Monday, December 12, 2011

I had the spirit, then lost it.

I hate it. 

It happens to me every year. Something feels all Christmasy and makes me all cheery and bright, and then it goes away.

I'm just not feelin' it right now if I'm being honest. Not a single gift is wrapped. My Christmas cards are sitting on my kitchen table, still needing to be stuffed and addressed. I've not made a single Christmas cookie yet. Not a single fancy holiday drink. I'm playing Christmas music trying to convince myself it's!Christmas!already! but I'm just having a hard time.

I wrote a similar post last year. So perhaps this is my trend or something. 

I'm hoping that next year, the excitement from my little girl who will understand what Christmas is a bit more will help my spirits. Right?...right? 

Because this year, I'm not really sure she has a clue what's going on other than the fact she thinks anything with lights on it is "Ohhh pretty", and squeals with delight. Maybe she'll be into present opening, who knows. 

So this week. I'm giving myself this week to get fully in the The Mood. It seems hopeless right now, but if I don't try, it's my own fault. 

...I will address those cards.

...We will go Christmas caroling at the local nursing home.

...I will continue to blast my Christmas music.

...We will wrap a present or twohundred(what? we have big family's).

...We will drive around and look at lights if only to hear the Ooh's and ahh's from the back seat.

There's still time, right?

So excuse me while I gorge myself with christmas cookies and watch cheesy holiday's all in efforts to get in the spirit after all.


  1. We aren't feeling it in the Dew house much this year either. In fact, we still don't even have a tree and at this point in time we won't get one b/c, why bother? We do have up all the other decorations though. But yeah, wrapping? Haven't done a single thing and I still have shopping to do.

  2. I'm feeling the same way! I think it's the long Christmas To DO list. It bums me out.

  3. good, so i.m not the only one "losing" it, that is the spirit.
    i, too, eat sweets and blast the Christmas music, hoping to get in the spirit.
    and talking about the cheesy holiday flicks, i too have my picks:D, but i was wondering what your top 3 are? :D:D

  4. maybe i should come over tomorrow night and we can bake some cookies to take to the nursing home on wednesday? perhaps i can even help you address a few christmas cards? :)

  5. I get in the funk AFTER Christmas. All the hoopla is over and it's back to every day grind. Never fails, Christmas night I sit on the couch and cry. :( The Husband never quite 'gets it' but it's part of it. I hope your blues lift SOON! least you've got a little some'in some'in waitin for you in your mail box by the weeks end! ;)


  6. I get like that (or this as I'm currently feeling it, too) about this time of year.

    There's and not enough time to do it, so I just feel overwhelmed.

    I'm just super disorganized this year and need to start making my lists to feel in control.

  7. I'm actually feeling a bit more spirited this year. Last year was such a train wreck and I didn't enjoy it at all.

    Shopping however? Still haven't bought a thing. That's just because I hate shopping in general though regardless of the time of year!

    Hope you find your spirit soon!

  8. Man, I am right there with you. I have no idea what it is. I think it's a little bit of a defense mechanism, because I keep getting myself so psyched up for things and nothing lives up to my expectations (maybe my expectations are a little much??? LOL). I do have to say that the little one does help to bolster my spirit, and like you, I am super stoked for next year when she will really get "it".

  9. I'm totally not feeling it this year either. I have it for a few hours and then, poof! it's gone. I'm normally a self proclaimed Christmas nut but not this year... Here's to trying to be merry! :)

  10. I feel like everyone is in the Holiday funk. Stuck somewhere between the giddy feelings of the beginning of this season and the joyous moment that is actually Christmas day. I've heard Christmas cookies and music help :)

  11. I never wrap Christmas presents any earlier than the day that I'm delivering them. I seldom make Christmas cookies... although I intend to this year. I mostly enjoy apple cider and Christmas lights...and that's completely OK. Christmas doesn't have to be all about the hoopla, ya know? It can be cozy nights in watching Christmas movies, or whatever else you need it to be. If those cards don't get sent out in time... so be it.

  12. Last night, B looked at our tree and said, "Guess we aren't putting ornaments on our tree this year, huh?"

    My answer: "Nope."

    Granted, I've been listening to Christmas music (on the Barenaked Ladies Holiday station, thank you Pandora) and my cards went out on Saturday. But I'm definitely needing a little push to officially be in the spirit. Good luck finding your festive-ness. :)

  13. Isn't it funny that we push ourselves to do all of these things for Christmas and lose sight of the whole reason for Christmas in the first place?

    I taught the kids at our church last night about "Getting Less", part of Advent Conspiracy, and posed the question "What do you think Christmas would be like if it was totally centered on Christ?" and I was astounded that they "got it" and said things like "no gifts, more time with family, focused only on Jesus and his birth."

    Hearing them say that instead of giving me blank stares kinda put me back into the Christmas spirit and made me realize that I don't need to wear myself out trying to have the perfect Christmas experience when I can just think about what it's really about and celebrate true hope, joy, and peace. . . instead of that hundredth Christmas cookie. (I'll probably have it anyway...but you know what I mean :)

  14. I am having the same problem. Glad to know I am not alone. I haven't had the time or the energy for decorations and I haven't even had the desire. We are getting a tree tomorrow so hopefully that will help. Even the constant Christmas music isn't helping.. ho hum!

  15. I've been feeling the same way too..I'm trying to lift my spirits and be more festive.

  16. Every year, for the past 5 years, I've lost the spirit a week before Christmas! This year I lost it at Thanksgiving!

    Here's to hoping we both get the spirit back before Christmas :) Enjoy the cookies and caroling! They sure sound like wonderful things to do while trying to hold on to the sweet Christmas-warm-feeling.

  17. Sounds like me!

    Mentally and theoretically, I am SO INTO IT.
    I went to Macy's today and I know I looked like an idiot grinning at all the decorations. Macy's looks beautiful!

    But, my body is not feeling it. I'm so TIRED. And even when I feel a bit of energy, it seems to drain. I'm behind on a lot of things as well. Cards? Still sitting here. Gifts? I don't even think 25% of them are wrapped. Newsletter? Haven't even started.

    No bueno!

    But you know what, Katie? It'll come back. We're putting too much pressure on ourselves and that's wearing us down.

    Christmas will come no matter what. And it will be good. :)

  18. I hear ya! I'm not in the Christmas spirit either. But... my baby is 11 days old, so that's my excuse. Keep blasting that Christmas music and I hope you get in the spirit soon!

  19. I think your trip to the nursing home will help! It always helps to go do something for someone else. Its what Christ did for us, he gave up a life time for us and I feel like when we give up a moment of our life for someone else, we are then really celebrating Christmas and who Christ is and who he wants us to be. !!!Have fun caroling!!! Its usually my favorite part of Christmas.

    Or you could always try running your routine in a Santa or cute elf costume... Better yet, you can be hot Mrs. Clause and Eme can be the elf in the jogging stroller.

  20. I love Christmas so much but this year....I am behind and like you, not in the spirit of things. Maybe it's because there's so much to do and so very little time. Our tree isn't even up yet. No cards have been mailed, nor presents wrapped. Heck, we're not even finished shopping. Agh. I watched Elf over the weekend and have been listening to Christmas music but it doesn't help. Hopefully I will pull out of it....

  21. Im so glad to know IM not the only one that hasnt sent out christmas card, wrapped gifts or even got into the christmas spirit yet. Maybe soon.

  22. I'm feeling the same way this year. We've been talking about getting a family Christmas picture taken to stuff in with our Christmas cards, but we have yet to do it. The cards are signed, just need addressed and a picture in them. People will be receiving our cards just right before the big day, lol. I'm hoping next year I'll have my Christmas spirit back, I miss it!

  23. Totes feel you. I was so in the spirit I got my tree up on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Now? UGH. Capital U, capital G, capital H. I need to get it over and done with. What I also know is that Midnight Mass will put be back where I need to be, but it's really cutting it close. I mean it's MIDNIGHT. On Christmas Eve. Although, I'm an awesome procrastinator.