Monday, February 28, 2011

Special Auction for a Special Lady

I'm sure by now you've heard of the devastating news of Kellie & James Staat, with the loss of their sweet baby, Maddie last week. 

Kellie's been a long time reader, here. She's such an amazing momma. My heart has been in a lot of pain for them. A lot. And that doesn't even remotely give a glimpse of the way they're feeling. I can't imagine.

Some wonderful people are coming along and wanting to give opportunity to help the Staat's financially. There are lots of ways we can, but one is this auction that starts today at 12pm CST (Monday). There are some of the most adorable handmade items, ever. All proceeds go towards the family.

Eme*Kay Creatives has donated a piece. You can check it out, here and go bid. Or, bid on something else. Whatever you do, let's help out this amazing family in a time of such grief & hurt. Mmk?

Make sure to read all the directions and get to bidding. I'm excited to see how much money can be raised.

Thanks for reaching out to a precious family in such a time of need.


Confidence and stuff.

I'd love to go back in time.

You know, to slap my high school self and to tell her that people's opinions of me didn't really matter. That what I wore, and how I did my hair wouldn't affect the person I'd become. Or the person I was, even.

Too often when we're young (and into adulthood, too) it seems we place way too much value on what others think of us. I was totally guilty of that. A lot, actually. But, little by little as I've grown and matured a bit, I'm finding out how much I actually like that person I am. 

On top of that? I'm realizing how other people's opinions of me don't really matter. At all. What they judge about me is only that. Judgements. Not fact, not truth. It means nothing.

It seems like with most women come those sorts of issues. You know...the pressure. The pressure of being or looking a certain way. Then the shame that comes with feeling like you don't fit the 'mold', or whateverthehell that means.

I still sometimes have those thoughts. You know, those ones that used to lurk around every corner in my high school years.  But, thankfully not nearly as much. Partially, I think that just has come with me growing & situations...experiences, etc.

I'm so glad that phase of life...of unnecessary pressure and crazy young insecurities is mainly over. Because? Blech.

Yes, I still have insecurities. Hello? My body? Not.the.same. The stretch marks on my lower belly prove that I will never, ever be the same. But then again, I will never, ever be the same.

And that's okay.

Sure there are things I could nit-pick about myself, but, I like me.

I like the me that's a selfless mother. The me that's a wife. The me that writes. The me that's honest. The me that would rather cuddle on the couch and let the house go on occasion. The me that has a friend in every state (and some countries) thanks to this fun & crazy internet world. The me that desperately needs coffee in the morning to function. The me that can be trusted with secrets and empathize with others.

You get it.

Of course there are things I need to work on and things I need to change, ways my jiggly body could improve or ways I could be a better wife, mother, friend, sister.

But. Remember how I wanted to slap my insecure self?

So, I'll stop now. [See how easy it is to quickly beat yourself up?]

What do YOU like about you? And yep, thats a question I want you to answer.

Go ahead, I'm waiting.

[New readers...and lurkers? That means you, too. What a great way for me to get to know you.]


Happy Monday, beautiful ladies.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday, February 25, 2011

A billion things you didn't need to know

I sleep with a fleece blanket. I love fleece blankets and in fact, my house has many-a-throw blankets laying around. But the big blue one? That one stays in bed with me.

I like it curled up all around me, and specifically tucked up around my stomach. I'm a side sleeper. Well, a slide sleeper or a belly sleeper (when not pregnant, since sleeping on your belly with a baby inside is kind of difficult). On rare occasion I'll wake up on my back and wonder how the heck that happened, since I don't prefer back-sleeping at all.

I have a small birth mark on my left upper cheek, a little under my eye.  In fact, my mom has a matching one, too. My momma used to always refer to it as a "beauty mark", which made me feel all sorts of pretty & special, and unique and such.

That is, until I went to school and one douchebag kid one day decided to make it a huge deal & began the barrage of taunting and teasing. He called it a pimple. Obviously, to my sixth-grade-self this was the end of the world, so I asked to get it removed.

So that's what we did. It's mostly gone, but you can still see it if you look hard enough. It doesn't bother me even remotely at all, now. I do, however want to throat punch the kid who was such a little jerk to me about it. I remember him vividly, and I'm half tempted to type his name here just so it shows up in a google search. I'm too mature for that. ::cough:: Shawn ::cough:: [He's lucky I left out his last name.] Kids are so mean, sometimes.

I never needed white noise to sleep with until I married Declan. He sleeps with a fan. Hence, we are now both fan-sleepers. Guess what? Emeline? She now sleeps with a fan, too.

There is construction going on across the street from our house on the final set of townhouses and I'm beyond grateful for that tornado-of-a-fan in her room now, though, because without it? We'd have a baby up at the crack of dawn when construction begins and ZERO naps.

I suck a cleaning tubs & tiles. In fact, I have no idea what even works well and how to properly clean them. I'm ashamed and embarrassed to admit that I've probably never given our shower tiles a proper cleaning. So, feel free to leave all your shower/tile/cleaning tips in the comments section below. Please & thank you.

I really, highly dislike brushing my teeth. I do brush them, though (so no worries). In fact, I have great teeth. In good shape and all. But, I don't LIKE to brush my teeth. I think it's boring, and I don't enjoy the whole process, spit, rinse, thing. I just don't. 

On the teeth topic, I've never had braces. Most of my siblings have had them, so did my husband. My teeth came in freakishly straight and praisethelord no braces were ever needed.

Could you imagine me being teased for braces and a birth mark? Gah. Could've been worse.

And along those lines, I also dread washing my face at night. Honestly? Blech. I have to pull back my hair, and blahblahblah. Don't like it. The most ideal situation for me would be to just take a nightly shower & wash my face that way. I've recently started taking to using those makeup-wipe things, but they've not left my skin too nice, so I'm not sure how I feel about them.

Don't get me started on showers.

Or, the after-shower-getting-ready-thing. Yea, that. I hate that, too.

I'm not brand loyal on almost anything. In fact, it almost shocks me when people are only because those types of things just don't matter to me, nor do they cross my mind. I'm brand loyal on diapers & wipes...and so far? That's about it. I could care less about what type of bread, toilet paper, or paper towels we buy. That kind of stuff just doesn't phase me. I realize this is kind of odd.

I suck at coupon'ing. I've told you this before. But yesterday? When I heard about Target's Mossimo women's brand jeans being clearanced for 4.98, and paired with this coupon* equaled out to be FREE jeans, I could not resist.

I went to Target with baby in tow, and left with FOUR pair of jeans for free. It felt like I was robbing them, but it was totally legit and it gave me that post-coupon'ing-high. I may have got bitten by the coupon-bug. We'll see if it lasts.

And now that I gave you best deal on (free) jeans ever, go-run, and get your jeans. You can thank me later.

Happy Weekend!

*If the coupon doesn't go directly to the women's denim coupon, just search for the womens denim $5 off coupon--it's there!*

Thursday, February 24, 2011

When in doubt, post pictures.

I found myself going through newborn photos last night. And good Lord, as my friend Jess so kindly reminded me last night that, "newborn pics are for when you're pregnant only. Otherwise? Your ovaries will spontaneously spout eggs." 

Hilarious, but its' true. Although I am not ready for another baby, I found my uterus aching a teeny, tiny bit. Where did MY baby go?

Part of me can't even remember when she was this small.

Do they make a tylenol strong enough to cure these aches?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Favvy, Fav. Like, Flavor-Flav, but-not so much.

I go through phases with things, like most people. Things that I love, that I find useful, that are daily parts of my life, a favorite snack, etc. Ya', random stuff. My favorite stuff.

So here it goes.

I'm totally loving this book right now. "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. I know a lot of you are reading it, too. She writes over at daily. Check her out. Or buy the book. You won't be sorry. 
[Ps: Did you know I pretty much loathe reading? I know. But this book? Hard to put down.]


This is our favorite toy. Well, Emeline loves it too, but I do as well. Not only is it super cute to see her stand at it and play with it, but when the music comes on, she dances and shakes her little tush. It makes for some adorable moments. Not to mention, it keeps her attention for a decent amount of time.

 Who wouldn't want their own music table?

[Leap Frog music table]


I'm pretty much obsessed with these as a snack. Like, I eat too many. The nice thing is, for Weight Watchers, they're only 1 point. They make the perfect snack, and, well, yea--I'm obsessed. In case you can't tell, they're just Target's brand fruit strips. Yum.


Just throwin' it out there, you know, in case you couldn't figure that out. She's my favorite girl.


I'm really liking the pillows I recently recovered for my couch. I've pretty much decided that since I can sew, there's no reason for me to buy new pillows when I can easily recover them myself. I'd say that's resourceful, no?


I finally have a diaper bag that I love. This is my kokopax bag that I used some hard-earned Etsy money on, and I'm glad I did. You know what rocked? When the young, teen-chick at Picture People last week said to me with a look of shock, "Is THAT a diaper bag?! It's awesome." 

Made me feel less momm'ish. Not that there's anything wrong with mom-things. I love being a mom. But, you know, my diaper bag doesn't need to scream "hey I'm Michelle Duggar!" [Nothing against her. Love them, actually. Nice family. The end.]

Ahem. Back to the cute bag:


Flowers are my favorite. Any kind of flower. I happen to have roses that still look mostly pretty from Valentines Day around my house, though. I don't know what it is, but I just love having fresh flowers in my house. It especially helps with the winter-blues. 


And this little thing? I saw on my friend, Laura's blog and just had to have for my husband. It's a tiny little visor-clip for his car that will soon be filled with a picture of me and Eme. 

Isn't it sweet?

Declan doesn't know about it yet (and I'm hoping he doesn't read this post)--But I plan on just sneaking it in his car one day and letting him find it there. I think he'll like it.


So, there you have it...some of my favorites.

Happy Wednesday, friends.


[I'm over at Poop Whisperer today, too doing a little post-baby-weight talk. Not much, just a tiny thing.]

Monday, February 21, 2011

Um, gee, Thanks...

That's usually my response to unwarranted, unsolicited parenting advice.

We all get it. Like, often. Especially if you are a new mom? Wow. The amount of information that people feel you NEED is unreal. As if you're a complete idiot or something.

My general rule of thumb is if you ask? Then you are basically saying 'bring it on'. So, if I have a question about parenting and put it on facebook or something, then I am fully expecting lots of answers. And very different ones at that.

That is totally fine with me. I'm the one asking anyway. And? A sea of moms with different experiences can totally be a great thing. Read the rest over at Poop Whisperer....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday love.

here's to hoping you have a beautiful, carefree, weekend...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fragments

It is gorgeous here today. Like, it will be sunny and warm. But the weather? Is a little butthead. And do you know why? It's taunting us with this lovely weather today, but next week, I saw SNOW FLURRIES on my weather app. SNOW. Again.

Forgive me while I go pass out. I AM SO OVER WINTER.

So, today? I will bask in this deliciously warm weather by doing a little spring cleaning with my windows open. Yep, I know. I'm a girl who knows how to celebrate right.


I have a new sponsor, Kate from Jak Of Hearts. She makes some unique creations and has a pretty sweet Etsy Shop. Also, right now? She has a giveaway going on her blog, so head on over to enter into that if you like free things.

Here's some of her pretties:

You can get 25% off by using code: LovesOfLife25 at her shop.


I took Emeline to the park yesterday. It felt clearly very odd to be there, in short sleeves, with snow on the ground, still.  But, a ton of moms were there with their kiddies. You could just see the relief on their faces to be out, in the fresh air, running free, swinging, sliding down slides, anything. 

It was adorable.

My girl thoroughly enjoyed being outside, and swinging. 

While hanging out by the swingset I started to make casual conversation with the other moms. Honestly? Part of me is still kind of shocked that I can totally mom-speak like the best of 'em. I'm a mom. Wow. You'd think that by this point in time it'd have sunk in, right? Wrong. Sometimes I still pinch myself that she is mine. No lie. 

But, anyway, they were nice. Totally nice. In fact, one mom told me that while watching Eme on the swings, she quickly sent a text to her husband asking for a tube-tie-reversal surgery. She has two boys, but she said after seeing Em, she suddenly decided she NEEDS a girl. Like, now. 


So looking forward to more park days, and outside, sunshine'y days ahead.


Don't forget to go enter this giveaway.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The real (cheap) side of me.

I think I come off different than I really am.

You see, I like to shop. It's true.

Correction. I like to walk through shops, department stores, browse through expensive stuff, and most of all? Check for the red lines. 

I am a huge cheap-o. Like. Cheapity cheap. While you'd probably never really know it when looking at my stuff, everything I buy has to be majorly on sale. I have a really hard time justifying and rationalizing anything that isn't on sale. Almost, ever. 

I'll go a few times a month to some of my favorite spots. You know, Target...Kohl's...maybe the mall. But, when I leave? I'm hardly leaving with anything, at all. Or, mainly just a few things for the baby. 

I like nice things. My house looks well put together ( although way too much comes from el cheapo Ikea, if I'm being honest...), my husband, my girl and I? We are well dressed. We look put together, and we are for the most part.

I just have a hard time justifying spending money in those areas. For instance, if I need new shoes? I'll ask for gift cards to DSW for my birthday or Christmas. I feel less guilty buying myself nice things when using gift cards.

Another area that goes slightly neglected? 

My hair. 

I see people all the time who can hardly pay their monthly bills but never miss an appointment to get their hair cut and colored. While that's great for them, I just cannot mentally justify the extra spending every two months. I just can't.

I mean, I know I could do it. We could afford it. Heck, I make some of my own side money. But, I just can think of a million other things that are more necessary to spend money on...or save for. So, I let my roots grow out, and go without haircuts for way.too.long. [Fact: My last haircut was before Emeline was born. My last color? When I was 38 weeks pregnant. That means its been nearly 10 months. Um. Blech. I have a gift card to get my hair done, soon, though. Yay!]

I'm not claiming to be the wisest with money. My husband will tell you that's not exactly the case. I'm not terrible, I'm not. But, when it comes to grocery shopping? I'm a big, fat, money-saving failure. I suck at couponing. I've attempted, but never been successful because, honestly? Part of my brain doesn't really 'get' it. The doubling. The store deals. It just becomes a hodge-podgey mess in my apparently pea-sized brain. 

I save money in areas like diaper-buying, as in, I will only, ever buy them when I get them for at least 50% off from Amazon and they come shipped to my door. This has saved us tons.

We used to be major money-wasters in the eating-out department. We've since toned that down like whoa. I thought having a baby would cure that, but it didn't really. My kid (so far) has been pretty amazing in restaurants. She makes it way too easy on us to continue that habit. Since starting Weight Watchers though? I'd rather just cook at home. My budget-abiding-husband thanks me, and so do my thighs. [Fifteen pounds, say what?]

I honestly don't know where this post is going. I even lost myself. But, whatever.

I talk about shopping and going out, often. But, the real me is a cheapity-cheapster. Mainly? I'm a window shopper.

So, there. My dirty little secret. I wear all extremely on-sale clothing and rarely get my hair done.

I am so glamorous. 

The end.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Renewed again.

I don't know what it is, maybe the sickness? The winter? All the snow?

But I've not been quite myself. 

The winter has been kicking my butt. Our butts. Like most people, we've been dealing with sickness out the whazoo, being cooped up in our house for days on ends, and quite literally, feeling a bit trapped inside.

While I am a self-proclamined 'homebody' and most definitely prefer a few good days "in" a week...I'm over it. So over this weather. Being stuck inside. Feeling in a funk of sorts.

This week has brought a little bit of relief around here. The sun has been shining. The weather is still in the 40's, but its amazing how that feels quite warm compared to our almost-tundra-like days. It's all about perspective, right?

I've just felt more me again. 

I'm opening the blinds more and soaking up the sun. Getting out of my yoga pants & going out. Being more spontaneous. Or at least, trying.

For instance, yesterday I had zero plans to do anything, go anywhere, nada...nothing...zilch.

I honestly had planned on staying in my comfies all day, relaxing with my little girl. 

But, something about this age of my daughter, though? I'm obsessed with. Holy, goodness. Nine months is a caaaUUte phase. Honestly, I'd like to bottle it up forever and ever and ever and ever. It's that good. 

I came across a coupon for our local in-mall photo studio (aka: the picture peeps), and on a friggin whim, called them, scheduled an appointment for fast forward one hour, and that was that.

I didn't even let my brain process it. Not even at all. Hardly a tiny bit. If I thought about it for too long I would have came up with umpteen excuses as to why not go.

I hadn't even planned her headbands or outfits for days like I'd normally do. 

You know what?

It didn't matter. It was so fun. It was empty. The place was dead. Everyone was in a valentines-day-after-coma, I do believe. 

I sat back, let the photographer work her little professional magic, and I? I did nothing. I smiled in amazement that the little beauty sitting on that studio backdrop was mine. My heart kind of leapt every time she giggled, smiled, made her squishy face or clapped at the photographer. 

Something about watching from the sidelines was really nice this time. Really, really nice. 

I felt kind of renewed again. Getting out. Being spontaneous. Watching my girl eat up the camera for someone else other than her momma. Was so good.

And so what if I got suckered into a little bit more than the coupon? I mean, if this is the closest thing I can get to bottling up this age, then heck, so be it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The 'ole iPhone dump

Yesterday was awesome. It was so amazing that I totally woke up this morning feeling as if it was Monday. Yesterday completely & totally felt like a weekend-day, it was just that fun. 

It is rare my weekdays are jam packed with that much. And? I loved it.

Yep. Such a Valentines Day sap, I am. Go ahead. Hate on me. I love me some v-day.

Anyway. A quick walk-through in iPhone pics, shall we?


The day started off with a surprise from Declan. He took the morning off work, got the baby ready, woke me up to the lure of coffee & a pancake breakfast. He had a card for each of his girls all ready, not to mention two pretty bouquets for each of us. 

Breakfast at home with my favorite people? Is seriously like heaven on earth for me. I'm pretty simple to please.

Then, he headed into work for the day. I got Eme down for a nap & my sister came over to start baking cookies for our men. 

We just did the prep work for the baking, then we headed out for a sister-valentines-lunch with our sister-in-law, Kesh and our nieces. Was delicious & fun, but clearly we tired someone out.

While the lady above napped, my sister and I went into cookie-decorating-extravaganza.

While cookie-decorating madness ensued, an amazing delivery came. My KidKovers summer-towel for Emeline. I absolutely love it. Here are her two pretties hanging up in her room.

Then? I had "get-ready-for-datenight-madness". My parents were awesome enough to give us a few hours out while they came over and watched the baby. But, I had a little something up my sleeve for them, too. 

Heck, it's their Valentines Day, too, right?

I made them a pretty fab meal, and set the table like this. From what I heard? They enjoyed it immensely.

Score for me.

[I consider it a way to keep my favorite babysitters happy :)]


Shockingly enough, there are zero photos to document our fabulous date. Which, goes to show I guess just how fabulous it was, right? I was too busy gazing lovingly in my husband's eyes to even think about touching my phone. 

That, or we were just simply enjoying adult talk other than our normal "wave to da-da", "did you go poops?", "don't feed Mac-a-boy!", etc etc. 

It's good. So good to reconnect. But? The best gift of all was the gift of sleep. Our girl decided to sleep for 12 straight hours. And while I realize other babies do this all the time? Ours does not. Ever. So, it was quite a treat. Mommy & Daddy thank you, sweet girl.


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 14, 2011


So, since it's you know, it's Valentines Day and all I'm pretty sure that means there is some mandatory lovey-dovey post required.

Meh. I feel indifferent.

Although I do appreciate Valentines Day and am most definitely not a hater. February 14th isn't just a commercialized holiday to us. Nine years ago today, a very young Declan asked a very young version of myself to be his girlfriend. 

Yep. We're that couple. With a dating anniversary on Valentines Day. It's funny though, it wasn't meant to be all cute like that. It just so happened. In fact, it wasn't even a sweet, romantic (teenage) thing. It was all, "come on and just be my girlfriend already", since we were acting like we were together, with no official title anyway. 

Anyway. The rest was (obviously) history.

Here we are. 

And while I thought I was in absolute, insane, over-the-top love then? I laugh at my teenage self a little bit now. Because, grows. It molds, and changes, and becomes a different, stronger, more meaningful kind of love with each passing year. 

It really, really does.

Not only that, but this year we both got to feel the kind of love that only comes from being a parent. 

And holy-good-Lord that's a BIG kind of love that I never, ever, ever could before fathom. Even remotely. Even if I tried.


I am feeling all sorts of mushy, gushy, lovey-like. Nine years of being a couple to celebrate. Nine months of feeling the tangible love of our baby girl. Of being a family. 

So, I guess I did it. Oozed the love-factor all over this post. 

Oh well. Out of the heart the mouth types speaks, right?

Happy Valentines Days, beautiful friends.

[onesie made by my sister]

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Fragments

Naptimes around here for you-know-who have been a little testy the last few days. She's been giving me trouble, I guess you could say. Granted, she'd eventually fall asleep, but definitely not without a fight, which is unusual for her. Girl used to love her naptimes.

But, yesterday--before putting her down, I gave her a good pep talk. I promised that if she slept good Momma would take her to the glorious Target. [Since the sickies have hit here the past few weeks, it'd been way too long since we'd seen those shiny, crimson carts.]

She does this 'thing', when she gets really
happy, she puts her shoulders up by her ears
& smiles real hard. 
You know what? Girlfriend went down without a fight. Like, for hours. In fact, I had to wake her. 

So today I'm considering bribing her with a trip to Stride Rite for some nice shoes that actually fit, and see what that'll get me.


I picked a theme for Eme's first birthday. Yep, I did. Actually, I picked it a long time ago and it's not what you think. 

Nope, not owls. 

While we love owls, that was our theme for my baby shower (which was amazingly cute), and has come to be a revolving theme for Emeline in general. While I love it, I want something completely different for her birthday party.

See, I'm not into glitz & glamour, over the top, exotic birthday parties....but? I am into celebrating children, or a child's life. With family. Close friends. People who supported and loved you through the best & most life changing year of y(our) lives. I like little projects. I love envisioning things and attempting to bring it to life. 

So, that? That's where I'm at right now. And yea, maybe I'm a total crazy pants for having her totally unique and special birthday outfit ordered two days before her 9 month birthday. But, let's just say one (cough*me*) likes to be prepared.


I basically just realized that Monday is Valentines Day. Yea, pathetic. I hardly bring up calendars these days, therefore I pretty much almost rarely know the date. Honestly.

The life of a stay at home mom is so much different than me as a teacher. I used to live and die by the calendar. But, not so much anymore.

Back to the day of love. I'm not so much into the whole gimmick of Valentines day, but it does mark NINE years of me and my husband being together. Not nine married years, but nine years of being in love, being together, pretty much going through & sharing every walk of life together since then. 

While I honestly don't want to go "out" on Valentines Day (hello? Monday night..umm, thats our cozy on the couch night), I think that we should do something fun this weekend, for us. Just us. So, we'll see how that goes.


Oh, and for the pray'ers out there. My friend Jess is taking her almost 1 year old daughter, Livie to get an EEG this morning. She's had issues with seizures in the past and right now it appears it might be starting up again. So, could you pray for them? For her? It's a hard place to be as a momma. Thanks.

Hoping your weekend is a good one... 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

9 Months Old

My Dear Emeline,

I love you. 
Oh my goodness, I stinkin' love you, kid. You've been here with us for nine months, now. Nine amazing & crazy wonderful months. Lady, you make your daddy & I melt. 

We say this every month, but it really is just so much fun & SUCH a joy to watch you grow and discover new things and new capabilities.

You're a sweet, petite little lady. You weight 18lbs 6oz and are 27" long. You're wearing size 3 diapers still, and fit pretty nicely now in 6-9 month clothing. Shoes? They are another story. Girlfriend, you have some tiny little feet. You wear a size 0-3 month shoe, some 1's and a few size 2's that are a bit too big. You're just a little girl, it seems.

Despite being a little lady, you're still on the go. This month you have perfected your crawling. In fact, you're a speed crawler. You pull yourself up on everything, stand like a champ, and will even let go for a few seconds. You even do a little walking with the walk-behind, and you look like such a big girl when you do it. Your confidence grows daily.

You are a goof. You make this scary, squishy face every time I tell you to smile or say "cheese'. You make this face when you flirt with people, or want to get their attention. You adore your puppy, Mac and often make this face while you two play. 

Despite being really sick this month, you're finally better. You had an ear infection and needed some breathing treatments due to wheezing & coughing. This definitely threw off your sleep schedule, because you were doing so very good a few weeks before getting sick. We're gonna get back on your sleeping-A-game soon hopefully. 

You're still toothless. I cannot believe the pediatrician tried to tell me at your 4 month appointment that you were teething, and here we are, at nine months with still nothing but a gummy smile. It's fine by me, since you're still nursing. But, I do have to say that I have my suspicions about them being here soon. But, we'll see.

That doesn't stop you from eating, though. You eat three 'meals' a day, and you don't (or won't) eat puree'd foods anymore. You prefer to eat anything you can pick up on your own and feed yourself. You do great with this. You eat pretty much everything and anything including: noodles, rice, green beans, corn, cheese, turkey, chicken, fruit, puffs, cheerios & yogurt. I've yet to find anything you really don't like as far as table foods go.  You still nurse multiple times throughout the day (and night while you were sick), and I love that time with you. Since you're such a busy little kid, I appreciate that quiet time holding you in my arms so, so much.

You are such a joyful girl. You can most often be found smiling, giggling, making your squishy face, clapping, waving "hi", or chanting various forms of baby babble. People comment often, "is she really this happy?" The answer is yes. You totally are. 

Emeline, Eme, baby-girl, boogie, boogs, bugsy....

One thing is true. You're loved, chica. 




How you looked this month:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pics & Housekeeping

{Um, how could I not love them?}

{Today is our last day of this torture device.}

{Pure baby goodness, right here.}

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happy wednesday!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are you ever "ready"?

A long time ago I remember having a conversation with my Dad. It obviously stuck out to me, because, um, I remember it.

He basically said something along the lines of if you always wait till you 'have enough money' to start a family (or get married, etc), you'll never have kids (or get married, etc). You just gotta do it, and adjust your life accordingly. 

Now, obviously thats not the case for everyone. But, there are still good points deep within.

The bottom line is? You will adjust. Your lifestyle will change. It will meld into one that is more conducive to having a baby around. You will find ways to cut costs, make room for baby in a small house, and make life work for you, etc.

It's just how us humans are.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Brain explosion & the sweetest stationery you ever did see.

Ask me if I cared about the Superbowl last night. Okay, don't. You may hate me because, honestly, I didn't care one bit. Now, if our Eagles were in it....that'd be another story. 

Typically, I'd care about the superbowl for one reason....the delicious spread of yummy, fatty mcfatty finger foods. I practically drool thinking about it. But, I digress.

I'll move on.

13 pounds. 


That's more than my dog weighs. I have lost a Mac. A big-Mac. Hardy har har. No really, though. I'm pretty proud of myself, and also? Kind of disgusted at the same time. Glad it's gone. I'm now 6lbs under the weight I was before getting pregnant...feels good.

Friday night we had Declan's family over and Emeline got to hang out with her 5-week-younger (but taller) cousin, Ian. Watch your eyes, the cuteness is blinding.

We're headed back to the doctor today for two reasons. One, a follow up from last week to see how the breathing treatments are working, and two, for her 9 month appointment.

Nine months, you guys. 


That is three months away from having a one year old.

Let the birthday party planning begin. Err, continue. I may or may not have most things underway already. Ahem. 

Speaking of birthday party planning & stuff...

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I'll show you what I mean:

Simply adorable and reasonably priced. 

Head on over to their Etsy shop and use code LOVESOFLIFE20OFF for 20% off your purchase of $25 or more. Also, their main website is pretty cute, too.


Alright lovelies, we're off to the pediatrician...yet again. I'm pretty sure I've gone broke on co-pays alone this month. I need springtime. And park-time. And sunshine on my face. And...and....well, you get it.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Silent Sunday: I don't condone this.

When Eme woke up from her nap this afternoon, Declan was just finishing up playing a little Wii. After her eyes caught the screen & she realized it was Donkey Kong, girl went into a mild tv-coma.

It was cute for a few seconds anyway.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Breathing treatments, giveaway winner & a coupon code.

Well, my momma intuition was at an all time high yesterday, and after a trip to the pediatrician that afternoon, I know why. 

It's not right when your kid is wheezing. It's not right when they're coughing all night long. 

She needs breathing treatments over the next 5 days. I now am a proud owner a big, hunkin' nebulizer. Poor kid is a mess. She also has a wicked ear infection in her one ear. 

The entire appointment though? She was smiling, giggling & CLAPPING for the doctor. The doc called Emeline a "happy wheezer". Happy or not, the kid is still sick. We're gonna reassess Monday and see if it's working and where we will go from there.

It broke my heart a little, I can't lie.


Thanks for all the entries on the giveaway post. Once I went through and counted (it took me like 14 times. Don't judge...), there were 182 entries total.

Mr. told me that #11 won. 

 Congrats to Aly @Analyze This.

For all the runners up, you can use code: LOTSOFLOVE15OFF over at KidKovers Etsy Shop, or you use the same code when ordering from her main website, but you'll have to wait for an adjusted total to pay. Just mention the code upon ordering. [She sells a lot more than just be sure to check her out.] 

Really, I adore her stuff. You know this, but go. Go go go go go. I love supporting other mom'trepeneurs. 


Have a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sickness can suck it.

Sick babies are so miserable. Wait no, mommies to sick babies are miserable.

I guess its safe to say both parties are kind of miserable. It's a nasty cycle. 

I feel sad for her. Sad that she can't sleep well. Sad that she is coughing.non.stop. Sad that she wants nothing to do with solid foods, which she normally gobbles up. Sad that her nose is running non-stop, that her cough is physically exhausting to her, or that she wheezes when she breathes.

I've been trying to keep this in perspective. 

I'm beyond grateful that her health, besides a few colds, ear infections, etc hasn't been anything 'serious'. It's safe to say my world would absolutely crumble if it were something really serious.

So, I'm going to count my blessings.

She's still smiling. Most the time. The girl will smile through her tears, and that's just one of the gazillion reasons I love her to death. She's still blowing happy raspberries with her mouth. Crawling around like a little champ, pulling up on things, feeding her puppy from her highchair (even though we tell her no, and holy cow, discipline is starting already? hold me...), and playing with her toys.

Since she's so active, she pretty much wants no cuddle time with me, ever. Maybe thats why I consider nursing to be so special for us...she's still and pretty calm in my arms for 5-10 minutes a few times a day. And that? Is special to me.

But when she's sick? Silver lining.....she's a cuddle bug. She gets extra bath time, because, let's be honest--the steam helps, and? She's happy as a clam in the tub. She stays up extra late, and gets cuddle time with her da-da. 

Yep. We both look as tired as we feel. Don't judge my unshowered, un-made-up-self. 

Now, if you'll excuse me...we're off to the Pediatrician.....again.

Is it Springtime yet?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm a big wimp.

I wince at the sight of them.

I cannot even stand to see a preview. Not even a clip. Not a millisecond.

I am a big, fat baby when it comes to movies. Most of them, in fact.

I cannot, even remotely stand scary movies. Horror? Ohmygosh I wanna die just thinking about the scariness. The gruesome. The yuck.

I simply cannot put it in my brain. I can't. I have to hold my ears and squeeze my eyes tightly shut if anything flashes on the tv screen or movie screen even remotely scary.

Not just horror, though. No, no. It extends way past that.

If the movie involves explosions, cars-crashing, bank-robbery, too much intense music (no, I'm serious, stop laughing), fire, kidnapping, or too much foul language (unless used in a comedy-type movie)....I'm out.

I cannot handle it.

Last night, Declan & I were scrolling through our apple TV movie options watching previews. We literally sucked up about 45 minutes of time JUST watching previews.

But I couldn't do it. I had to close my eyes, turn my head, distract myself---I just cannot watch any intense movies anymore. Heck, even previews.

My husband knows me so well. If he even SEES that there is a gun on the box of a movie? He goes, "oh yea, you won't like that." He doesn't push the issue. Those types of movies give me legit anxiety. 

So? What do I watch? 

You're probably thinking that my options have been brought down to basically nothing. And, you're right. I even thought Toy Story 3 was intense and scary as heck. I really, truly did. 

I'll happily watch a good indie movie...and chick flicks. That's about the gist of it, really. 

My husband is a good sport about it. He wouldn't ever push me into watching something he knows my brain just cannot handle, and that makes me feel ten sorts of anxious. 

So yea, in more words than one, I said it: I'm a big wimp.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My subconscious is odd.

I woke up at 3am (and 1am and 5am--but that's another story) with a sick little girl.

I'm so over winter sickness by the way. SO over it.

But anyway, I woke up at 3am and found myself scratching my head after realizing the dream I just had. It was so wild and weird, I decided to write it down in the trusty notes section of the 'ole iphone.

In one, tiny short (probably in reality was a few minutes, aren't our dreams SUPER quick but feel long, or something??) dream there was a LOT jam packed into it.

First, I remember showing up to my in-laws house because an ambulance was called for my father-in-law. They thought there was something wrong with his heart, but it turned out everything was a-ok with him. 

The weirdest part was, my mother-in-law went to pick him up to transport him to another bed, and he had NO lower half. As in, he was just an upper body. His body stopped right under his belly button. Is that even possible? 

What on earth makes my subconscious dream these things?

On top of that, somehow in.their.yard (yea-the way dreams link together are totally odd) there was a big group of very racially & culturally diverse people all laying out and enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly, a very heated argument started taking place involving bits and pieces of racist comments. 

I was infuriated, to say the least, because that's an area I feel very strongly about, and I try to surround myself with diverse people. Of course, I stood up to the jerks who were being total ignorant douchebags.

Somehow, after that the scene became a local farmers market that was conveniently placed inside our YMCA. No kidding, right? Our pastors wife, who adores Emeline had her and was toting her around for me so I could freely shop. 

After some time went by, I saw her and she didn't have my baby anymore. So I asked her who she got passed off too (the 'pass the baby' game isn't unusual), and she said, "Oh, I just put her in the YMCA babysitting."

In my dream I could FEEL my face turned as white as a ghost. She kind of looked at me like, "Oh, that wasn't okay?", and I remember saying through almost-tear-filled eyes something about being a first time  mom and no I'm not okay with that, while racing back inside to try and find my daughter.

Totally weird. Not to mention, the emotions were crazy and felt SO real. I remember them, vividly.

I started looking in multiple locations for the babysitting area. I kept seeing babies, but not my baby. Finally, I was directed to the correct babysitting room, and found Emeline peacefully playing.

I remember thinking she was probably hungry. So I perched myself up in a corner (of bleachers? Omg. I sound like I was on something.), popped my boob out, and started feeding her, and not really caring about who was around me. 

To my left, I see a grandma-type figure. She says to me, "Sweetie, you should really nurse her"---and I looked and felt confused, when she elaborated to "put my baby up to me closer, with more skin to skin contact".  Who was this woman and why was she telling me how to feed my kid?

At this moment, I remember hearing some crying. It was Emeline over the monitor needing her momma. In real life.

When I had a second to process this dream--it was enough to make me feel like I'd been on some sort of drug, and I assure you, I am not. Not even tylenol. Not cold medicine. Nothing.

Do you ever get these crazy hodge-podged dreams? 

They're enough to leave me scratching my head and pondering for days. 


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