Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Full belly, warm heart.

Guess what I'm doing all day today?

Baking pies. My apple pies to be precise. And if you've ever seen me in the kitchen, let's just say--it's not graceful, by any means. I'm like that girl on a sitcom, with flour on her face, checking her recipes on her laptop in between cracking the eggs, all while spilling half the ingredients on the floor and dirtying more dishes than you can imagine.

It's not pretty. Nothing about my baking is pretty.

But the result? Is great. Fantastic actually. Go make my apple pie.

So yep. It's Thanksgiving time. How? I have nogoshdarnearthlyidea how it got to be this time of year, already. But it's upon us.

And while I try to remain in a thankful state of mind as often as possible? I do love me some Thanksgiving (not just for the food, although that helps), but because to me, it IS one of the best holidays ever.

Okay, so I love The Food. Like, I dream about it. But I also love that Thanksgiving does cause people to slow down for a moment and really reflect on those things they're most grateful for. I also love that there is no stress and undo pressure of gifts. It's just a holiday about family, food and gratefulness--(okay, and football).

It's kind of a full belly, warm-heart type of day. I love that.

And now I sound like a Hallmark greeting card.

But, it's true. I'm grateful! I've had so many moments in the last week in particular that I've just felt so beyond thankful. Big things, small things. Goals, accomplishments, hardships and victories. Health. That hysterically funny and adorable toddler I get to call my own. That sweet man of mine who wows me every time with his thoughtfulness. My family. Our families. My special sisterly bond. My furry pup. This warm house. A job that allows me to stay home. Food on the table. Working vehicles. A church we love. A community we care about. Hobbies & passions. Naptime (yes, I'm grateful for naptime). The outlet I've found in running. TV shows that make me laugh. That warm, fuzzy blanket I like to cuddle under. Past friendships restored. New friendships formed. New seasons of life. All of it.

I'm grateful.

I hope no mater where you're at in life, you can dig up some things you're grateful for, too.

And so, with that...its back to making my kitchen look like a war zone.

Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving, all.


  1. Your apple pie recipe has become the only way I make apple pies. But I have to add brown sugar.:) When making them today in prep for tomorrow, what do you do at a gathering? pop it in the oven for a while? or heat in slices?

  2. Haha that sounds like me while baking. I always make such a mess! Happy Thanksgiving to you & your beautiful family!

  3. Haha, that's what my kitchen looks like when I'm baking too. Your apple pie recipe sounds yummy!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. the title of the post reminded me of FNL's "full heart, clear eyes...can't lose!"

    happy thanksgiving!

  5. Um, so I just clicked over to your apple pie recipe, because I remember when you posted about it the first time. And that was TWO YEARS AGO! Sheesh! I thought it was like last spring or something!

    PS I tried to make your pies (TWO!YEARS! ago), and I majorly undercooked them. So I've been afraid to do it again. So this year I"m making green bean casserole. It's fool proof! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  6. I love your apple pie! I made it twice last year!

  7. I love Thanksgiving for the food and grateful feelings, too! Have a good one!

  8. I didn't think you COULD bake without a mess - thought it was a rule or something. Enjoy your time in the kitchen and then with the family. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I love your blog! :) I became a follower! :) Erin

  10. LOL your kitchen skillz sound pretty similar to mine! :O