Sunday, March 11, 2012

22 Months, aka: two months away from TWO.

I have only one month left to officially count my kid's age in months. Next month, 23 months old, and then? Two. She will be two years old. I will have a little, 'ole 2 year old on my hands. Whoa. 

Emeline is such a sweet kid. Full of so many hugs, and "keeses" for friends and family, lots of long "squeezes" (neck hugs), and tons of smiles and hi's & hola's for anyone around. She especially adores her grandparents, and my sister, Susan ("aunt susie!"), seeming particularly partial to them.

She talks about the baby a lot. Her baby sister. She hugs my belly and says, "Uh oh, where baby go?" and then points to my belly and giggles. I don't think she still has any clue, but we talk about her baby sister often and pray daily that she'll slide into that role with grace & ease.

She tests her limits, yes. But for the most part she listens pretty well and can easily be distracted or given something else to get her mind off of what she shouldn't be doing. For now, that's been our form of discipline you could say---redirection. At the time it's working, so we'll go with it.

Miss Emeline loves to tell people her name now when prompted. Of course, she's not quite got the pronunciation down, but if asked her name she goes, "I eye-ine" (sometimes sounds like "nigh nigh"), but she can say, clear as day, "I Eme!!" The thing is, she hears her formal name more often, so that's normally how she introduces "Eye-ine".

Singing? Check. She loves to sing. Her favorites are the ABC's..which just goes like "A, B, C, E-i-e-i-o" (yes, we mix Old McDonald with ABC's apparently :) ), "Ashes, Ashes, ALL DOWN!", and "Twinkle Star!" and of course "Baby, baby, baby, ohh!" among other things.

She's a chatty girl, as you can tell. And I love how much you can understand with her. I think communication with a toddler can be the most frustrating thing sometimes, but thankfully, she picks up words & uses them all the time which really helps me to know just what she needs rather than dealing with screams or whines.

Dora is still her favorite character ever, but Minnie Mouse has taken a very close lead. She talks about "Minnie 'ouse" often and the other characters of MMCH she likes too, of course. At night, Emeline requests kisses from her puppy. THEN she wants kisses from mommy and daddy. Nice, right? She has to say goodnight to the birdies on her mobile (and they get kisses, too), and she sleeps with "Owlie &  Pammy-girl" (an owl stuffed animal & a penguin stuffed animal). For the most part, she sleeps pretty great, but sometimes pushes the boundaries, as you know ;) But that's what toddlers do.

Life with Emeline is never dull. Sometimes I feel like I'm hanging out, chatting with a (younger, immature, but oh-so-cute) girlfriend. I love this girl to pieces and she certainly brightens my life. She brings lots of joy to people she meets, and I adore that about her.

She's shaping up to be a pretty rad little lady.


  1. Oh my goodness, she's growing up so fast! What a cutie.

  2. So cute! The things she says sound adorable. Can't believe she's almost two!

  3. Wow 22 months! When I began reading your blog I'm pretty sure you were just newly pregnant. Time is flying and watching Eme grow up is a joy!

  4. She is such a little cutie. That Beiber video still makes me giggle.

  5. Cannot believe the big 2 is just around the corner. Wasn't it just yesterday? Seriously. My goodness.

  6. Love it. Our girls would rock out singing together, all of Emeline's are Kirsten's favorites too (other than JB - we're a little sheltered I guess, lol).

  7. I love that you say she is like a little girlfriend. Makes me so excited for that... Someday, (sigh).

  8. I cannot believe she is almost two! How is that possible?

  9. She's so adorable. They grow so darn fast. Geesh!


  10. I love that she gives kisses to the animals. That is so cute!

  11. Happy 22 months! I cant believe our sweet little girls will be two soon!