Thursday, October 27, 2011

There's an app for that, but it would help to know about it!

You know I love my iPhone in particular. Therefore? I'm an app gal. I've got an app for running, an app for pandora, an app for photo collaging, and app to track my period (tmi? oh well, I'm forgetful, yo), an app to entertain the child....etc...etc. And chances are, you love a good app, too.

So imagine my excitement when I heard about this awesome website, Their job? TO FIND ALL THE COOL APPS OUT THERE & TELL YOU ABOUT THEM. Like, you just sign up, and they will email you new, fun apps they find either daily or weekly (for iphone/ipad and droid users) FOR FREE.

Seriously. When I heard about this, my first thought was Why didn't I think of that?, and my second thought was, AMAZING. They basically do all the leg work in finding apps I need want. 

And this part just tickles me, you guys. They asked me to participate in their Show Me Yours (get your mind out of the gutter), and asked me to share my favorite 3 apps. And? They even wanted to put my face ON THEIR WEBSITE! *gasp*
{just a sneak peek--if you love me check out the full version here}

The greatest thing is, the fabulous ladies who run AppSmitten? Are friends with Erin Condren. Like, real friends, in real life. IknowOhmygoshRight? So guess what?

If you sign up for AppSmitten (it's free! totally. and awesome.), you'll receive a 20% off code to use at Umm, hi? That is awesome. *codes being given out until 10/31

I signed up for AppSmitten the other day, and today? I got an email that looked like this: 

Just some of their top 10 apps they wanted me to know about. And seriously? WHERE HAVE I BEEN? The google search app? Seriously? I must live under a rock. You do not want to know how much I rely on google for answers. But now, all the more convenient. The flashlight app? For real? I'd have had no idea.

Anyway. You get the point. A genius idea. A genius website. Free. Just to make our life easier and a little more "appy" as they say :)

So go sign yourself up because it's awesome (and free 20% off code to EC ain't bad either), and I just had to tell you about it. And also? My face is on their website!! Squeeee!


Happy Thursday!

**opinions expressed are 100% mine. I'm pretty much just obsessed with this idea and think it's genius & fun.


  1. I've yet to get an I-Phone. Hubby and I are apart of Sprint and they just got the I-Phone so we are so excited!


  2. Oh how fun is that? Congrats on being on the webiste girly!

  3. Just signed up...and already got my 20% EC coupon! WHOOT WHOOT! Go girl!

  4. Uhm, just have to say -- THIS IS GREAT. So glad you shared this. Already see like 6 apps I want to get. Thanks a million.

    And PS, WOOT on being so cool and being a link on their homepage. Love the pic they used of you.

  5. how fun and exciting! you are amazing. i love that other people and companies recognize how special you are. :)

    and i love this site. i totally need to download that google search app. how did i not know about that? haha!

  6. You are right, what a genius idea and thanks for sharing it with us!

    I am always looking for new apps so I am so excited I have signed up!!

  7. Ditto what Ashleigh said! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. Thanks for sharing! I had no idea a website like this existed!

    And I seriously could not function without the flashlight app. I use it ALL THE TIME. To do things in the dark, to read late at night while my husband is sleeping, or even to find things in the deep, dark corners of my purse! haha

  9. Some days I wish I had an iphone. A co-worker showed me the flashlight app. Pretty cool.

  10. Now I'm off to download this - SO Awesome!!

  11. So I am a total app junkie and that is an amazing website! Thanks so much for sharing it I just went and signed up.

  12. Thanks to this post, I downloaded a period tracker app today. See how you affect my life so personally? :)

  13. I don't have an iPhone...but I love finding apps for my Droid.

  14. You are basically the cutest ever. ;)

  15. I love the voice search feature on the google search app. I thought it came already installed on my phone (3Gs) I guess not. Sometimes it's a little buggy, but still nice to have. And the flashlight-saves me!

    I'm excited to try out that animal matching app. I try not to let M use my phone too often, but sometimes you just have to. But, I really don't want to pay for an app for him.

    Excited to find some other great apps and get a code to use with my OKL voucher!