Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Dogs acquainted with Babies, our story.

You know, it seems that the trend in most couples is to have a dog (or two) prior to having children. For us, we got a tiny bit of a baby-itch, but at the wrong time, so we cured it with a 12 pound yorkshire terrier named Mac.

It worked. For a little while anyway.

In the weeks and days leading up to The Baby arriving, we started setting up all her gear around the house.  You know, her swing, the bouncy chair, not to mention, a fully stocked nursery.

Mac would poke his little head around the things a bit, and definitely could sense a change coming.

But, really? He had no idea what he was in for.

When we were in the hospital having our daughter we set Mac up at my parents house for those few days. He got a lot of love and attention, and probably? Didn't even notice he wasn't at our house. We followed the 'rule' about bringing home the baby hat she first wore, and letting him sniff around with it. My parents did that for us, and said he slept with it in his crate.

The day we brought her home, my mom had already brought Mac into our house, gotten him situated, just so all things were 'as normal' for him as possible. One thing we did read was that it's better to come into the house with the new baby and the dog already home, then vice-versa. Who knows if it's true or not, but that's what we did.

Truth be told, he was way more interested in seeing us than he was seeing whatever that little blob-of-a-(cute!adorable!)-baby was in that car seat. Until finally, he waltzed up to her, took a little sniff and walked away.

That was that.

I had thought for sure, my once-spoiled-rotten-brat-of-a-dog was going to give us lots and lots of hell over rocking his world with this little Thing that suddenly took his place.
I swore up and down that we'd might even need to think about finding him a new home. That thought alone? Broke my heart. But, my kid had to come first if we ran into too much trouble with the two of them together.

The first few weeks went decent. He was still acting bratty and barking non-stop. Especially when I would sit down to nurse her, or whenever I was obviously busy with her. He'd jump down from his perch (aka: the couch), and just turn, stare and bark at us incessantly. There were a few days I just cried while the baby cried at the chaos that was going on. It was frustrating to say the least.

I learned to throw a kong with my foot, or give a belly scratch with my toes while I was busy taking care of Emeline.

We encouraged him when he was 'good' with her (laid near her without licking, or didn't bark, etc), and tried to use the positive reinforcement trick rather than the other way around.

And finally? He learned. 

To read the rest, hop on over to The Poop Whisperer.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The verdict: I'll never sleep again

There's some weird mom code to not talk about babies & sleep online, I swear to you. Even I have been guilty of getting ready to type something out, and thinking, 'Yikes, I don't want to jinx it.' Or better yet, be judged if my baby wasn't ::gasp:: sleeping through the night.

Truth be told, with sleeping training and all that, something, SOMETHING will always throw a wrench in our plans and ruin what we've been working on. Always. Without fail.

I'm new'ish at this mom stuff, still, but I think that's just the nature of children. 

You know. You get used to something, for a few days--and then BAM! It all changes.

A tooth starts to break through, or The Worst Cold of 2011 emerges, making your baby unable to sleep comfortably, hence, being up every few hours in the night.

You get it.

I'm starting to come to the realization that its okay. 

I can function semi-properly and heck, even drive somewhat safe on an interrupted night of sleep. Since, well, it's been almost 11 months (excuse me while I faint) since I've had a proper nights sleep.

You see, we'll have a few weeks where sleep is pretty good. Then, the unpredictability thing happens and boom! Ear infection. Ear Infection=Laying Down No-No. They hate to lay down when their ears hurt, hence, lack of sleep. For you, and the baby. Or, this winter, for us? She got some major cough-type-bronchiolitis thing. That was fun. Or not.

Talk about up-every-half-hour-pain.


But really. I've come to the conclusion that I'll sleep when all my kids are teenagers and I have to dump cold water on their face just to kick them out the front door in order to make the bus that day. Because, all teenagers like to sleep in, right?

And once they all get on the bus? Momma's going back to bed. Or so I dream. Whatever.

For instance, last night she was up twice before 1:30am. TWICE.

I swore that she'd just continue that trend well through the night, since the girl is still (iknow,right?) just not 100% on her A-game health-wise. But, she ended up sleeping from 1:45am-7:45am. If you're good at math (or not), that's SIX HOURS.

How insanely pathetic is it that I was happy with six hours of straight sleep from an almost 11 month old? Considering she slept 6 straight hours the day she turned six weeks old, I'm going go ahead and "ding ding ding" in, and say, Pathetic for 500. Sigh.

I'm hoping, praying to get back to the 10-11 hour nights (and you moms of kids who sleep 14 hours a night are pointing & laughing. Take it easy, I hear you.) we'd been having for a while. That'd be nice. BUT, if it doesn't happen for a while? Well, whatever. Because honestly? I still function. And there's always coffee.

But, I do have to say this. If I had a freaking tooth (or two) busting through my precious little gums? I'd want a snuggle from my momma, too. Or if I had a cough that wouldn't quit, I wouldn't want to be summoned to my baby prison crib, either.

Whether it's just a time, or a phase--whatever. What I'm learning is this. Things will forever change. She's a growing human. She'll evolve and adapt, and guess what? So will her sleeping. And that? Is just part of the gig I signed up for when becoming a parent.

I'm okay with that.

Plus, there's always coffee.

And this smiling face all day long.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now that's love.

Do you remember him?

I don't talk about him much anymore since a certain blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl steals the show around here most the time.

But, I love him.

 Despite all the shenanigans he manages to get into. No matter how many times I threaten to sell him on CraigsList (I kid, I kid). No matter how many times he begs at her high chair that day & I have to shoo him away for the umpteenth time after she throws half her dinner to him. 

He's a good boy. 

And? He loves her, too.  

May seem silly, but it makes my heart happy to see my babies love each other so much.

For real.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh, hey, here I am again.

I did it again. Another Vlog. Let's be honest, it's easier than writing. Although, I adore writing. A video blog every now and again is okay, right? Right. I think.

I did a lot less rambling than last week. You're welcome.

So, this week I'll be answering the following...

[See my friend Liz's blog post about how to get diapers on the cheap. You can thank her me later.]

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning (Afternoon) Scene

We spent the afternoon playing and relaxing. And I have proof.

 Oh, hey. I'm a brunette now. 

She finds this hysterical. 

Even Mac was part of the fun.

Hope your Saturday's are going well!

Saturday Morning Scene

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Saturday Morning Scene

{I'm out & about this morning eating mickey-mouse pancakes with my girl & nieces this morning and unable to get those pictures up in time for this post to launch, so I'll leave you with this for now. It never disappoints.}

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday, oh yea?

I haven't done a Thankful Thursday post in a while. And? Well? I think I need to. Enough said, eh.

I'm so very thankful for my hard-working husband. He's such a great dad. Last night, while we were putting the baby to bed, I couldn't help but smile so hard my cheeks hurt. The tummy-raspberries he was giving her to keep the fussie's away for a few extra minutes. The 'dancing Mac-a-boy' trick he does (err, Mac does) that makes her giggle with delight while we had to give her yet another breathing treatment. All of it was just so dang cute. 

Not to mention, yesterday, when I was having a rough-go with a non-napping child, he willingly came home at lunch to just lend a helping hand for a bit.

We adore him.

The proof is in the pudding. Or, video.

[had to crop out some insane mom-voice parts...but Declan came home unexpectedly, and you can see her genuine reaction to him--so so cute!]

I'm thankful for my sister. I adore having a sister so close in age, being able to call her whenever the heck I want, just to talk about nothing and everything. She's my best friend and I adore her. Now, all I can think about is making sure Emeline has the gift of a sister someday (don't get any ideas), because its the best. It's like a built-in-best friend. I'm so blessed.

I'm thankful for the rain. Even though I want to hate it (longing...for....spring...), it gives me an excuse (ha, like I need one?) to stay in with my girl, and try to get ourselves better. We stay in our pj's most the day, and just take it easy. Rainy days, although they can be a little bit cabin fever'ish, can also have their upsides. 

I'm thankful for health...and money to pay the bills....and for our basic needs being met. I'm thankful for family and for my little family. I'm thankful for my crazy pup. For friends I've missed and gotten together with. I'm thankful for random phone calls from friends which kill an hour of time on a long, rainy, day in--and provide laughter. I'm thankful for smiles. And for kisses. And for my Church family, my reliable car, our red wagon, and for our home. I'm thankful for the moments. The little moments that mean so much.

I'm thankful today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Need a breather.

I think we need a breather after my Vlog on Monday (which, by the way, both my mother & husband said I was overly shy, which I'm not. So clearly I need to make up for that) and then that doozy of post yesterday. 

What better to distract us then this little face, huh?

 She's become so kid-like, toddler-like, I guess I should say. And? It's scary. And cute at the same time. Like, I want to gobble up her cuteness on a daily basis. 

The wet slobbery kisses. The way she speed-crawls her naked booty to the bathtub when the water turns on & stands there like, "let me in!". The way she crawls up all the flights up steps like a freakin' champ. Or inhales big-people food like it's nothing. Or the way that she reacts to people who look at her, or give her even a second of attention in a restaurant/grocery store/shop, etc. Or how I can call her and she crawls into my lap. Or reaches for me to pick her up.

She's so funny. And such a kid, now.

I mean, really--such a tough life she lives. 

It's hard work being a ten and a half month old.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I have touchy subjects, too.

Blogging is an interesting thing.

You read about people, daily, who put their lives out there for whoever is reading. Sometimes, those people reading never show their 'face' (ie: never comment, email, etc). They lurk. 

They know a ton about your life. You don't know most of them, at all.

You write.You share. 

You continue to share things that you want. Its Your Blog, anyway, right?


I never realized that what I wrote would be of any interest to people. Or that some of you would stop by daily. Or that you'd care about the silly antics that is my life. Or hear about my miscarriage. Or watch my pregnant belly grow. Or watch me become a mom. Or that you'd like seeing the photographs I take of my daughter. (Okay, hold up. Who wouldn't want to see adorable pics? I digress.) Or watch her grow up. get it.

But, really.

Blogging is a weird thing on one hand, and a really, really great thing on another. I obviously love it.

You know a lot about me. Well, you know a lot about what I choose to write about, that is. Of course I don't write about everything, and out of respect I choose not to write about certain things regarding my family, my marriage, or other things we choose to keep personal.

You dig?

You feel like you know me. Some of you? I feel like I know, too. But, most of you? I don't really know.

When I write about something & hit publish it means I'm ready, willing and fully comfortable sharing with the proverbial 'world'. When I don't write about something for a while, or don't update on a particular thing? The usual reason is not because I forgot. It's because I'm not ready to talk about it. Heck, maybe I never will write about it. And that? Is okay.

You see, that's the thing. It's my right what I put out here. Just like its your right to do the same in your little space on the internet. I'm really open, true. But some things are touchy subjects even for me.

I think that sometimes, in the whole Art of Blogging, we forget about relationship. Relationship is between two people, a friendship, a bond, you've both invested & shared into each others lives in some way. 

And with relationship? Comes privilege to know certain things about the other...desires, hopes, fears, dreams, etc. 

Sometimes, just sometimes I feel like blogging takes that relationship aspect out of things. It can also be very one-sided. 

Just remember, although I'm a person who writes almost daily 'online', I'm still a human. With feelings, emotions & every day real life mom-struggles.

And sometimes? Sometimes? I just don't wanna talk about it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

About to have a heart attack, Monday Mingle Style.

Okay, I vlogged. I really, truly despise the whole video thing. I'm so much more comfortable typing, but, whatever. 

A few things you should note:

1. I don't typically wear a neon orange hoodie-but the husband brought it home (he got it for free) from a trade show he was at for work last week, and yea, after it came out of the laundry? It ended up on my back. 
2. I say "um" a lot.
3. Did I mention how uncomfortable this makes me? It's like me unveiling the whole me. TA DA WORLD, here I am. Oh man. Scary.
4. I mention that my writing is lame. I don't really mean that. Just that I feel lame in general. Oy ve. This is spiraling out of control.
5. The BEST parts of the video are that Emeline & Mac both make an appearance. There's always a silver lining, right?

Needless to say, here goes wasting five minutes of your life. You can't get those five minutes back, so choose wisely.

[Please note: I totally mention Laura in here and say I was 'pressured' to do this by her. I wasn't really pressured, just kind of a, 'aww come on, do it!' type thing. It was all nice, promise.]


happy monday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm photo pathetic.

But I have more pictures to share today. Being off Facebook has been hard for me in only one respect: I love to share my photos. So? You'll have to deal with seeing more here, mmk?

Now that we have that settled. Here you go.

Seriously. How cute are they? Obviously Mac wasn't having it and took a leap in photo #2. Love it.

 wagon smiles

babies in sunglasses should be illegal. That is all.

Saturday Morning Scene

a hand-in-hand wagon ride.
[I cheated today. This photo was from yesterday, but I swear there will be wagon-riding happening today. I'm ashamed that I cheated at my own link-up. Forgive me?]

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Have fun!

Saturday Morning Scene


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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I wish the word "random" wasn't so overused. Because it's so appropriate for this post.

-I can easily bake a batch of cupcakes, cookies or something and not touch or eat a single one of them. Honestly, I'm more tempted to lick the batter than actually eat the final product. I'm not a huge sweets person and never really have been.

-Emeline is the fastest, most ferocious stair climber ever now. It borderline gives me a heart attack how fast she can get up there. She thinks it's a game now, but I? Do not. 

-I like parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes and garlic salt with a side of pizza. Okay, all kidding aside-I seriously enjoy my pizza a million times more with all that yummy goodness on top. Anyone else?

-We had swim lessons this morning. I haven't really mentioned much about them, but so far? I like it, a lot. We finished class three out of six today. My girl loves the water and is really content the whole time. Even today, a bunch of the other babies were screaming but she didn't. However, I'm bound to pay for that since I just typed it. Of course I'll have the screamer next week. Will keep you posted.

-For all you Weight Watchers people (yes, there's a ton of you out there--hellloooo!), did you know a bag of pretzel m&m's is only 4 points? Just thought you should know that. My sister filled me in on that yesterday, and I? Feel like I'm indulging in a major way. Score.

-What are your thoughts on diet soda in the morning? It's no different than coffee, right? What about if you have coffee and also stop for a diet dr. pepper at chick-fil-a? Does that make it wrong? No reason. Just wondering.

-I'm also the mom who neglectfully forgot to get my kid something green to wear today. In fact, I even chose her new swimsuit to wear to class (it's navy blue with a pink elephant) over the green one she already owns. St. Patricks Day FAIL.

-Today in class, there's a new'ish swim-instructor-in-training and she was next to us in the circle time. All the instructors were pretending little "leprechauns" were biting the kid's feet. So they were grabbing their toes under water. Cute, right? Wrong. The instructor-in-training GRABBED MY LEG and tickled it instead of Emeline's foot on accident. Talk about an awkward moment. She was red with embarrassment. I flashed her a flirty smile.

I kid...I kid.

-Speaking of flirty...this weeks Glee? Maybe one of my favorites. Just sayin'.


Happy St. Patty's Day....or something.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mom heart.

We're on the brink of getting better, it seems.

But, I'm starting to go borderline-insane from being inside so much. Granted, two days ago we got out to the fabric store, but that was it. Sickness does a number on my mental health a bit. I need sunshine. I need to get out. It helps me feel....normal.

While being inside trying to will away the sickies, though, I've gotten a lot of time with a semi-cuddly girl.

I've really been watching her carefully. Literally, feeling as though my baby is turning toddler. It's crazy. My heart aches a little at the fact that my baby is not so tiny anymore. But then? I smile, because she is supposed to grow, and learn, and do, and..and...

It's all good.

Despite us girls not feeling on our A-game recently, I've still been enjoying her to the max. I'm so grateful for this time with her. I will never, ever get this first year back. It's been so very special.

I adore her. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tv & kiddies...just some thoughts.

Yikes. Touchy topic ahead.

In college I remember doing a debate on Television & Children in my child psych class. I happened to be 'put' on the side that had to debate why television was a negative thing for kids.

I thought, yes, I got the easy side, because of course, any person without children would be all "oh yea, tv is horrible for your kids!"

And you know what? TV in mass quantities? Probably IS horrible for your kid. As is the key to most things in life: Moderation.

But this is yet again, another of those mom topics that you either agree with, or you don't. You're either really passionate about, or you're not. One of those things that can cause The Great Divide among moms. Pathetic as it may be.

See, as a teacher--I've totally seen the kid who's cracked out on video-games. It's really, truly a sad thing. It's the same kid who tends to have some focus issues. And DUH, of course they have focus issues. In one of my grad classes we talked about how going from fast-pace-high-intensitiy video games/tv/movies, and then to the classroom, doing math problems on the chalkboard is the equivalent of going from 60mph to ZERO for a kid.

They've basically programmed their brains to need high!intensity! at all times.

So, going into motherhood I took an "in moderation" standpoint. I mean, let's face it. I like television. I like movies. My husband and I get excited to cuddle on the couch at night after the babe's in bed and watch our favorite shows. I never, ever, once thought that she'd never watch tv or movies, in fact, the occasional movie can be a lifesaver sometimes.

My 10 month old watches TV. Well, if you consider "watching" as crawling around the room, playing with toys, and taking occasional glances at the TV here and there, then yes. She's watching it.

Is she watching a lot? No way. In fact, the TV is off most of the day. Some mornings, though? We just cuddle on the couch and watch God Made Animals, Veggie Tales, Mickey Mouse, or Word World.

Read the rest of this post over at Poop Whisperer.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Not again.

I'm so irritated with winter. In fact, if I could kick winter right where it counts, I so would.

Spring is peaking its head around the corner every few days. But, it's taunting us like no other. It'll come and be semi-warm (as in, high 50's) for a few hours in a day. Just enough to put a little hop in your step. But, in a flash, it'll turn to a chilly, windy kinda cold again.

I'm over it.

Emeline is sick, again. I can't help but think "what.the.heck am I doing wrong?!" Really. What am I doing wrong? 

Was it just a bad winter? I feel like I'm cautious about germs without being over-the-top. We stay in a good bit, but we also get out here and there. I don't know why, but I'm just feeling frustrated that the poor kid has spent every-other month this winter sick. That shouldn't be the case.

Right now? It's double pink eye, a nasty cold, and more wheezing/coughing type stuff going on. I put her back on the nebulizer. Sigh.

We need some good old vitamin D. We need warmth on our face. We need the carefree summer. The windows open.

Apparently I need it, too. Looks like I've caught whatever she had (minus the pink eye, hallelujah) and I'm feeling all sorts of terrible. A sick mom and a sick baby, with a working husband? Momma's don't get sick days.

To add to it, Declan was away all weekend for a business trip. The poor guy came home yesterday to two ridiculously-pathetic looking girls. He was still happy to be home--and we were glad he he could help take care of us. 

I'm gonna just quit this whiny post while I'm ahead (err? or not) and go cuddle with the other queen sickie in the house. We're gonna watch movies today, and stay in our pj's, and will the winter blues away. 

I'll leave you with this photo I took yesterday. Dollar spot sunglasses can cover the pink eye AND make me long for summer in a major way. This photo gets me giddy with anticipation for park days, pool days, and sun-in-my-face days.

happy monday!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

My baby. My laptop. Cheerios. Yogurt Melts. What else do I need? Oh yea, coffee & my husband would be nice. 


Saturday Morning Scene


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Friday, March 11, 2011

Forget it.

I had a post for today, but honestly? It all seems extremely petty & trivial after seeing the devastation some of our world is in today. My heart is feeling all sorts of sad.

So, forget the post.

I just want to give you a little reminder to link up tomorrow for Saturday Morning Scene.


1. Take a picture of your Saturday Morning Scene. [Are you having an elaborate breakfast? Cuddling in bed with the kiddos? Watching cartoons? Maybe you're out and & about shopping, at a diner, at a yardsale, etc. Phone photos are okay, too. Get creative.]

2. Post & Link up. So come and grab the button from below.

That's it, we'll pop around and see what's going on with everyone. I find the way everyone spends their Saturday mornings really fun. :)

Now that I'm giving you warning, you have no excuse not to come back. See you, then.


Saturday Morning Scene

Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 Months Old

Dear Emeline,

Happy 10 months, baby girl. Two months away from being one year old. How is that possible?
Our time with you is so special. 

Your daddy & I just love getting on the floor and playing with you. You love to crawl all over him, and then you sit on his back and bounce up and down. When you bounce you like to add in your voice to hear it go up & down, too. You think it's so humorous. 

When I (rarely now) put a headband on you, you pull at it. You watch me the whole time while I give you a little "look" wanting you to keep it on. Then, you tug at it again, and again, watching me the whole time. It's become a little game to you. Sadly, I think headband days are coming to close.

Let's call this "the destruction of the headband".

This month, you're really into waving. You get up from your nap, Mac comes in your room and from your crib you stand & wave saying "hiiiiii". It's really sweet. You're so friendly with everyone, and will go to pretty much anyone who wants to hold you. We've yet to experience any separation anxiety-type stuff with you. You love to bend backwards (or tip upside down) when in people's arms. While it's cute, it can get a little tiring on the person (aka: me!) holding you. 

You love, love, love your puppy, Mac. You two play all the time and it's precious. You like to head-butt him and when he runs in circles or growls, you giggle with delight. 

When it comes to food you'll eat almost anything (except for peas, so far!), and you eat all table foods now besides the few times a day you nurse or take a bottle or sippy cup. You sit in your high chair and bang your hands on it, as if you're demanding food. Obviously we don't want this habit to continue, but it's pretty cute right now. 

You repeat sounds and hand motions I do, which is really fun. You seem to be on the brink of learning new words. You say a few little words here and there, and can repeat inflection & sound really well.

You walk around furniture at the speed of light, but you will not, for the life of you take any steps on your own. You can walk with your push-behind walker super fast, too. You learned to climb steps this month, and you are constantly trying to stand in the bathtub. We have to tell you to stay on your bottom multiple times now. 

You're sleeping a lot better for us. Still not doing the straight 12 hours, but you'll definitely sleep 9-10 hours straight through, with a wake up here or there, but you can put yourself back to sleep. Sleep has been a pretty constant battle around here, so we're glad it's (seeming) to finally get resolved a bit.

You wear size 3 diapers, weigh around 19lbs, and fit in size 6-12 month clothing. I got you sized yesterday at Stride Rite & you're a size 3 shoe, but we bumped you up to 3.5 for growth. You're toothless, still!

Sweet girl, you're our joy. You melt your daddy's heart when you crawl up to his feet & squeal with delight when he get's home from work. I'm already just so proud of the sweet & tender little girl you are. So happy and delightful. 

We love you more than words.



How you looked this month:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weight Update. Holy cow, hold me.

Yea, I realize I posted today. But after the support from a bunch of you all on Twitter, I realized I should do a weight-loss update. Maybe?

I don't know why this is so hard for me. I seriously freaking HATE to put before pictures up. It makes me want to throw up in a my mouth a little. But, I try to remember that I birthed a child. It's okay. Breathe, Katie.

So here's a little recap:

-I've been on Weight Watchers (online) since the 1st week in January (cliche, much?). 
-I've had a 21-pound loss so far since starting that program.
-Here's the quick breakdown because I think I've confused people: I gained 31 pounds when weighed the day before having her. By the time she was 6 or 7 months old,  I'd lost 24 pounds of that just because. I didn't do much of anything, really. When starting this in January, I had about 7 pounds to lose of pregnancy weight PLUS a lot more (and still to go). So, now this puts me at 14 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight. Hope that makes sense :)

So, these before pictures are taken the first week in January, when still carrying 7lbs of the pregnancy weight. The after pictures? From today.

I don't know why this is so hard for me. But, here it goes.

{ignore the pre-pissed off face, obviously, unhappy, yea?}

{this is where I see it most...the side view}

Forgive me while I faint.

This is what I'm capable of today.

I'm not sure I could form a sentence today to save my life. Oh, look. I sort of just did?

Either way, consider this a brain dump, err, explosion. Whichever.


-All of your comments yesterday about Emeline were sweet as can be. Thank you. You make a momma's heart happy. 

-This morning I was awaken at 7am by a strong pounding (knocking?) on the door. It was Best Buy delivering our dryer. I can't even tell you how happy I am to have a dryer we don't have to run three or more times to get DRY clothes. Such a novelty. We're hoping it'll save on our electric costs because drying each load multiple times is A.) a time sucker and B.) an energy waster. 

Either way, I shoved the husband downstairs to deal with the delivery because there is no way my hot-mess-lookin'-morning-self was going down there to do it. You'll be happy to know it's currently drying it's first load. We're all about testing out the new goods.

-My newest fun thing to mess around with on my phone is the Instagram app. Anyone else have it? My username is LovesofLife. I have no idea if other phones (other than iPhones) have this app, but it takes such fun photos. See? I love it.

-My sister emailed a bunch of her close friends/family last night to share an article on Lent she found. You know, it's funny--I grew up in always very contemporary-like Churches so Lent wasn't something I was very familiar with. But, I just can't seem to find any harm in giving up something you really enjoy doing, or something that sucks up your time to spend more time praying, or reading uplifting things, or heck, spending time with people. 

So, after reading this article, I decided to join my sister and we both deactivated our Facebook accounts. I don't say this to be all braggy-brag, because, as pathetic as it sounds, giving up Facebook (aka: timesucker101) is going to be pretty hard for me. I mean, where will I upload the new pictures I take of my baybee?! Waahhh. But, more or less, you can help keep me accountable, too.

I'm determined to finish reading my book, One Thousand Gifts, during this time. I'm not a big reader--but I'm gonna buckle down and do it.

-Okay, and here's a shameless plug because I haven't done one in a long, long time. There are a few new items up in my shop, so take a look.


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Peaceful Home

I believe in name meanings. 

For us, we value the meaning of names. If your name is going to be spoken over you umpteen times a day, it might as well have some good meaning, right? 

Emeline (spelled that way) means "Peaceful Home".

There were so many confirmations over and over again to us that this was to be her name. I mean, countless things that happened that I like to call God Moments. For real. 

Declan and I have always loved her name. We constantly get the weird looks when people ask her name or the long pause and then ".....well that's unusual." But, we don't care. Partly for that reason is why we decided to keep her name quiet (other than family and close friends) before she was born. We simply didn't need the feedback.

We even had an old pastor visit us after she was born. Declan eagerly told him the meaning behind her name, hoping to get that affirming nod and such. But, instead, he did a little chuckle under his breath & said something to the effect of screaming babies & "ha, yea, that'll be peace, alright" type sarcasm. It was meant to be a joke, but it wasn't very nice.

We weren't naive. We know what new babies bring. And indeed, we got the screaming baby thing every once in a while. Yep, she was a newborn and they all go through those weird phases. 

If you ask me, though. She's lived up to her name so far. Girlfriend is peaceful, and that's the number one compliment we get while we're out in public. But, it's more than just that. 

When Emeline got dedicated, I felt I got even more revelation about her name meaning. Her 'peaceful home' wasn't our physical home. It was her.

I pray for her daily that she'll have an inner peace & confidence that can only come from knowing her heavenly Father and the love He has for her. Her peaceful home.


Happy Tuesday...

Monday, March 7, 2011

To whom it may concern.

Dear Husband,

Do you know just how awesome it was to have you home this weekend? I don't want to be all sappy-like, but it made for a really good Saturday O' Errand-running/shopping/etc with our little family. Those times fill up my love-tank like whoa. So, thanks. I realize if you could you'd have every weekend off work. But, maybe it makes me appreciate them more? 

Either way, thanks. We love you tons.

Your girls

PS: none of the following events would have been as fun without you.


Dear salesman in Best Buy,

I didn't particularly like it when you called my daughter a "flirt" because she smiled & waved at you. She smiles at everyone. I laughed it off though, and moved on.

But at the end of the sale, when you went and made that old-dirty-man remark to her, like "you better stop looking at me that way, pretty lady, or people will start rumors about us" bullshizz I wanted to smack you. It wasn't funny, and? It was kind of distasteful. You took it too far.

It almost voided the sale. No, really.

Protective don't ever talk about my girl that way Momma-Bear


Dear Server at The Restaurant Of Choice this weekend,

Lingering awkwardly around our table was kinda weird, not gonna lie. I've waited tables before, I know the drill. Be nice, a little friendly chit-chat is okay, but trying to talk our ear off about your hot sports car? No good.

I could honestly care less about your Thunderbird that's "dying for a spin". I'd rather talk about my kids poop to be perfectly honest.

Oh, and when you come in to check on our table mid-smoke-break, and bring a huge puff of cigarette smoke with you? It literally makes me want to vomit. 

Take note.

A paying, would kind of like to enjoy my meal in peace customer.


Dear Starbucks,

It's a shame, really. I avoid you--often. We simply cannot justify that amount of money spent on coffee. But, thanks to my friend Gina we had a gift card. So we splurged, per-say. 

But you royally messed up Declan's order. He ended up with a hot chai when the man hates tea. And guess where we ended up stopping five minutes later?

Dunkin Donuts.

Starbucks Fail.

At least you got my order right


Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene.

Husband: "Hey babe, look at her."

Me: "What??"

Husband: "Just look at her. She's so big. Eating like a big girl, dressed up like a big girl..."

Insert unanimous sigh here.

Wanna show a saturday morning scene at your house, too? 

-add the button your post
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-have fun, add a caption, tell us the conversation going on, whatevs. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just how was our day, you ask?

You know, that unusual Wednesday where we got a little extra time with the husband/Daddy?

I'll let you be the judge.