Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Because I'm weird. We're all a little bit weird I guess.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best flavor that was ever created. However, if it's not the color green, it is not edible in my opinion. The white kind is boring and fake, and frankly, doesn't taste as good. Go green or go home.

When I come down in the morning, the first thing I do is turn on the Christmas tree lights. Because if I'm home that day, the tree better be a sparklin'. Plus, I find something oddly depressing about a decorated tree, without lights turned on. It just looks so...dark. And...weird. And so. Lights are a must.

When I cook or eat bacon, it must be of the utmost crispiness. Practically burnt. In fact, I have never, ever mastered the art of cooking bacon where my whole house doesn't wreak for days on end, and where I don't have to open the sliding glass door to air out the smoke. I'm not very good at cooking, you guys. You know this.

Speaking of bacon. I grew up in a family that had Breakfast for Dinner every so often, and I remember dreading it! Absolutely dreading it. I think I viewed it as one of those days where we ran out of the good food, so instead we got cheap breakfast food. So I whined about it. Incessantly. And now? As an adult with a family? I love me some Brinner. But the truth still stands. It is a meal that's made when you run out of other things. At least here. But it's still yummy. (Mom, sorry for whining about brinner all through my child years. Forgive me?)

I lose my cell phone on a daily basis. And by "lose" I mean in the crevices of the couch. Or deep within the diaper bag. Or in my back pocket. And I panic every time I think it's "lost" even though I find it within minutes. 

I cannot stand the smell of my dog when he comes in from the outside. He just smells like...well, the outside. And it's really quite gross.

I go for days on end without checking the mail. I know that other people thrive off of mail-checking but I just don't like it. At all. We pay all our bills online so it's not like I'm ignoring important stuff or anything. I just don't like the clutter that happens when the mail comes. I also can't stand how much stuff is mailed to us then becomes trash. It all just bothers me. I love when a random package/letter/something fun I ordered comes, but other than that? Mail sucks.

It's true that not being signed up for a 5K right now is kicking my motivation to run right in the pants. Because I feel like I don't have anything to work towards. Okay, that's only part of the reason. The other part is how freaking cold it is, and how much I loathe treadmill running. I need to get back to it. I will. I swear. It's just so cold. And I so much prefer the outdoors. Wahhh. Excuses.

I'm actually excited for Emeline to get some new toys at Christmas. She is so beyond bored of what we have now, and I think she's a little beyond them age-wise, too. So I'm looking forward to switching them out and her getting some new books and gadgets to keep her busy. Especially with how cold it is and how much seldom getting out is during the winter months.

I never knew how glorious vacuuming could be until I owned a Dyson. I mentioned before (I think) that the one item we got on Black Friday was a Dyson, and good Lordy, I love that thing. I'm now the girl that vacuums daily and, well...let's just say that was never the case before. I didn't realize I could love an inanimate thing so much, let alone something related to cleaning. gasp. Who am I?

I found a half eaten bagel (of Emeline's), with some random sour patch kids stuck to it, wrapped in a receipt in the bottom of my diaper bag today. It's a mess. It's always a mess, even if I clean it out. Please tell me I'm not the only one with the scariest diaper bag known to man. Please. 

Dish it. Make me feel better. Anything you're weird about?


  1. I totally agree with you on Mint Chocolate-must be green but thought I was the only one :)

    Yes Im another one who has a messy diaper bag that I seem to constantly clean and its still messy.

    Morgan is another one who is bored with her toys and needs some new ones.

  2. I'll hand wash dishes before I'll empty the dishwasher and reload it.

    my son's pj top and bottom have to match

    I hate christmas shopping. HATE. I do mine in january. going to town in november or december sends me into fits of histeria/panic attacks

    if i eat delissio pizza, which is rarely, I eat the pepperoni first, then the olives, then sausage, then the rest of the toppings. Then I take my fork and scrape off the top of the pizza dough and put it aside to eat last. I eat the crust that's left first. It's the only pizza I do that with, I eat every other pizza normally.

  3. We have a dyson and I still don't like vacuuming. I'm with you on the toys thing! Now that Chase is crawling and pulling himself up he could care less about his boring baby toys! 12 more days! We are doing Christmas with his aunt and uncle Saturday. Hopefully they got him toys!

  4. Try cooking your bacon in the will eliminate the smell issue...not sure if it will achieve "practically burnt" bacon but you could give it a shot!

    And yeah, mint chocolate ice cream that's not green is not worthy of eating.

  5. I no longer haul around a diaper bag bc my kids are a little older but my purse and the back seat of my car is a different story....neither EVER stay clean.

    I am the same way with the Christmas tree, it must always be on. What's the point of having lights on it if they are not on??

  6. I feel the EXACT same way about the Christmas lights, bacon, cell phone, smelly dog, mail and my Dyson so maybe you're not so weird. ;)

  7. Completely agree with the mail issue.. We check our mail at most 2 times a week and usually not even that often.

    I used to absolutely hate breakfast for dinner too and now we eat it a couple times a month (at least) haha.

  8. I, too, am so excited for new toys for KP! I swear I cannot keep her occupied in the house for longer than 15 minutes at a time! out with the old, in with the new!!

  9. Dog smells bother me period- when they come in from the outside, their breath, etc. But I love my dogs regardless. Just...yuck!

    I lose my cell phone all the time and go into panic mode. Sometimes even anxiety attacks set in.

    My house must be DEEP cleaned every Sunday. And by deep cleaned I mean all bedding, baseboards, fans, vents, etc. If I miss a Sunday I freak out. And on that note every night before I go to bed I put everything in its place, fold blankets, put shoes away in the closet, set out kids' clothes and have book bags ready. Only to wake up in the morning and find something that bothers me so I spend 1/2 hour cleaning again. Can you say OCD?

    I still despise Brinner. Maybe its because I'm not a breakfast eater? My husband and kids on the other hand- are all about it.

    I am excited for the kids to get new toys too but despise having to go through all the other stuff.

  10. I could have written this post...

    Mint is green. It's a no brainer.
    Bacon must be super crunchy.
    The tree must be lit. Otherwise, yes, it's sad.
    Although, breakfast will always be my favorite meal, so I loved it for dinner as a kid. Now if I could just get my hubs on board.
    I cannot WAIT for N to get new stuff to play with. Like E, he's outgrowing a lot of his toys. AND I'm hoping he gets the idea that presents = FUN, so this year goes better than last. Last year, he was all "Eh" with it. :)

    ps. sorry for the novel of a comment. I ramble when I'm sleep-deprived.

  11. Mint chip ice cream MUST be green. However, I won't turn it down if it's not. Well, if I'm eating dairy, that is.

    I totally feel you on the Christmas tree lights.

    And on the crispy bacon.

    AND the lost cell phone.

    AND! The mail.

    Finally-my diaper bag is far more disgusting than yours. I promise.


  12. I hate doing laundry, it's my most detested chore. Before getting married and having kids I would go buy new cloths and underwear just to give myself a few more days of no laundry.

    When I unload the dishwasher I like to take everything out first then stack them appropriately and then put them away. I don't put them away as I take things out because it feels like it takes longer.

    I have to do the grocery shopping. When I first got married my husband and I shared the responsibility but sometimes I would forget things I needed and my hubby doesn't cook at all so he wouldn't know we needed oil or salt. Now it's one of the "chores" I enjoy the most and I always go alone, the kids stay home.

    I have two toddler boys, 3 yrs and 1 yr, they are constantly getting dirty (of course) but I can't stand to keep them in dirty clothes so I change them often. I have changed my oldest son up to five times in one day. However, this situation contradicts my first "weirdism" which is I detest's an ugly cycle.

  13. I just recently found your blog and I love it. Great motivation to get back into shape. :)

    PS- I want a dyson so bad!!

  14. mint choc chip- check. green-check. let's eat some soon- maybe with a brownie? haha

    christmas lights- same. they're on all day everyday. I only get one month-ish of the year to enjoy them!

    running? you know i'm right there with you lady :)


  15. I agree that the Christmas tree is depressing when it's not lit up. Right now I need an extension cord to hook up mine so it hasn't been on in over a week. Sadness.

  16. Confession....... I have a purple, girly tabletop tree that I leave up year-round. And, whenever I'm feeling particularly down, I'll turn it on just to cheer me up.

    Bacon - Microwave it. Plate, paper towel, bacon.... in the microwave. Your bacon will come out greaseless and SUPER crispy/crunchy. And, the smell is hardly there.

  17. Ugh I totally hate the dog smell when they come in from outside, totally grosses me out.

    My boys are so bored with their toys, I need to go through and get rid of all the too small toys and replace with the loot they are getting at Christmas!

    Also, love burnt bacon, my husband thinks I'm a freak - thank you for telling me otherwise :)

  18. I hate the outside-dog smell too! worse when you come in after running.

  19. My bf is the same way about bacon--he'll literally make me cook it again if he doesn't approve of the crispiness. I have yet to master the perfect crunch yet, either.

    I totally feel the Christmas tree comment--can't stand for the lights to be off. It really IS kind of eerie if you've just got a dark tree sitting in the middle of the living room.

    Hm, I have to set my alarm on random numbers--it can't just be for 5:30 or 5:40. It has to be like 5:36. I don't have any explanation as to why...

    And lately, if I've been out buying Christmas gifts, I immediately have to sit down and wrap them the second I get home or it drives me crazy. I guess I'm subconsciously afraid the receiver will see their gift.

    We're all a little weird, huh? :)

  20. Lol. We had egg sandwiches the other night and Peter told Kirsten, "Mommy is really good at finding things to eat when there is NOTHING to eat." Ass. He can make is own dinner if that's how he feels! :)

  21. um, out of place to ask, maybe, but if someone {ahem} would like to send you smth, to where should that smth be sent? :D:D or not send? :D

  22. i recently switched to BAKING bacon, and it is so much better than pan frying. i too, smoked up my house. you should try that one day.

  23. I too eat bacon at the point just before burnt. I don't like to hear the sound of the air condition in a car. Windshield wipers that are faster than necessary for the current amount of rain falling drive me INSANE. I would rather go to the post office to mail something than put it in my mailbox, which means I almost never mail anything! =)

  24. I'm with you on the mint choc chip, but I prefer the white AND I still love bubblegum ice cream, preferably the pink kind and not the blue.

    Also, team crispy bacon here too, but I almost never make it because I too can't stand the lingering smell.

    I follow the same procedure every night before bed (wash face, brush teeth, etc.) and every morning when I wake up. In the shower, I have to do my routine in a certain order, the same way, every time. Total weirdo!

  25. I love getting the mail. Even though we never get anything but bills or junk, I still love getting it.

    I agree that mint ice cream needs to be green. But I did have to laugh that you said anything else seems fake when the only reason mint ice cream is green is because they add food coloring.

    I hate grocery shopping. I feel like I'm in the minority on this one. I also hate buying gas.

    I'm also excited for new toys! Though I was also excited for new toys when he had his birthday and the newness wore off WAY quicker than I expected. Either we bought dumb toys or our child bores easily. Here's to hoping we did better with our Christmas choices!

  26. I just read this and cracked up! I ALSO ate (& still eat) breakfast for dinner, am OBSESSED with my Dyson, and have loved Mint Chocolate Chip (THE GREEN KIND) since I was little. In fact, I only drank from a green cup and also still have a green blanket. #Notkidding.

  27. Agree with you on the Mint Chocolate Chip, except I only like the kind that has the chocolate shavings. Not a fan of the huge chocolate chunks, I like mine all mixed together! So I guess I am even weirder than your weird when it comes to that ;)

  28. The diaper bag is a scary, scary place around these parts. And the backseat of my car is just like the diaper bag, only on a much larger scale.

    But I need my mint ice cream to be white. I have a strange food coloring phobia ever since all that orange dye talk came out... I'm coo coo.

  29. -I can't stand the look of a Christmas tree without the lights turned on. It's just not RIGHT.

    -I love breakfast for dinner. Love it.

    -We get our mail maybe once a week. And I hate hate hate having to throw so much away in the trash. I recycle what I can. :(

    -I always switch from running a lot to running 2x a week on the treadmill (which I hate) in the winter and taking indoor cycling/zumba classes. It's good for your knees, too! But up here in Iowa, it's kind of a necessity to work out indoors during the winter. :)

    - My Dyson changed my world. And my husband actually vacuums with it. That's how magical a Dyson is.

    It's good to be weird. ;)

  30. I have always felt the exact same way about mint chocolate chip!!! Go green mint!!!

  31. The lights are on on our tree during all waking hours. It is the law.

    Also, I made the best pancakes a person has ever eaten for dinner the other day. Why? Because we ran out of other food to eat. Breakfast for dinner is Evalyn's favourite, though.

    Lastly, I am not looking forward to new toys... there are still some birthday things we havent opened AND I already do a 3 group toy rotation. New toys keep her interested for about 30 seconds. It doesnt matter how aweomse they are or how fun or sparkly or new. The dishwasher, lazy susan, hearth ... all more fun than toys.

  32. The only thing I fully accept that I'm weird about is how I have my guacamole/avocado. I LOVE it on a piece of toast with peanut butter. It just doesn't taste the same without the peanut butter. :) But others will have a list of Kishah-weirdness...Never believe them ;) lol.

    Yay for vacuuming! :)

  33. Ok here are a few crazy/weird things about me:
    1) I eat leftovers for breakfast, it started when I little and was lactose intolorent so couldn't have ceral for breakfast so I would have what ever we had for dinner the night before for breakfast. The only real 'breakfasty foods' I will eat are Waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs and baked beans (and on really rare ocasions toast).
    2) I hate staying in my pajamas all day! Even if I'm sick I will change into trackpants and a top, it just makes me feel gross for some reason.
    3) the volume on the TV has to be either on a mulitple of 5 or an even number.

  34. Girl, I am the same way about the icky green mint-chocolate chip and the almost-burned bacon! And here I was thinking I was all alone.

  35. I agree with you about the lights on the tree.
    Can you believe that growing up, my tree didn't have lights on it for many years? I talked my mom into getting them and now she gets them all the time. She uses colors, I like white.

  36. I'm completely with you on the tree. Why have it decorated if the lights aren't on?

    And we eat our bacon ultra-crispy, too.

  37. Ooohhh....I LOVE me some bacon!!! Extra crispy, please. Though, I got tired of making it in a pan and always getting burned, so I started putting it on a cookie sheet in the oven! Crispy just the same. AND? I does not "curl" up, so you actually enjoy the ENTIRE piece....YUM!

    Breakfast is a MUST for me! As simple as cereal, or a feast! When I was pregnant I used to love eating it in the late afternoon. L would totally get grossed out and ask WHY I would order that. Ha! Oh, but you know what bugs the shiz outta me? L can wake up and not even think twice about breakfast. He can wake up at 9am and eat a sandwich, chips, soda, pizza, chicken, etc. YUK! Mornings are for breakfast. PERIOD!!!! LoL.

    I am the opposite when it comes to the mail. I LOVE it. I check it every day. If by chance we do not get anything, I get slightly bummed. Silly, huh?!

    My Sisters are the ones who get "freaked" when their phones are out of their sight for a few seconds. The first thing they say when they get in the car, "Hey where's my phone? CALL ME!" Hahaha! It's hilarious!

    Oh, and I'm w/ ya on the diaper bag chaos. One time, the boys had a mini bag of cookies (opened) and they ALL ended up getting CRUSHED at the bottom of my bag. I'm talking cookie dust! Mix w/ all the loose change and then I also found some Froot Loops to go w/ it. Thank goodness I had an AWESOME Sister who cleaned it all out for me. :) :) :)

    Last "weirdness" for me: I have to have my kitchen spotless BEFORE I even THINK about spraying freshener in their. Trash thrown, stove cleaned, dishes done, floor swept. If not, I think that I am "covering up" smells instead of getting rid of them. Yeah...weird.

  38. 1) WHITE mint chocolate chip ice cream is way better than green.
    2) I NEVER clean out my diaper bags. Plural. I have to TWO! :(
    3) I never vacuum. Hubs does. He also gets the mail. EVERY day. then plops it on the counter or table for me to get rid of. Awesome.
    4) LOVE breakfast for dinner! (always have)
    5) Try using a George Foreman grill for bacon! It will make it super crunchy (the ONLY way to eat it!) but it still makes the house smell. But practically no grease splatters, so it's worth it.

  39. I have junk drawers in every room of the house. And they are a DISASTER. Always. I hate it. Yet. It will never change.

    I hate, hate, hate emptying the little trash cans around the house. So they get really full. And then I bribe my children with a piece of chocolate to go empty them all for me.

    Blankets have to be folded, in their blanket basket before I sit down and relax. Also. I hate using a blanket to chill under. It's suffocating.

    I can't sleep without a heavy comforter on me. I need the weight or I cannot sleep.

    I don't wear socks. I mean, I wear them to exercise, but other than that, I don't wear them at all.

  40. I lose my cell phone too. I get so annoyed! I need to remember to keep the ringer on so I can call it!