Friday, October 21, 2011

The things I don't want to forget.

My friend Lindsay did a cute post a few weeks back with all these sweet details of her little lady that she doesn't want to forget. So I'm following her lead once again, because these times? Go way too fast.


Emeline is in this really, really adorable phase, mixed with the occasional toddler tantrum. I'm convinced God makes them so cute so you handle these kiddies at this age. You know, it balances out. "You're crying hysterically over my coffee cup that you can't have, but gosh darn it, you're so dang cute!" Kind of like that. 

Anyway, this morning I was just soaking in her sweet little toddler girlness. Every time she stabs a piece of her egg with the fork and it stays on, she goes, "I DID IT!!" It's ridiculously cute. She's so proud of herself. 

Whenever anyone leaves the room, or she can't find someone--she throws her hands up in the air and goes, "Uh Oh! Dada!" (or 'insert name'). I love it, it's so silly with her little pixie voice. 

She is obsessed with STARS. Obsessed. I could probably blame swim lessons for this because we sing twinkle twinkle a few times throughout the class as she floats on her back. But every time she sees a star, she stops, points and yells, "STAR!" (sounds more like "Dar!") She has a pair of footie pjs that have stars all over them, and she's in happy heaven when she wears them.

I never realized how many stars are in books, around the store, on objects everywhere until I had a child pointing them out for me every five seconds.

She also will spot Elmo, "Melmo!" or "Dora" in any store...a mile away...on the tiniest of stickers that I cannot even see. Like, she will repeat over & over & over again until I acknowledge that indeed, Melmo is over there on that shelf.

This doesn't necessarily win points for cuteness, but she is totally aware now when she goes "poo"--and she always points to her bottom and says "poo!" as she's going. I'm no expert in this area, but now that she's aware, perhaps it's time to get a little potty for her to play with and get used to? I'm not pushing it. But I have set her on the big potty a few times and she is totally freaked out by it. So THAT'S gonna be fun when it comes to potty training, yea?

She gets attached to random objects before bed lately. This week, it was a box of Dora bandaids. So we had to compromise, and I put a bandaid on her arm so she could go to sleep with Dora that evening. The bandaid has been off now for days, but she still pulls up her sleeve, and goes "Uh Oh, DORA!?"

She loves babies. Like, real ones. She isn't even remotely jealous if I'm holding a new baby, or if a friends baby comes over to our house. She just leans over the carseat and babbles all these little cutesy baby'ish things (basically the same thing I do when a baby comes over, ha), and smiles, tickles their feet, etc. When anyone sees how sweet she is with babies, everyone says (always. always.) "I think someone's ready to be a big sisssssterrrr!" Without fail. While I do think she will make a great big sister one day, not yet :) Although it is so sweet to see how much she enjoys babies.

She loves shoes. I had bought a new pair for her a few weeks ago and she spotted them in the morning (while still her in pj's) and she whined and cried for her "Shoooooooes!" (she says this perfectly clear) and so she sported them with her pjs all morning. In fact, they were about a half size too big, but she loves them so much they are part of her wardrobe almost daily. 

I fear for my wallet. 

She puts words to "songs" now. So, she'll be back in her carseat, and singing a little tune about "Dada" or "Momma", or "Mac-a-boy". She actually has a really darling singing voice :) No. Really.

Every time she sees a flower--whether in a book, at a restaurant, on the side of the road, etc--she squishes up her nose as if she's smelling it. Without fail. My dad taught her this months ago and she has not forgotten it. It's really cute ;)

She's starting to put more words together in a string, which is so fun. Now at night, when we leave her room and say goodnight and tell her we love her, she'll go "I la-lu DaDa" or "I la-lu Momma". It's freaking melt.your.heart over here, folks.


I'll leave it at those for now. There's always more, but I could probably go on for days. Which just goes to show I am a sucker for my kid. 


  1. That's so adorable. As challenging as the toddler years are, they're my favorite. They're just so excited about the world they are discovering!!

  2. I love the idea of capturing all of the little things along the way. So so sweet. She sounds like a blast right now!

  3. These are great memories to record!!! Someday you will bs sharing these stories with her and she will nor believe you. Just pull up the ole' blog for proof :)

  4. So precious! I think I might have to borrow this post idea!

  5. She will LOVE that you wrote these down!

  6. This is so super sweet! Love this post!!!!

  7. love these little tid bits about her! She is such a little cutie!

  8. Such a fun age!! I love this post idea, I think I'm going to have to do one of these soon.

  9. She is just so smart! Seriously! I know KP is a few months behind but I know KP isn't doing half the things Eme was at 14 months. You are doing a great job with her.

  10. This warms my heart and gives me baby fever. So adorable :)

  11. Her attachment to random things is adorable! So much fun these kiddos are! So much!

  12. I have zero potty training advice. ZERO. Lol.

  13. oh so cute! Hearing about awesome little toddlers makes me more and more excited for trying fora a babe this year. Just adorable!

  14. Sounds like you have one smart, sweet little girl on your hands!

  15. Aww she sound like the sweetest. Im in no rush for the tantrums but I really look forward to that toddler stage. They're so smart and observant it always surprises me. Like when my nephew would find a piece of clothing on the floor and would take it right to the washer and try to throw it in.

  16. Love this! While Eme is obsessed with stars, Eva is obsessed with balls. But, she thinks balloons are balls. Did you know SO MANY STORES have balloons on their displays? "OH OH BALL OH OH OH BALL BALL BALL". I die.

    Eva does "Dada Go?" and it's soo stinking cute.

    I love these kids.

  17. This is so cute. My daughter just turned 13 months yesterday and I was trying to think of a new way to capture the milestones each month (rather than a lengthy post like i did every month of the first year). If you don't mind...I may use this idea! xo

  18. Aww! Your darling little girl has such a god vocab!

    BTW, I read your 2cents todays at The Poop Whisperer and I couldn't have agreed more. I hate big strollers. My boss's wife is pregnant and he told me he was going to get a travel system. I pulled up two pics on the Babies R Us website of the snap and go & an umbrella stroller...I showed him the difference and he totally fell in love!


  19. I am also loving this darling toddler stage that Chloe is in!! She's learning and growing so much everyday that I can't even believe it!! It's insane. It's almost like I can't even keep up with everything that she's learning on a daily basis. She comes home from day care, and I'm like, Oh...when did you learn that?! It's NUTS!!

  20. Awww, telling y'all she loves you at bedtime. I'm gonna be a wreck one of these days.

  21. Awww she is such a little cutie.
    What a good idea to write down some of these little things that you may lose track of down the road.

  22. This is by far the sweetest post I've read in a long while...
    There is something about that little girl that melts everyone's heart.
    She is literally a Doll...
    Enjoy every bit of it, coz she's definitely a Godsend gift.