Monday, January 31, 2011

Cozy on up. A giveaway!

At my baby shower I was given the most beautiful handmade hooded towel, embroidered with Emeline's name by my sweet sis-in-love, Kesh.

I pretty much fell in love with the towel immediately. Hello? It was personalized. AND? It is HUGE! Not to mention, adorably cute (with little birdies on the hood) and cuddly too.

after bathtime a few months ago
At first I thought I wouldn't be able to use it for a while--but I quickly learned that those stupid little baby towels suck, and aren't nearly as cuddly and soft, or soak up the wetness nearly as well. We broke out the KidKovers towel when she was a few weeks old, and it's a nighttime staple in our bath routine now.
The best part? She can use this towel for a VERY LONG TIME. As in, until college. Okay, slightly kidding--but, the adult sized towel literally gives it years and years and usage. Which equals awesome. I WILL be buying one of these for every one of my children, in fact, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying Emeline one to use "just" for the beach/pool, etc. How nice to keep her all sorts of cozy after getting out of a chilly pool?

Oh, not to mention--I bought my nephews some for Christmas since I was *that* in love. Here's my nephew sporting it as a "cape" (which is also fun, too) on Christmas Eve.
The sweet creator of these gorgeous, customizable hooded towels, Emily, has graciously offered to give one of her hooded towels (of your choice), with an embroidered name on the back, to YOU, my dear friends. She has both a beautiful website ( and also sells on etsy here.

Wanna Enter? 

There are few ways to get extra entries & each one must be entered as it's own comment.

1. Be a follower of Loves of Life, and tell me why you love me. Kidding, kind of.

2. Go to Emily's website & tell me which towel you like best & who it'd be for.

3. Tweet about the giveaway linking to my post & @katelovesoflife and link to this post.

***NEW**** 4. Earn 2 extra entries if you BLOG about it linking to this post, and leaving the link in the comments section! 


Giveaway will end this Thursday (Feb. 4) at 10pm. Winner will be posted Friday!

*giveaway closed*

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silent Sunday: We may need an intervention

She goes from this:

To seconds:

This kid thinks she's hysterical, I tell you.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Oops. Is it still friday?

The day slipped past me.

It's 4:30pm and I haven't posted at all today. I prefer (by choice) to post daily. It's just my thing. 

But this morning Emeline woke up with what seemed like some kind of cold/infection going on. I immediately thought it was some sort of ear infection. With the weekend, I wanted to find out and get her on meds if that was the case.

You see, with Eme, you just cannot tell by her demeanor if she's sick. Last time she was pretty sick and had to be on antibiotics, the girl was happy as a clam. Certain things were, nighttime waking, runny nose, etc--but, its hard to tell just by how she's acting.

Anyway. I was so that mom today, because as it turns out-she's fine. Well, besides a little cold & congestion. She's absolutely fine.

I wasn't "worried" per-say, but I'd rather nip sickness in the butt versus wait it out too long, ya know? 

But, yea. Pretty sure the doc thought I was a moron. However, her & the nurse both enjoyed a little playtime with Eme since, you know, she's the happiest kid around. No. Really.


You know my sister is engaged, right? Yea. I totally mentioned that. Well her wedding date is set now (October 15th), and the planning has begun. 

I've been waiting for this day, for, like-EVER. I mean, the day(s) of planning with her. 

Tomorrow? We are headed to a bridal show. I never did that kind of stuff when I was engaged, and thinking back on it, I have no clue why. But, we're doing it tomorrow.

This momma who hasn't been out since Monday (other than a lunch date today with my sister-in-law, Lyryn), is getting a break tomorrow. Thank the Lord for my mom who is willing to hang out with her granddaughter at the drop of a hat. She rocks.


Did I mention that I splurged on a diaper bag? Yea. I may have spent some of my hard earned Etsy money on a bag this past week.

You see, I do believe every mom should have a bag they love. I, however, never, ever, ever bought a diaper-bag yet. Shocking, right? I've used what was given to me, or bought for me (showers, etc), and I'd even won one on a giveaway that I have loved. But, I was ready for something fresh, and more, you know-"less diaper-bag'ish".

Here she is:

Sigh. Pretty isn't she?


Have a great weekend!

psss...I may or may not have gotten bored and redone my blog design.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sleep training stuff...

If you want to hear all about my sleep training endeavors with can go read about it here.

Back to back snow days.

Yesterday we did a whole lot of nothing around here. Okay, okay...not exactly nothing.

But, we were car-stranded. Whenever the weather gets bad, the husband takes my car to work, so we hang out at home all day. 

Honestly, I don't mind staying at home, especially when its snowy. And snowy? That's an understatement. We've got a LOT of snow out there. I refuse to put my baby girl in the car unless I absolutely have to when the weather is total crapola. 

So, we did a lot of playing.

[She looks like such a big stinkin' kid. How did this happen?]

And she made a whole lot of her squishy face:

[seriously-she does this non-stop, fact, I kind of wish she'd stop doing it. ha. Ohhh wellll.]

In between her naptime, Momma made more headbands and finally got the Etsy Shop up and running again.

I even created new designs.

You can go take a better look at things over here.

Oh, and something new I'm doing (well, sort of new....)--if you have an outfit you'd like me to match with a hairpiece, just email me the photo. I'll gladly make a custom piece for you. I've been doing this a bunch lately too, and it's tons of fun. or Convo me on Etsy.


Well, here's to another snow day. For me, not for the mister. He's currently out there shoveling his little behind off in order to get to work. Nice, huh? We're definitely well over 20" out there. Again, the meteorologists were way off. They said maybe 12"....and yea....the storm was much worse.

Here's to another day of creating/writing/baby-playing, etc....


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What are YOU searching for?

Yesterday I somehow got sidetracked with looking at my Google Analytics. For some reason I got lost, absolutely and completely lost in a sea of ridiculousness that is my traffic sources.

As in, what people google and it brings them to my site.

Honest to goodness, I was in shock at some of the things I read. A TON having to do with pregnancy (nothing shocking there), but things like:

[These are directly copied from analytics. Trust me. I cannot make this up.]

"33 weeks pregnant blog"

"32 weeks belly feels soooo funny"

"33 weeks pregnant why am I sooooooooo big" (I'm willing to bet the last two are the same person. Just a hunch.) 

"Enjoy last days with bump" 

"Honey nut cheerios bump"  (I don't get it. No. I really, really don't.)

No harm in those, right?

But then there was:

"Saggy belly" (Not proud of that, not gonna lie.)


"Falling Uterus" (Yes. FALLING. I do not ever remember claiming my uterus has fallen. But hey, you never know.)

Then, there were the one's I was all "OHMYGOSH people GOOGLE THAT??? Like, they actually type full paragraphs in google search bars??"  No, really. They do. For the record, I will leave spelling mistakes and all in these next few:

"Boy: is yur name google? girl: no, why? boy: coz yu gt everything tat im searching for"  (People, apparently search pick up lines....I'm so impressed. This is a new one. I might just use it. AND HOW DID THEY GET TO MY BLOG FROM THIS?? I digress.)

"What has forty teeth but cannot bite but yet not learnt to bite" (I may just google that to find out the answer now.)

"we are truly blessed and sometimes I forget. We must not let the negativity of life bring you down." 

"u always drive in the slowest lane no matter how often u change" (umm? k...)

This next one gets me every time:

"It's funny how when your finally happy people try to tear you down. jealousy, jealousy, jealousy. ill have you know im happy and you cant break me so keep on trying" (go ahead. laugh.)

Then there were:

"I hate putting christmas decorations away"

"I love spontaneity and some craziness"

"I can't get luckier to get such good husband" (collective: "awww")

"Kmart cashiers get so annoyed"

"Oh my gosh my cant i find a frikking application online!" (not my spelling, his)

"my baby girl I post pictures everyday" (not surprised by this one)

"snow is coming twitter funny" (huh? Sounds like code for something.)

"Puuuuuuush poo toilet" (this is Declan's favorite)

[Don't judge ME for this next one, please?]
"wet and 18 daddy love it" (oh my gosh, I feel dirty...and I will not share the other dirty ones. Ew.)

"amazing craft room" (why THANK you google)

"gross little banana"

"can being laid back be innate"

"can preteen puppy love last whole life?" (cue deep thoughts)

"declan cookie"

"eyelash lids need to be moist"

"mom blogger with writers block" 

To name a few.

I was amused for a few hours with this yesterday, that's for sure. Have you ever checked your analytics? It's always a good time.


Happy snowy (at least here) Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Segments of my brain.

I realized this morning as I laid Emeline up on the changing table what a creature of habit we become. Or, I have become.

This was right after I walked into her room and saw her pacifier (she only plays with it, doesn't use it. sigh.), little stuffed owl, and blanket all thrown on the floor of her room from her crib. She now stands up in her crib, holds onto the railing, and throws everything out. This starts already? Really?


I laid her on the changing table the wrong way. Well, for me anyway. Like, her head was to my right. I felt all backwards and out of sorts, because, I prefer her head to be on the left of the changing table. My hands? They just function better in diaper-changing-mode when she's laying MY way. 

Does that make me weird?

So I had to pick her up and flip flop her to the other side. Because my lazy, tired, morning brain just doesn't do diaper changing that way.

These two are like bff's...they have a secret pact or something.
She feeds the dog now. As in, every time she's in her high chair he is sitting right down below staring up at her. She grabs a handful (or sometimes just one) of puffs/yogurt melts/turkey/chicken whatever the heck she's eating, leans over the side, and he meets her hand. 

They are sneaky like that.

Yesterday? At the mall, while we were eating lunch, she was in her stroller munching on some snacks like a big girl. I watched her take a puff and just chuck it on the floor. I'm sure she was expecting a little 12lb dog to come along and eat it. I had to tell her 'no'. And of course, she has no idea what I mean.

This is my life, people.


I went roller-skating last night. Like, OLD SCHOOL ROLLER SKATING. My sister-in-law's 30th birthday party was there (yes, I said 30, NOT 13.) and it was FUN. It really, really was.  

I was scared to death to put skates on. I hadn't done it in forever, as our rink has been closed for a long time and was just recently reopened again. I literally felt like I was on ice. I was skeered. 

However, it was totally one of those things that you DO get used to again surprisingly. It was a blast. And yes, I woke up kind of sore this morning. What does that make me? No, really? Is that lame? 


And that? That's all I got. Apparently I don't even have the brain power to put together a decent post this morning.


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I was homeschooled. For a little bit, anyway.

Did you know I was home-schooled?


Before I lose cool points (I kid, I kid), it was only for two years. But, still. I was. And? It was some of the best times in my life. Honest.

It was late summer before 2nd grade. I had *just* gotten the oh-so-awaited-for slip of paper in the mail that said my teacher-to-be's name on it. I read it. I gulped hard. Because, OHmyGOSH it was her. Mrs. Blank. [Of course, that is not her real name. I have an irrational fear she may actually google her name and come hunt me down. So I will refrain from using it, please and thank you.] 

My whole little 7 year old world got rocked in that instant.

I can remember so vividly when my sisters best friend at the time (who was older & "wiser" ha! than I) started freaking out over my classroom assignment because "that teacher is the biggest, baddest, meanest lady you will EVER meet!" She didn't stop there. She just kept telling me how horrible of a teacher she was and that it will be the worst year ever. And of course? My tiny, little, malleable brain at the time totally believed every word she said. In fact, I hung on them. And? I cried.

I cried to my mom about how scared I was about school. I remember, literally, sobbing in fear of starting the school year. Literally. 

Honestly, I don't know the details on how it happened--but I remember my mom suggesting that she'd homeschool me instead. 

Me? Stay at home? In my PJs? And my MOM COULD BE MY TEACHER??? This rocked. Not to mention, all my little almost 2nd grade anxiety left me immediately. I had peace about the school year. In fact, I was excited.

Looking back now, I'm both shocked and amazed that my mom offered that solution for me. It's not like I was an only child. I had (and have) two older siblings who were both in school at the time, and my little toddler brother was home at the time, too. 

I felt like my mom really 'heard' me. She knew I was more than distraught about the school year. She felt she was in a place in her life to handle homeschooling me, she offered that option--and then we began that journey.

It was fun. I LOVED it. We did lots of art projects, nature walks, field trips, science experiments, and even some collaboration with other home schoolers. I honestly think that during that time is when I truly found my love for all things artsy, which obviously influenced my life--hence being an art teacher. But, it was a rockin' time. In my 2nd grade head, nothing was better. Nothing.

In fact, we continued to homeschool all the way through 3rd grade. I even started my 4th grade year doing it. Circumstances with my dad's business at the time led my mom to have to start working in a secretarial position with him. I came along to work with her everyday, and in between doing some paperwork & answering phone calls here and there, we still managed to do my schooling.

According to state standards here in Pennsylvania, I had to go into the public schools for yearly testing like all the other kids. About halfway through my 4th grade year I went in for testing and they placed me in a really great 4th grade classroom. I instantaneously adored the teacher. She was funny, made me feel comfortable and welcome & genuinely loved teaching as it practically oozed from her pores. 

I came home after a day in that classroom and told my mom confidently that I was ready to go back to public school. Within a few days, I was registered and assigned to that exact classroom with the teacher I loved. It could not have worked out better.

I continued on that year and finished up strong. I even remember sitting next to a boy who picked his nose as a recreational sport and put the boogers on my desk. Despite booger-boy, it was still a great year.

I never did homeschool again after that. Heck, I graduated from public school.

But what my mom did for me those few years was awesome. She saw her daughter all super distraught and anxiety ridden over starting 2nd grade--and she validated my feelings. I was heard. She was in a place to be able to do it, and she did. 

So, for those years--I'm grateful. And for my mom, too.


This post was inspired by my friend Jess, who's currently in the thought process of possibly pulling her K & 1st grader out of public school to teach at home. Until she blogged about it the other day, I hadn't really thought too much about my experience. But, I was unhappy--my mom saw that, and like Jess puts it, " a teacher, I know that unhappy kids don't learn well.

True that.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Silent Sunday: New Sight

The Lasik was a success! Thank you for your thoughts & prayers. 

It went perfectly, and I even got to *gasp* watch it. I know. Crazy. It really was crazy. 

At his follow up appointment the day after, he was told he now has 20x20 vision.

Glasses free after surgery.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Frick-Frack

Big day today. Declan is getting Lasik Eye surgery. For real. He'll be 'going under' the laser at approximately 2-3pm', if you would, say a prayer? Of course there are risks involved, but I'd like to think he'll just come out with sparkly new eyesight and no complications.

Anyone willing to pray for safety, quick healing, etc---so.much.appreciated.


Thanks for all the nice comments/encouragement on my post from yesterday. Its nice to feel better, and it's nice to know that I have some great friends supporting me through all this. If I could squeeze-hug you all right now, I so would.

It sounds like a ton of us are all working on some pound-sheddage and its nice to know we're not alone in this. 

I decided to bust out some of my old OLD jeans (as in, the ones I wore pre-PRE pregnant), you know...just for fun. And ohmigosh, I pulled up jeans I haven't seen in years, zipped, and magically buttoned. Not.kidding. It felt amazing.

So much so that I even snapped a picture of my rear end in the jeans and sent a picture-text to my sister. [What? We're close like that.] It felt so good.


We woke up to snow this morning. I hadn't really been paying attention to the weather this entire winter because honestly, I just stay home. I used to thrive off the weather channel and whether or not it would bring enough flurries for us to have a 2-hour delay from school or not. But now? Everyday's a two hour delay. Or something like that.

But anyway. The past few weeks we've had a bit of snowy'ish/icy-like weather, and apparently I'm still on the CALL AT 5AM LIST from the district. I've been getting all the "school's closed" or "we're operating on a 2 hour delay" calls at 5 flippin' AM and I honestly don't have a clue how to stop it.


Those calls? Used to be the highlight of my winter. But now? They're not cool. Not cool at all.

This is how I feel about them now:
Eme's new "face"-thanks to my Pastors wife :)


Alright to sip chug my coffee. This is the last day I'll see my husband in glasses. Eeek!  Prayers please!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I can't believe I'm talking about this.

I tend to breeze over the whole weight thing on my blog. As in, my weight. Or weight issues.

I don't know why, but I'm always all sorts of private when it comes to dieting and that sort of thing. I am not, and will not post my weight in numbers on the internet. I realize that makes me crazy since everyone does it nowadays.

But I? I just can't. Not yet, anyways. [Baby steps...]

What I will tell you is that over the last few weeks I'd been thinking about the fact I needed to be more proactive about my body. The last of the baby weight needed to be shed, and the excuses--well, they were just that. Excuses.

A few weeks ago my sister and I decided to check into doing Weight Watchers online. I know. If you're anything like me, you probably think WW is for total lame-o's. So, I brushed those feelings aside, sucked it up, looked into the deal--and on a whim, paid for my membership.

And as freakin' cliche as it sounds---I started this whole weight-loss "journey" (also: cliche) on the first Monday of the new year. Like every other fatty and their mom. [No offense to Moms. I AM ONE. Hence, extra weight. Hello jiggly belly.]

And ya know what? 

After week one passed, and I had some weight loss, I decided this was much less lame than I had first imagined it would be.


I didn't feel deprived. In fact, I was full. Often. I was eating better, but I wasn't stuffing my face with only lettuce and carrots. [Which is the main reason I hate diets. I love good food. Who doesn't?]

That's the beauty of the program. For real. 

I've been at this for nearly three weeks now. 

And? I've eaten pizza, and stromboli, and cheesesteaks and ::gasp:: Chick-Fil-A.

I've also eaten a lot of good things. Better choices. More well-rounded meals. I watch my portions. Think about what goes in my mouth (no funny jokes, PleaseandThankyou). Eat lots of fresh produce, and have made things that were absolutely delicious and I even managed to sneak mushrooms in a meal without my husband knowing (until halfway through). I still call that success in my book.

I've managed to take off about 10lbs so far.

I feel better. My clothes fit better. In fact, my jeans are sagging off my rear end now.

It's kind of nice.

I've been keeping my measurements too. I've lost inches in places like my arms, my waist, and my thighs. My 'chest'? Well. You can blame nursing for the lack of change there.

But, still. It feels good.

I am anti-diets. Not kidding. I hate them. Loathe them with every inch of me.

But this? Feels so easily manageable. 

I'm gonna keep going and see what can happen. For now I have about 18 more pounds that would be really nice to lose. After that? I'll reassess. 

So, I thought I'd fill you in on the weight issue. 

I'm definitely under pre-baby weight now, but my pre-baby self still needed to lose weight. 

That's where I'm at.

Its about time I tell the internetz all about my weight loss journey, since, well--I'm honest about almost everything else.

Also? I know I'm not alone. I realize that a ton of you are also trying to shed some pounds. Heck, maybe you're using Weight Watchers like me. Maybe we can be a support system for each other or something.

So, that's my story.  And maybe? Just maybe I'll be brave enough to post some before and after pictures one day.

**For the record, Weight Watchers isn't sponsoring me or anything--or paying me to write about this. Although, I wish they were. Hey Weight Watchers people, do you hear me?? Waive my monthly fee, please, k, thanks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The big Elephant in the room. Er. Among women.

Why is the "m" word such a hush-hush thing in the mom-world, when roughly 1 in 4 women go through it?

I'll never fully understand that.

Fact: Miscarriage sucks. It is, and was one of the most difficult things I've had to go through in my lifetime. Honest to God.  Continue to the rest of the post.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mommish things. Chime in.

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday (if you even noticed). I think it's been, maybe...umm....over a year since I've missed posting on a Monday. I know. Crazy, huh? 

I had every intention to post. I started a really in depth post about the sleep-training we've got going on over here. It's long, but nothing about it was flowing right. Sometimes I type and it just doesn't come out the way I intended it to. I get frustrated, and I'll shut my browser, take a breather, and go back to it. Other times, it just never feels right to finish it, so I don't.

That was me yesterday. No promises if you'll ever hear about all that, at all. Who knows.

But, I won't leave you completely hanging. The basic gist is this: My kid is starting to sleep better. I am feeling so much better getting some proper sleep. Thank you to a lot of mommy-friends who gave me great advice and tips over the last few months. My heavy eye-lids thank you.

On that whole motherhood note, I mentioned last week I started writing over at The Poop Whisperer. It's a nice outlet for me to have to post about any and all mom-related things.

I'm working on a post that's kind of in depth about breastfeeding. Kind of like a 'what I'd tell new moms' type thing.

But I was curious YOUR thoughts and ideas about topics or perspectives you'd be interested in hearing me write about. You know, from the first time mom.  Like, "ohmygosh how did my kid get old enough to pull up on/stand up things and wahhhh where did my baby go??" I'm an expert in that.

Okay, not exactly, but still.

Last night, I asked Declan for inspiration about what to write...and his response? " about... like... how to dress your kid or something?"  

Can we say NOT helpful at all? 

He tried.
[Insert crappy cell pic of cute baby in skinny jeans.]

You know me, I'll pretty much share about anything most things. 

So--go ahead. Lay it on me. Anything? Anything? 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Fragments...FRIDAY?!

How did this week go by so fast? No really, how? Just me? Holy time-sucker-that-is-my-life.

So, I have this back issue. It's reoccurring, but it's way worse since after having a baby. Basically, every few weeks or so my lower back literally goes out. I'm like an old person, I realize this. It's NOT cool though, and especially not cool when your baby weighs 18 1/2 lbs and needs to be toted around often. 

I've gone to chiropractors in my lifetime. They all say the same thing. They give me a booklet of dumb exercises to do, and it really doesn't help. Honestly? I think my "core" is all sorts of weak (especially after everything being all loose and stretched out from having a kid inside), and it makes those muscles suck at doing their job. But really? I'm sure there is more I could do. Iinstead it gives me an excuse to sit on my butt every few weeks and whine about my back while the husband does all the nightly duties. Hey, there's always a silver lining.

The last two weeks have been off the chain with "baby milestones" and all that bee-ess. [I must say, I do not look at those milestone charts (here's lookin' at you, Linds! ha). I just don't.I don't want to compare my kid to anyone else. So, honestly? I don't really have any clue what's on target, what she's behind in, what's ahead, or WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Because, who cares. They eventually get it, right?] Anyway. 

These last two weeks, though, I swear Emeline has been doing something new and fun everyday. Declan gets home from work and before he can even take his jacket off I'm shoving my iPhone in his face showing him videos of the latest thing she did. Yup. That mom. I am.

So...its been crawling, clapping, pulling up on things (omg. THE STEPS. All.the.time.), and now? Wet, slobbery, open-mouth kisses. Be still my heart. Be still.

This is just all too much. Too fast. Slow down, life. 

I am willing to bet it is physically impossible to get out of Target without spending less than $75. JUST TRY. I bet you can't.

I mean, groceries, cute adult clothing, baby clothes/diapers/gear for cheap (that add up like whoa), and every household necessity you ever needed under one roof. Really. Completely impossible. 

Weekends are back around here. Remember when I mentioned how my husband had been working insane amounts of hours and overtime on weekends and such because of the busy season? Well, they're still busy--but, hallelujah he get's to spend some Saturday's with us now. 

May not seem like a big deal, but it totally is to me. Makes me warm and fuzzy and happy just knowing he gets to spend that whole day with us. It's the little things.

So, on that note--here's to hoping fabulous weekends are in order for all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Being a mom

I'm writing all about being a first time mom, and that feeling of being alone that can sometimes creep up on us....over here.

I'll read & answer comments from there.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I swear all I do is take pictures.

So excited, new endeavors, Ch-check it out.

I'm all sorts of excited today about this announcement of sorts.

My friend, Jess from Dude and Sweeties (mom of 3 and 1 baking in the oven) had this genius idea to create a contributor-based blog for MOMS, with advice/tips/tricks, etc from MOMS

It's pretty rad. The cool thing is, she's my go-to-momma for advice as it is. Love her.

Well, here's the exciting thing for ME.

I was asked to be a contributor to that blog. Meaning, I get to write over there as much as I want 1-2x a week about all things baby/breastfeeding/ohmigahFIRSTtimeMOM'ish under the sun. 

Awesome, right?

It's brand new. It's going to be big, dang it. 


Tweet about it.

Tell your friends.

There are a few hilarious writers and moms or not, you will surely to be entertained.

I'll likely be over there writing even by the end of this week. Squeee!


[I'll read your comments over there, today...mmmk?]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday things.

We're getting snow. Not a whole bunch, but enough for the grocery stores to look like Target on Christmas Eve and everyone to be running out like crazy people to get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. 

For the record, I will never understand why those are the items everyone gets when snow is coming.

I mean, really? I'd rather be snowed in with a bag of doritos and a miller lite coke zero. But, that's just me.

Speaking of food, that's a whole other topic that I'd like to devote an entire post to in the future. You know, that whole trying to eat better thing that sucks so bad, but at least yields cool results.

Because? Someone cough*me*cough is FINALLY (after 8 friggin' months) back to my pre-baby weight. Took long enough. Those last 8-10lbs lingered around for way too long. And now? I am on a quest to lose more. More on that another time.


You might as well hand me a pair of grannie-panties, because I'm so old. So, very old...and crazy irritable when it comes to people being inconsiderate about loud, repetitive noises. 

Take for instance the other evening. I was sitting on my couch, enjoying some peace and quiet while my daughter had just been laid down to sleep. 

Out of the blue I hear this obnoxious, LOUD horn beeping over and over and over again. I can immediately tell that this is not a car alarm, because the "horn" has major attitude with it. You know, when someone is pissed off and just wants [blank] to "get in the darn car already!" Yea, that kind of attitude.




At this point, my blood is boiling. Like, really? Its 8:30pm. This is RUDE. Rude.

I proceed to go to my front door, and swing it open with sass---secretly hoping I could yell something super awesome and threatening like, "Who do you think you are truck-man!? My BABY IS SLEEPING YOU DOUCHEBAG!" [Please note: I hope no one is offended by the term 'douchebag'--I, for one, find it hysterical and use it lightly. Just sayin'.] 

Lucky for him, all his kids came trapsing out of the house (after weekend at mom's) in the knick of time. Because I was thisclose to going all sorts of momma-bear on him. Rawr

All that to say---I'm old. So, old. As my friend Liz put it, soon we'll be those women yelling out the door, "Hey, you kids--GET OFF MY LAWN!" 

Monday, January 10, 2011

8 Months Old & funny photo outtakes

[Why oh why did I think this was a good idea? Oh yea. Because when I started this she was a baby-blob who didn't move. Now? She doesn't care to sit still for two seconds to fulfill my ridiculous picture habits. Le sigh. Such is life. More outtakes at the end.]

Dear Emeline,

What a busy little girl you are at 8 months old. We love it. I think this past month has been been one for the books. You're such a happy kid. I think most moms feel like they have to say that about their baby, but you really are. I thank God everyday that you don't cry or whine almost at all. It makes my life so much simpler, and keeps us all sorts of happy around here. 

So, with that said--you're so pleasant to be around, it's true--but you still do not sleep through the night. Nope. Not even close. I often feel like since you're so easy during the day, I shouldn't really complain about the night wakings. You can't win in every department, right? :)

You got pretty sick this month. You had an ear infection, fever, and a nasty cold that lingered for a few weeks. This also really affected the sleep arena and has been a battle ever since.

You are on the go, kid. You get wherever you want. You are capable of "real" crawling, but you'd rather army crawl. I'm pretty sure you think you're faster that way, and maybe a teeny, tiny bit stubborn, too. You like to get up on all four's, rock back and forth, and can go back into sitting position on your own now, too. You've also started to pull up on things, and hold on with one hand. Life's about to get way more complicated around here, I predict.

This month, you have mastered clapping. In fact, one day you started clapping out of the blue (well, after mommy & daddy tried teaching you but to no avail) in the shoe aisle of Babies R us. Your little fists were mainly closed but you were doing a somewhat clapping-type thing.

I thought maybe it was a little blip--maybe, an accident? But that was not the case. The next morning you woke up and deemed yourself the clapping queen. You, quite literally, clap ALL.the.TIME now. I wish I was kidding. But? We totally caught you clapping at 3am the other morning. You've also mastered doing it with your hands wide open and they make a little smacking noise now, too. You already love music, so adding the clapping was only natural, it seemed. :)

Alright. So, some stats.

Two weeks ago at your doctors appointment, with all your clothes and diaper on you weighed 18lbs 6oz, and I have no idea your height but we'll find out next month.

You have tiny feet. Size 2's are still too big on you, but that's what we're putting you in. 

You must be petite--because you can still fit in 3-6 month clothes, including most of your jeans and onesies. However, 6 month clothing fits you best. Theres are a few pieces of clothing that are 6-9 months that fit pretty well. Basically? You're a wide-range in clothes, m'dear.

You're *so* into your solids. Not really the baby food solids....but table foods. You are loving trying new things. You liked ritz crackers, chicken, noodles, oatmeal, yogurt, and all flavors of puffs. You'll eat some baby food, but not in large amounts. You will sit happily in your highchair for long periods of time feeding yourself bits and pieces of food. It's really fun now that you can feed yourself--but the mess is a whole 'nother story.

You have NO teeth. None. Nada.

I swore that a tooth would be breaking through here soon, and especially with the way you've been sleeping. But, nothing yet. 

Overall, sweet love--you're a joy. A happy, charming, and witty little girl that your daddy and I can't get enough of. We love you so very much. 

You rock our socks off. Or yours. You hate socks. 




[Outtakes from the "monthly photo" shoot. Total. Utter. FAIL.]
click to enlarge
How you looked this month:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Silent Sunday

My lady helping me with some modeling for my etsy shop:
[which will hopefully reopen here in a week or so!]

...and my two loves on Declan's birthday:

[thanks for all the sweet comments for his birthday! he read them all and thanks you, too.]

Friday, January 7, 2011

Yep, he makes me all mushy-like.

I don't think anyone wants to hear how lucky I think I am when it comes to the husband department.

But, that's too bad.

Because? My husband is ten sorts of awesome and he deserves some praise.

[cue "my husband rocks" hoodie & cheesy pic of me]
just for you babe...ha.

I know when I talk about my husband on the blog, its pretty much always positive. Well, there's a reason for that. 

He's a saint. Okay, not exactly a 'saint'. But, he is pretty freaking great and when I think of him, or writing about him, all I can do is bust-at-the-seams in gushy'ness and praise his awesomeness.

For that? I consider myself one pretty lucky girl. And my daughter for having him as a daddy? Even luckier.

He's hard working. He provides for us. He knows his priorities and how to keep them straight. He realizes the importance of family. He knows how to play, like, really play and enjoy time with our daughter. And? Not to sound selfish---but he knows how to LOVE. Me. our baby. He knows how to love well. He knows how to make me feel like the prettiest girl eva'. And that's big.

And the little things? You know...that often go unnoticed. He's awesome at those things. Our entire household just runs smoother because of him.

My heart is stinkin' full of love for him. 

So, happy birthday sweet husband of mine.

I want to celebrate at least 80 more birthdays with you. Mmmmk?? :)


Feel free to leave a little birthday love for the mister behind the blog. He reads. Isn't that sweet? 

ps: since so many are asking, hoodie from here:

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I'm writing through this with heavy, heavy eyes, and the feeling that a brick smacked me in the face this morning. It's totally unfair to have the feeling of a hangover without the night of fun prior. Y'know what I'm saying? Yea. It's that bad.

Yea. Last night wasn't good.

Trying to break your kid of what you think are habits totally sucks. Let's just put it that way.


Tomorrow is the husband's birthday. And you better bet your butt I'll write about him in some fashion tomorrow. I haven't yet figured out if it's going to be all mushy-like...or what. But, something. There will be something. He's too good of a guy/husband/dad to not get an awesome birthday-blog-acknowledgement.

I've been staring at a pile of paperwork on my kitchen island since prior to Christmas. I told myself that I'd give myself a little Christmas break. You know? Get back to it after the Holidays. Ummzzz yea. About that. Still totally there. I will get to it, I swear. [For the record, its not bills and such, all our bills are paid online and thankthelord the amazing husband does all that stuff.]

Yesterday, Emeline and I were running a few errands. We happened to be at Babies-R-Us, cruising the clearance shoe aisle. I have such issues finding shoes I like for her and that stay on. [and sohelpmeGod if anyone tells me to buy Robeez for the umpteenth time I may just die. Am I the only one on the planet that doesn't think they're that cute? The boots are the one thing I kindof like. I digress...] 


She apparently was LOVING the shoe section (what a girl)....because, I saw some flailing hand motions going on and looked in the stroller...and GIRL WAS CLAPPING. I mean, you know, baby clapping. Baby clapping is basically when they at least attempt to put their two hands together, making NO noise whatsoever (and sometimes missing the other target-hand, but who cares! she's clapping!), but making their moms all sorts of weepy, because, milestones! another milestone! 

And yes, I whipped out my phone and started recording her first unprovoked attempt at clapping in the aisles of BRU because, dude--memories. And? We *had* to show her daddy.

At the suggestion of a few of you lovely peeps, I may have also bought some of those ugly bibs with the food catcher thingy at the bottom.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting dusty.

Yesterday I realized I hadn't gotten my camera out since Christmas. This may not seem like a big deal to anyone, or like that long of a time---but for me? Yea. It is.

You see, I need to remember everything. Or, at least try. Photos help do that for me. 

Yesterday was nothing important. But these photos celebrate the simplest of smiles, and hair bows, and polka-dots. 

The life of a little girl. And, her pup, of course.

Sigh. They grow so fast.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mom things.

I'm a mom. Therefore, I sometimes most the time talk about mom things. I'm giving a little pre-warning because if you don't care about this subject because you're still in the glamorous phase of life, you may not want to read.

But in all honesty, being a mom is glamorous in its own sort of way. You know? Like the catching vomit in your bare hands, poop smeared on your leg, type of way. [Scared yet? You should be. Kiddddding. I love being a mom more than anything in the world. Truly. And I'm not even kidding that I just caught gag-puke as I typed this. Holy geez. This is real people.]

Anyway. I went off on a bunny trail. Reign it in Katie, reign it in. 

As a first time mom, I can tell you bluntly and honestly: I do not know everything, or much of anything. I do my best. I know my own child better than anyone else does. But? I don't know "it all" about other people's kids. Or parenting in general. 

So here comes my mini-rant. It can be really irritating when other first time moms act like know-it-alls. I mean, really? It's your first kid. It's my first kid. CLEARLY, neither of us know it all. So, stop acting like it. 

Not to mention the mom-bragging? Holy cow. It's totally worse than I ever could have imagined it being. I mean, I know people brag on their kids, and I'm guilty of it from time to time. But the allthetime bragging? Give me a break.

You might as well say it loud and clear that you think your kid is better than mine. [Clearly, not the case. But sometimes how I feel. Bonus points: My kid wins in the cuteness department. So, there.]

Am I the only one that see's that? The whole know-it-all syndrome going around?  

I digress.

On another note, my girl started eating some real foods (you know, other foods besides the mushiness that is baby food), and it's so cute. She is so intrigued by real food and her face lights up when I give her a bite of something delicious.

But, you know what comes with the real food? [You thought I was gonna make a diaper joke. I'm not.] The god-awful mess that is HER HIGHCHAIR after eating. Ew. Really.

Oh my goodness. This is the rest of my life, people. Cleaning up the bits & millions of tiny pieces of (chicken, turkey, puffs) what fell in her lap, or on the side, or onthefriggin'floor. I mean, the high chair is all sorts of gross after meal times, now. So very gross and oh so messy. Hello, reality.

Kids are messy.

And? Eme's been sick since last week. She's getting better everyday little by little (it takes babies so long to kick these nasty colds/ear infections, etc), but I'm ready for it to be over. She's still not sleeping great. I'm tired of running into walls in the middle of the night trying to get to her room because I'm that delusional. 

I used to keep track of how many times she woke up. But, I stopped doing that just so I'd be slightly less irritated. [Thats right, sometimes moms get irritated with their cute little, precious babies. I know. GASP.] 

We'll pray the sleeping fairies dump a whole load of sleep dust on these parts. mmmK?


Thanks for your sweet comments on yesterday's post about our new little play 'area/corner'. You're too kind.


Happy Tuesday...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Work with what ya got.

After the holiday buzz died off a little--we realized our daughter had accumulated a good deal of toys. Honestly, I was feeling a little bad about the fact that she didn't have much to play with, so when Christmas came around, my family took care of that. Hey, that's what families are for, right?

And seriously? Toys (especially at these developmental ages) are good for them. Books? Those are great too. We love toys and books. Anything to keep the wheels a turnin'.

After Christmas, the toy situation (and addition of more books which we also asked for) was solved.


We had a big problem.

You see, we live in a townhouse. Nothing huge. No fancy "playroom". No room or closet we can just stuff a bunch of toys in or whisk our kid(s) away to in efforts to keep the rest of the house clean.

No sir-ee. 

We needed space to store toys. Space for some of her books. Space for her to sit (in the future) and color, play with play-dough, or whatever. 

No extra room available. But, we had a vacant'ish corner. After the Christmas tree came down, we decided not to put back up the tv tray end table, and decided we'd get a toybox instead.

And? That weird little cut out nook is used for NOTHING. So, we decided to turn it into something useful, which also includes a place to store some books. 

Now before you go and think I'm insane--I do realize that my 8 month old can't quite sit on a chair yet. But, while we were at Ikea, we figured we'd just get the cute little table that fits oh so nicely in there. Besides, I'm not sure yet if I'm keeping the table in there or not. I'm contemplating stuffing some pillows in the nook instead and making it a cozy reading corner. 

[Please ignore that ugly white cord that I just drew attention to. That will NOT remain like that, I swear.]

See that cute print in there? Lovessss it. My brother got it for Emeline as a Christmas gift and its part of an artists limited print-set. I wasn't quite sure where we'd put it, but voila! perfecto. 

Isn't it precious?

And my little pants-less girlie is enjoying the space already. During the day, that whole area looks like a huge bomb of toys went off. But it's so nice to tuck them away in that cute little toybox during naptimes and before bedtime to re-gain the semi-clean look again.

[Andddd--we don't normally keep our curtain like that but our little booger likes to tug at them. So, I had to hide the ends of them behind the toybox. I know, it's tough being this brilliant.]


So, we made do with the space we have.  What do you think?

happy monday!