Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lots of 'em. I know you aren't surprised.

There are so many things I want to write about. But, still some things I'm figuring how and when to write about. There are good things happening. Weird things. Things I need to work through. Lots of things.

And I want to write on some of them. But I need some time to formulate my thoughts.

Right now? All I think I'm capable of is showing you some pictures from our nice, relaxing, fun day yesterday. Which was a combination of Memorial day festivities and also celebrating my wonderful Daddy's birthday. 

But I just want to say, thank you, seriously, to all those who give relentlessly, sacrifice time with their family, in the name of freedom. 

So, there you have it. Photos. And lots of 'em.

Hopefully soon I'll get my thoughts formulated into words around here. I really do have some good things to share. Tomorrow, maybe?

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Water table and WalMart. I love one, and hate the other.

Yesterday I was sitting there, on my deck, under the umbrella, baby monitor, cell phone, and the tallest plastic cup filled to the brim with ice and diet dr. pepper nearby, all during naptime.

Silence. It was heavenly.

Up on my second floor deck, even though it was hot as balls yesterday (read: 90 degrees), there was a nice little breeze that makes it feel somewhat bearable even in the dead of heat.

I was staring at the cutest little water table that I bought Emeline at WalMart earlier that day. Smiling at the fun we just had. So much so that it had obviously wiped her out. 

I set it up by myself. That may sound pretty pathetic, but I'm one of those people who loathes putting things together. My sister on the other hand? Loves it. My brain just doesn't work like that. I mean, I can do it. But I'd much rather leave it to Declan to do.

But, I did it for my girl.

 A high school friend mailed Eme that hat & bathing suit from Crazy8 for her birthday. Adorable, isn't it?
Then I filled it with water (with multiple trips to the sink, using a pitcher), and she enjoyed herself for a while.  Splashing away like a big kid, and looking at me for that little nod of approval every so often.

It was sweet.

And even Mac joined in on the fun.

Poor girl, gets her thighs from her momma.
Yesterday was just a day full of reminders of how blessed I am. How full life is. 

I was also reminded why I never go to WalMart. [What? You thought this was a sappy post?]

I prefer to drive an extra 15 minutes to go to Target. Truly.

As the guy at the register was swiping my items through the scanner, he came across the 30 Day Shred dvd I was buying. He said something like, "Oohh you're trying to get yourself in shape for summer, eh?" I should have just smiled and nodded. BUT I NEVER LEARN. Apparently.

I'm the queen of saying too much.

So, I go, "Oh, well, sort of--I guess. I mean, I actually started doing that dvd using the free one on the tv since Monday. But I needed this one to continue with the harder levels."

[Him. Totally grilling me up.] "Well, you look good, girl."

And then? All I could do was smile and pretend I DIDN'T HEAR HIM. It was awkward. As I'm standing there with my baby in the cart, buying a big, huge, TOY for her. Such weirdness comes from WalMart. Every single time I go, without fail.

I'm a Target lover. WalMart can suck it. Target never fails me. Ever.


So? On that note...cheers to a beautiful walmart-free holiday weekend...

I feel terrible about all the storms and devastating tornadoes that are sweeping our country. I've seen the pictures, I've watched the news. My heart aches. I'm not trying to ignore it, I'm just not sure what to say or do. If you feel inclined, you can donate via the Red Cross, here

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Time Lapse

It still will always boggle my mind how much difference a year makes. Always.

And I'm thankful for every last bit of this past year. It's been pretty freaking awesome.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Dieting" while on vacation & National Swimsuit Confidence Week

I hate the term 'diet'.

Most days, I don't even feel like I do that much different. Maybe that's because this has become such a way of life for me.

I used to roll my eyes at people who used the term "lifestyle change". Seriously? It sounded so lame and a way to stay in denial that dude, you were SO on a diet. 

But now that I'm that person?

I get it. I do.

Because everything about the way I eat has changed. I eat less. And not because I'm forcing myself, too. Because I'm literally full much quicker. I don't have a hard time saying no, turning down mixed drinks, or multiple ice cream outings. 

So while on vacation, I didn't really have a hard time sticking to my plan. Which is probably why I had a successful week, and even managed to still lose a pound. [Read: Success in my book.]

Some people asked me if I still kept track of points while on vacation. The answer is ABSOLUTELY. Since I have my phone, I am never without the ability to keep track, so I have no excuse. Plus? I've been doing it for so long, it's just so much a part of my daily routine, I don't know any different. 

I also dipped very much so into my flex points last week. In fact? I think I had less than 10 left for the week. The only other time I've ever gotten that low was my birthday week.

Since I didn't have much control over the daily meals, I just had to have control over how much I ate. Which was pretty easy. 

I'm learning how much I hate the overly full feeling. It just feels so miserable and gross now. I used to eat every single night that way. Feeling so full I could burst...but not now.

I had a few bites of Declan's ice cream one night, which was enough to satisfy my craving. And one other night, Declan and I got out for a little date night and we shared a small cup of ice cream (two scoops...a scoop for each). It honestly was perfect. 

When I felt a little slighted when everyone else was drinking icy, sugary, mixed, daiquari-type drinks? I'd just get a light beer instead. 

It's doable. You don't have to throw the whole 'diet' out the window just because you're out of town. In fact? I think it gives you something to be even prouder of. Sticking to it while you are on vacation is totally a success in my book. 

And let me just say, it was nice to feel decent in my suit. So what if I'm still curvy? I like my curves. So what if I'm not toned and firm* in places I'd like to be? I still need to celebrate the successes as they come.

So, on this note--I'm joining in on National Swimsuit Confidence Week over at Curvy Girl Guide. I so wish Lands End had sent me a free suit, but, alas. They did not.

I will still join in and say a big HELL YEA to wearing a swimsuit in confidence. Embracing the curves. The thighs (oh.Lord.The.thighs!) Throwing out the moo-moo. And getting in the pool with your kiddies. It's an awesome message, so go over and check it out

And if you join in too and blog about it, leave a comment. I'd love to check it out.

Embracing the curves...

*My husband and I started the 30 day shred challenge this week. Hoping to firm-ourselves up a bit. If all goes well and we succeed? There will be before/after pictures (since, we totally took before pics). 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A long drive with a one-year-old.

Our drive to the Outer Banks is about 8 hours.

Eight...long...hours. We do not have a big, fancy-schmancy car with a dvd player. So don't even go there. We have nothing to turn on to let her zone out, fall asleep to, or whatever while we drove for that long.

I swear, I'm not hating on dvd players. I think its pretty rad. But it's not something we have. Plus, my kid really isn't into movies all that much.

We thought it would be a genius idea on the way down to stop halfway, sleep at a hotel, and drive the rest of the way in the morning. We had saved enough money that it wasn't a problem, and splitting the ride up seemed like the best way to go with a one year old.

Well, we were wrong. It was the worst. 

We left around 4pm. Even had a stop for dinner. Right around Emeline's normal bedtime, she started to get fussy in the car, but it was still light out. So? She wouldn't fall asleep. At THIS moment is when we should have stopped, found a hotel, and put the girl to bed. She was ready. Giving us all the signs, etc. But did we? No.

We're too stubborn for that. And we majorly regretted it. [And paid for it, too.]

A little bit of fussing, some music, a sippy cup, and a rest stop later to stretch her legs....she had finally fallen asleep. Just as we were crossing over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Aka: Longest Tunnel Ever. Silence.

We thought "heck, let's keep going." I should have listened to my intuition and stopped a long time ago, prior to her falling asleep, but hadn't. 

We pulled into a hotel around 11:00pm in the Virginia Beach area. I thought that I could easily transport sleeping child into pack-n-play. I immediately knew this would be much harder than I'd imagined once Emeline popped her head up from my shoulder, and cheerily said, "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!" to the lady checking us in. 

Crap. She was up. Totally, completely, awake and non-sleepy. 

Us, however? Utterly exhausted. 

We got into our nice room with king bed, opened up the pack-n-play, got it all cozy for her. But? She would scream.bloody.murder if we put her in it. Which? Wasn't the best situation considering there were sleeping people in the rooms next to us. 

We figured, no problem, we'll just stick her in bed with us. Again. Wrong. She had just felt like she took a nap and was now wide awake. She crawled all over the bed, giving us kisses, smacking our faces, rolling in all directions, talking, playing, and doing anything but sleeping. We...were...exhausted. This went on for over two hours. Two dreadful, exhausting hours. 

When finally, I coaxed her into her pack-n-play with the remote. She's obsessed with playing with them. I also hate to admit that adult cartoons on the tv was the only other thing distracting her. Finally? After standing in the pack-n-play, watching out the top, she collapsed into sleepy oblivion.

For only 1.5 hours. 


Insert more screaming. Finally, though, she's sleepy enough to fall asleep in my arms, while I'm cooped up in the worst, weirdest and most uncomfortable position there ever were. 

At 4am I was awoken by a sound. A sound I hate to hear. 

My husband was getting sick, in the bathroom.

(I realize this story has taken a turn. It'll come back. I swear.)

He comes drudging back into bed, while moaning, because, dude, he was sick. Meanwhile, I'm feeling all sorts of helpless. I couldn't MOVE b/c of said sleeping child in my arms. My husband was sick. We had hardly gotten any sleep. We were in an effing hotel. It sucked. Big time.

At 5:45am we called it a day. Er, started the day. The husband got a little pepto-bismol in him, while I tried to chug some coffee. After about twenty minutes in the car, our little lady had knocked herself out cold. She was exhausted, and couldn't keep her eyes open. Duh, little one. That's what protesting sleep in a strange place'll do to you.

Since we had done the bulk of the traveling the day before? We only had a few hours and we were at the beach house, luckily. 

On the drive home, though? We wised up.

Here's what we did.

We bathed and put her to sleep as normal. We had everything packed and ready to go except her and the pack-n-play. We all slept until 3:30am, got ready, car packed, and the very last thing in the car at 4am?


Did she stay asleep during transfer from pack-n-play to car? Nope. She was awake. For two hours in fact. But? She was happy. And since it was dark, she was calm, and very relaxed. Once the sun started coming up? She started falling asleep. She took a nice long nap (1.5 hours or so). 

She got up again for a little while. We made a pit stop, got some snacks, changed her out of her pj's, fresh diaper, and stretched her legs a bit...then back to it. After another few hours? She was back down again for another nap. The last two hours of the car ride were the worst, and they weren't even all that bad. Whining. A bit of crying. But nothing that a sippy cup, some cheerios or mum-mums couldn't fix.

So here's my quick run-down of things I learned from making a long driving trip with my 1 year old:

Continue Reading this Post over at The Poop Whisperer.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Very random post vacation thoughts.

Now that I'm home from vacation, I don't mind telling you exactly where we were last week. Obviously, on vacation. The beach. But, where? 

We were in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. Specifically, in the little quaint town of Avon. It was an adorable little place down the strip, on a skinny little piece of land where you can see water in both directions when standing in the middle. 

See what I mean? We stayed right there at the pin-drop. 

Pretty fabulous, and? Pretty scary looking when seeing it on the map. Which is why I had to not let myself look at this image until after I got home. Why things like seeing this weird me out is beyond me. But the idea of it is slightly terrifying for me.

Good thing we weren't there in hurricane season. 


We moved to a different house after day one (Long story...but, the basic gist? The original house was recently foreclosed on. The realty company didn't realize the slew of issues that came along with it. They felt we needed to be compensated in some way. So they offered us a bigger, better house, with a heated pool at no cost. We moved 13 people in under 3 hours on Monday, and it was totally worth it.), and Declan and I got the master bedroom. Which was awesome. We needed a room with a big enough bathroom to put the pack-n-play in for Emeline.

There was a huge window in the bathroom, though. So our solution to make it darker in there was to run to the hardware store, buy some brown butcher-like paper (it was actually a drop cloth), and tape it up over the window. Holy darkness batman. That thing worked like a charm.

She slept anywhere from 11-13 hours straight a night there. In fact? She slept better there than at home. Little stinker.

Speaking of the bathroom, it had a whirlpool tub. So guess who took her baths in luxury at night? She loved it. But it was too big for us to just lean over and bathe her the way we do at home in our tiny normal sized tub.  So, it required one of us to get in with her. Family bath time on vacation? I say why not.

And yes, she drank straight from the faucet. Kids are weird.


Travel on the way down was horrendous in every way. In fact, it probably requires an entire post of it's own. But, we wised up and travel on the way home? So...much...better. An 8 hour road trip with a one year old probably isn't ranked up there in my list of Top 10 Favorite Things To Do. I know, you're shocked.


This was Eme's second time to the beach. Last year, she was only 6'ish weeks old, therefore? She did not touch the sand. So when we went to the beach for pictures this past week, we giddily set her in the sand for Her First Sand Experience, and she was less than pleased.

In fact? She was pisssssed.

Does it make me a bad mom that I laugh every time I look at this picture? Don't answer that.


And I think this trip gets the record for how many family pictures I got. Check another one off the list. I should never complain about having family picture, like, ever.

Photo courtesy of my SIL, Lyryn.

And in case you were wondering who I went on vacation with. Here's the whole gang. 
[Declan's side of the family]

Not a bad looking group, I'd say. But of course I'm bias.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I still have about eleventy billion bags to unpack. Yes, I realize I've been home for two days. At least the laundry is done, give me a break.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Headed home from the beach, today. Trying to remember the sand in my toes. Until we head to the beach again next month with my family, that is.


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Saturday Morning Scene


Friday, May 20, 2011

Can you stand more pictures? Oh well.

I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday, all prepared to do a pretty picture Thankful Thursday post. But? It's friday. Insert debbie downer womp womp here.

I'm fairly certain that losing track of days is one of the side effects of vacation, yea? Anyway.

I have a million pictures I want to share now, and no creative way to do it. So, it's going to be a photo-vomit post. Except, not vomit, because that's gross and these are anything but. 

family pool photo? why not.

Cousin beach picture, and family feet in the sand.
My friend Lindsay sent this suit & hat for Eme. I die of cuteness.
mommas girl, and everyone heading to the beach for pictures
my gorgeous sister-in-laws and I
Her little arm move? That's because she's in mid-dance move. No, really.

It's been a beautiful week. The weather got better and better, the time together was great, seeing my husband and sweet girl interact all day long, grand. I've really, really enjoyed my week.

Have a happy Friday, friends.

Come back tomorrow for Saturday Morning Scene. I'll be on the road, but I'll have the post scheduled and ready to link up.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The spillage of my brain.

Here on vacation and I'm feeling like I need to dump my brain a bit. Why? Who knows. I'm sitting around the kitchen table right now with all my in-laws, surrounded by waffles, pancakes, sippy cups, and copious amounts of coffee. It's pretty grand.

The weather has been pretty crap here, though. We get random bits of sunshine here and there, and when we do? We run outside like it's nobody's business to catch a few rays of it. I'm about 99.9% I'll be coming home paler than I left. I may be getting another spray tan when I get home.

For the record? I'm a huge fan of spray tans. They used to suck, I'm sure. I've seen that Friends episode. But nowadays, they are so much better. My sister and I have done them twice in the last month and we both looked like we just came home from a long tropical vacation. When in reality, we just got sprayed for 2 more like 30 seconds. It's pretty awesome. And I'm not a fan of the whole tanning-bed thing. I used to do it in high school, and now the thought of it makes me shudder. I have a child to live for and don't need to sit in the cancer box. Anyway. Don't send hate mail.

Our pool here is heated, which means the little kiddies can go in and not have the breath taken out of them, or get blue-iced lips. Emeline loves the pool, so she's thrilled. She told me. Okay, okay. Her smile told me. But again, we need sunshine to make all this vacationing a wee bit better. Luckily a little bit came out yesterday and we did enjoy some poolside time. The forecast is looking decent for today, too. Cross your fingers.

I've been beyond shocked and pleasantly surprised at how well my chickie sleeps on vacation. I literally thought it was going to be t-o-r-t-u-r-e. Our first two naps here involved about 20 minutes of crying/yelling, and after that? She's basically gone down without a peep. She sleeps in our massive bathroom in her pack-n-play, and we hung butcher paper over the window. It's pitch black in there, and she sleeps better than she does at home. We're talking thirteen straight hours. Not complaining, whatsoever. I'm thrilled.

My husband is the cutest and sweetest daddy ever. I realize I'm totally biased, but my gosh, the man kills me. I adore him and his relationship with our baby girl. I do feel super blessed.

Oh and humidity, water and pool time equals CURLS for this girl. She is so my daughter.

We went to a lighthouse yesterday, and when we got there we realized we weren't able to take/carry/wear either of the babies to go up in it. Which, was...uh....annoying. So, a bunch of the other family members went up and The Ones With Kids went out for a Mexican food lunch instead. It was (in my book) a win all around.

I brought my scale on vacation. Which I'm sure is breaking some Vacation Handbook Rule somewhere. But, I'll have you know that I'm so sticking to my Weight Watchers, and honestly? Not really at all having a problem doing so. Will I lose weight at my next weigh in? I don't know. But on Monday when I weighed in I had lost almost 2lbs. Heck to the yes.

I spent two hours catching up with my sister-in-law, Lyryn in the hot tub last night after the kids were in bed. I do not advise anyone to sit in the hot tub for that long. You will resemble a prune when you get out. You will feel loopy and woozy. Just saying. Consider yourself warned.

And because I can. A family picture.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Collage Wall, Update.

Just thought you should know, since, well....I promised. I did finish the collage wall for now.

And? I'm totally guilty of putting 390283901 pictures of my one child on ONE wall. But, whatever.

We got some family pictures and other birthday pictures taken at The Picture People at the mall on her 1st birthday. I like using them to get prints for my walls. 

Anyway. Here we are today (err, last week when I took the pictures, that is)

Oh, hi Emeline.


This will be a forever changing wall, I have a feeling.

Happy Wednesday :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An update from our new* beach house.

Needless to say, we're having a good time thus far.


*I'll have to tell you about this fun adventure. But, the house we rented? Is not the house I'm sitting in right now. It's a great little story, totally blog worthy. Anyway, gorgeous house. Upgraded. For free. Happy family. All is well.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday Party Q&A

How did you come up with a theme for her party?
I'd been thinking about this for a while and honestly? I first thought I'd just go with the owl-theme for her (per our usual go-to). However, I kept just seeing myself unhappy with that, like we'd overdone it. One day I was sitting in her room, in the chair, nursing her--when I looked in her closet and saw a dress I'd gotten her last year before she was born from the Baby Gap (I had a gift certificate). It's navy blue, with a big sunshine that bursts from the side/bottom of the dress. Just like that, I knew the theme would be something using yellows/whites/blues, and boast of "you are my sunshine".

Wait, what was the theme again?
Technically, it was a "You are my Sunshine" theme. Although, themes are whatever in my book. Basically? I wanted an overwhelming amount of bright yellow, pops of blue & white, daisies, gingham fabric, and a picnic'y type feel. I think we got that.

Where did you get the banner?
I made it. It's actually a paper banner, made from various pieces of scrapbook paper that I picked according to the feel I wanted. I cut the triangles, then used 1.5" thick ribbon, folded over, and then pinned, and sewed using my machine all along to hold the whole banner together. And yes, you can sew through paper, no problem.

The letter cutouts spelling out "You are my Sunshine" are done using my sister's Silhouette machine. 

Where is the ceramic owl from?
Ross, in the home goods section. For like six bucks. I figured an owl had to make at least one appearance :)

How on earth did you get flowers on those pretzels?
They are pretzel-stick molds. You can find them at craft stores (I got mine at JoAnns fabrics) for like $1.99. You just melt chocolate in them, lay a pretzel stick in, put in the fridge, and voila!

What did you buy & what did you make?
I made the banner. With help from my sister I made the cake pops, the sugar cookies (and decorated), the floral arrangements (just bought some daisies in bulk for cheap), the button "E" sign, the month by month photo hanger, the photo props, even the chalkboard. Oh I almost forgot, I even sewed my own table runners from yellow gingham fabric, and some table cloth toppers, too. I'm a DIY type gal if I can help it. Oh, and the cupcakes & smash cake were made by my SIL, Lyryn.

As far as things I bought...the candy (but on sale majorly), the balloons, paper plates, napkins, the craigslist highchair ($20), yellow spray paint, oh and I also bought the cupcake tower for $9 but I spray painted it of course. Was originally black.

All the vases come from my sisters collection (seriously, we could own a party planning business, we have SO MUCH), including the cake plates, platters, etc

How did you take the photobooth pictures?
We set up a camera on a tripod, including instructions, set with a self timer. We wrote out the instructions on a piece of foam board, had them posted, and up there were the chalkboard, chalk and props in a basket nearby.

I'll be printing them and putting them in a book for Emeline, since everyone wrote her little wishes on the chalkboard. I want her to remember them and see them in the future.

Where did you get the photobooth props?
I made them. I used the hard(er) felt from the craft store, free-hand drew them, (Art teacher here. Don't forget.) then hot glued to thin wooden sticks I found for .20 cents at the craft store. I had two pairs of glasses, two mustaches, and one bow tie.

The chalkboard was a plain piece of wood (from the unfinished wood section of the craft store), and then painted with chalkboard paint.

How did you get your invitations on magnets?
I made them in Picnik. My husband helped resize them in photoshop. I then uploaded them to where they have the option to buy as magnets. I bought my envelopes from the office store (Staples), and they were all done for under $24 total.

What are your plans for the highchair?
Right now it's going to live at my parents house as an option for another highchair when we're there for dinners, gatherings, etc. Plus, they have the space. In the future it'll likely get repainted (and repainted) by me for future photoshoots with future children.

Where do you get huge balloons like that? 
I got them at They are 36" latex balloons. (FYI: They take a LOT of helium. I rented a small tank from our local Party City.)

How did you not break the bank?
I didn't, at all, and it's not an option. Plus, I've been gathering, collecting, making for the past three'ish months. I used the money from my Etsy Shop income to cover the costs of the party. My parents also helped us by taking care of the food buying, which is something they always generously offer. This took a huge financial burden off of us. Also, re-using old vases from my wedding, platters, and re-purposing decorations is another way I saved.

What websites/inspiration did you use?
I'm not really big on following party blogs (in fact, I don't look at any really). The rest of the inspiration came from my head, or things I just have picked up stored back in the files of my brain. But if I found any inspiration anywhere it came from Pinterest

Most of all, how did you plan this without being an emotional basketcase the whole time?
Who said I wasn't? Okay, a few times I broke down in little sobfests. If you ask my husband, my main hangup was the concept of time, and just how freaking fast it goes. It makes me sad (a little) that she's not a "baby" anymore. But, I know and love that she's growing healthy and learning new things. I had a tiny little cry (okay, more than tiny) the week before her birthday. However, I enjoyed her party and didn't shed a single tear. I was just so happy that day, my girl deserved to be celebrated, and she was. 


I think I answered most the questions. If you want to see all of the first birthday pictures (including all photobooth pics), you can check them out on my Flickr photostream.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

The car was packed, the house is being taken care of, the doggie is being watched, and we're on our way to the beach!

Two years ago, this is how our little family looked on vacation.

Okay, okay...more like this:

Then, last year at the beach, our little family had expanded a bit.

This year? You better believe we're getting more beach pictures. But this time, Emeline has grown, and her momma has shrunk. 

What a difference a year makes, eh?


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Saturday Morning Scene


Friday, May 13, 2011

1 year postpartum, and let's just call it a weight loss update, too.

I've been insanely honest about post-baby-body issues here. Always have been, and most likely? Always will.

You can see posts where I show my body 5 days postpartum, 12 days postpartum, and 3 months postpartum. All of which make me shudder inside and then make me question why I am so honest. My gosh, I think I have a problem. But, I digress.

Anyway. There was this period between when Emeline was 3 months-7/8 months old where I didn't do anything. I was still nursing. Still hungry often. Ate whatever I wanted. Did my mommy'ing thing, and just stopped caring about my body. I guess, mentally? I thought, well heck, this is my after-baby-body and I need to just deal.

But finally, I snapped out of it, and my sister & I joined Weight Watchers online the first week in January along with every other person in America. (I mean, doesn't everyone start diets that week?) 

It's been a successful journey ever since. I showed you when I lost 21lbs. Then, I even showed you when I lost 27lbs. And now? Since I'm obviously a fan of odd numbers? 

This is me around having lost 33lbs. Thirty. THREE. First of all, am I the only one who pictures 33lbs of fatty uncooked slabs of ground beef? Yes? Oh, sorry for the visual. Vomit. That is a lot of weight. And I'm kind of ashamed at where I was. [Dear Katie, please remember, you had a baby. Breathe. You had a baby.]

But, I'm not at all ashamed with where I am now. I've worked hard.

Okay, okay. I didn't want to have to do it....but I should probably show you where I came from. You know, just so you can throw up a little really appreciate the before and "in progress" (not "after's" since I'm not quite done yet...more on that later) pictures. 

So, excuse me while I go sing in the corner and try to forget I'm posting these yet again.

Did you gasp? Well get ready, because it ain't over yet. I know, I know, this is almost too much for one day. 

Considering this is a 1 year postpartum update, I'm about to do something I've not done since my belly was full of baby. 

Show you it, bare. 

I swore that I'd absolutely NEVER show my stomach again. Not even for belly pictures for future children. It's ruined with stretchmarks from my belly button down, not to mention? It was flabby to the max. 

A quick reminder of my baby belly (this was around 36/37 weeks....and the last one I have "bare"). 

....and one year later. (Oh God, hold me.)

It may be stretchmarked, but it's a heck of a lot flatter and less flabby than it was in January. Just be glad I didn't document the bare belly post baby. Dear Lord, that was scary. Nighmare'ish in fact. I'm still so curvy. My goodness, do I have hips. But I'm pretty happy with where I've come.

And now? For some sass. Because all girls who lost weight & feel pretty good put their hands on their hips for pictures. It's what we do.

Oh hello messy closet background. 


So, that's where I'm at. I promise, you won't see another weight loss update from me until I reach my final goal, which is about 10-14lbs away. That's a lot to go, but after losing 33? I feel I can do it. I hope I can.

I also just have to say that celebrating Eme's 1st birthday on Saturday, having lost all the pregnancy weight plus another 25+pounds felt good. It did. I like that I can look back on that day and be happy with the girl in the pictures. Because I was able to be fully present, fully there enjoying that day--not tugging at my clothes or feeling self conscious like the old me would have.

I'm glad for that.