Sunday, March 18, 2012


We're sitting here at the kitchen table, laptops out, coffee in hand, remnants of breakfast lying everywhere. I say everywhere because with a toddler (my toddler), it's true.

She throws things. Bits of muffin to the left of me. Chewed up grapes to the right of me.

Just a few minutes ago I looked over to see her entire peanut butter toast stuck to her arm like paste, and a little pixie voice saying, "Uh Oh Mommy, Uh oh!", while licking off any remnants of PB left on her fingers, and cradling a quarter-eaten-apple in her armpit.

Needless to say, mealtimes are still an issue around here. But that's not the point of this post. I don't really even know the point. I just wanted to write.

There's a halfway-floating-through-the-air Dora "bloon" in the living room. If you saw The Office this week, you know exactly what I mean. It's doing that exact thing.  Emeline's toys are strewn about the living room. Last nights snack-wrappers are still hanging out on the couch, because we're awesome like that. And the basement? Well, that's looked like a laundry room for the past week, yep-since last Sunday. We've been doing that thing where you run down 2 flights of steps just to get the clean item of clothing you need because everything's not quite ready to come up yet. Or? We just have been too busy slash lazy to deal with it.

All that to say-we're back to living again. We took the house off the market and I couldn't be happier about it.

We tried. We saw. We finally felt the nudging to just rest again and wait. Peace is my gauge. My husband's, too. We felt at peace with the decision to just stay. Reside here for another year or two and then try again. We have a lot of big transitions coming up. Emeline needs to move to a big girl room, the nursery needs to be a little updated, she's going to have a little sister, she needs to begin seriously potty training, we have a big trip planned in May, and we need to just stop. Focus on those things. Enjoy this time and not stress about it.

Because the truth is we are okay here. We have the space. And when the time is right we'll move to wherever we feel is right for us. For now, it's to stay.

I'm okay with that. Totally okay. In fact, I feel really good about it.

And it feels kind of nice again to leave my bra & undies hanging around again. I mean...

It's okay to stop. It wasn't a fail. I don't feel like it was a fail, at all. In fact, I feel like it was a learning experience.

I'm glad to be home again, in my mind anyway.


Happy Sunday!


  1. Good for you! I'm glad you guys decided to stay! IF you have the is no time to try and sell! Good luck with everything!

  2. totally wasnt a fail. You are right, you have big things coming up and to focus on them is good!

  3. Isn't it amazing when you're in God's peace? Glad you both felt at peace with that decision! It will happen when it's right. :)

  4. Great post! I think it's so great when there are these moments that I am just so content with where we are in life. Those moments come and go, of course. But it's such a relief to experience them.

  5. Your meal times sound like ours over here. Also, we've been doing the laundry relay race for the last few days. I finally took the basket up yesterday. lol.
    Glad you're in a good place about the house stuff. It definitely was not a fail. Just a nice little "not yet" from the Lord, right? :)
    Can't wait to see what you do with the nursery. I love/d Eme's.
    Happy Sunday, friend!

  6. I think that sounds like the best decision for your family and so happy that you are at peace with it. I'm sure there has to be a little bit of relief knowing this is ONE less thing you have to worry about during this busy part of life.

  7. God always places us where we need to be:-)

  8. You must feel so relieved now, though. I'm glad you're staying as well. Now you can relax and just be for a while. You've got enough stuff going on. And no, it wasn't a fail. For one thing, the market sucks. And another thing, it was a choice you made on your own. You followed your instincts. All is well.

  9. Whatever is right for you and your family is the best.

    You dipped your foot in the pond and saw how it was and it's okay to just stay where your at. Glad you're happy with your decision.

  10. Oh wow...are we on the same page these days. I just sent an email to my sister about being good where I am at and focusing on the many things my family has going on in the next few months and with transitions and being good with where I am at. And then..I blogged a bit about it in my own way today.

    I'm glad you and the fam are enjoying the many things to come and enjoying whats right in front of you. Here's to peace love and happiness. = )BTW...luvin watchin your little bump's kind of cool watching this and then there is gonna be a day your loves of life pals get to meet her.


  11. Love the new header and am glad that you guys have made a decision that brings you peace. That is something that we all need these days and with all the stuff you guys have coming up, I'm sure it is really helpful!

  12. I like this post. A lot. It seems...peaceful. Settled. Content. I haven't heard you sound this content in awhile, and it makes me happy to know you guys are in a good place.

    Also. Cass used to call them bloons too. I loved it.

  13. I think the last "boon" (as they're called around here) from Kirsten's birthday finally disappeared last week.

    Glad you guys made a decision that caused such peace for you both...that is wonderful.

  14. I'm glad you guys are able to rest and be at peace with your decision! When it comes to the major "buying" decisions (buying a house, buying a car, etc), Justin and I have come to feel like when it's aligned with the plan God has for our lives, it just happens. When we really have to FIGHT to make it work, maybe that's God telling us "not yet" or "I have a different plan."

    Regardless, how AMAZING is it to not have to worry about keeping the house show-ready?!

  15. Sometimes staying in a place that feels so good is the right choice. I know we have made that decision recently as well.

  16. This post is awesome for so many reasons. So glad you are at peace with this. Hoping I can follow your lead if our lives head in the same direction.

  17. Yay for you! Seriously, you have to do what you have to do in life, what suits you best. And girl? The messy house of a toddler? We are there. So there. I'm learning I have to let some things go, because she is only this young once.

    Let's be potty training mentors/cheerleaders, sound good? :)


  18. Totally not a fail! I know exactly what you mean. My house was on the market for 3 months--and I feel like I was NOT home...I couldn't leave anything on the floor, I had to clean every single moment--just in case someone stopped by. Then, took it off the market and we could breathe again.....

    It definitely was a learning experience :)

  19. Good for y'all. Good for listening and taking things slow. You'll be exactly where you need to be. Good for you for having such a great attitude about all of it.

  20. Eeep. I didn'tknow this. With the week we've had, this is the first time I've been on my reader so I just saw. I'm glad you are at peace with your decision. God will lead you where you need to be. He always does.

    P.S. What's the trip in may?