Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Moments in the art of juggling.

Toddlers are....busy. The busiest little creatures I ever did see. For not having anything real important or pressing to do. No checkbooks to balance, or bosses to impress. You know.

They get into everything. They are interested in everything. They ask for approximately 2938298 things before you get the right thing and even then it doesn't always satisfy their deepest little toddler cravings and desires.

It's cute, really. And partially annoying. And so....toddlerhood, as cliche as that is.

It's a little less cute when she's doing these things while I'm trying to wrangle her at my OB appointment yesterday.

Luckily we didn't have to wait for long to be called back. However, for the five minutes we waited I felt like a monkey in a cage. The ladies behind the glass office ooh'ed and ahh'ed over the cuteness of Emeline, literally, staring for the entire.five.minutes at her. I shouldn't have put her hair in piggy tails. Piggy tails make everyone swoon. Even me. Then, Eme saw the anti-bacterial hand pump and bee-lined for it. Repeating over & over & over again, I keen! I keen! until I let her 'wash her hands'. No big deal, at all. Until she escorted herself over there to pump the the stupid thing herself, for the fifth time. Talk about a mess. I juggle.

Thankfully the nurse called my name at the exact right time.

I didn't have any clue how difficult it would be to pee in a cup, in a small bathroom, with my daughter there watching me talking about momma pee-pee, shoving the iPhone in my face because she can't find the app that she deleted minutes before, all while whining as if the world is ending because the!app!is!gone! It took everything in my power not to accidentally spill my hot, fresh, urine on her, while trying to pull up my pants, re-download the app, and shushing her at the same time. I juggle.

And then? It's time to be weighed. For the first time ever they let me pee first. Thank you, I lost a pound. Okay. At least half a pound. But when Eme saw me stand on that scale? SHE WANTED TO STAND ON THE SCALE, TOO! While teetering on the scale I tried to distract her with my phone again, all while probably annoying the nurse because it was hard to get an accurate reading while I'm bent over uploading Elmo videos from YouTube, that the nurse out front had just recommended to me. Your head spinning yet? Mine was. I juggle.

Two coats, purse & hot, fresh pee cup in hand...Emeline trailing behind me, about to run into walls, so distracted from that dang phone. Whatever. I'm done feeling bad about it. I'm coping at this point.  The nurse escorts us to a room that she assures me IS NOT GOING TO BE MY ROOM for the appointment today, that she had to prep a real room for me. It's a good thing because that particular bed looked like some kind of torture device used in the olden days and there was no way in hay'ull I was getting on that thing. But, great. Another move once I get all comfortable & situated with my crazy-cakes toddler on my lap.

We finally ended up at our resting place. A normal room. One with the cool fish tiles on the ceilings so women can feel "distracted" while doctors go up their hoo-ha with uncomfortable tools (OB & GYN is all one place :) ) while discussing the latest recipe they found on Pinterest. Anyone else find that really awkward? No? Anyway. I digress.

The nurse then says those words I was hoping to God I wouldn't hear. The Doctor could be an extra few minutes, sit on the chair and not the bed until she gets here. Code for: You're going to be waiting forever. Cue internal freak-out. Noooooooooooooooooooooo.

She sat on my lap. We played game 1 until she was disinterested. We stared up at the fishies on the ceiling tiles and began to count them. We sang fishy songs from swim class. We did hand motions. She asked for a snack. I did the snack/sippy cup dance. She didn't want what I brought along, of course. We went onto game 2. I tried to download a new game. We watched 3948309 random clips of Dora related stuff on YouTube. Let me just say....people upload weird ish. She got off my lap, she pulled down the doctors measuring tape, she wore it as a 'necklace' and danced around the room. I tried downloading new apps. I got error messages galore because I am out of space on my phone. I deleted other important apps to make room for stuff for her. Because momma's do stuff like that. Now I don't have a pregnancy app to keep me straight so if you ask me how far along I am and I don't know? You know why.

Finally. She arrived. I sat Eme on the chair by herself as I sat up on the table/bed/torture device. The second I laid back and pulled my stretchy band down so she could get the doppler out?


I didn't expect this at all from her. I had no idea the poor kid would think the doctor was hurting me by putting that thing on my belly. But, sure enough, big-huge-crocodile-tears and a sheer look of panic overtook my little girl as the doctor said "Oh honey, I'm not hurting your mommy!"

Once that special little swooshing sound of her little baby sibling came up loud and clear on the doppler? She put her little hands over her mouth & did her little gasp/giggle combo with tears still running down her face. As if she knew she was listening to something really cool and special.

I will remember that little sweet moment forever. I hope.

Despite what felt like complete and utter chaos of that appointment. Despite the juggling act of sippie cup/snack/game/sing-your-abc's/let's dance!/don't cry/shhhhh!/and all the redirection in between. It was really special.

I'm glad for that little moment. And so glad for naptime that followed.



  1. I totally feel like this could have been me in this post. I hate when they have you waiting with a toddler in the tiny rooms with nothing for them to do, other than touch everything...when you know everything should not be touched.

  2. This is so sweet. Stressful, but sweet. :)
    I think every room should have a couple of toys in it. We went to get N's ears checked once (at a specialist), and all he wanted to do was touch the sharp tools, swivel chair, computer, etc. And we were stuck in there for what felt like forever.

  3. so sweet.

    and take a lesson from me. do not take her to an ultrasound. i did that with my 15 month at the time. she freaked out and had to sit next to me on the table. then she stuck her lollipop in the gel on my belly.


  4. Precious! My oldest still remembers hearing his sisters heart beat on the doppler. He was only 3 at the time but still remembers it. So special!

  5. All those crazy hectic moments are so worth it to capture those precious moments in the end ;-)

  6. I need a nap! AND KLEENEX! This post was adorable! All the while challenging...that last little paragraph of Eme hearing her sibling for the first time, totally worth it!

    Bless you!!!! Keep up the good work!

  7. So sweet!! LOL I HATE those weird tiles at an OB/GYN office. One of the rooms at mine actually has puppies and kittens "peering" over the edge of the tile as if they are watching you. It's super creepy, I hate them!

  8. In the midst of all the craziness of motherhood, it's moments like that making it all worth while. :)

  9. That is the cutest darn moment ever!

  10. This post is the epitome of adorable and not only because it brought back memories of L freaking out over me getting my blood pressure taken. "Are you hurtin' my mommy?" It's simultaneously annoying and oh-so-sweet.

  11. All that craziness did not take away from the happy ending. I love it.

  12. Oh Katie, this gave me serious anxiety until the very end. Emeline is SO sweet to giggle at that little heartbeat.

    Glad she took a nap afterwards.

  13. That little moment makes it all worth it. Forthemostpart ;)

    I can't imagine taking my kiddos to OB appts with me. Brynn? Maybe. Carter? I'd rather shoot off my left foot then take my 3.5 year old in there, omg.

    In my OBs office, you can pee in a cup right after you check in and then just leave it in the bathroom for the nurse to find at some point. It's lovely... no waiting!! :)

  14. This just made me laugh. And I give you tons of props for even considering bringing her because i know for certain I couldn't do that with mine. He'd break everything in sight! But how stinkin precious!!!! Awww. I think I will remember that story forever too. So sweet.

  15. Hugs! Just remember in times of stress like this how blessed you are to be healthy and have two healthy children!!! :)


  16. Aw! I got a little teary eyed picturing her hearing her sibling's heartbeat! My ob doesn't allow kids. I see why :) thank goodness I have plenty of people to watch Chase when time for #2 rolls around.

  17. Aw, poor Eme, just wasn't sure what was going on was she? And yes, we juggle a lot, don't we?

    I was glad I only had to take G with me once while I was preggo with K. And it was quite similar to this experience, except a nurse took him out during the check for any dilation. THANK GAWD!!

  18. Ahhh the juggle, made all better by those tiny moments. What a super sweet you got to share with your little one...very touching!

  19. Thank you for this. Just today I was worried I was the only one who does all that :)

  20. What a great moment to have with Eme despite the craziness!

  21. This is basically the exact same experience i had when I took eva to my first midwife appointment. Except they were doing bloodwork. SO I was sitting there trying to keep her hands off their equipments and NEEDLES while also getting poked. It was amazing. And unfortunately, she had no reaction to the heartbeat except jumping on the bed. So, yeah ... no special moment there.

    Love this post.

  22. How sweet! You probably will never forget that moment.

    Those toddler at the OB appt days were ROUGH. I always tried to pack M a back pack with interesting stuff and an emergency lollipop for if I really needed him to sit still :)

  23. What a memory! I love that you got to share that with her, craziness and all.

  24. What an awesome memory, even if it was a little crazy at the same time!