laundry at the age of 11 or 12. We had seven kids in the house at the time and I was working and we felt that all kids had the ability do do their own laundry by that age. We gave them their own set in the basement and we had our set in our master bedroom. I did the laundry for the foster kids, Attila and myself and the older kids all had to do their own. Of course now the incredibly well-located washer/dryer in your house does make it much easier for Declan than our nasty basement was growing up!

  10. I have a Jesus fish tattoo on my right ankle! Small world :)

  11. Love these question and answers posts! :) You find out so much more that you might not through just regular posting.