Friday, January 27, 2012

Heyyyy Friday. Snarky much?

I'm kind of exploding with post ideas in my head. One of those days where I could post on about 29308293 different things but they'd still come out all snarky. I like to reign in my snark on the blog (no, really, stop laughing), and so until I can figure out a way to be nice about these things, they are not postable.

But just for kickers. Some of the things that have been swirling in this pregnant brain of mine are:

1. Weight loss ish. I realize I'm pregnant, but I still think about this area a lot, and get inundated with emails and questions about it. I don't mind that. What I do mind is when people are their own worst enemies. You wonder why you aren't losing weight? Maybe it's all that candy, or pizza, or carb-loaded dinners you're posting pictures of? Either make the choice to lose weight and really try your damndest to do it, or stop talking about it. (See? Too.much.snarkkkkk. Also? I'm jaded.)

So I leave posts like that for my super sweet, much nicer than myself, and very-good-with-words sister, Susan. She wrote an amazeballs post this week called "No More Excuses" and you NEED TO READ IT (if you haven't), like, now. 

2. Pregnancy grossness. One time I referred to motherhood as unglamorous (re: baby puke on your clothes, poop-up-the-back diaper explosions, etc) on a blog post and got a comment basically insinuating that I was ungrateful and ladies are dying to be pregnant everyday. I was floored by the comment because a.) While I've not struggled with infertility, I have lost a baby and I can relate to those feelings so strongly, and I connect with woman on the daily re: loss. I totally get that longing to be a momma, and b.) Talking about the realities of motherhood is just what I do. I've always been honest. But it sucks when that can be misconstrued into one not being grateful. I am so far from ungrateful it's not even funny.

So back to the pregnancy grossness thing. Someone tweeted me saying I should write a post all about those awful things no one tells you about being pregnant/pushing a baby out/recovery. I giggled and was all "yeaaaa" because, yes, I could talk about those things. As most pregnant women/women with child(ren) could I presume. You know, like how your first poop after giving birth will likely be the death of you (see also: nightmare inducing). But I don't want those things being turned into, "oh she's not grateful".

But I could talk for days about how effing uncomfortable it is to be constipated during pregnancy, or to piss your pants while violently puking (don't say I didn't warn you), or how you might waddle worse after pushing a baby out of your vag than you did at 9.5 months(abillionyears) pregnant. And then I would pad it with, "but it's all worth it" and "you will fall so deeply in love with baby none of that will matter". Because you HAVE TO DO THAT SOMETIMES. Or else someone will call you ungrateful. Even though you are anything but.

And yes, that bothers me, sometimes. Okay, a lot.

I LOVE MY BABIES AND I ALWAYS WILL. Despite talking about how tiring/gruesome/gross pregnancy and momming can be. OKAY INTERNET?

Oh shizznit.

I went and did it. I got all snarky on the internet.

It has to come out every once in a while, right? I blame pregnancy. HA! that was JUST for you. I can't stop.

Good thing I have a mani & pedi scheduled tonight. Momma needs to kick her feet up and clearly relax some.

Happy Friday, friends.


  1. Ahahahaha! You make me giggle! And it's the truth, pregnancy and mommyhood can be really gross, but we deal with it and love our babies regardless!

  2. Just discovered your blog... :)

    SO JEALOUS of your mani/pedi! ENJOY IT...

    I was just thinking yesterday how I hate the fact that as bloggers, we are constantly having to put out disclaimers after expressing how we feel or making just random comments. Why do people dig for problems? Look for reasons to complain? Act so defensive when they are CHOOSING to read your/my blog? just did a post about how to deal with negativity so it must be hitting full force right now...

    I hope you can appreciate all the good posts too (and I am sure you do - disclaimer ...haha) because from what I can tell, you are refreshing and your blog is fun to read + informative.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Good for you for bringing out the snark anyway. Some people need it, they just don't want to hear it!

    I used to be one of those "OMG, how did you do it?" kinda people when I asked others how they lost a lot of weight. Now that I've finally got my butt in gear, I completely understand the either "you do it or you don't" mentality. It really is that simple. Excuses can't be made if you're serious about it.

    As for motherhood - it's NOT pretty. It's not glamorous. It's stinky, it's gross and someday's it's just plain HARD. Does that make me ungrateful, too? No, it just makes me real & honest.

    What's wrong with real & honest?!?

    Sorry, I kinda went off on a tangent myself, but I get where you're coming from. Good for you for bringing out the snark anyway!! ;-)

  4. Sometimes the snark is just necessary. I have a post scheduled for Monday that will most likely ruffle some feathers and that's ok. Things NEED to be said.

  5. Hahahaha! Preach on, sister.
    I don't have kids yet and don't know what to expect, so I think a post about all the awful stuff would be extremely useful!! It doesn't make you ungrateful to be honest. :) Happy Friday, enjoy your pampering!

  6. Keep the snark up in your "awful things no one tells you" post - I can't wait to read that. I love reading your blog, people you don't love it shouldn't read.

  7. #1? Sooo right there with you. (and your sister. Who's post about it was quite amazing too.) I'm currently avoiding my SIL's calls at the moment because it's one excuse after another. One stupid "I'll totally lose 50lbs by next month" diet after another. I just want to shake her.
    And the peeing your pants during a violent puke session? Ya, that still happens sometimes when I get one of those nasty flu bugs. And my youngest is 6. haha

  8. hahaha this was hysterical.
    And I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who peed my pants during pregnancy. LOL.
    And really, snark is sometimes the only way to cope with things. Enjoy your mani/pedi tonight!

  9. Ha! I actually love the snark. And I'm totally guilty of wanting to lose weight, yet ordering 3 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Only I don't question it. I think it's pretty obvious why my belly still jiggles!

    And pregnancy/motherhood is NOT pretty. No use fooling those who haven't experienced it into thinking so. All those pretty blogs with pretty happy posts all the time are full of LIES I tell you!

    Haha... Woah. I need to cool it.

    Anyway. Snark it up, girl! :)

  10. I loveeee the snark and helloooo people need to hear the bad things, no one told me about the gruesome recovery AFTER surviving labor and I wish they had!

  11. One thing about blogging that I dislike is always feeling like I have to include a disclaimer... it's annoying.

    I appreciate your real-ness (is that a word?)

    ...anyhow, thanks for keeping it real. Seriously.

    and the first post delivery bathroom visit, it WAS a nightmare... I totally agree.


  12. This made me giggle! I love how real you are and that is why I am a follower! If someone doesn't like the topic, they can skip the post!

  13. OH, I love snarky. I think the internet needs it!!!! and if they don't get it to bad. Yes - pregnancy and birth takes it all to a different level - and no talking about it does not mean you are not grateful. Keep it up!!!!

  14. I love your blog and all the honesty that comes with it!

    If your readers don't like it, then they can go read someone's blog that farts rainbows and pukes sunshine.

    No worries mama!

  15. I hate that attitude. That if you complain you are ungrateful. Pregnancy is no fun sometimes. It can suck balls right off ... but this is not related to the level of love we have for our babies. Not at all. No one likes hanging over the toilet vomitting multiple times a day. No one. But we DO it because we love our kids and we want them. So badly.

  16. I had to laugh when I read this b/c I just fell victim to the "must make sure to say how blesed I am to be pregnant when complaning about how much pain I am in." I hate that we are made to feel guilty for simply being honest.

    And, your snark was not bad at all. I could go on and on about people talking about losing weight, getting healthier, taking control of their finances yet not doing a darn thing to change their situation. Take action people! Do something about it!

    Enjoy your mani/pedi tonight!

  17. Girl, I just love you..... You straight up tell it like it is and that's what I love most about you, among many other reasons!! :) You make me laugh!!!

  18. Loved the snark! And thank God I'm not the only one who's peed on themselves while puking!! Haha! Can't stop laughing!

  19. This inspired me to write about you today

  20. I seriously don't get why someone would respond to you like that. Obviously you love your kid and wouldn't change the situation for anything. But yeah, being honest about going through the pregnancy? I think it's great. If people don't want to read, they can skip it. I like your honesty!

  21. You truly make me lol- I love your "snarky" post. Honesty is what I'm all about and it can't always come out in a happy grateful way. Happy Friday and enjoy your mani/pedi (I'm so jealous)

  22. Seriously FOR REAL on both counts. The whole weight loss whiners who aren't really even giving it half a percent have been really bugging me lately too. I may or may not have written a snarky post too and then deleted it too hours later because I was a little too snarky haha. I like your snark :)

  23. I am constantly worried about coming across ungrateful when I blog. I always feel the need to add a disclaimer that even though I might complain or moan or whatever, I love my kids and am so very grateful to have them.

    But in reality we shouldn't have to do that. I know, as well as you know, that we love our kids/being pregnant and we shouldn't have to prove it to anyone.

    I know how you feel though. You dont anyone to think you're unworthy or whatever.

  24. Bring on the snark....I LOVE it. Completely made me laugh. But honestly I constantly worry about seeming ungrateful when I start to complain about all things involving kids, including being pregnant. But the truth of the matter is, sometimes it isn't pretty and sometimes it is very frustrating, and it's hard to get through without letting out a little steam. Therefore, a mani/pedi is probably just what the Dr. ordered! Have a great weekend!

  25. I think if people don't like your honesty or your feelings - they shouldn't read. Period. They don't need to give you their feedback, they just need to click the little X at the top of the screen and move on.

    I've been coming to terms with pregnancy stuff myself. While I'm a lucky one that hasn't puked once, and didn't seem to get the constipation and fatigue, I feel lucky - BUT - that doesn't mean I have to LOVE being pregnant. I love the baby in my belly, but pregnancy doesn't complete me or anything. I love the movement but don't have to like the backaches, frequent potty trips, achy hips, and getting thicker thighs. We have a right to not like stuff about pregnancy.

  26. You are SO cute! Love your honesty, snark and all, haha! Boo to the haters out there. Enjoy your alone time, you deserve it!

  27. WTF!!! Someone actually LECTURED you because you DARED not have a day full of sunshine and roses since becoming pregnant/a mother?

    Hell to the no.

    Just because something is wonderful and amazing overall does NOT mean that it's going to be all perfect all the time. And it's YOUR blog, so you have the right to post whatever the hell you want. And if that means posting about the really gross parts of pregnancy/being a momma and NOT post scripting it with a "but it's all worth it," well, I don't see any problem with that. Your blog is like your house, and no one has any right to come in and tell you how to run it. Not like that.

    Just sayin'.

    Gah. The nerve of some people. I am seriously pissed.

  28. LOL! You are too funny!
    Oh how I hate when people take everything you say as ungrateful! It's like you can't even talk about the not-so nice parts of life without someone saying "Oh be happy you're alive"

    I had a friend, who is no longer my friend, called me an ungrateful bitch after I complained about being on chemotherapy-second-round! I guess her cousin had cancer too and couldn't get the means to be on therapy! But "hey", I told her, "I feel bad but I am talking about MY experience which is allowed..."

    For my part, I love hearing the whole-truth! So I am grateful for your two-sided point of view! I love hearing about your pregnancies and mommy-hood (both good and not-so good sides) Thanks Katie!

    Hope your weekend is off to a great start! :)

  29. Pregnancy and being a mom are just one of those things that are SOOOO hard and people who have never experienced it or what to so badly say they wouldn't complain but I think it is impossible not to complain. I think if someone thinks you are ungrateful they just don't know you.

  30. I had a shitty day had a flat tire and got pooped on by a pelican....yeah it's as gross as a diaper blow out but smells like fish running down your back!! You go girl, get your snarky on becuase i am about to do the same on my blog!!!

  31. girl you said it!

    drives me crazy hearing the excuses. I need to do a post on the ones I hear.

  32. Being real is not the same thing as being ungrateful! Sometimes the Internet NEEDS some snarkiness to set it straight!

  33. I love this post and i love your blog! Keep on keeping on mama :)

  34. I love this post, especially the part about the weight loss.

    I'm about to start taking steroids, so I know that weight loss probably isn't realistic for me while I'm on them, but some people have mentioned gaining INSANE amounts of weight, and that freaks me out a bit (a lot!) so I think I'll stay away from the pizza and crap anyway. Just in case!

  35. Hey Katie! I lurk a lot :) Just wanted to say an Amen on this post. People hiding behind their computers can be so hurtful. I wrote a post last week about a whiney/sick child and how it was hard on me because I don't live near family and my husband who is in the Army is gone a lot. Anyway, someone sent me a msg telling me that I should "try something new" and talk positively about my son and that I should pray for him instead of vent on my blog b/c I have a lot to be thankful for. Obviously, I already know how blessed I am, but her comment rubbed me the wrong way. Your blog is here for writing what you feel and I say do your thing! People need to know that motherhood is such a rewarding, beautiful journey that also includes some pretty rough hurdles along the way.

  36. Loved Susan's post about weight loss and making a choice to stop sabbatoging yourself and I had to use everything in me to resist sending it to my mother. Last year, she started WW shortly after I did and kept complaining that it didn't work for her. I had zip my lips because while we were at the beach I saw her eat tons of cheese puffs, high point bread, etc and NEVER track a single point! Don't get me wrong, I ate ice cream too (thanks for the kids DQ tip, btw) but I counted it. It won't work if you don't follow it! She's finally trying it again and actually following this time-and what do you know? It's working. ;)

    Also, I commend you for writing about how you actually feel about motherhood. IF that's all you wrote, or you didn't pepper it with pictures touting your daughter's cuteness or posts about your immense love for her, I might think you were ungrateful, but it's obvious that you're just being real. Sometimes playing it safe for the sake of other people can be dangerous. So many mothers struggle with depression because they don't feel like they can talk about the hard parts about motherhood. Venting for a few minutes is a million times better than holding it in and suffering for a lifetime-because that? That's not good for kids either.

    I say keep on keepin' on, Katie. Bring on the snark. It's just another thing we love about you.

  37. I always love how honest you are and thats of course why I keep coming back to read. Its amazing what people will say on the Internet but would never say it to your face of course.

  38. Anyone who has read more than one post on your blog knows you are a wonderful momma and how grateful you are for your family. You shouldn't apologize for being yourself!

  39. I definitely agree with your sentiment. It's your blog and you can say whatever you want on it. I have experienced a miscarriage, and am in the midst of infertility. 3 years of trying and no baby. So when I see posts/tweets about people talking about how hard pregnancy is? It DOES hurt, but that's not your fault. So I just click away and come back another day when I'm in a better place to read it. Or I stop reading altogether for awhile, because it is a different kind of pain that you can't know without experiencing it. But I wouldn't wish it on anyone. So keep writing what you want to write, because it's your journey!

  40. I feel like pregnancy and babies can pretty much be summed up with the word poop. It seems all encompassing. One of my good friends is pregnant and just from what I've learned from her, I'm fairly certain I dont want to go through that... Ignorance is bliss, please don't tell me any more to freak me out for whenever that day comes!! hahaha

  41. Just read this and am SO glad when women get real about pregnancy, etc. on their blogs. We don't have kids yet, and I just want to know the 'real deal!' And, I totally don't think it makes you sound ungrateful :o)