Thursday, October 13, 2011

So...I was thinking...

Don't let my title throw you off too much. I do think sometimes, you know.

I've been throwing around the idea in my head to do a question/answer type-thing sometime soon. You know, you have a burning question, and I attempt to...uh, answer it.  I haven't done anything like that in ages---a g e s. 

Maybe I don't do this type of thing often because I'm afraid that you'll ask about my cleaning schedule (I don't have one), or what my daily food intake looks like (seriously, don't ask me that-it makes me crazy. I eat like a normal person), or about my best shower-tile-grime remedy (I don't have one, don't look at my shower tiles. helllp! What's the best stuff out there? Oh wait. You're supposed to ask questions, not me.)

But then I think about how maybe one (or a few) of you have really.great.questions. Ones that may even cause me to think. Or maybe you can get to know me better. 

I'll help you. 
Your favorite pandora station? What brand of mascara do you looove? Do you dye your own hair? You have tattoo's, where? Your dog is named, after the Apple products? How'd you get your husband to do the laundry anyway? 

Oh wait, you probably know most of those answers. :)

Maybe it's a simple question. Maybe it's not. But, whatever it is--ask. Unless it's deeply personal, or gross, or something, in which case-don't ask.


And now for a non-graceful transition into some photos I forgot to share with you. These are a few pictures from my nephew's 4th birthday last weekend. I don't want to steal his momma's thunder who hasn't posted about it yet. So I'll just stick to the family photos.


Now that my photos distracted you.

Leave a question :)

Anyway, I'll be off for the weekend at an overnight beach trip with some of my sisters. I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. The beach? Me too! :)

    Questions, questions... ummmmm... did you (or do you now) have any celebrity crushes? Lame, I know. But it's all I can think of right now. I tend to use beach trips to get my fill of celebrity gossip. :)

  2. List 3 things in life you would like a do-over on. Not that they have to be or are regrets, just if you could. Love the blog & pics & tweets :) enjoy the beach vacay!!

  3. The picture of your sister feeding Eme the cupcake KILLS me.

    So my question is photo related: what "mode" do you shoot in? Are you an auto girl or a manual?

  4. What you mean the what you eat daily question drives you nuts, HAHA!!! I know, but trust me I don't eat like a normal person (obvious with all the extra LBs) and need to learn how to :))))) HELP!!!!

    So I have heard you say you have tattoos, now I am curious, what do you have?

    And how in the world do you get Declan to do laundry! I would LOVE to know and try it on Todd :))))

    And now to be original and come up with my own question. What is your go to bible verse/ favorite verse??

    What were you like in high school?

    And lastly, how do you do it all?? Seriously, you work, take care of the most beautiful little girl, take the most awesome pictures, have time with ur hubs, do tons of creative things I would never even dream of accomplishing, do tons of work for y'alls church, and look fab/stylish all the time??? Do you sleep? Come on, can I get a sweatpant/messy hair shot, HAHA!! :)))

  5. oh I've got questions:

    1) I'm sure you get told all the tie how great you look, how do you respond?

    2) I've never heard the name Emeline before, where did you find it?

    3) When is the world going to be blessed with another one of your babies?!!!!

  6. What is your favorite clothing store?

  7. What photo editing program do you use when editing your photos?

    Have you thought about making your hobby photography into a business??

  8. The kisses picture is A-DORABLE!!!

    what type of Camera do you use, and what is your go to lens?

    What is your go to program for editing photos?

    What is your favorite TV show?

  9. Two random questions...

    1. Where did you get that cardigan from in your pics? I love it!

    2. How do you pronounce your last name? Is it like (basket)ball or is it like ball(erina)?

  10. Hi - Newish follower ...

    What lens do you use for people pictures? I take alot of action shots but my people picutres dont come out as nice as yours ... I think I need a smaller lens perhaps or perhaps change my settings???

    I too cannot WAIT to see a new baby and to see a new baby and big sister photo session! It will be fantastic :)

  11. Hi - Newish follower ...

    What lens do you use for people pictures? I take alot of action shots but my people picutres dont come out as nice as yours ... I think I need a smaller lens perhaps or perhaps change my settings???

    I too cannot WAIT to see a new baby and to see a new baby and big sister photo session! It will be fantastic :)

  12. Oh and a few more questions: Tell us about your family, parents and siblings? You know how y'all were as kiddos and how y'all are now :)) I am sure I will think of more!!

  13. Where is the constant messiest place in your house? and Why? Ohhhhh!

  14. Um I lovveeee the sweater you have on in that picture but didn't think it fit me right. I see it kind of hangs off your shoulders too. Guess I shouldve thought maybe that's how it's SUPPOSED to fit. It looks so cute on you.

    #1 guilty pleasure
    What makeup do you use on the daily?
    If you could have a day to yourself (& unlimited funds) to do anything ... what would it be?

  15. Who do you like the most in blogland? Kidding. We ALL know the answer is ME.

    Ummm ... well this is so hard because I know every stinking detail about you. I'll have to keep thinking.

  16. You might have already answered this somewhere but how did you first get into blogging?

    What are some of your favorite blogs? (I'm def. looking for more good ones all the time)

    What kind of camera and settings do you use to get these awesome shots?

  17. You seem sorta like a hipster (in a good way), yes? no? If so where did it come from?? (If that even makes sense hah... you just do your own thang, I dig it)

  18. um....I actually don't know any of the answers to the questions you those are my questions.

  19. What is one thing you think is worth the splurge?

    And what is an area you try to save money in and how?

  20. - If you could invent something, what would it be?

    - What quotes or sayings inspire you?

  21. I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and I absolutely love

    I'll ask a quesiton.. or three!!

    1. How did you pick your daughter's name (I love it), was it a name that just jumped out at you or is there a special story behind it?

    2. Why are your posts so cute? Ok..that one is cheesy but seriously your blog has quickly become one of my favorites!

    3. Is that a feather hair extension in your side bar photo? I'm kind of obsessed with them and too chicken to try.