Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene: Cheerios. Everywhere.

This is Mac's morning spot. And mid-morning spot. And afternoon-spot. And, well....his spot.
This is her pretending that "uh oh!" , she dropped the cheerios by mistake.  (NOT.)
Why yes. We watch morning cartoons in this house. :)
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Saturday Morning Scene

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  1. I love footie pajamas :) She's so cute, and getting so big!!!

  2. Where is the TV shelf from? I love it! Such an awesome idea for storage + function.

  3. haha love her oops face.
    Have fun at the bday party today!!

  4. Love your TV stand! And, Eme looks precious in her footed jammies!!

  5. CUTE photos! I love Mac and his spot. My cat has one of those too!

  6. I e the same baskets for my bookcase :)

    Love the shots, E looks like a little cutie in her jammies.

  7. LOL I read your tweet about this and was looking forward to the pictures!!! So cute the friendship!!!

  8. Love her pjs. She just keeps getting cuter.