Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

1. Nothing about this is fun. I lied. Feel free to leave now. Kidding! Don't leave. I love you!

2. I have been working on being more present lately. I know, I know. It seems to be the trend, and I still fail miserably at times. But I don't find myself obsessing over checking things, or staying on top of my twitter stream (in fact I never go back & read it anymore), etc. But I'm still not perfect, or anywhere close. And my computer and phone get the best of me often. And it's so stinking hard when your job and hobbies revolve around the computer (blogging for work & for pleasure, then blog designing, and photos & editing, etc). It's definitely HARD.

3. It's well into January and the only substantial snowfall we've had this year was that FLUKE crazy storm we had just prior to halloween. We had a few flurries today, but I'm kind of in shock about it. I'm sure it'll come with a vengeance soon.

4. On that note, I miss summer, terribly. I forgot how amazing and awesome it is to be able to go out without bundling your kid up, head to the park on any random day, take walks & enjoy the sunshine, and just PLAY outside. I feel bad for my kid. I think she's bored to death of the dumb mall playground and the chick-fil-a playzone, but WHAT ELSE SHOULD WE DO?! Thankfully we have swim once a week, but the winter sucks. The end.

5. Lately I've been feeling maybe a tiny, itty, bit of the morning (all day) sickness is easing up. Granted, I still have moments of complete and utter "I'm gonna diiiie",  and I still am puking, totally--but the feeling like butt 100% of the day seems to be wearing off a tiny bit. I'd say it's more like 75% of the day. So, it's still pretty awful, but it's manageable. If that makes any sense at all. But heck, I'll take it.

6. I feel a lot of guilt that I already prefer one gender over the other regarding this baby. I know that is the most horrible thing to say, and sounds awful of me. But I don't know how to make it stop. And honestly, in the end, I know that I'll be totally okay with either. But my brain won't stop thinking about it. I HATE that I have a preference. Hate it.

7. I've been reading a few new blogs lately. One of them I think is really a cool girl who I know would practically be my BFF if she ever took the time of day to respond to me, but she doesn't. And I find myself getting annoyed. I've been leaving comments here & there, but never, ever hear from her. She's a bigg'ish blogger, I guess you'd say. 700 some followers or whatever? But really? I am starting to be turned off now. Like, she seems a bit diva. And then it got me thinking. I try really hard to respond to comments (if they're something that seems like it needs a response), and sometimes I'll often just respond back with a "thanks :)" or someTHING. Definitely not always, but I do try. If I can't/don't ever respond to you it's probably because you don't have your email set up in blogger. So make sure to do that? Please?

8. Also, I'm a big instagram lover. You know this. I love that people can comment and like photos, and I can do the same for them. BUT PLEASE, pretty please with a cherry on top, remember to "mention" the user you are writing back to in the comments section, or else they will likely never see what you wrote to them. IE: I will never see what you wrote back to me if you don't mention my username because I follow too many people to scroll back and check. Make sense? Great.

9. I am both excited and terrified that we're starting to think about Emeline's big girl room. I'm not at all afraid of the transition (I mean, she'll get it...eventually), but I'm afraid that I have these big expectations for what I want the room to look like in my head, and worried a bit that I can't live up to it in my decorating. I know, so shallow right?

10. Do you shop GroopDealz? If you don't you are missing out, big time. It's basically like any of those other flash sale sites, EXCEPT for it's for the ca-utest handmade-vintage-fun accessories, home decor, jewelry, clothes, etc! You can get daily deals emailed to you, and all the products are 50% off. I order from there often and always get the best things. That's what this little cute picture is below, if you're wondering then clicky-click it.


  1. I just wrote about our lack of snow today. It's ridiculous that mid-January we've had a dusting or two, but no real significant snow!

    I think it's really hard to respond to everyone. I always feel like a freak just sending a 'thanks' or some other non-conversational response. Have you tried sending her an email directly?

    And are you going to tell us if you want another girl or a boy?

  2. I know what you mean. Im a blog designer too (for about 3 months now) and its hard to always blog or do things on the computer when everything else is on there.
    But when it comes to loggers, I have a bunch that I follow. Only a few ever really take the time to respond to comments. I mean it is as simple as replying to the email that notifies you of the comment. I always try to give some sort of response.
    The same goes for Twitter too. I now only follow people on Twitter if they follow me back. You read and see what goes on in there people's lives and when u go to talk to them there is no response because they aren't following u back.
    I am having to learn to balance the blogging, blog designing, stay at home mom stuff. It's not always easy but I love some of the bloggers I have met.

  3. I hate to say it, but the next time I get pregnant I'll be hoping for one gender over the other. I mean I'll be happy either way, but now that I've done the baby girl thing I'd like to try the baby boy thing.
    I'm glad your morning sickness is starting to get a tiny bit better. I've never had it, and I don't think I'd survive it if I did.

  4. Glad you're feeling a bit better!

    I think the preference thing is 100% normal. We're not having another, but if we did I'd totally want a girl. You will be a great mom to either!

  5. Not that I'm pregnant again or plan to be for a little while, but I REALLY REALLY wanted a girl for our first baby, and when we found out Ethan was a boy, I was instantly thrilled. Like you said, happy either way, but definitely had a preference. When I dream about our next little one, I find myself having no preference at all. I think of how great it will be for Ethan to have a brother, but then there is that little girl I've always dreamed of having in my mind too. :) Anyway, I know what you mean about having the guilt of preference, I think we all secretly do it. :)

  6. I think having a preference is totally normal! also,i totally know how you feel about the blogger who never responds, i felt the same about another blogger and it really bothered me for a while totally changed my opinion about her

  7. Oh no,you've got me all worried about being the/a "diva blogger" now. I'm terrible about not responding to comments, but it's because I don't understand how the "email response" thing works. Lame, I know. A tutorial, perhaps?

    Glad you're feeling a TINY bit better... Can't wait to follow this pregnancy and all the "fun" that comes with it. Thanks for being real.

  8. It's crazy that our only snowstorm was before Christmas....I'm not particularly happy for snow, but I'll take it if I'm able to stay home.

  9. I'm so glad you addressed the big blogger no-reply b/c I feel the same way. I try and connect w/my readers as much as possible too and if I feel something warrants a response it takes all of 2 seconds to shoot a quick one back, even if it's hours later it's nice. So yeah, I get it.

  10. Well now you've got me wondering what your prefer, boy or girl?

    Before we found out what baby #2 was I really wanted it to be a boy, since we already have a girl. Now that we know it's a boy I find myself kind of wishing it was a girl. I love my little girl so much and she's just so awesome and I fear maybe I won't feel the same about a boy...even though I know I will. I feel like a horrible mother even thinking that way.

  11. I agree with the commenter above... I am SUPER DUPER curious what your preference is ... Are you wanting another girl, b.c you know how sweet little girls are? or are you hoping for a baby boy, so that you can find out what little boys are made of?? Please tell :)

  12. Totally agree with your #7, that turns me away from blogs sometimes too! I don't think you should feel badly at all about having a gender pref., I think that is probably natural. I'm trying to think about it and guess which you want but I give up!!

  13. Yay for only 75% of the day being filled with morning sickness! As for preferring a gender with baby #2, don't sweat it. In all honesty, I was a little disappointed when we first found out J was a boy. I just knew it was a girl. And now, 10 months in, I can't believe I was disappointed!

  14. No snow here either, just lots of wind.
    My sister was the same way about gender preference with her second. It took a little while to warm up to having a boy when they found out, but ultimately she got really excited. Since you know you'll be happy either way, try not to worry about it.

  15. I really suck at responding to comments...but you do a great job, and it always inspires me to do better!

    As far as being present and winter activities--I'm trying something new starting Monday. I'm trying to set three activities to do with Lizzy (memory games, puzzles, legos, painting, specific craft and book combos, focusing on a specific Bible story) and telling her that it's "school" since she's really into that now. My goal is two-fold--to put away my phone, turn off the TV, etc and really be PRESENT with her in that block of time. And also, to rotate activities a bit more so that she and I don't get bored.

    Sometimes, I think that we have so much STUFF that we default to doing the things that Lizzy really loves, when really she might enjoy the other stuff too if she had a little more structure along with them.

    I don't know how it'll work out, but I totally feel you on both accounts!

  16. Some people are just rude and/or inconsiderate. There are obviously many people who think you are awesome, so don't sweat it. (and yes, I am talking to you, crazy pregnancy hormones)!
    And thanks for pointing out the Instagram mentioning...I have been trying to think of a nice way to explain that to my friends, thought I was the only one!
    Happy Weekend!

  17. Not at all sad that we haven't had any snow. If we went this entire winter without snow, I would be a happy girl!
    I had most definitely have a preference for,when/if, we have a 2nd little one, because I would love to have one of each...but then I think about Maggie having a sister, and that sounds so fun....LOL...I just want to be pregnant again...LOL!
    Yeah, I have encountered a couple of bloggers over time, that I thought I could hit it off with, and some have been really nice and then there have been a couple that haven't given me the time of day...oh well, what can you do???
    Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. Have a great weekend!

  18. I've always wanted a boy and a girl. So now that I'm pregnant with my first (boy), I hope my next one is a girl! :) There is nothing wrong with having a preference. In the end, it is what it is and you'll be happy no matter what.

  19. I agree with everyone else too. I think almost everyone has that little "I really hope it's a..." feeling even though you'll be happy with either.

    Ugh I wish I lived where you are. We're in a winter storm warning tonight until 7:00pm and already about 12-15 inches with another 4-8 predicted. FUN! *cough**cough*

    I also hope that the 'all day' sickness is starting to ease up. Hoping hoping hoping.

  20. I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant with my second. I remember hanging my head off the toilet thinking "dang it, you BETTER be a boy. I'm sooo not doing this again."
    Glad you are starting to feel better! =)

  21. Hi. I suck at responding to comments. I can't get on my gmail during the day and in the evenings I'm trying to balance boys/gym/Twitter/blogging/life. But I am going to get better now. I mean it.

  22. Katie....what do you mean by instagram? I'm a bit silly with all this and fairly new to blogging but have followed you for a bit now. I love your posts and have commented many times. I didn't realize you couldn't see them which makes me wonder if others can't see mine when I respond back to them OR..maybe I am missing some.

    Congrats on that new little one on the way...super cool and exciting for you.


  23. I just moved from MI back to the East and I am so jealous of the snow-storm back home! So I totally understand! :)

    You are totally great at answering back. I love that you do even though you have a lot of followers! That says a lot about your character and I love it!

    I am so happy to hear that you are slightly getting over the unbearable all-day sickness! I will continue to pray for you!

    I love GroopDealz! I love that it is Groupon-meets-Etsy! I shop there all the time and love it! :)

    Happy New Year (I think I've already wished you that--but I'll say it again, since I totally wish you one--to you and your growing family)

    With much love!

  24. I don't always respond to comments right away, but I always do respond. I have Intense Debate, so I can do it directly on my site and the replies should get emailed to the commenter. :) My following is small enough that I can do that, and I'm really glad. I really want more people to read and comment, cause I love making new blog friends.

    I'm so glad Blogger is moving to threaded comments, you have no idea. I think that'll make it easier for responding and also keeping discussion going. I don't know if Blogger's threaded comments sends emails, though. So maybe look into the threaded comments option? That way, you can respond even if they don't have email set up.

  25. Im another one who tries to comment and respond to comments. So glad to hear that your morning sickness is easing up. Ive never heard of GroopDealz but will definitely have to give it a try.

  26. Didn't realize that about instagram. Good to know.

    I agree with everyone else. I think it's totally natural to really want a particular sex the second go round. Maybe even more than the first time because you either want what you've already got because you love it so much you can't imagine anything different or you really want the other because it's fun to have one of each.

    I appreciate bloggers who reply back to comments. It makes me want to keep commenting. So, thanks. :)

  27. so glad you made that comment about bloggers not responding. I read a certain blog and have for while and HAVE NEVER HEARD BACK ON ANYTHING! even the big stuff. I won't say anymore since she has commented here. :/

    it's just nice to know they read the comments.

    I bet you want another girl :)

  28. We just got our first snow, too, and I'm in shock. Secretly hoping it's also the last snow but I can guarantee that won't be the case.

  29. i'm the same thing about the gender thing with my baby too that's why i was soooo sure that i wanted to know the gender when i had my ultrasound. we got our big first snow too on Friday.

  30. you and I have talked a bit about that preference thing and you know i'm right there with you. actually, i never thought i would be, but now i want a certain sex so bad.... oops.

    that blog not responding thing? i deal with that way too often. nothing turns me off of a blog faster.

    glad you're feeling better lady :)

  31. We all do the best we can do for that moment in time. As I am sure you are doing the best you can. Lovin' all your "real", down to earth posts!! Keep them up:)

  32. I love the dealz site! I found some great Christmas presents there this year.