Thursday, June 30, 2011

A beautiful buttercream dress.

When Shabby Apple contacted me about reviewing one of their beautiful dresses, I couldn't type a screaming, YES PLEASE, ME? OMG, YES!! fast enough. 

You see, I'd been eyeing up their pretty dresses for some time now. They make dresses at such a nice length aka: not up your butt, that are suitable for work, play, outings, etc. They really are simple and beautiful.

When the dress came in the mail right before our trip to the beach, I squealed a little because I couldn't wait to get some review photos while AT the beach. My little brother took these--and I am no model, but he made me feel pretty, and so did the dress :)

I chose The Lighthouse dress because I thought the light buttercream color was pretty and subtle for a nice summer dress. The awesome thing about it is the fact the dress is lined, and has a hidden zipper on the side, making it able to be "fitted" but also possible to get into. The sweet little white bow-belt comes and easily snaps on and off. 

Shopping online is always a bit scary for me, but I followed the sizing guide on their site, did my measurements, and ordered the appropriate size (um, you guys--a size SMALL. ::victory!::), and it fit perfectly.

Today, Shabby Apple is offering you a discount if you've also been eyeing up one of their dresses: lovesoflife10off


I was provided a dress by Shabby Apple for my honest review of their product. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The saltwater air has removed all my ability to write this week. Shouldn't I be getting all inspired and the words just flow right off my fingertips? Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, or something.

So, a few (but not an overload) of some recent happenings photos.

{me & my beautiful sister (photo by my brother, Wit)}

{This may or may not have been our naptime activity.}

{Did some maternity photos for my sister-in-law, Kesh--here's a sneak peek.}


Some other friendly reminders...

-If you'd like to order Mary Kay product, with free shipping--you have up through this friday! (Details on THIS POST.)

-Today is the last day to vote for us in The Paper Mama's photo contest. We made Top 30 out of over 300 entries ::faint::. We're #26~Loves of Life. Thank you for those of you who have voted and spread the word. Hugs for being so awesome.


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A virtual party, and you're invited.

Girls. I am so excited about this (it's kind of pathetic). I'm fairly certain you know my love for Mary Kay products by now. I get compliments on my lashes often, and while I am blessed with fairly nice lashes---I  have to give credit where credit is due.

Duh. It's the Mary Kay. Their mascara is amazing (among other things). And up until this past week, I was a major fan of The Ultimate Mascara (still am, love it). But, I decided to give their new Lash Love a try---[[insert jaw drop here]]--

First of all, its water resistant. You know I'm at the beach this week, and that little feature comes in handy. Secondly? it comes with this brush that literally grabs every lash, separates them, and coats them with prettyful-mascara-goodness. 

The other day I tweeted this picture of me, wearing the Lash Love, and it had been on for SIX hours already. It still looked this good. 

Some of my other favorite products are their mineral powder foundation. If you think I wear a face full of makeup, you're crazy. I wear no heavy foundation, just the mineral powder, a little bronzer or blush, some of their awesome eye products, mascara, and I even fill in my pathetic brows with their brow definers. It's a five-minute-face. Because, like most of you, I don't have time to do crazy amounts of makeup.

{some of my makeup stash}

So listen, here's the deal. My sweet, in-real-life friend, Michaela is a makeup artist and consultant for Mary Kay. She's gorgeous, talented, and about to have her first baby (girl!) next month. She's letting me host a virtual party here. You know I don't like to jam up my blog with a bunch of nonsense. So, I must really love this stuff to be doing it. 

Here's the gist:  

*Order any products you'd like on her website here.

*In the comments section upon checkout, please note: LovesofLife (pretty please!)

*Shipping within the US is completely FREE! (isn't she sweet?)

*Orders over $50 will receive a free gift!

~~This party runs through this Friday!~~

Whether you're into their skin care stuff (which is amazing), their makeup, self-tanning products, or fragrance -you seriously cannot go wrong with Mary Kay. And free shipping? Directly to your door? Um, hello---perfection. 


The Deluxe Eye has everything you need to create a gorgeous eye look which includes Lash Love Mascara, Oil Free eye makeup remover, eye lash curler, 3 eye shadows (to go with each specific eye color), and applicators!  Its retails for $69 but on her website its $49 with the FREE shipping and a FREE gift!  

How to and go to NEW PRODUCTS put in the NEW! Limited-Edition* Lashes <3 It! Bundle ($30), and then pick the eye bundle based on your eye color!


Pssssssst: My photo was picked to be in the Top 30 out of 305 submissions in the Paper Mama photo contest. You get to vote now, we're #26~Loves of Life. If you haven't voted yet, today and tomorrow are your last chance. Appreciate it, always! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Umm...EXCITEMENT: The Photo Contest

The Paper Mama Top 30!

YOU GUYS---I made the top 30 in the Photo Contest!! 

So here's the deal. You need to vote for our photo up through tomorrow, 8pm EST
We are #26.

For a reminder---it's The Bath Picture.

You know I'm not a fan of the ole Pimp Yourself Out, but since I never do it....picture me saying "pretty please pretty please pretty pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!'

I'll love you forever and ever.

Sandy toes, again.

Well, we're here. Obviously. And while it's only been about a day and a half of being at the beach, it feels like it's been packed full of a lot of things--mainly, relaxing. Bike rides, pool time, family, baby-cuddling, watching the ocean from our deck, reading magazines, naps, ice cream...

Or, you know--walks on the beach. AKA: posing like an idiot.
What can I say? The beach makes me happy.

And then the obligatory writing-your-kids-name-in-the-sand-pic.

And the cheek-smoochie smooch. I do love this man, it's true.

Or the wanna be artsty beach pictures.

Lots and lots of lovin'.

You should really consider yourselves lucky this is all I shared today. In only a day and a half, I have taken the craziest amount of photos, and the week has barely begun. 


Switching gears LIKE WHOA. **insert tire screeching here**

Tomorrow I'm going to have up a post you don't want to miss. A friend of mine is giving you all the chance to get in ordering some fantastic products, with free shipping, and I'm kind of obsessed with their stuff ::cough::MaryKay::cough::. 

So be sure to come by and see what that's all about. 


Until then, a sweet chubby baby face to look at. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Well, we're on our way to the beach for the week. This was Eme with her Mom-Mom last year on this vacation. I have a feeling she'll be a bit more independent this year, eh? :) So sweet, though.


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Saturday Morning Scene

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Sigh. Throw a wrench in it.

I need to post today. A parenting vent of sorts.

At the very last minute I decided Mac needed to be groomed before we left. I just have this weird thing where I want him to be in tip-top shape, all nicely cut when we go away. He's being taken care of by Declan's sister, and he'll be out in a wooded area. Ticks freak me out, therefore I don't want him shaggy.

Make sense?

So our normal groomer didn't have an appointment until after the 4th of July. FAIL. That won't work, we leave tomorrow.

I called another local groomer who was recommended by my other sister-in-law. It took her a few days to call me back. She has a little, teeny shop--and it's just her. I get it.

But when she called, you could TELL she was really working with me to try and make it work, but she seemed obviously booked.

She finally budged and said, "Okay, I can fit him in Friday at 10am". Without really thinking much about it, I jumped at the chance.

I thought about it a bit. If Emeline sleeps till her normal lately 8:30/'ll work perfect with naptime. I can drop him off, come home, put her down. Voila. Easy.

Fast forward to this morning, where she woke up at SEVEN THIRTY AM. Basically ruining all the groomer plans. I beg and plead with Declan to take Mac, but he really doesn't have the leisure to up and leave work to do that (I just like to pretend he does), and this is the day before he leaves for vacation for a week. Hence, he's crazy busy.

She'll be ready for a nap here at 9am. BUT I HAVE TO HOLD HER UP UNTIL 10:15AM.


I love my child, but her morning nap?? You don't mess with. She needs it. She begs for it. The afternoon nap? Can be messed with. But not her sacred morning nap.

Yet, here I am, 8:23am, she's happily sitting next to me eating her blueberries and cheerios, with an hour and a half to go until we even leave to take Mac. My bets are she'll be crawling up the steps in about 25 minutes, rubbing her eyes saying, "Nigh nigh". 

We have a playdate with a friend at noon, so I need her to nap after 10, so putting her down before? Not an option either.

All this to say, how come kids always KNOW when you have something planned? And then mess it up by waking up an entire hour early? 


Another one of life's parenting mysteries I suppose.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bam! Randomness about Eme & another vacation.

Look how she can change faces in one second. Such a goof. She is such a silly, filled with personality little girl. 

So much so that after our walk the other day (where I actually had her out "walking" some), she came in, and laid down on the steps all dramatic-like this. I loved it. Died laughing. Then grabbed my camera because Declan wasn't home to see.

I like to think she's a momma girl. But, she's kind of a very-even momma's & daddy's girl. Honestly? I cannot tell that she prefers one of us over the other, at all. I think I like it that way. We've yet to deal with any of the attachment stuff. She doesn't even notice when we leave the house, well, she waves & blow kisses and kind of says, 'Get the heck out of here', because she wants to play with her Mom-Mom or Aunt Susie, both of whom she loves tons (and are her typical sitters in time of need).

Her and Mac are just insanely cute together. The two of them are tight, yo. I often wonder if there is some secret pact they have together. It really seems like they watch each other's back. It's almost creepy.

He gets about half her meals or so it seems. I look over and always catch her hand feeding him sneakily off the edge of the highchair. Even if I lock him out of the kitchen with a baby gate? She still throws half her food on the floor, in which he ends up getting the benefit of. Honestly? It's a hard battle to fight. Just sayin'.

Just yesterday I caught Mac & Eme sharing a snack in the living room. It was the corner of a little cardboard book that her Auntie Gina just sent. Apparently, books make good snacks, too. Sigh.

And we love to torture (in a fun, playful way) Mac, too. 

Cute huh?

Did I forget to mention I'm leaving for the beach again this weekend? This time, with my family. I'll be gone all next week but I'll likely be posting some. And by some, I mean littering photos of baby-kini'ed cuteness all over. If you're annoyed I'm going on another vacation, and would rather skip? I don't blame you. I hate the kind of people who get to go on two vacations in one summer. Somehow, that ended up being me for the first time in my life. Oh well. 

So we're going kicking and screaming (hehe), to our beachfront place this weekend, which means? I have a LOT of laundry, packing, and the likes to do around here. So I may not be around for the next few days.

And on that note...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A laugh in my own face.

Things I never thought I'd do:

-I had to buy a trashcan this week for the kitchen. A brand new overly expensive, high-tech trash can, that has a LOCKING mechanism. Let's just say that I've found one-too-many sippy cups, daddy socks, and stuffed animals hanging out inside our previous germ-hole. Yuck.

-We own a few of the most obnoxious, loud and down right insanity-inducing toys ever. You know, the ones I swore I never wanted to own. But, "oh she looooves it!"--and it sucks you in every.time.

-Stupid words. I say them. I have nicknames for her stuffed animals, special toys, for nighttime, naptime, bathtime, etc. I say baby'ish things. Not to be confused with talking in a baby voice. I don't do that.

-I bought her water shoes. You guys, water shoes are hideous. And I bought them for her because she neeeeeeded them for the times we go to the splash park, for around the pool and on the deck. The good news is I found the least hideous pair I could, but--WATER SHOES? Next thing you know I'll be letting her pick out sneakers with disney characters on them. I know, I know. Wild

-I had to child-lock a few cabinets in my kitchen because it was driving me nuts to pick up sippy cup parts 9382908x a day. I know, I'm such a fun-sucker. She still has access to all the drawers and to two cabinets though. I'm not that bad.

-I know all the words to every song on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the sad truth is it didn't even take me that many episodes to learn them.

Yes, she's dancing.
But, she looooves it. Can't you tell?

Being a mom to a toddler (gasp) will sure change a girl.


Happy Wednesday!

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's worth being noted.

We celebrated our dad's. Declan & I are both blessed with awesome fathers--not to mention, Declan has become a pretty amazing daddy himself. So, we celebrated 'em all. It was a good day. Indeed. Besides the fact that I burned the fathers day breakfast, and Declan had to make his own pancakes.

That's why we love him. To the rescue, always.

Emeline's favorite daddy, eating his most favorite cherry-dip ice cream cone. If you've never had one? You've never lived.


Just try.

The most random thoughts pop into my head while driving. Always.

I'm sure this happens to most people. Because, really what can you be distracted with when driving other than the radio, kid in the backseat, stupid driver to your left, oh, and traffic laws, other than your thoughts? Anyway.

I was leaving the Target shopping center, passing all sorts of stores and such, thinking about the variety of things, products, and shops that are allovertheplace, and how every one of them? Started with a simple idea. Just an idea. That any joe schmo had. A regular 'ole person like you and me.

Do you have a lot of ideas?

Between my dreamer of a husband and I, we have loads of them. All the time. But, him more than me. 

Some are simple ones, grand ones, probably-never-gonna-happen ones. 

Everything starts with an idea. Look around. That sport you love to watch? Someones idea. That favorite restaurant you eat at? Someone's idea. Favorite-most-used baby product? An idea.

But they are ideas that are followed by an action. You know how your mom used to always say, "You never know till you try!" She's right. And it's true.

There are things I look back on in life and wish I had done, or tried. For example, as a kid, I was much too shy to try out for sports, or be part of teams and events (especially for school). Did I have the talent? Probably. I'm sure I could have learned. But instead, I let fear get to me. I didn't put any action into it. I didn't try.

I lived a lot of my adult life a bit on the chubby side. Just, because. Trying to lose weight seemed too hard, apparently. So? I just didn't. And who suffered? Me.

I have ideas about things, just like you do, probably. And sometimes I don't put them into action, or even talk about them out loud. Ever. 

However, slowly but surely I'm taking more step-out's in my life. Too bad it took me this long. And we'll see where it leads. Or doesn't lead. But, like my mom always said, you never know till you try.

Found on Pinterest Via
Psssst: Emeline's 1st birthday party is featured over on Tip Junkie today. I was shocked & surprised---and excited. Go check it out!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Silent Sunday: Happy Daddy's Day

This was our special gift for Declan (besides the Nook which he got a few weeks ago)---

Each one we printed as a 4x6 and put in a 3-space frame. It looks adorable, and we know he'll love to take it to work.


Happy Father's day to all the awesome Daddy's out there. Those who do it right, you make the world spin.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene--cute cousins.

Emeline & her oldest cousin, Kyra watching Tangled.

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Saturday Morning Scene

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Spaghetti Night. Enough said.

...and leave it to Momma to ruin all the fun.

Happy Friday!!!

*Saturday Morning Scene will be up tomorrow!*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Some random confessions.

I am not a morning person. In fact, I'm borderline-mommy zombie'ish. I can hardly function, especially without my coffee.

Most mornings, through groggy, sleepy eyes, I will fix her a beautiful, gourmet breakfast, with assortments of fresh fruits and all--while for myself? I can barely manage to pour my coffee. True story. Because my insides are crying to just sit down, at the kitchen table, with my coffee and laptop. 

I try not to do too much (especially in the form of going out) until after Eme's 1st naptime. By then? I'm awake, have had coffee, and typically a coke zero, so I'm set to go.


I have an internal freak-out when I think I left the house without my cell phone. In fact, about 3-4x a week I will have Declan call my phone so I can run around the house and find it before we leave.

However, I never have the ringer turned on. But I can hear the cell phone buzz in any room of the house, no joke.

The sad thing is? That 9 times out of 10, my phone is in my BACK POCKET, or deep in the abyss of my diaper bag, in my hand. 

So whenever I do my panicfreakout about my missing cell phone? My dear, sweet, husband--rolls his eyes

I'm a little forgetful, so what?


Recently, Emeline found her bumbo seat which was thrown behind the couch in storage. She hasn't sat in the thing for more than six months. But? Suddenly? She thinks it's the coolest thing ever. 

Which, is great for me because if she's sitting in the bumbo, cuddling either her mickey mouse, baby doll, or her pammy the penguin, she will sit still and watch an entire 24 minute episode of some dumb awesome kiddie show. 

And while I am not a tv-pusher, nor do I advocate hours of tv for your toddler---dude, that little bit of time is pretty useful for a momma to get something productive done like, blog.


I severely miss my TV shows in the summer. I sometimes talk about the characters as if they're real. You know, like Leslie & Ben from Parks and Recreation. Oh, how I miss their office romance. 

Okay, so I'm weird. But, I do miss my regular programming in a pathetic way.


We often put off things around the house and say, "We'll do it this weekend!"

We have high hopes. 

But, barbeques, family time, festivals, ice cream, deck-time, and wagon rides all outweigh to-do lists in the summer. Hence, nothing seems to get done, and I'm kind of okay with that.


I hate to read books. I'll read other things...magazines, blogs, you know. But, books? I can't. I never finish them. The task of reading a book daunts me. I'm fearful I'll pass this onto my kid and I can't live with myself if I do.

We started reading her Bible Bedtime Stories book before bed. She LOVES it, and so do I. She will snuggle in, rest her head on your chest, and pay attention to every word you say. She points to the pictures and talks to the book, it's freaking adorable. Prior to this? She had no interest in books. So it worried me. 

I think we may be all good on the book-front, now. 


I have major 1st time parent syndrome. When Eme does something that simply amazes me (but I'm sure is totally normal and right on track), I wanna be all, ohmygosh my kid is so smart! And? I even call Declan at work sometimes to share with him. 

Yea, I'm that mom.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Getting a grasp on this person. Me.

I tried on a pair of jeans last week that months ago, I told myself would be an amazing goal-size, but highly unlikely for me to ever see. But those jeans? They fit.

They were a size 6. That may not sound small to you, but to my 5'7 self? Wowza. It does.

Right after I had Emeline, I could fit my gigantic-self into a (wait for it), size 16, comfortably.


Last night I was doing the shred, and while doing those dreaded horrid, disgusting, painful, ohmigod KILL ME lunges in level 3, I felt something. 

Well, I felt a lack of something, actually. 

I had my hands on my hips, and while I am a hippy gal, I could feel my hip bone. Not my hips covered in layers and layers of fat (or, to be polite, "love chub") like before. 

I can feel my body changing.


I see pictures of myself and for once in my life, I'm not disgusted with how I look, how many chins I have, or the angle of the photograph. 

Sometimes, even, in pictures? I can see something that almost resembles some muscle definition in my arms. What? Who? Me? 


My wedding dress falls off me. My rehearsal dinner dress (which was always my 'measure' for "getting back in shape post-baby"apparently I had low standards) looks like a bag on me. My yoga pants, that are stretchy for god's sake--they can literally fall off, straight down to the floor. I wear shorts and skirts now, without thinking twice, or being self conscious of my legs. I've walked past a glass store front and literally have thought "WHO IS THAT?" about myself. 

And yet? I still wonder why my scale isn't budging. Wondering when I can lose the next few pounds that'll put me at the big 40lb weight loss mark. Because, for some reason, I feel like that'll mean something. It'll be a big accomplishment, even when I still have more weight to lose after that.

But, will it? 

Declan has asked me when I'll be happy with my weight. I tell him all the time that I feel good now, but that I still just know that I have more to lose. Because, I do and it's the truth. 

But, sometimes I do have to stop and think about these things, and these accomplishments. Because, I have done work. I have changed my entire food-life. I have made sacrifices and it has been worth it. Because, dude, I fit in a size 6 jeans! And my wedding dress falls off me! And I wear shorts without thinking twice! And I'm much more confident, strong, and just feeling good in general. 

Sometimes I just have to talk it out.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I messed with technical things on my blog a few days ago regarding the RSS feed. I should NOT have done that. At all.

Because for days? None of my posts were showing up in anyone's reader, because, duh Katie, you changed your rss name. Dumb-face. 

So, I apologize because your readers are probably now getting a back-log of posts from me, and also some duplicates. Just be patient with me...I apologize, and it should work itself out. 

A potential new mom-friend, fail.

We ended up the park again last night. Yea, we like parks, so what.

We ate our dinner on a picnic blanket, Emeline scarfed down way too many strawberries, and we enjoyed the breezy 70'ish degree weather.

Afterwards, we headed up towards the swingset and plopped her right in the only open swing which happened to be between two little boys and their momma switching back between the two, pushing them. 

I made some small talk about the major moolah the ice cream man was making by hitting The Park Jackpot (school's just let out, and the park was crrrazzzyyyy)--and then it seemed to have led from there. The conversation that is.

One thing led to another, and this really nice momma was telling us all about how they just moved here from the Denver, Colorado area, and all about their living situation, trying to sell their house back home, all while finding something here, yadda yadda. 

Honestly? The conversation was nice. Natural. She was so sweet. A new person in a place not familiar to her at all, with just her husband and kids. She asked us all about the area and the local schools, and I was able to give her a lot of information since it was about the school district I grew up in. She seemed appreciative to have found information from someone who really knew

You see, her one son, in the baby swing next to Emeline? He's 5. A sweet, special needs boy (she openly told us that), who is starting Kindergarten this upcoming school year. So, as a mother, she wants the best for her kids. I so get that.

In that short half hour span of time we talked about everything it seemed. She told us about her husbands job transfer and promotion, their home-selling woes, the apartment they're in, school's, weather, close outings and day-trips they can take since living here, and the difference between Colorado and Pennsylvania. 

None of the conversation seemed forced. At all. In fact? We kind of clicked in a mom to mom way. As if, I could totally see us taking the kids to the park and having stay-at-home-mom dates. 

Except for one thing.

I don't know her name. Or if I'll ever see her again.

See, I smiled, we walked away, saying good-bye and 'what a nice chat, and hope your house sells'-type-thing. 

Walking toward the car I said to Declan, "She was nice."

And then? I questioned myself immediately. Honestly, I think Declan kind of questioned me, too. Should I have gotten her phone number? Her facebook? Heck, maybe her email? 

I mean, she has no one here other than her little family, after all. I can't imagine how hard, not to mention lonely that would be.

Yet? I did nothing about it.

I kind of felt some regret about the situation. 

But you know what? I guess this is just one of those lessons learned. Sometimes you have to just do something that's uncomfortable, or not like you. And also? Like one of my friends reminded me last night on Twitter, if I'm meant to see her again, God will make it happen.

Or, like my other friend reminded me, there's always the missed-connections section on Craigslist. Baha. I kid. 

But anyway. 


Wondering if I'm alone in this feeling...has it ever happened to you? Kind of left me a little unsettled, almost just feeling bad...and a bit guilty. I know it sounds kind of funny, because a way to keep in touch shouldn't be that big of deal. Yet, it was, apparently. Life lesson #1902819028, Katie. 

Life is full of 'em these days, it seems.

Monday, June 13, 2011

One of those downright, all-around-good weekends.

Weekends come and go by so flippin' fast. Many of us are victims of the how-is-it-Monday-already syndrome. I know I am. Often.

But every once in a while a weekend is just so good on so many levels, that, it's kind of--well, fulfilling. You know. When all your plans are just fun, family-based, nice weather, plus a little me-time, and relaxation. A go-with-the-flow type feel. That was this weekend was for us.

I am not a weekend-recap-gal, and you know that. So I won't tell you about the fact that Friday night? Declan and I went on a very, very overdue date. Where I dressed up, felt pretty, swooned over my hubby, ate delicious food, and topped it off with a little FroYo. I won't sit here and tell you all about the adorable 1st birthday party we attended for my nephew, or that during Eme's wonderfully long nap on Saturday I snuck away for a much needed and oh-so-rare pedicure. I won't bother to mention that my toes are a sparkly red, and my nails are a sparkly nude. Just because. 

Oh, and don't worry, because I won't go into details about the Kids Festival we attended Saturday evening, where friends of ours adopted a sweet puppy, and where we met up with an Aunt & Uncle we haven't seen in way.too.long. Or about how we drove around endlessly looking for a place to eat dinner with my family, and after many failed attempts, we ended up at the cutest and quaintest little place and had such a fabulous meal. Followed by ice cream. 

But? I will elaborate on our Sunday afternoon, via photos. Because, it was so much fun. The park, swings, a mini-kiddie playground, and a walk through the woods, around the pond? So gorgeous, and such a perfect end to the weekend. 

Sigh. And now, after a weekend like that--it makes facing the week a little bit easier.