Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Poof. Fluff, per say.

We aren't feeling good over here today. And somehow, it got translated from kid, over to mom (aka: caregiver), which is so.not.fair. Especially when my sister and parents are out of town and I can't beg ask them to help a sister out. So, anyway. I need some fluff today on here. Fluffy, fluff, fluffiness.

I stole this from someone, who stole it from someone else, who stole it from someone else. Honestly, right now, in this moment. I don't remember. I think I got it from Rachel. Yes, Rachel. Thanks m'dear. 

Guilty pleasure?
I'd say Justin Beiber--but, I'm so open & honest about it nowadays that quite frankly, it doesn't feel that guilty pleasuresque anymore. Every once in a while, I'll get stuck on a Real Housewives marathon or something. So maybe that's one. Or perhaps my love for foul rap music (especially while running), I mean, the hype. The beat. I kind of love it.

Recent splurge?
After 3 years of looking at UGG's, contemplating them, asking everyone for opinions on them, reading reviews, and dying for a pair to go with my daily winter mom uniform--I finally got some last weekend. And you know what? I am such a loser. I had so much inner turmoil spending that kind of money on boots. I cried about it. (Stop laughing.) And? I even spent my big girl money on them. Meaning, not family money. The money I make from blog stuff & doing blog designs.  Anyway. Long story short...I got myself a pair of gray, short, classic UGG's and I've lived in them since. They will get a lot of love around here.

In bulk, I buy?
Nothing. I am so not a bulk buyer. Although, maybe--maybe? Diaper wipes? I buy the large'ish pack of those. Because, you just cannot ever have enough wipes. They are good for everything.

My go-to flower?
I kind of love all flowers. Any and all. And I'll happily give you my address if you want to, you know, send me flowers.

Comfort food?
This has totally changed in the last few months, but I'd say a big bowl of chili with an intense amount of cheese, sour cream and frito's on top. Maybe even some cornbread on the side. There is something about that warm-full-belly feeling after chili that I love.

For breakfast?
Coffee. Always. Sometimes eggs. Toast. Oatmeal. Pancakes on weekends.

For dinner? 
Whatever I make, which is often times nothing. Or, one of my 4 staple meals.
1. Spaghetti (which could mean chicken parm if I'm feeling fancy)
2. Chili & cornbread
3. Buffalo Chicken Wraps
4. Baked Chicken, green beans & noodles of some kind.

Notice a trend? I pretty much only cook chicken, or ground turkey. I'm kind of anti-red meat.

Love/hate relationship with?
Running. Totally.

Can't stop watching?
Parenthood. We went back into netflix & started from the beginning. I love it. And little fun fact? Their family is identical to mine as in birth order, etc. (Oldest brother, then sister, then another sister
(hey that's me!), then little brother.)

Also, when I started Friday  Night Lights, I also could.not.stop.watching it. Like, obsessed. It is probably my favorite show of all time history if I had to pick one. Nothing will ever compare.

Oh, and I heart New Girl. I love Zooey, no matter how annoying she is. 

And Parks & Recreation. 

And The Office (although I cannot stand Robert California. Vom.)

And Glee. Of course.
[To name a few thousand]

Dreaming about?
Wouldn't you like to know.

Every girl should have?
Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara. It rocks.

My style in five words?
Um. Ok. I can't do this. My style is complicated. One day, my inner hippie comes on. The next day, some other style. I love boots. I love flats. I love skinnies. I love boot cuts. I heart accessories. Scarves. Earrings. Galore. I love plaid. I love ruffles. I basically love clothes.

I love wearing?
Jeans. Plaid top. Boots. A hat. And braids. I love braids.

Dream job?
I think my dream 'job' would be to go back to teaching art, but only half-time or 1/4-time. I so much love staying home, but I really miss that side of myself. I'd love to do both somehow. I don't have any desire to do it full time at this time, but I certainly would love to do it a little. I want the best of both worlds. 


How's that for fluff?


  1. Great post! Glad you got the uggs! I got sweater uggs last year and LOVE THEM! And---HOORAY for MK Mascara! I love that stuff!!!! I'd love to hear more about this art teaching you did?!!?!?!?

  2. Uggs are the best thing ever, I have 3 pair. No matter what People Style Watch says about them I will always wear them.
    And the foul rap? Guilty.

  3. I love my Uggs to and probably wear them more often that it would be considered acceptable!
    Totally agree with you on Robert California, it is making this season hard for me, lol.

  4. I just got the MK Love Lash, I kinda was looking after it considering you mentionning it many times. So Far it looks GOOD! so.. THANXS I gues... ;)

  5. Love this post! Sorry you aren't feeling well :( I love JB as well loL!

  6. Those TV shows, we're sooooooooo on the same page!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. I hear ya on the rap while running. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going is when my home-boy Drake comes on. No lie.

  8. Love me some uggs too!!! And foul rap yes, please!!

  9. I am so with you on running and clothes (except uggs. . .).,

  10. I think I'm going to steal this idea for fluff, if you don't mind. ;)

    I love my Uggs! So comfortable and SO warm.

  11. I LOVED Friday Night Lights, too. It was such an amazing show.

    Thanks for saying that you'd love to go back 1/2 or 1/4 time. I am going to work 3/4 time after my daughter is born, and I am hoping that it is a good balance for me.

  12. I think rap is a necessity for any workout (well, not yoga, obviously.)I confess, I'll even listen to it when I want to tune out being an adult. I've been debating Uggs for the past 2 years or so. They look SUPER warm and comfy though!!!

  13. first i LOVE the new family pics!
    second i recently started watching parenthood and i'm so adicted i can't stop! :)

  14. I told you you'd love parenthood! It's the best show evaaaa. Hope you two get feeling better soon.

  15. "Whatever I make, which is often times nothing."

    Reason #2039850 why I love you.

  16. love this. I will totally be copying.

    Yes Uggs are the best thing ever, I am wearing a pair right now haha.

    And I am OBSESSED with FNL and I believe I have you to thank for that ;)

  17. Totally ripping this off of you today.
    The Zooey love is same for me. No matter how annoying the characters can be on that show, I will forever love her, so I continue to watch.
    You also put me in the mood for some chili. :)

  18. I have a girlfriend who enrolls her preschoolers in private art classes. The lady is a former art teacher who does projects & preschool-type lessons and there are 8 kids in the class which they attend once a week.

    And, I love P'Hood, too. It just seems so...real? The camera work is great - like in FNL. You feel like someone could bump into you or step on your toes at any moment :)

  19. LOVE Parenthood. It's may favorite show on TV. By far. Also FNL? Love. I want to marry Mr. Taylor. Ya know... if I wasn't already married. And he was actually a real person.

  20. PS- UGGS are the best. Don't fight it anymore. Next up? Ugg slippers. Add them to your Christmas list. You'll thank me later.

  21. I love Uggs! My husband hate them, he thinks they are hideous! LOL But they are so so comfy and warm. I got Uggs slippers for my bday last year...AMAZING!!! Seriously, they are awesome :)

  22. Wanna trade lives for a day? I would like to see what a mommy job is like, yes its a hard job. Today, I managed to use watercolor paint, tempera paint, clay, colored pencils, and collage materials with 6 different grade levels and ended up with only one spot of paint on my pants. Whew.

  23. You could be an art therapist and set your OWN hours!! :)

  24. I did the same thing with my Uggs. I wanted them for 3 years and finally broke down and bought some...short classic in camel. Then the next year I bought another pair...the black sweater ones with the buttons on the side. Now, I'm seriously thinking about saving for another pair. I pretty much wear them exclusively all. winter. long. :)

  25. Since I am struggling with body issues right now I was wondering how you would answer the question about your style before you lost weight? I am only asking b/c I was gonna answer these questions but when I got to that ? I just got sad b/c I thought about how bummed I am about clothes on me right now! :( Any advice?? :) Love U!

  26. I'm going to have to try that mascara, I've heard really good reviews on that. :)

  27. I kid you not, I just bought my first pair of Uggs this year after 3 years of contemplating the purchase! I got the brown with the button on the side. Totally with you on the running!