Tuesday, October 4, 2011

These are my confessions...

...I gave up Diet soda about a month ago, hoping to just kick the entire habit all together. I've done great, in fact, I've yet to have a Diet Soda (okay I stole a sip from my sister--wasn't worth it), but I have totally caved and had a real Dr. Pepper on three different occasions. I'm just not great in the self control department, and there is something about DP that just sucks me in.

...I went to make my favorite chili yesterday for dinner when I realized that when in a hurry at the grocery store the other day, I bought crushed tomatoes WITH BASIL. Fail, fail, fail. That does not scream "chili", that screams "spaghetti", and so? That's what we ended up having for dinner. The good news is, now I know I can make my own tomato sauce and it's pretty good if I say so myself.

...Yesterday morning I made the mistake of asking Emeline what she wanted for breakfast, not really expecting an answer back, when she very clearly said "Eggs!" I was totally feeling a lazy-breakfast-kinda-morning so when I asked her like five times again, hoping she'd say something else easy, you know, like cheerios & strawberries, or yogurt....she very clearly told me eggs, over and over and over again. I made the girl scrambled eggs with cheese, but I confess that I didn't really want to. Although, seeing her gobble them up made me happy.

...I haven't taken any photos in a while (besides a few at the 5K), hence why my posts are lacking pictures in a major way. I feel guilty about it, like I'm missing parts of her life. Pathetic? Probably.

...I am so behind (as in, never started) in making baby books for Eme that I literally feel nauseated about it when I think about it. I feel like the worst mom ever when it comes to this stuff. I've started about a million photo books and have never finished them. And God knows I have a ton of photos. I don't know what my problem is. I feel overwhelmed now that so much time has passed. Sigh.

....Cleaning the highchair tray is probably one of my least favorite things ever. Highchairs are just so....gross.

...My weight hasn't really changed by more than a pound in the last two months. I guess I shall devote an entire post to this at some time soon, and I'll most likely consider that my final update in that arena. Either my body is telling me I'm just done, or I'm too lazy to work extra-hard to get it off (don't answer that)

...We turned the heat on this week. I don't care about how much the electric bill will be, it was freezing last night. As in 42 degrees (outside, not in the house...duh), and I prefer to be on the warm side, thank-you-very-much. Although, I may be checking into an adult pair of fleece footie pjs so I can be as cozy as my daughter at night. Kidding. Maybe.


What are you confessing today?


  1. I loathe cleaning the we just packed it up and use a booster at the table instead! So much better.

    I have way too many pictures of Grayson so the picture books stress me out too. I have only printed one book for the first 2 months of his life and it was like 50 pages! Geesh.

  2. I haven't started Kaylee's baby book yet either. I bought it along with all of the scrapbooking supplies before she was even born, and yet it still sits in her closet collecting dust. I look at it every single day and tell myself I will start it this weekend. Hopefully one of these weekends I actually do! haha

  3. Great job giving up soda! I'm mostly a water girl but sometimes I need a little flavor and diet soda is WW friendly, so that's how that goes. What are you drinking now besides water?

  4. Girl highchair trays give me the heebies! I wish they made disposable ones!! Seriously. Oh and I haven't made KP a baby book either. Well I started one when she was new and tiny and I had time and then I just plain ole stopped so I think that's worse than never starting in the first place.

  5. I just wanted to tell you I LOVE the pictures on the top of your blog! I think that is SO cute!

  6. Highchairs = groates mcgoats!
    Also, I've decided (after spending like $100 in Michael's supplies) that I'm just doing a "yearbook" for Emerson. Using Shutterly b/c it's easiest to add text there. Just doing one month at a time.

  7. We turned on the heat a few days ago too, even though it seemed too early. Oh well. I can't sleep when it's too cold!

  8. I confess the last two nights I have been in bed by 8:30 & asleep by 9! Why yes I am 80! Ha.

    Our weather is just barely getting to where we need the heater! Finally!


  9. I feel ya on the Dp, it's like my crack...I get all shakey and moody when I don't have it and to me there is nothing quite as delicious as an ice cold fountain Dr. Pepper. I figure I don't smoke, drink or do crack so a DP every now and then is allowed ; )

  10. Oh, I LOATHE cleaning the high chair..ick!

    Don't worry about the baby books-you have wonderful photos and that's the important part.

  11. I hated cleaning up the highchair too, so we switched to a booster seat and pushed my son up to the table to eat with us instead of eating at our side. He LOVED it - we did this when he was 12 months old. I just clean the table like I always do and no more messy trays AND we have so much more room now :) I bet Eme would love to be in a big girl seat and LOOK so big in it too :)

  12. I'm trying to give up soda right now! Diet Coke is my weakness. It's ok most of the time because we don't have it at home, but it is so tempting to go to the convenient store and pick up a 32 oz. Stay strong! :)

    Is there any way to make your blog posts into a book for Emeline? I bet she'd love reading them. I've found that iPhoto is a really easy way to make picture books. I know you have a mac... maybe give that a try.

    Sara in Iowa

  13. I confess that I just ate my 3-year old's leftover PB&J sandwich...along with mine. Right after I talked myself into getting on the scales "just to see." That alone should have given me the motivation to throw the extra sandwich away. But it didn't.

    I also confess that I use my blog as my scrapbooking for my kids. I haven't printed off pictures in years. I don't even have an interest in special photo processing deals anymore, because I don't even know where I would start.

    And...I confess that I have only had one year of my blogs put into a book, so I am now three years behind in that too.

    Thanks for getting the confession ball rolling.
    I feel much better.

    :) Jodi

  14. Okay now I don't feel like such a slacker having not started my little guys baby books either. It's nice to know there are others out there like me. I just dont have a lot of time these days with a 3 month old and all.
    We totally turned the heat on this week. Just at night and only because it's been 35 degrees outside. I live in the south. It's typically not that cold in December and January, what's up with that???

  15. 1. I've totally rinsed my canned tomatoes because I bought the wrong flavor.

    2. I too HATE cleaning the high chair and can't wait to switch to a booster because for some reason it seems like it would be easier to clean to me.

    3. I also have not made a baby book and am super behind on making photo books in general. I'm dreading both the time and the cost. Yuck. Shutterfly is offering 30% on photo books right now for 2 days, but who can do it that fast? Thought I'd share though in case I'm the only slow one :)

  16. The high chair almost makes me gag.

    Also, my mom made me a gorgeous scrapbook; all I have to do is put the pics in, and I haven't even started it. I have calendars for both the boys. I quit entering info in L's at 11 months and in G's at...FIVE!!!

  17. Cleaning the high chair is the WORST!!! It is my least favorite job to do during the day. Most days I leave it dirty after every snack/meal until I'm forced to clean it for the next one. It's gross but that's my confession.

  18. Well, i ate WAY too much birthday cake over the weekend (and yesterday, ugh) but my girl turned TWO(!) so, you know, I kinda had to... ;)

    I always hated cleaning the highchair too. Ick.

  19. I hate cleaning the highchair too! And it is MAJOR need of a deep cleaning. :(
    And? I never started a baby book either. I feel bad, but I've never found a book that I liked.. and I rarely print my photos off... FAIL.

  20. Oh the highchair is the WORST. I started a baby book for N awhile back, but I have to admit, there are plenty of blank spots. Thank goodness for blogs. I keep wanting to do ones like Kelle Hampton makes for her kids, but I don't even want to think about how expensive those are in the end. Maybe one day.
    And all those photos I take? I'm doing good if they actually get printed.
    Oh, and I don't drink soda. Never have. However, there's something about DP that I like, so I sneak a couple of sips from B's drink when he's not paying attention. lol.

  21. Highchair trays are so gross. Don't blame you there one little bit.

  22. I love those footy PJs! I want a pair!

  23. Girl, you look amazing! I wouldn't sweat a few pounds, if that's your size, it's your size! :) And I've seen those adult fleece footies at funny! :)

  24. My confession...I owned a pair of footed pajamas that I actually fit in when I was 9 months pregnant. They were the best.

  25. I actually just started Jamie's first year book. It was all fun and games the first 2 nights. Now I haven't looked at it in a week. Chances aren't looking very good I'll be finishing it anytime soon.

  26. You should totally not feel bad about a few sips of soda. Moderation is key:)

    Couldn't you just print off your blog to create a book for her? You have documented so much with lots of journaling...way better than a baby book.

  27. I'm so with you on the soda thing. I've tried twice now to give up diet soda, but I just end up "treating" myself and having a regular dr. pepper, then the treats become more frequent and I end up starting all over again! Ugh!