Monday, April 30, 2012

The big girl room saga.

You all saw on Friday that I finally finished Emeline's big girl room.  Thank you so much for all the nice comments on the room. And, well, I'll be honest--it still has the fun, new-room feel, and so I pop my head in when I go by and smile a little at the newness. You know how that is, right?

Apparently Eme feels the same way about her new room. "My big room!" she calls it. And looks around the room in awe saying "WOWWWW" with big eyes and "pwetty woom!" I found her in there a few times over the course of the day just sitting on the little recliner...or in her bed with a pile of books and her puppy on her lap, pointing at the walls finding all the "E!'s

But back to the point. I honestly didn't plan to start sleeping her in there for a few weeks. Her clothes aren't transitioned over yet. She's not potty trained, there is no changing table in there, and I still need her to sleep in a crib/pack-n-play in Disney soon and didn't want her being all "pshhhh whatevs fools I sleep in a big bed now".

But on Friday night, when we got home from being out--we brought her upstairs to start bedtime routine stuff and she immediately started talking about her big bed. Like, she wouldn't stop talking about it. So we're in her nursery, getting her into pj's, and she's pointing to her big room and telling us no to the crib, and that she wanted her "big 'gul woom". I guess the hype of the big girl room being completed (after being many months "in the works") kind of did her in. She was excited.

Declan and I kind of looked at each other and made the you make the decision eyes at one another. And then finally, we were both just like...let's go with it. Besides, she's always been the one who transitions herself on most things. This is the girl who quit nursing cold turkey on me at 11 months old. Gave up her bottles without a flinch. So we figured, maybe she knew she was ready...even if it was before momma was.

We did The Scramble to get her properly set up in her new room, shoved the video monitor on the dresser haphazardly, threw her favorite stuffed animals and blankies in the bed, tucked her in, prayed for her, and then she looked as us both and excitedly said, "BYE!!!!!"

So with that. We left, because duh. She kicked us out. I watched on the monitor like a hawk until I knew she fell asleep. But would she fall asleep? Would she fall out of the bed? Would we end up putting her back in the crib anyway? What would happen in the morning?

Within 5 minutes. She was out cold. And I found myself staring at nothing but a still kiddo in bed. I couldn't believe it was that easy.

Around 3am she woke up crying. I checked the monitor, and she had rolled herself to the foot of the bed. It must have woken her up because that's when she realized the room was unfamiliar, she seemed a little out of sorts, and definitely confused. So I went in there, sat on the bed, cuddled her for about 5 minutes--tucked her in, and she was back to sleep.

The next morning...EARLY (for us)...I heard her over the monitor at 6am. She was sat up in her bed...just looking around the room. Probably thinking, Did I just sleep here? huh? blink. blink. It wasn't for about five solid minutes that she realized dude, I can get OUT of this bed. So she hopped down, headed for the door, and began knocking on it, yelling, "MOMMY! OPEN ME! OPENNNNN ME, MOMMY!!"

Despite her being up much earlier in this scenario, we still wanted to celebrate that YAY! She did it! Big girl status! So when I went in to get her & brought her back to our room, we high-fived all around and celebrated a good first night in her new room. She seemed proud.

That morning when her nap rolled around (earlier than normal), she asked to sleep in her crib. Then that night, the crib again. In fact, she slept the longest she has in a long, long time in her crib that night. Well over 12 hours straight. Girlfriend was tired.

All that to say? I was not ready to put her in her new room yet. Not mentally, not physically. Apparently the hype got to her, because she spent one semi-successful night in there, but not another one (or nap) since. I can't really say I blame her--it's a completely new room, not just a crib converted to a bed in the identical spot. It's kind of a bigg'ish adjustment for kids I assume.

We'll get back to it.

But for now, it was a nice trial run.


Happy Monday!


  1. Ah! Way to go Emeline! I'd say this is just a sign that the transition will be smoother than expected, wonderful news :)

    And yay for your Disney trip being so close!!

  2. that is cute.

    With my son when he went to the big bed we had to put a mesh thing on the bed so that he could not roll out. Maybe you will too?

    They are for toddler beds until they get big enough to stay in bed. He still rolls out now though & he is 13 in a queen size bed against the wall lol.

  3. Awww thats awesome that she had a semi-successful night in there!!! It will happen soon enough. You could always just let her start playing in there and doing things in there more than she is now. She will do it when she is ready. :-)
    It's still awesome that she had a good night in there! I know your so excited for Disney!

  4. Would CPS be called if Connor was still sleeping in his crib at the age of 3? I am not looking forward to this transition, not because my heart can't handle it, it will just take work. Connor was always a great sleeper. I hate to ruin it :)

  5. This is the hardest thing for us right now as we want to get the nursery ready for Baby Girl 2 but I am not ready to move Madison yet and I know she won't appreciate it!

  6. Trial runs are good too! ;)

    The room is adorable! You did a great job!

  7. My BFF transitioned her little boy to a crib before he was 1.5 and I remember thinking she was NUTS! I'm just not a quick transitioner, you know? I didn't even consider putting the boys together in one room when we move because G still belongs in his crib and I personally think it will be awhile till we transition him. But I like the idea of leaving it, somewhat, up to him. Glad she loves her pwetty woom though. ;)

  8. thats awesome she went to bed so easy! Hopefully it continues to be that easy :) Love the pic of her and her puppy in the bed reading books! Sooo cute :)

  9. Yay for Emeline! I'm sure she'll get back to it before yo know it. :)

  10. She just knows that she's gotta up cribbing it until after Disney :) I am sure the move won't be too bad once you get serious about it ... it's a big change for a little but she'll be okay :)

  11. Adorable pictures! Very sweet story!

  12. Thanks for sharing! My DS is just about there too but I DREAD the EARLy morning wakeups.. I think I'll hold him hostage in his crib for a while long :) lol

  13. Well atleast she dipped her foot into thinking about it...she'll transition then when hopefully your both ready.

  14. Aw her room is so cute! You did a fantastic job decorating it!

  15. Good luck on this transition, and I hope that it goes good for you guys! Chloe has taken sooooo well to get big girl bed. She absolutely loves it! I was honestly shocked the first and second night. Tonight is night 4. She's done amazing! And I'm sure Eme will too!!!

  16. Aww I guess she just wanted to try it out, huh? :)