Friday, December 16, 2011

Little 2x2 moments.

Hey. Remember back when I used to take my nice camera out and take a lot of photos of my daughter? You know, good quality photographs? Cute, smiling photos of my sweet, precious baby? Oh those were fun days.

Because they don't happen anymore. Or so it seems.

And honestly? I'm disappointed in myself. 

But I'm more annoyed that winter months=total suck for picture taking with a toddler. The child will not sit down for a photo, ever. The most I can get her 'still' for a second is if she's mesmerized by the television and we all know how fabulous (read: dreadful) zoned-out-looking toddler pictures are. 

It's either zoned-out-tv face pictures or blurry-running-pictures as child yells no no no in absolute protest over picture-taking. I can't win.

At least when the weather's nice I can take her outside, follow her around like the mamarazzi I am, and get nice, outdoor lit photographs of her in her element.

Instead, I resort to my phone. And then instagram. And then soon it's been practically an entire month where I have nothing but little 2x2 photographs, filtered to oblivion and back, to remember the moments that passed.

And well. I guess that has to be okay for right now, because it's better than nothing.

'Cuz they're moments I wouldn't have otherwise had frozen in time.

But I'm determined to take the camera out more this week. Determined.


Happy Friday!


  1. OMG!!! She is sooo stinkin' cute!! I love her! And I'm the same way with taking pictures. Most of my best are on my!

  2. Back when you DID take more pictures - did you just leave your camera sitting out on a counter or somewhere out of Eme's reach? Because I just got a new T3i and realized yesterday that by the time go to my bag & throw on a lens Katherine isn't doing That Cute Thing anymore. But I'm worried it will get knocked around or broken if I just leave it out all the time (we are clumsy folk).

  3. Truth! I'm right there with you! You should make stickygrams out of all those adorable pics! I did and am handing them out with gifts this year= parents will love :) and then you can feel extra good about all your instagraming ;)

  4. I hardly even have phone pics.s Stupid winter.

  5. Yeah, I've been slacking too in the photo department. It's a 100x harder to take pictures of them now that they are so uber mobile. Shew! It does take determination for sure!

  6. One day we're going to be SO thankful for the hundreds of little 2x2 pictures we have saved on our phone, because those are our memories. Sweet, wonderful, precious memories. BTW--she seriously is the cutest little girl I've ever in my life seen. PRECIOUS! Happy weekend!

  7. Oh gosh, me too. All my kid wants to do is RUN. Every once in a while I get a good one. And when he's outside and still? He's bent over a pile of dirt. Oh well.
    But I think those phone pics are GREAT!! She's SO CUTE. And you definitely got her personality in them. :)

  8. she is so adorable. It only gets harder to take their pictures as they get bigger! My 2.5 year is starting to get better about doing pictures

  9. I didn't have my camera for the last three weeks and I felt like a part of my arm was missing! At least we still have the phones for some type of documentation, right?!

    Plus, she is such a doll! So adorable.

  10. I think capturing the moment is the important thing. That picture with your hands? Precious. And you might not have captured it with the big camera.