Monday, February 13, 2012

The Monday Real

I'm linking up with two of my girls today, Jess & Britt (who is moving, so she's a bit MIA understandably) to get real. This linkup is, obviously, about keeping it real. So here it goes. Graphic, grossness head. Not really, but maybe. You never know.

I got the stomach virus again yesterday. I got it when I was about 10 weeks pregnant and again at 15 weeks. It is awful. AWFUL. When I wrote my post yesterday mid-day I wasn't quite sure it was a virus or just pregnancy sick, or maybe even food poisoning-but I've never gotten sick that many times in one day. Nothing could stay down. Nothing. So I'm going to go ahead and self-diagnose that this was indeed the stomach flu, or something like it.

The only upside to all this sickness is that it helps keep my pregnancy weight down. Kidding. Okay, not really. Only a little. But I'd really rather be healthy than be dealing with this, again. And I am kidding, I don't condone puking for weight loss. Really.

So today I feel like garbage. You know the day after the puke-fest and your abs hurt like heck, your house looks like a bomb exploded, and you're still in that "am I sick or not" phase? You're worried about anyone catching the bug, so you want to remain in solitary confinement to make sure no one catches that mysterious little germ that floats in the air (or something), because dealing with 24 hours of puking is hell. So at home we stay.

But I feel so guilty. I have one work meeting a week that I attend on Monday mornings. I didn't think it was appropriate for me to go in this morning for a few reasons. 1) I'm not really sure if I still am sick or not. Did I mention I've not left my bed yet this morning? Thank God for laptops and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. and 2) I don't want my germs spreading. and 3) I just don't find it fair to ask someone to come babysit Eme in my potentially germ-ridden house. That's not fair to anyone.

I hate missing that meeting but I feel like I always get sick on freaking Sunday nights into Monday's. Or so does Emeline. I'm sure that's God's little way of helping me out, so you know, my husband can be home on Sunday to take care of Emeline so I can get better or vice versa. But still. Makes me feel awful in regards to my job.

So that's where I'm at. Feeling kind of crappy that I can't please everyone, that I can't do anything fully 100% when stupid things like the stomach bug come in and swoop away all predictability in life.

That's me keeping it real on this Monday morning. Intense huh?

So, right now my prayer is that Emeline does not catch this virus. She's had it once and I really don't want her having to deal with that again. She's already dealing with a cold, and molars, and was up a few times last night. Momma can't deal with more puking than her own right now.


Go link up for The Monday Real, if you feel like being honest about how you're feeling this morning. Or the state of chaos of your house. Or emotions. Or whatever. It feels kinda good.


  1. Oh no! I hope it's quick and you feel better soon. :(

  2. Yeah. I feel like that too, sometimes. Like I'm just not quite enough for anyone, anywhere, anytime, no matter what I do. Love you lady. :)

  3. GOSH! This really sounds MISREABLE! Im so sorry! I pray that Eme doesn't get it. Lysol the heck out of that house...and the bathrooms. Wash the sheets too. I think calling out sick was the right thing to do! Don't feel bad!~ you have to take time to get better!!!! You've got 2 little people counting on you!!!! Take it easy momma!

  4. Oh gosh, you poor thing. Praying Eme doesn't get it! Feel better soon!

  5. Praying that you get better soon :(
    And also for Eme and your husband--so that they don't catch the bug!


  6. Oh no! Being sick when pregnant is like a double whammy! Hope you feel better soon!!

  7. Ugh.. can't imagine having a stomach bug while pregnant! And with another child! Eek. Feel better soon. And I totally know what you mean about letting people down and trying so hard to be everything for everyone. It's so hard! We all juggle so much, we just have to do the best we can!!

  8. Oh my word, pregnant and sick... NO fun! Feel better!

  9. Ugh that's awful I hope you feel better soon!

  10. No bueno!
    Hope you feel better girl.

  11. That is SO not fair that you got the stomach bug twice. Especially when pregnant. You should be immune from it for the rest of your life now.

  12. That's awful! I really hope this is your last sickness for the pregnancy. It's not far at all! Feel better.

  13. Oh no! That's terrible! I hope you feel MUCH better very soon!