Friday, November 11, 2011

Random-talk Friday.

Some random talk.

1. Remember when I blogged about AppSmitten a few weeks ago? Well they have this new Thanksgiving Guide up. Basically? All the apps you need to get ready for the holidays. I downloaded an app called TGI Black Friday a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it already. If you're a Black Friday shopper? It will save you SO MUCH TIME and money. It's awesome. It shows you all the deals already in the works so you can plan your Black Friday shopping accordingly.

Go download it. And check out the rest of their Thanksgiving must-have apps. Thank me later.

2. I don't really chat much about the fact I do blog designs on the side. But there is a little tab up at the top of my page, that has some of my work in there. I'm not one of those designers who does the crazy fancy stuff with fake cartoon characters. Sorry. But I do work well with you, and am more than happy to help you come up with something you'll love.

I'm also pretty quick at it. And relatively cheap. And Christmas is coming up so I'm all about stashing away a bit of money for some special gifts for my family. So, this is the time of year I'll plug my little side business.

3. I took more photos this week. This time, of my brothers adorable family. I love them so, so much. The family, I mean. And the photos. The whole Flickr set can be found here.

Sigh. Such a cute family, yea?

4.  My brain? Is gone. Officially. One day this week I got up early, got us dressed (Before 9am. Seriously. That's an accomplishment.), and all ready to go shopping at Target for some groceries. It's about a 20 minute or so drive, but totally worth it for Target in my opinion. Anyway. Went to get some coffee at Chick-Fil-A drive-thru (ok. and maybe was dying for some chick-n-mini's), when I went frantically looking for my wallet.


As in, left at home. Not a single item in my diaper bag that I could even barter the lady at chick-fil-a for. SERIOUSLY. It was a catastrophe. A nightmare. My heart kind of sunk.


So, not only was I driving without a license--but I couldn't get my breakfast, OR our shopping done, and I had just wasted time and gas. So annoying. I felt kind of helpless. And also grateful that at least my gas tank wasn't on empty or something. That would have sucked.

Now that you know how big of an idiot I am--that's that.

5. You know I have a Facebook page for my blog, right? Basically it's just another way I can connect with you. I like to keep my personal facebook kind of...personal? Yea. So, it just works out better for me to have a blog one where I can interact with many of you. So if you haven't gone over there and liked it, be my guest.

Thank a Veteran today on this special 11/11/11 Veteran's day.

Alright lovely people. Happy, happy weekend.


  1. I forgot my wallet yesterday, never happens, it is always in my bag, i guess i took it out for something. I waited in line for 10 mins before realising it, had to leave my cart & come back. Your not the only one lol

  2. You totally pulled a Gina at Target. I do that kinda stuff all the time.

  3. Just downloaded the TGI Black Friday app...I will now be wasting my Friday checking out the ads and planning accordingly.

  4. I love the appsmitten - I've found out so many awesome apps through the daily update! I'm downloading the Black Friday one right now.

  5. I need a new blog design! When I figure out what I think I'd like I'll let you know! I love your designs because they are so simple & classic.

  6. I cannot wait for you to re-design my blog!! & yes, that family is the cutest ever but so are you so I'm not shocked. Sometimes though, I look at families like that where the mom looks so cute & young and think, there's no way all of those children are theirs!! haha Great pictures!

  7. I downloaded the black friday app the other day. LOVE IT!!!! :)
    no breakfast at chik fil a?!?!? oh my that sucks. i would have totallty tried to barter with the just so i could have the spicy chicken biscuit sandwich. the most delicious thing ever!!!!! :)

  8. honestly, you are the BEST at blog designs.
    fast, AMAZING!, and the outcome is beautiful.

  9. Thanks so much for suggesting the tgi black friday and the tgi cyber monday app. Austin and I don't usually venture out, but since we're looking for 3 specific things for our house, we'll venture out for them. This app is the perfect way to see if any stores around us have what we're looking for. Thanks!

  10. How ironic. I totally just went into a tattoo parlor (think 90lb white girl in a sun dress) to buy a new nose ring and guess wallet. nada. nothing....with 6 burly looking dudes watching skate boarding on a flat screen. awkward....

  11. Such a beautiful family, and pictures of course! ; )

  12. The photos you took are gorgeous! I love that you girls can take each other's family pictures, that is SO awesome!