Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Sunday's feel like a really good day to confess stuff. So that's where my brain is going with this. Follow along...or...hmm...don't. That may be a bad idea.

I let my cravings get the best of me last night (stop rolling your eyes). I wanted Subway, we ate Subway. I wanted a Sonic Grape Slush, I got a grape slush. I came home, and promptly got sick. Like, you-don't-wanna-hear-details-sick. Trust me. It was awful. I feel like I lose all sense of sanity when pregnant in regards to food choices when growing a human. Granted, I don't eat 'much' as far as quantity, but bad choices? Yea. It sucks and kinda makes me feel all out of control. I no likey.

I'm not convinced that last night still wasn't affecting me this morning. As there were three-more-episodes bright and early this morning. A sobbing-hysterical-me (I am not happy when sick, mmk?), a toddler throwing honey nut chex all over our bedroom floor, and a husband trying to shower/get ready for Church. It was quite a scene around here. I tried to shower, but had to get out I felt so queasy & nauseous. I never ended up leaving my bed this morning. In fact, I might still be wearing the robe I threw on & donning the most ridiculous head of never-did-yo'-hair you ever did see.

I'm bummed and guilt ridden. My friend Jess & I have been trying to meet face to face (I already 'know' her well, if you ask me;) ) for a few months now. The last time we tried to get together, her whole family got the stomach virus. Today, we were were supposed to meet, and I was sick as a dog, not sure if I had the stomach virus. So we postponed again. I hate postponing plans multiple times because I'm always afraid it sends the wrong message of, I'm just making excuses. Which I'm so not. But you know. That's how it feels and I hate to be that person.

Part of my sadness may be due to the fact that I had the best outfit picked out to wear and was so excited about it. A bit shallow? Perhaps. But it feels good to, uh, feel good when pregnant. And bright red denim may have just done the trick.

I'm kind of hoping that my husband has thought about Valentines day plans for us and praying that I don't have to bug him about it. I mean, that takes away the fun in it, and typically he's really good with these things. But yea, I admit that I'm a little worried he may forget just how close Valentines Day is. TWO DAYS AWAY. If you didn't know.

I secretly like (and envy) that children outgrow their clothes basically every season. I mean, they get to wear the cutest new fashions because they have a LEGIT excuse that their clothes don't fit from last spring. You know? And also? As a mom, I do love the excuse that well, I have to buy her more stuff because nothing fits. It is so fun to shop for her. The other night I did a late night Old Navy trip by myself and seriously, had zero desire to even look for myself, because it was all about her. And I love that I can still pick out all her clothes and she could care less about what I buy. Also? Old Navy's stuff? Freaking cute. The colors. The florals. The colored denim skinnies. I need Spring to hurry up and get here so my kid can prance around in these adorable clothes, mmk?

I am secretly glad that no one came to see my house this weekend. Granted, it snowed, which doesn't make for good house-shopping weather. But, being sick and laying in bed like a lazy blob and then getting that panic phonecall that someone will be there in 2 hours wouldn't exactly make me happy at this moment.

I still haven't updated on Emeline. Taken my camera out. Or taken any decent pictures of her this month at all. Aw heck, now that I'm thinking about it, I forgot to have my husband take 15 week bump pictures too. Seriously, I am just an all around suck lately. My children's lives are already poorly documented. I fail.

Anything to confess?


  1. I hit up Old Navy yesterday but couldn't bring myself to buy any of the cute spring stuff BUT I did score 2 long sleeve tees, a hoodie, and pair of jeans for the girl {who's suddenly outgrown all of her winter clothes} for just $25! Score! Love that store!

  2. I hope you're feeling better now, being sick sucks. :(

  3. Your grape slushie incident totally just sent me back to my vomiting coma caused by indulging in too much grape dimetap when I was 6. Grape flavor, never again.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I totally agree about kids getting entirely new wardrobes all the time! Jealous.

    And Old Navy's girl stuff is seriously cute. Notice how I said GIRL. The boy stuff? Eh. It's kind of blah. Or covered in stupid sayings and cartoon crap. I'm always bummed when I go in there to shop for Jamie. It's rare I ever find much. :(

    Oh well, probably better for the pocketbook right??

  5. Sorry to hear you are feeling like shit. That sucks. I can't imagine being preggo, having an overly active toddler all while feeling awful. Take care of yourself, girl!!

  6. I think you just B R E A T H E...and give your self a break..:) It will all get done and documented somehow.

  7. Red denim maternity? Do share!

    I confess that I am secretly relieved that we're having a boy first because there is no way I could have worked part time next year and have also afforded to dress a little girl :)

  8. Old Navy is the best! I especially love that I have to buy my girls new shoes so often - little girl shoes make me weak at the knees!

    Stay in that bed and REST, friend!

  9. I will agree that Old Navy has some awesome clothes right now I went last week.

  10. Hon, you were SICK. You don't fail, you don't suck. You need to rest so you can take care of yourself and your family. It's OK to just be blah for a while, and to take it easy while you're doing so.