Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some questions answered...part 1 I guess.

Hailey asks: Did you (or do you now) have any celebrity crushes?

No, not really. I am not much of a celebrity crush kinda gal. At all. In fact, I don't even stay remotely up to date on my celebrity gossip unless I buy an US or People magazine at the airport every once in a blue moon. Sorry, I'm no fun in this department. 

JoJo asks: List 3 things in your life you would like a do-over on. Not that they have to be regrets, just if you could. 

I really had to think about this, but here they are:

1. Play a sport in high school and get over my stupid fears. 
2. Paid more attention to my weight earlier on so I didn't have to look back on all my photos and just see a fat girl. 
3. I had a massive falling out after my wedding with one of my very best friends from something I still don't fully know the reasons. I honestly wish somehow, whatever happened could just be done over. While it's been years now, I still sometimes wonder what my life would be like if she were still in it. 

Katie @JakofHearts & 'Lil Woman asks: What mode do you shoot in? Are you an auto girl or a manual girl? What kind of camera do you use to get these awesome shots? 

Why thank you :) My new camera is a Canon 7d. I don't typically shoot in full auto. I never use my flash if I can help it, so I want control over this. I tend to shoot mostly in manual if it's a pretty controllable light environment. I mess with aperture and the fstop, and the light meter. Oh, and unless I'm trying to shoot really quick, I also tend to manual focus, too. Not always, but often. 
I'm so not a pro when it comes to my camera. But, I'm learning. 

Ashley asks: What photo editing program do you use when editing your photos?

I use Adobe LightRoom to edit mostly.

Have you thought about making your hobby of photography into a business? 

Not really. First of all, I think I need to be better before I ever dreamed of charging someone. Secondly, the market is kind of saturated, so I feel like I should just keep working on my photography personally because I love it, getting my style & groove (that comes with time and practice), and then maybe sometime down the line (far, far down the line), I'll think about it. 

But for now? I just like it as a hobby. 

"B" asks: What lens do you use for people pictures? I take a lot of action shots but my people pictures don't come out as nice as yours...

"People pictures", aka: Portraits :) I prefer my 50mm lens for portraits. I've heard the 85mm is great, too. Same concept as the 50. A fixed lens, so you obviously have to move more as the photographer, and work more for the shot-but it's worth it! It's on my camera 75% of the time I'd say. 

'Lil Woman asks:  How did you first get into blogging?

I started blogging 11 years ago on LiveJournal. Crazy talk, I know. I was 15/16 and just talking about crazy nonsense of life, with no rhyme or reason. But I wrote, pretty consistently for a long time. I went through a little dry spell during college, but then came back to blogging (on Blogger) in 2007 and pretty much never looked back. Only my mom and sister read my blog for a long, long time. Then, suddenly around the time of my miscarriage I started noticing more people popping around. It just kind of organically grew from there.

What are some of your favorite blogs? 

This is the part where I shout out to people, right? I'm all about blogs that are consistent posters. That being said, my girl Jess from Dude and Sweeties is great, honest, mom of 4, whom I adore. My crunchy momma, friend, Gina is pretty fantastic, too. Lindsay and her cute baby Eva-I heart them. I enjoy Laura from Life Uninterrupted. Also, Meredith from La Buena Vida. Of course, I'm a Kelle Hampton lover, too. There are more, but I'll stop there for now.

Miss Chelsea asks: You seem sorta like a hipster (in a good way). Yes? No? If so where did it come from? (if that even makes sense, just do your own thang, I dig it!)  

Ha. Oh how I wish. Hipsters are cool, right? :) I don't know, honestly. I'm laid back in some areas SO MUCH SO. And then in others? Not quite. Declan & I love finding undiscovered music, though--but I still listen to all mainstream stuff, too. And the tiny bit of hipster that lies within me, where did it come from? No idea. None at all. 

Ali asks: What is your #1 guilty pleasure? 

Uh. Hi, I'm a grown woman who listens to Justin Bieber. So I guess that's my guilty pleasure. 

What makeup do you use on the daily?

I use my Mary Kay mineral powder foundation, some cover up, blush/bronzer, and I always do my eyes--which means eye shadow, eye liner (most the time) and then my favorite Mary Kay Lash Love mascara.

If you could spend a day to yourself (& unlimited funds) to do anything...what would it be?

Girl, two words: Spa.Day.


I'll be back with the other half sometime....:)


  1. I think you and I would be friends IRL, I really do. We have so many similarities that I just realized. Undiscovered music? Totally my thing. And celeb crushes? What's the point? I mean I think people are attractive, of course, but crush? Not worth it.

  2. Thanks for the love, my friend. I adore you too.

    And while I'm not a closet Justin bieber fan, I will admit to having the Victorious Cast Radio station on my Pandora. For, uh, cass .

  3. Thanks for the shout out ;) I definitely listen to Bieber too...shhhhh! It'll be our secret!

  4. HA! I started blogging on LiveJournal in high school too.. I think I was 14? Gosh..12 years ago. All my friends had them and we wrote all the time. I used that blog all the way through college and then when we got engaged I started on Blogger! I am WAY more inconsistent than I used to be though.. oops.

  5. Katie, So sorry that you had a falling out with your bf after your wedding. I had a falling out with mine right before her wedding and we haven't spoken since. It still pains me, too, and I sometimes think about what she's up to and how she's doing. Thanks for sharing.
    Sara in Iowa

  6. Heart you too you little hotty. Thanks for the shout out.

  7. I love how real you are! And I find nothing wrong with being a Justin Bieber fan! :) I hope to someday became as good at this blogging thing as you!

  8. So I'm not a HUGE fan of the Biebs, but I heard a preview of his new Christmas album on the radio this morning. It's awesome. His voice has changed and it kind of had a Jack Johnson feel to it. I just might have to buy a copy!

    As for a spa day? Yes please!

  9. I love learning tidbits about fellow blog friends:) thanks for sharing those. Like I've said before I respect how open & comfortable you are in your own skin.

  10. Thanks for sharing. I too like the beeb, it pains me to say. I also watch iCarly and Victorious and not because I have a child that likes them. I have one child and he is 4 months old.....oh well.

  11. Ohh yes--the photography business is much too saturated. When did everyone become a photographer?

    I feel silly when people ask me to take their picture.

    Love these q and a's.

  12. I love these types of posts--so much interesting info!

    I'm glad to hear you still love your 50mm with the 7d ('cause the 7d is full-frame, right?). I've always wondered if I'd love it as much if I upgraded because I wouldn't have the crop factor.

    And thanks for the love--I love your blog too :)

  13. spa day. melt my heart. I recently found a spa in town that has a nice pool where they serve lunch and drinks poolside. It's definitely on my bucket list.

    I had a best friend in middle school and something toxic happened to our relationship between 9th and 10th grades. I still couldn't quite tell you what. Anyway, I noticed that she was on facebook and was, of course, curious. So, I friended her. Of course, she didn't reply. So, I wrote her a long heartfelt message. I just said that I wasn't sure what happened between us, but I was sorry for the part I played in it (because it had to have been both of us) and went on to tell her that she was an important part of my life, etc. Anyway, she wrote back and it was amazing. To date, it's one of the best things I've ever done. I'm so thankful that I made that move. It healed my heart in a way I couldn't imagine. She wasn't someone I thought about all of the time, but when I was reminded of her, it was in a huge way. We "talked" through that experience together and realized the places where we'd both hurt and been hurting and realized that there were things we'd resented about one another that were areas that we both could have been the very person to endure that pain with. We'll never be BFFs again, but it's been fun catching up and so cathartic to heal that part of my past. Anyway, just to say, if there is any part of you that desires that, you should go for it it. I'm so glad I did.

    I have another friend I could never do that with. We did get to a place where we could be in the same place without it being awkward, but we'll never be "friends" again. She just triggers things in me that aren't healthy. But, I've learned to let it go and realize that just because we aren't friends anymore, it doesn't take away from the time that we were. I'm still thankful for the times we had that were good and for the ways that she made me grow and learn about myself. The fact that we can't be close today doesn't take away from what we experienced before-it took me a while to learn that, but it was a great life lesson.

    Thanks for giving us a little more insight into what makes you, you.

  14. Love love love this. I love learning new things about sweet blog buddies. I wish you'd teach me how to be a cool photographer like you...and you can just be my stylist, while you're at it. You down for that? Okay, good. Glad you agree.

  15. Cute post. Loved getting to know more about you. :)

  16. got the beiber fever...

    can i ask a questions.. take us on a tour of your closet.. give us some layouts of your outfits!

  17. Oh geez, what a lame questions I asked. lol. So is it safe to say you have a celebrity crush on the Beibs? hahaha

  18. The whole playing sports in high school thing...right there with you.

  19. Thanks for the answers girl....I'll def. have to check out some more of those blogs.....completely puffy heart Gina too.