Thursday, November 17, 2011

The goodness of the internet.

I have a folder in my inbox that's labeled "WOW emails". As in, emails that wow-me. Emails that humble me. Emails that get me misty eyed. Nice, encouraging, remind-me-why-I-do-this emails.

Today, I came home from swim lessons with Emeline, got her down for a nap, and opened up my laptop. I had a bunch of emails to scroll through and started doing just that.

I was feeling a little down, I'll admit. Just a few situations in my real life that have left me a little discouraged. I'm a person with real feelings, too. Sometimes I like to think that I don't let situations, words said (or not said), and everyday stuff get to me. But, I'm human, and I do. So I was kind of dealing with that this morning.

And I think God knew I needed a little boost. Because I opened up my email and saw this little gem of an email, and well, I asked her permission (and I won't be sharing her name for privacy), but she's letting me share it with you.

"Dear Katie,

I am ______, a 17 year old girl from small town Pennsylvania and I am a 100% fan of yours. I started reading your blog a few months ago, just happened upon it, and I can tell you that you have taught me some lessons through your self discovery.

Your beauty shines through your posts. Seriously. Your sincerity and genuine heart are so real, and as you push yourself to accomplish your goals, I can only hope I can be like you. Your daughter will be so proud of you. That is the type of things daughters, like me, love in their mama. Their drive to achieve excellence! You have it! The fact that you are able to inspire yourself to push and push and push, means that your daughter is lucky enough to have that strong woman behind her, encouraging her.

I wanted to write you this email to say thank you! You are an incredible woman. I want to give you a hug and be your friend! (haha), but I will just continue reading your blog instead. Thank you for inspiring people. I hope you know that your blog doesnt just interest people of your own age, but a young girl like me who is beginning that same soul searching experience.

You are a doll!

Insert speechless face here. 

I've gotten amazing emails before. Heck, that's why I have a folder. But, this sweet, young girl took the time to email me, encouraging me from where she's at. She didn't know that timing was perfect. She didn't know how much I needed to hear this this morning. But she took a little bit of time out of her day to send an encouragement to me, and it meant the world.

I love this blog, for so many reasons, but one of them is for this. That I can connect to people, regardless of age, place in life, location, etc---somehow. That they can connect with me, and vice versa. It makes me just remember why I like writing. Why I like chronicling my journey, sharing my weaknesses and sharing my victories.

This touching little email was a reminder to me just how far one small act can go. 

So, thank you for that. Thank you, dear.


  1. oh my word that gave me chills. that is the sweetest!!!! :-)

  2. WOW, I'm all teary-eyed over here. That is such a sweet letter. And you know what? Everything she said is so true! Hope today is better than yesterday :)

  3. she is so sweet. And the words she chose? fit you to a T!
    does she have a blog?

  4. How amazing is that! And 17?! Wow! It's good to know that there are still good kids out there! That's pretty awesome!

  5. THIS is what blogging is all about. Love it!

  6. Wow, what a sweet young lady.

    Takes one to know one, I guess. :)

    Glad it came at a time when you really needed it.

  7. So sweet and now I have the goosies. Seriously what an amazing email!!!!!

  8. Melt-Your-Heart moment!! That made my day just reading this:)

    All her words are so very true.

    Keep up the encouraging words!!

  9. I think HER mom would be proud of her for growing to be an exceptional young exceptional she sees it in other people. Think of that email while running Saturday and how right she was about Emiline being proud of her mama for reaching her goals.

  10. THIS is why I love blogging so much!

  11. What a beautiful email!
    Getting emails like that that show the extent of how much you mean to people is so heartwarming.

  12. What an amazing email! What an amazing God...who knows exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right time...and sends it to you.

  13. Wow! What an awesome email! That's amazing, and would have made my week too! :O

  14. Wow, that is one seriously awesome email!

  15. What a sweet thing for her to do! Between that and your email to me the other day..I am realizing age doesn't really matter- and how silly of me to think that I didn't have anything to offer..anyone can be encouraging- clearly! She hit it spot on! :)