Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tweets are clogging my head.

There are so many thoughts swirling around in this brain of mine right now. Honestly, I have a headache because I think my head is so full of stuff. That may sound crazy, but I think it's true.

You see, this past Sunday my Pastors were talking about the season of Lent. I did not grow up in any type of denomination or church that really talked much about Lent. But I love and appreciate that as an adult, this is something I can partake in, knowing that it's a season of really pressing in and focusing on what Christ did for us when he died on the cross.

I believe in fasting. I've been a part of many different fasts throughout my lifetime. Seasons where, as a Church we all fasted the same thing(s) together. Sometimes they were personal, just me. Particular foods. Maybe entire meals. Liquid only fasts. TV fasts. Things of that nature. And most definitely (most) not all surrounding Lent, either.

Last year I gave up Facebook. In the grand scheme of things, it was no big deal.

This year, after my Pastor talked again on Sunday about this---I finally felt the urge & pressing on my heart that I was supposed to give up Twitter. In fact, right then I deleted the app from my phone.

I don't want to go into details about any of this, because this is not a woe-is-me, complaining-thing, AT ALL. In fact, because I know how hard this has been for me (don't laugh) for only the past two days, it goes to show me this was, indeed the right move.

I realized after only two days, how very little I actually process through thoughts before I was just tweeting them. How little I actually had to sit and dwell on things before I could just get them out. I realized how attached I am to certain friendships with people and that I miss just connecting with them on a daily basis. And I may even realize how real (or not real) any of those friendships were. But most of all, although I denied it up and down...I realized it was taking up some valuable time of mine. Time that I owe to God, my family, my work, my friends...and heck, myself.

I felt sad yesterday. Just an overall (stupid) sadness. I had a headache the entire day. A massive, horrible, headache that I swear is from all the tweets stuck up in my head that couldn't be tweeted. But, really--this is so good for me.

So that's where I'm at so far with all this. It's not something I'll talk about often, if at all--however, I'm sure hoping that this time of kind of quieting my brain, focusing in & up, will sure to bring me some clarity in areas of my life, and of course, insight & revelation, self-reflection, all that good stuff.

That's what I'm praying for, anyway.



  1. It's so difficult to step away from social media like FB or twitter. Like you said, if you think something, you can just tweet it, get a ton of responses, answers, advice etc without really having to sit and think about it yourself. That's difficult to lose.

    I know that FB takes up way too much time out of my life and I did think about giving up FB for lent, however, I chose sweets instead because I knew my body would be much happier!

    Maybe at this time in your life, with your little girl on the way and Eme home with you, not tweeting will give you that much more time to spend savoring each moment!


  2. I've seen a few people do this this year and I can honestly say I'm jealous. Now that I'm a SAHM I realize how precious my time is and I've definitely been on it WAY less and when I am on I barely ever go through my feed. Good for you!

  3. I'm with you on this one. I cut fb and twitter this year and realize how much of my time during the day it takes or how I "pause" life and play and making the best of my time to just check something...some of it about people that mean quite a bit to me, others, perhaps relationships that aren't healthy.

    Hope you have a better day today!

  4. I don't have a twitter account but I can relate when it comes to spending waaay too much time on stinkin FB. Fasting is supposed to be us giving up something that we'll miss and it looks like you picked a good one!

    It will probably get easier with time. It's like the fist day we decide to go on a diet all we can think about is cupcakes :)

  5. I was wondering why I hadn't seen you on twitter in a few days... :)

  6. Wow, That is great. And it's something that is obviously a true sacrifice for you. I'm going to be praying about what God wants me to sacrifice for more of Him.

  7. Honestly, Katie, things are really hard right now for our family, and kind of in a season right now of stepping back from Twitter and I gave it up as well for right now. So much we're trying to work through and so realizing what's important, know what I mean??? It's been so so good for me!! And good for you girl, proud of you. Enjoy this time of quiet!

  8. I think it's great that you are doing this. I've had the same thoughts lately and I would use it way less if I did not have it on my phone. More so with Twitter than FB.

    You don't need to justify this to anyone. You do what is best for you :)

  9. I've probably got a whole post brewing on this soon, but what I've been super surprised about this season is how despite really WANTING to keep the Lenten commitment that I made, it's really easy to slip up, almost without even realizing it. Or to find something else to replace what I gave up...

  10. I totally understand exactly where you are coming from. I'm not a big tweeter - so I gave up FB this year.
    Amazing how much I actually think about posting on FB before I {would} actually post it.

    MY husband was thrilled when he found out I was choosing FB to give up.

    I still tweet, but it's no where out of control as my addiction to FB. However, yesterday I saw where someone didn't understand why people were giving up social media.
    I felt a little funny about it - if people new how much time Twitter/FB takes of your day, your home life, & your time with GOD they may understand it better.
    I'm a given proof, I didn't realize it until the first day of LENT.

    KUDOS to you! GOD is happy about this decision!

  11. Enjoy the quiet. Or maybe I should say, enjoy the other sources of noise. :)

  12. I miss you but as you know, I think Twitter breaks are very, very healthy. I couldn't give it up at the moment simply because with the work stuff, it's my place to reach out for support. But I definitely get it. However, I DID almost text you a photo of the bday invite I made for L's party because you weren't on Twitter when I tweeted it. :)

  13. I was wondering where you had disappeared to!

  14. I will miss you on twitter, that's for sure! I hope you find that quiet place inside yourself and are able to embrace and enjoy it.

  15. I can totally relate to this. I will miss seeing your tweets, but I say- good for you!

  16. Very impressed, and you'll be so blessed at the end of this. Good luck! :)

  17. You are a much stronger woman than I ;) I do have to admit though- reading your post on the heels of hearing Jon Acuff speak at Blissdom- echoes so many of those similar sentiments. Learning to disappoint the right people- being present in the moments with your family. I've been mulling around that ever since I heard those words Thursday morning.. Small words but they speak volumes. It's amazing what you hear and see when you're not constantly wrapped up in tweeting what you hear and what you see.. It already sounds like stepping back from twitter is giving you exactly what you need. aside from that awful headache ;) but? i get it.. great post!

  18. Good luck girl! I'm limiting my time on-line in general during Lent. Although this comment doesn't say so, does it? ;) Enjoy the extra quiet...

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