Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The 'what's going on' post.

The house. I've had a few questions. It's still on the market. We've had a few showings (3), and the last feedback seemed really hopeful. However, I'm much too smart to get my hopes up in these situations. It means nothing until the fat lady sings. aka: someone makes an offer. I'm not stressed about it.

We're keeping our eye out for things out there, in the specific area we want to move. However, that can be a real crap-shoot when you're looking in a very, very specific area. I just trust that the when's and if's and how's work out if this is what we're supposed to do. If not? We'll stay here for now. We're going to look at another house today. But again, can't do a whole lot until someone wants my house. Oh, the evil cycle of home-buying/selling. It's so fun. *eyeroll*

The baby. The bump-baby, that is. It seems my belly is growing everyday. I'm going to (hopefully) do a full update maybe this Friday for my halfway point. I'm almost 20 weeks. Halfway? Really? Wow. I was and am feeling generally pretty great, but morning sickness and the pukes have come back again. My baby girls--so typical of them to be rough on their momma in utero. So not surprised. But overall? I am doing really well, and so seems baby girl.

Work Life/Momming. I ran into a mutual friend I hadn't seen in a while yesterday. She was sweet, and asked me about how I handle working at home and doing the whole stay at home mom thing. Yet it seems like I still get to have fun, do mom-stuff, etc. It's true. I do get to do fun mom stuff, take my kid to swim lessons, do playdates with friends, eat chick-fil-a at lunch, etc--but it definitely comes with balance, and time management. For instance, when you're a work-at-home-momma your hours don't really ever shut down. I work after she goes to bed. I work random hours on the weekend. I almost always do work on Sundays. Because the truth is it IS difficult, one kid or not, to balance that. But it can be done. Just takes being creative with your time.

The husband/family life. We're good. So good. I have been enjoying watching Declan & Eme together. They're just the silliest, cutest, most adorable people on the planet and I love these two so very much. He's just come into his own as a Daddy and I know he'll rock at having two girls.

 I'm so much looking forward to this summer, and having most of it just with Emeline. It's like our last little you're an only child hurrah. It'll never just be her again. So we're going to make this Spring and Summer extra special.

Speaking of which, her 2nd birthday? Less than two months away. And she is going to have one of the most special 2nd birthday's ever, but more on that later ;)

We've got Eme's toddler room basically all set up, honestly? For showing purposes. But she is not ready for her big girl bed yet, or maybe, I'm not ready for it yet. We'll get there I suppose. She's always been so good with transitions, and with giving me signals for when she's ready for these changes. I've just not sensed it yet. I mean, the kid hasn't even crawled out of her crib yet. Same with the potty. She had some interest a few months ago, now she's scared of it. I don't want to scare her more so we backed off until she seems interested again. Such is life with kids, I guess?

Other random stuff. I'm shocked at how little I miss twitter these days.We're spending a lot of time outdoors because of this nice weather. Still loving serving and being a part of our Church. I work in children's minstry teaching the 3-5 year olds, Declan is the head of Finance, he does the sound booth/tech stuff, I organize communion Sunday's, and other service activities, and we both love & attend our weekly community group (bible study). We know we are right where God wants us in that regard and it feels great.

I'm keeping active. But no, I'm not actively running. I'm bummed about that, but with every step I have this urge to pee my pants and it's not fun. I've run a few times, but it's been hard. So, lots of walking and thanks to the nice weather this is so much more fun than the treadmill. I'm considering doing a 5K at the beginning of April. I will attempt to run most of it, but I'll likely take a few walking breaks in there. We'll see, though.

So that's what's been going on...well, generally, anyway. ;)


Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loved this!! :) Girl, I feel you on the Twitter. Stepping back from Twitter right now is one of the best things I’ve done and SO timely. You come to realize you don’t really miss it all that much when there was a time I thought I couldn’t live without it, ha!! When I do go back, think it will be in a different way! Enjoy these moments with your sweet girl while it’s just her!! :)

  2. i hear ya! we are 19 weeks yesterday and this preg flew...i can say that since it's my 6th haha

    we find out tomorrow pink or blue....most are hoping for pink to even the numbers..if not the boys outnumber us 5 to 3 whew!!! dog doesn't count...he was fixed hahaha

  3. Loving this update : ) Wishing you luck on your house hunt!

  4. Aww, sounds like everything is going well! I can't believe you're almost at the half way point... that's insane! I feel like I JUST got your text!

    I didn't know you worked from home! What do you do?

  5. Hopefully with spring comes warmer weather and more house showings! You seem to be taking it all in stride though, I feel like I'd be going crazy not knowing and wanting to get things ready for baby #2!

    Can't wait to see what you have planned for Emeline's Birthday! Last years party was so adorable!

  6. Isn't it awesome watching your hubs really thrive in the role of daddy? Alex has always been wonderful with Kate but he has really blossomed as a dad over these past few months! Watching them interact, and the silly things they do together, make my heart smile so big!

    I can't believe you're almost half way done! Crazy! Praying you start feeling better and that your house sells!

    And you may not miss twitter but twitter sure does miss you!

  7. Good update!! We do miss you on Twitter, but thank G for Instagram! :)

    Your bump is growing - that's wonderful! I can't believe you're almost halfway done. I swear it seems like yesterday you were asking me if you could run the mini marathon 6 months pregnant!! Ha!

  8. Ugh, my comment may have come up as "unknown", but it was me, Aly! Oops.

  9. Glad to hear things are going well with that sweet family of yours! Also, I'm curious I know you mention working from home, but I don't think you've mentioned what you do. Being nosy, I'd love to know :)

  10. I can easily get obsessed with things which is the exact reason I've avoided ever considering twitter. Facebook keeps me pretty updated with things and is my social outlet.

    It's the same reason I've avoided pinterest but I'll pro any give in to that urge soon!

    And I completely blame you for my Draw Something obsession. Ok ok- it's my fault. That game is fun! I'm supposed to be decent at art- why do my drawings suck?! Lol.

    Sounds like you're living a full and happy life! Still excited (and a little jealous) that you get to be home with the girls. I know you know how blessed you are in that regard!

  11. You might not miss twitter, but it misses you! Was wanting to know what you thought of the bachelor last night!!

  12. Good to hear that everything is going well :)
    Can't wait to see what you have planned for Emeline's second birthday!

  13. Seems like life is treating you really good. So happy for you <3

  14. So happy to see you happy! :)
    I'm so excited to see what you have planned for Eme's bday. I've already started on Noah's, and his isn't until this summer. lol.

  15. Can't wait to see what you have planned for Emeline's birthday! And enjoy looking at the house's hard to balance the excitement and the prospect of it all with being realistic and NOT getting hopes up. At least for me, I always get my hopes up about things like that.

  16. I can't believe you're almost half way! And from someone who loves to plan parties, I can't wait to see what you have planned for Eme's bday! As for twitter, know that you are missed even if you don't miss it. ;)

  17. So glad to hear that it isn't just me who wanted to pee my pants running at 20 weeks!

  18. So I'm wondering if it's normal for them to be super interested in the potty and then basically terrified? Because my E is in the exact same boat. Odd. Oh well.. we're not in any hurry.

    I kind of don't even believe you're pregnant in that first photo. Skinnies... ;)

  19. I hate these kind of posts because I think of 67 things to comment on while I'm reading and then I get done and I forget them all. So, let's see. I am totally digging watching Eva and Evan develop a stronger relationship, too. It is honestly the best thing ever. And? THe last summer with one? I JUST said last night to Ev that I can't wait until 6 weeks from now when I'm done work and will get to have TWO WHOLE MONTHS of Spring/summer time to enjoy with Evalyn before the baby comes. Cannot wait. Oh yea, that was my other comment? The worm at home mom thing. Heck yes, woman. It's tough.

  20. Hope the house hunt goes smoothly & doesn't drain everything out of you:) Hurrah for sunshine. Glad you are able to have lots of fun with miss E!

  21. Glad to hear everything is going good besides the sickness coming back. Boo to that.