Friday, December 30, 2011

Kicking this years butt.

You know how I feel about this year, already right? 

2011 has been good to me. Although I think that I'm giving 2011 too much credit. You see, I did the hard work. I saw the results. I made the decision to change myself for the better.

I didn't let this year just slip by and then feel guilty at the end of it like sheesh, I'm still fat. As I have done in lots of years past. I spent entirely too much of my life in a place of un-health, with no excuses other than really, really pathetic or lame ones. 

Last year, around this time, I had convinced myself I was going to get healthy. Whether I did it little by little or not, I was going to do it. I was exactly 50 pounds heavier than I am now. 


But on January 3rd, 2011, no matter how far away the goal felt in my mind (and trust me, it felt FAR), I decided to at least START.

And start I did. 

By September/October, I had shed over 45 pounds (since the Jan 3 start date...if you count from post-baby, even more than that, but I don't count it) and had felt like a totally different, totally confident person. 

Around this time is when I realized I needed to start getting more active. I had the body now to do it, and the health, and so I took up running. It helped make my legs & butt nicer (let's be real), and something about running made me feel so strong. It also helped me maintain my weight when I met my goal on Weight Watchers and stopped tracking.

This year, not only did I drop 50 pounds, but I became a runner, ran my first two 5K's ever, and dare I even say....but *gasp*, started to enjoy running, too. 

This year was full of good things. Full of them. And I'm grateful for 2011. So much.

My sweet husband got new eyes! He was a glasses-free man after his lasik surgery, and so darn happy about it. It's been one of the greatest things he's ever done. Besides marrying me. And having a baby with me. You know.

I posted my first real weight update and was scared to death, but did it anyway, and you all showed me so much love--it pushed me on.

God pushed us and changed our world view more this year than we could have ever imagined. We don't need more, more, more. We're happy and content with what we've got & the people we have surrounding us.

I did a one year post-partum update, where I bared my stretch marked belly to the world.

I planned and enjoyed the day as my sweet baby girl turned 1....

I got 6th place out of 300 some submissions to ThePaperMama's photo contest. Made my...year. :)

My beautiful, new camera was delivered. A monumental day, indeed.

I got to go on an anniversary trip with my husband to the Florida Keys, and feel confident in a freaking bikini. I mean, WHO AM I?

I was featured on AppSmitten and felt like a minor celeb. Okay. Kidding. But sort of. Totally flattering.

Doing a continual work on myself to keep my gratitude (and attitude) in check. 


While there were some definite, life-changing, and intense even downer moments of 2011...things I cannot share about at this time....I'm overwhelmed with a sense of thankfulness today. Seriously.

As this year wraps up, I'm just happy. I'm proud of where I am right now. Excited with where I'm headed in 2012. Blessed to share my life with my family and community. And most of all, just so darn happy that I'm not ending another year thinking "what the heck did I do?

It feels good. 

So cheers, 2011. You were pretty good.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More moments from the holidays.

Like you, we have a few traditions of places to be and things to do in our holiday line-up. Christmas Eve is by far our busiest day, ever. But it's still a really nice day, filled with lots of those fun little traditions that make all the busyness kinda worth it. Christmas morning and all day is a laid back, stay-in-your-pjs feel. 

Sadly, I don't have photos of everything. Christmas Eve dinner & gifts with Declan's family is missing, but I do have some others to share. 

Sometimes it's nice to put the camera away for some events and just be fully present. In fact, on Christmas morning I hardly even had my camera, as I had handed it off to my little brother. 

I'm still glad I have a few photos to document, though. I mean, this Christmas was really, really fun with an almost 20 month old. Which means next year will probably be even better. But I find that even hard to imagine right now, as I'm stuck in this moment.

I'm working on a video of some Christmas events I shot with my camera...but honestly? I doubt I'll finish it. Sad, but true. Although I do hope I can find some time. 

Oh my after Christmas to-do list is racking up. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. One day at a time...

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Christmas Eve Morn.

Guys. I am in such a post-holiday funk. Chaos is strewn about my home. I'm exhausted. I'm tripping over toys. I've had my husband home the last four days and it's thrown me off big time. In a good way. In a way like I disconnected from stuff for a bit and it felt really good. 

In fact, I was telling my sister today that I'm not even sure I'm ready to be back. Writing and stuff. Or doing whatever it is I do here. Blabbing. Posting photos. Keepin' it real. 

But I am so desperately afraid of not documenting things and losing them in the abyss of my crazy head, and for some reason I feel like storing these memories on the blog just makes it all okay. Of course, if one day the whole internetz crashes and blogger loses my entire history, then I'm totally screwed. But let's not go there. Blogger Gods. Do not do that to me. I will surely die.

Anyway. Our Christmas Eve Morning is kind of like everyone else's Christmas Morning. We do our little family gifts, well, mainly we just give Emeline her gifts, sit around and drink coffee, eat cinnamon buns, and relax.

It's pretty great, actually. And here are the photos to, uh...prove it. For documentation purposes.

...and it t'was good.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Many Faces

...still in post-Christmas mode and enjoying our little break for the holidays. But, I'll leave you with this. 

The Christmas Faces of Eme Kay:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A 3 minute break from wrapping. Mmmk?

Yikes. Looks like it got to be quiet week over here. I guess that's to be expected as Christmas approaches and the craziness begins. Or, maybe I shouldn't say crazy. Because honestly, I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit actually. Taking it all in. Spending time with my family. And maybe even resting some.

Ha. Who am I kidding?

Anyway. I'm sure you're as busy as I am. So of course you have 3 minutes to watch a video of my baby busting out some of her booty-shaking moves, yea?

And if not, that's okay too. This is documentation people. Important documentation of my child's life.

God love her. She's amazing.

Happy, happy Christmas to you all!!!!

May your holiday be filled with lots of family, lots of fun, and lots of....dancing ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas bake-a-palooza

It's more fun this year. You know, having a helper. She was so into the cookie-making, it made her momma proud.
I mean, she stamped out the cookies like an old pro. 

And then...just when I thought she was totally getting it, she went and stuck a piece of sugar cookie dough in her mouth. TOTALLY swiped it faster than I could even stop. 
Having my little girl by my side during all this Christmas stuff just makes it all the more merrier.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Things are good

I was about to start this post by just venting. My shoulders are tense. The malls were crazy. My kid is currently fighting bedtime (it's Sunday night, by the way). My husband just went off to work again, for the second time today, and for the 4th time this weekend. Not a single present is wrapped. And gosh darn it, my house is a freakin' mess. Not the kind of mess that's easy to hide either. The kind of mess with clutter everywhere, and stained carpets.

Oh geez.

Forgive me. I just vented.

But the truth is, amidst all those things there are so many, many good things. I know often times I let the SUCK of life get me down. The stupid things that stress me about. Or feeling the burdens of my husbands work stress (it's hard on wives now, too--trust me). Or the fact that there are applesauce splatters on my wall, and goldfish crushed into every crevice of my carpets. But really...things are good. And it's not just because of things either.

Tonight, as my husband was reading our daughter her bedtime story, our yorkie was curled up next to the recliner, and I was just sitting there, thinking, dude, I have the best life ever. These people that are in my life, they are what make it. Things are good.

Earlier today my sister and I braved the malls for a few last minute gifts and tried on a dress or two for some upcoming Christmasey events, and we just stared at ourselves, standing side by side in the mirror, and were all, dudes....we are skinny. Oh my gosh, look how skinny my legs look! Does my waist really look this small? Gosh, running has really made me have nice legs. And I smiled. Things are good. 

We made one of those pre-made Stouffer kinda family meals for dinner tonight. Neither of us has the energy for anything else, and I fully expected it to be gross. I mean, it took friggin' 80 minutes to cook (good lawd, it took forever!) after all. But honestly, it was good. My belly was full, and we were satisfied. We had a hot meal. Things are good.

I've been complaining about having unwrapped gifts...but I have gifts to give. 

I was annoyed that my husbands key got stuck (yes, STUCK) in the door of the house tonight...but I have a house. A warm place to call home. 

The depths of filth (I so wanna blame my toddler for this, but I'll withhold) in my car disgusts me...but I have a good, working car. 

Sometimes I feel the pull of family dynamics and it stresses me out.....but we have family. Lots of family. And great family at that. 

Lots of times when I really stop and think about something, the things that feel like problems, or annoyances, or just little mishaps...really? Are just there to cover up bigger blessings. Or to chip away at my gratitude. And that's no good. 

This Christmas I'm reigning it in. 

I'm re-evaluating. And I'm taking note.

Thankful for all the people in my life. The place in life I'm at. And the things God has in store for us. They're all things I don't deserve, but I'm so blessed to have.

Things are good.


Happy Monday!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Little 2x2 moments.

Hey. Remember back when I used to take my nice camera out and take a lot of photos of my daughter? You know, good quality photographs? Cute, smiling photos of my sweet, precious baby? Oh those were fun days.

Because they don't happen anymore. Or so it seems.

And honestly? I'm disappointed in myself. 

But I'm more annoyed that winter months=total suck for picture taking with a toddler. The child will not sit down for a photo, ever. The most I can get her 'still' for a second is if she's mesmerized by the television and we all know how fabulous (read: dreadful) zoned-out-looking toddler pictures are. 

It's either zoned-out-tv face pictures or blurry-running-pictures as child yells no no no in absolute protest over picture-taking. I can't win.

At least when the weather's nice I can take her outside, follow her around like the mamarazzi I am, and get nice, outdoor lit photographs of her in her element.

Instead, I resort to my phone. And then instagram. And then soon it's been practically an entire month where I have nothing but little 2x2 photographs, filtered to oblivion and back, to remember the moments that passed.

And well. I guess that has to be okay for right now, because it's better than nothing.

'Cuz they're moments I wouldn't have otherwise had frozen in time.

But I'm determined to take the camera out more this week. Determined.


Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


My efforts to get in the Christmas spirit haven't been in vain. You see, it might even be working. I might be starting to feel like Christmas is actually coming, and a little bit of that excitement that I've felt in years past is creeping up on me.

It took the help of others, though. Which is okay. That's why we rely on friends, family, and our community anyway, right?

You see, the other night my sister came over. We baked Christmas cookies in preparation for the caroling at the nursing home the next night. And the simple act of baking cookies for others? Yea. That helped.

She saw my Christmas cards sitting there on my kitchen table, untouched. So we sat down, and she went to town addressing our Christmas cards for us. All I had to do was put the return address labels on (and I refuse to tell you that I put them on the wrong side of the envelop at first. oops. I rarely mail things these days, you guys.) and then get stamps.

That next day, I went with my stack of cards into the hustlin' bustlin' post office, picked out my winter stamps, happily stuck all the stamps on (the correct side, I may add), and mailed them off.

It felt good. And thanks to my sister for giving me the extra oomph to get them out. 

Last night, we got dressed up to go sing carols for the folks at the local nursing home. Let me tell you, they loooove the kids. All of the kids were a hit, and Emeline was no exception. She danced to all the carols, right up in front of everyone, and seriously, you couldn't help but smile.

Something about Christmas songs, and knowing you're bringing happiness to people just by being there.

I dare you not to smile during this video of Emeline dancing. Impossible.

We're getting there.

Hope you're getting there, too.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Because I'm weird. We're all a little bit weird I guess.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream is the best flavor that was ever created. However, if it's not the color green, it is not edible in my opinion. The white kind is boring and fake, and frankly, doesn't taste as good. Go green or go home.

When I come down in the morning, the first thing I do is turn on the Christmas tree lights. Because if I'm home that day, the tree better be a sparklin'. Plus, I find something oddly depressing about a decorated tree, without lights turned on. It just looks so...dark. And...weird. And so. Lights are a must.

When I cook or eat bacon, it must be of the utmost crispiness. Practically burnt. In fact, I have never, ever mastered the art of cooking bacon where my whole house doesn't wreak for days on end, and where I don't have to open the sliding glass door to air out the smoke. I'm not very good at cooking, you guys. You know this.

Speaking of bacon. I grew up in a family that had Breakfast for Dinner every so often, and I remember dreading it! Absolutely dreading it. I think I viewed it as one of those days where we ran out of the good food, so instead we got cheap breakfast food. So I whined about it. Incessantly. And now? As an adult with a family? I love me some Brinner. But the truth still stands. It is a meal that's made when you run out of other things. At least here. But it's still yummy. (Mom, sorry for whining about brinner all through my child years. Forgive me?)

I lose my cell phone on a daily basis. And by "lose" I mean in the crevices of the couch. Or deep within the diaper bag. Or in my back pocket. And I panic every time I think it's "lost" even though I find it within minutes. 

I cannot stand the smell of my dog when he comes in from the outside. He just smells like...well, the outside. And it's really quite gross.

I go for days on end without checking the mail. I know that other people thrive off of mail-checking but I just don't like it. At all. We pay all our bills online so it's not like I'm ignoring important stuff or anything. I just don't like the clutter that happens when the mail comes. I also can't stand how much stuff is mailed to us then becomes trash. It all just bothers me. I love when a random package/letter/something fun I ordered comes, but other than that? Mail sucks.

It's true that not being signed up for a 5K right now is kicking my motivation to run right in the pants. Because I feel like I don't have anything to work towards. Okay, that's only part of the reason. The other part is how freaking cold it is, and how much I loathe treadmill running. I need to get back to it. I will. I swear. It's just so cold. And I so much prefer the outdoors. Wahhh. Excuses.

I'm actually excited for Emeline to get some new toys at Christmas. She is so beyond bored of what we have now, and I think she's a little beyond them age-wise, too. So I'm looking forward to switching them out and her getting some new books and gadgets to keep her busy. Especially with how cold it is and how much seldom getting out is during the winter months.

I never knew how glorious vacuuming could be until I owned a Dyson. I mentioned before (I think) that the one item we got on Black Friday was a Dyson, and good Lordy, I love that thing. I'm now the girl that vacuums daily and, well...let's just say that was never the case before. I didn't realize I could love an inanimate thing so much, let alone something related to cleaning. gasp. Who am I?

I found a half eaten bagel (of Emeline's), with some random sour patch kids stuck to it, wrapped in a receipt in the bottom of my diaper bag today. It's a mess. It's always a mess, even if I clean it out. Please tell me I'm not the only one with the scariest diaper bag known to man. Please. 

Dish it. Make me feel better. Anything you're weird about?

Monday, December 12, 2011

I had the spirit, then lost it.

I hate it. 

It happens to me every year. Something feels all Christmasy and makes me all cheery and bright, and then it goes away.

I'm just not feelin' it right now if I'm being honest. Not a single gift is wrapped. My Christmas cards are sitting on my kitchen table, still needing to be stuffed and addressed. I've not made a single Christmas cookie yet. Not a single fancy holiday drink. I'm playing Christmas music trying to convince myself it's!Christmas!already! but I'm just having a hard time.

I wrote a similar post last year. So perhaps this is my trend or something. 

I'm hoping that next year, the excitement from my little girl who will understand what Christmas is a bit more will help my spirits. Right?...right? 

Because this year, I'm not really sure she has a clue what's going on other than the fact she thinks anything with lights on it is "Ohhh pretty", and squeals with delight. Maybe she'll be into present opening, who knows. 

So this week. I'm giving myself this week to get fully in the The Mood. It seems hopeless right now, but if I don't try, it's my own fault. 

...I will address those cards.

...We will go Christmas caroling at the local nursing home.

...I will continue to blast my Christmas music.

...We will wrap a present or twohundred(what? we have big family's).

...We will drive around and look at lights if only to hear the Ooh's and ahh's from the back seat.

There's still time, right?

So excuse me while I gorge myself with christmas cookies and watch cheesy holiday's all in efforts to get in the spirit after all.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An epiphany about motherhood. Not quite, but it sounds good.

Last week I had that freakish day where Emeline slept in super late (I ended up having to wake her at 10am! holy.cow.), remember that, and when I wrote about it? Anyway. I do. In fact, I will never, ever, ever forget that morning. It was that abnormal.

I had tweeted something about how weird and amazingly fast it was to have gotten myself dressed, hair did, and makeup completed all without a little toddler child at my feet. I mean, let's be real. While it's so sweet and adorable to get leg hugs while you're trying to pull up your jeans, it does make the job go a lot slower. Same with trying to do your makeup, while realizing your toddler just stole your eyeliner and is running wild all over the 3rd floor threatening to color the walls with it. Everything is doubly adorable with a child running around, but takes double the time. At least for us.


I got a reply to that tweet from someone saying how she still, as an adult, when she goes over to her parents house, loves to sit in the bathroom with her mom as she gets ready.

And you know what? When I started thinking about that....umm....I totally do that too

If my mom's upstairs still doing her makeup or whatever, I'll barge right up there and sit on the edge of the tub & chat, or root through her random makeup, use her hairspray, you know...all those things. It just feel comfortable. And she's my momma.

And it made me think.

One day when Emeline becomes an adult who no longer lives in my home, I hope she too will want to come sit with her momma when I do my hair, or when I'm putting on the final touches of my makeup.

Because I hope she'll link all these times now to fond memories one day. 

You know. Like when she squinches up her cheeks and I put a dab of blush on them. Or when she runs around with my underwear on as a necklace (stop judging me). Or when she pulls out my box of tampons and pulls every last one out. Or when she points to all my earrings saying "pretty momma". Or when she waves to the toilet and says "buh-bye poo-poo" (even when there is nothing in it). Or when she proclaims her love for my small shoe collection. Or when she hides behind the clothes piles in my closet playing peek-a-boo with me. 

One day, she'll turn into a girl. A bigger girl. Who will sit on my bathroom counter painting her nails and asking me questions about makeup. And shaving her legs. And boys. gasp.

No matter how long it takes to do my makeup, get myself dressed, or do my hair with my daughter beside me? I'm gonna go ahead and say, it's totally worth it. 

And if one day, when she's an adult and still wants to come and talk to her 'ole Ma when she's getting dressed & ready? She'll always be welcome.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

An Emeline Update of sorts.

We're creeping up here on my little girl being 19 months old. You know what that means? It means I now am well on the downward slope of having a two year old. A TWO YEAR OLD

This little girl is hysterical. And so witty at her young age. And holy cow, she is just funny. I adore her if you can't tell.

-She loves to dance. She likes to spin now, too. But more than that? She will put on a this serious and dramatic "face" when she dances to a slower song, or something more moody. For instance, the other night we were watching Glee. She was sitting on the couch with us, and every time they broke out into a song, she would get down from the couch and start breaking out in some liturgical dance moves to match the song. It was hysterical. It's safe to say I paid no attention to the episode and mainly to my child. 

-I get unprompted hugs all day long from her, but here's the catch. They are ALWAYS when I am standing. She loves to squeeze my legs and give me a good "leg huggie" as we call it. If you ask her to give you a hug? Almost always she will say in the sweetest little pixie voice, "No." Flat out. She will tell you no. However, if you ask her to give any child/dog/baby/pet a hug? SHE WILL CHASE THEM DOWN for a proper hug. 

Example A: Her younger cousin, Ian.

-She insists on ridiculous things like holding not one, but two crackers in her hands at one time while she is 'snacking'. We're trying to work on this. But duuuude, she gets upset. She likes having one cracker on backup and I can't say I blame her.

-She's putting words together like whoa. She tries to attempt her own sentences and often they come out sounding very stutter'ish. I asked the pediatrician about this the other day and she said she believes it's not really a problem, but more so that she is ahead, in the fact that she's attempting to put words together to make sentences. So her brain is firing all these things to say, and sometimes it gets stuck. For instance, she'll say, "I g-g-g-get down", when she is attempting on her own. But when I have her repeat me, she will say it without stuttering on some letters. Weird? Maybe. But either way, she's communicating with us, lots, and I love it.

-She's a little parrot. The other day she tripped on the bathroom rug and yelled, "Oh shoot!" and, uhh...yea...I guess it could be worse. But, still. No idea where she got that one. *whistles*

-She is turning into a little girl and losing her baby'ness every day. While I'm a little sad about it, my god is this child just stunning. I know, I know, I'm her momma, and I'm bias--but geez. She is so pretty. 

-The other day thanks to my little linked-within thingy below my blog posts, I came across a post I wrote when I was umpteen thousand weeks pregnant with Emeline, and where I had scanned a few of my baby photos. One of them made me do a double-take. Holy crap, man, that looks like Emeline! Blink blink. But, it's me? Whoa. 

I mean, I had always known there was some resemblance, but this photo? Just straight up makes me feel like I have a little mini-me. 
Whoa is right.


Just trying to remember the little things that I will no doubt forget if it weren't for this blog.


*photos in this post were taken by my sil, Lyryn.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The twinkly lights.

I absolutely adore the twinkle of lights. That's probably one of my favorite things about Christmas. In fact, I'm pretty certain that no lamps in my living room even get turned on this time of year, because we're perfectly content sitting by the twinkly lights of the Christmas tree and garland wrapping the stair railings.

Twinkly bliss.


I love it.

And so last night, we had ourselves an atypical Monday evening, and headed to Longwood Gardens, to see acres and acres of trees wrapped in pretty lights, to walk the conservatory, and see the electronic train display. Honestly? We go there so often that we're members. It's one of the best places to let the kids run and play, and one of my most favorite outings. So last night was a members only evening. And dude, place was PACKED. But it was fun.

So twinkly! And from the second we walked through the doors into the gardens, my little girl had her pointer finger out going "Ah! Pretty TEE!" (tree). Literally. If I had a dime for every time she said it last night? I'd at least have ten bucks. She adored it.

I have a weird obsession with out of focus Christmas lights. Declan thinks it's stupid. I think it's beeeautiful.

...and just like that, it feels like Christmas.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My motivators

This weekend, as you know, I ran another 5k. Probably because of the bitter cold that's creeping up on us, that'll be my last one until Spring. And this time? I ran it beside not only my sister, but besides my friend Kristen, and my other friend Ash.

We were the most adorable group of four girls running you ever did see. 

Yes, that would be my pony-tail-a-swingin'.

I'm just so grateful to each of these girls for lots of reasons. 

Of course, my sister, Susan is the reason I began running at all. I mean, if she didn't spur me on to run that last 5k I'd probably still be spending naptime on the sofa with a bag of chips. Now I just do that a few times a week, and the other times I run. :) 

Attending her first 5k, when I wasn't running, just there cheering her on? Was total a turning point. I thought, hell if I'm not there to run the next one with her. And so I trained, and I got myself from a place of a non-runner to a 5k'er at least, and I couldn', I wouldn't have done that without the motivation of my sister.

My friend Kristen. She also really helped motivate me, too. The great thing about our relationship is that she was a blog reader (although we had lots of mutual friends as it seems), who 'came out' (hehe) in one of my old de-lurking posts about a year ago or so. We started chatting, we have kids only a few months apart from one another, and both trying to lose the post-baby weight at the time. She and I became pretty fast friends, and since we don't live too far apart, we try to get together with the kids as often as we can.

Well, she and I both were all Okay, I'll run this 5k if you do. So we both started our behinds on the Couch to 5k program at about week 4...and every time we'd run, we'd text one another. Ask about the run. We'd whine if we didn't feel like running. We'd tell the other to get off the couch and do it anyway. And it helped. Big time. And we ran our first 5k together a few weeks ago. Granted, she ran it a ton faster than me (I blame the fact she was an athlete, ha). But, still! We did it.

Another one of the girls in that photo is Ashley. I'm grateful for her, too. See, she was/is a friend from Twitter. We knew we both lived pretty local, and ironically went to high school together but never really knew of each other. We both sort of took up running around the same time. We'd be all get your butt to the gym and do it anyway if motivation was lacking that day. Or we'd just comment on each other's runs, etc. We'd all signed up for the same 5k, and so the day I met her face to face? Was the day of my first 5k a few weeks ago.

So far, me, my sister, Kristen, and Ash have run two races together. And this past time? We all stuck by each other for most of the race. All of these girls have really helped me with my running goals and I appreciate them all so much. 

All this to say, that having some kind of 'support team'...for me? Is totally critical in this running thing. For me, it's part of the reason I'm able to keep going when I want to stop. It's the reason I get on the treadmill during naptime. Or it's the reason I'll go out for that run the second my husband walks through the door. 

For me, having some accountability...even in just the form of a text, tweet, phonecall--to moan, gripe, or cheer each other's important. 

So, thank you, girls. Truly, thanks.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yep, we did it again.

We ran another 5k this morning... :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The anatomy of a fantastic morning.

This morning I heard chattering in the crib at about 7:45am. Thanks to my handy, dandy video monitor I can spy on my kid to see what the heck she's doing up so early. Yes. I consider this early in my house. To me, at least. My husband is up at 5:45am. Me? Not so much. You know how I feel about mornings. You know, because I can read her mind through the monitor. No big deal.

Anyway. She's up. Chatting. Singing "La la la la la". Practicing her sprints by running back and forth in her crib from end to end repeatedly. Sticking her face up in the video monitor (aka: creeeepy). Pulling her socks off. Why I put her in socks at night to begin with? I don't know. Mom guilt or something. I'm afraid that without footie pj's her feet will get cold. But if she's anything like me, socks in bed are NOT allowed. 

So I see her flinging her socks around her crib. 

Seeing that she's still happy and having fun I decide to check my phone for a few things. You know. I'll pull up facebook, or twitter, or instagram. See what really important *eye-roll* things happened overnight. 

Check monitor again. Still see her playing. Not a single whine/cry has been muttered.

But I decide she is fully awake now. So I will get up, pee, and then go get her. Which is probably one of my favorite little mom-job's ever. I love opening the door to see her face light up like it's Christmas every time. I know one day she'll be all Mommmmm leave me alone, I don't want to take the bus today so I treasure these moments where she thinks I'm a rockstar.

However, by the time I'm done peeing, the monitor is quiet. Silence. And my little girl is out cold. Again.

Did that really just happen?  Blink. Blink. I stare at the screen.

Yep. She's asleep.

How is it possible that something so small, you know, like my kid falling back to sleep after being what I thought was very awake for the morning, make me feel like I won the lottery? I mean. Don't get me wrong. I adore this child to the moon and back. But I am currently blogging and drinking my coffee while staring at her little booty up in the air sleeping. Still sleeping. 9:10am.

This? This is a mom win. And this is the way to start your day off right.


It's the little things.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Bucket List Printable

It seems like a lot of you used my Fall Bucket List a few months ago when I posted it. Originally it was something for my family to use, to be more intentional about spending time together, and doing things fun & seasonal, and meaningful together. And really? It worked.

I had a hard time at first. It felt like we never checked anything off our bucket list. But near the end, it felt like we were checking things off left and right. It was awesome! We didn't complete everything (naturally), but it felt good to know we were doing fun things together as a family that we'll cherish. 
(I should have gotten an after picture, because there were lots of checks. Sigh. Hindsight.)

Hence the same idea with the Winter Bucket List. You can print it to an 8x10, put behind a glass frame, and check off as you go with a dry-erase marker. My husband helped me make it this time, too. He's a doll.

note: this is not the actual printable

Obviously, not everything will work for your family. If you live somewhere where snow doesn't happen? Yea. I get it. No snow to play in. But, generally, the bucket list is something we make for us and then have fun sharing with you. If you can use it, fabulous

So. Last time things went a little wild with the Fall Bucket List. It was improperly sourced all over the internet, leading back to websites that (some) were even claiming it as their own. The sad part was? If it's not linked properly (on pinterest or whatever), then if someone wants the printable, THEY CAN'T FIND IT. Hence, defeating the purpose entirely.

Link properly to share the love so if anyone wants the bucket list, they can find it.

-Once in there, click on the picture, then "file", then "download". You can then print to a regular 'ole color printer in an 8x10.


Happy winter bucket listing!