Monday, March 26, 2012

Appy Monday: Take your favorite shows On-the-Go

Remember how I'm one of the contributors over at AppSmitten? That awesome website that sends out weekly or daily emails finding all the hottest and greatest apps for your iPhone, iPad or droid? Yea. That. Well, don't forget that if you want access to all the cool stuff, you just have to sign up with your email address right here. It's free, and they do all the work for you. It's awesome. So, sign up :)

But, today--I'm gonna tell you about one of my favorite Avoid Meltdown apps. You can check it out over at my Contributor Page. I'll give you a peek:

Yep, that PBS Kids app is awesome. Do you have it yet? You should. It's free, it's run by PBS so of course it has all your toddler's favorite shows and snippets from them that stream whenever the kiddo needs a distraction.  The shows pride themselves on being educationally and curriculum based. I feel comfortable with PBS shows, and so it's a nice option to have this app on my phone when needed in a pinch.

Check out my AppSmitten page to sign up and also to check out the other fun family and educational apps I've suggested over the last few months!


'Appy Monday!


  1. This is awesome! I'm definitely downloading.
    Can you let me know, if you happen to know of or come across a good daily devotional app? I started looking for one today but haven't found one worth downloading yet.

  2. I signed up for AppSmitten but hadn't seen this rec yet - just downloaded it!

    I also wanted to pass along an awesome app. It's called Elmo Calls ($0.99) and it allows your child to face time with Elmo! Kate is obsessed! Thought other Elmo loving babies might enjoy it too!