Friday, April 13, 2012

Good won.

Yesterday was interesting. Thank you God for bringing balance to my life---is all I gotta say.

Okay, you know me better than that. That's not all I'm gonna say. But it's true.

Yesterday was a teeter-totter. Yes. Like one of those see-saw things you used to play on at the playground. But let me explain.

We had this amazing morning at swim lessons. The birds were chirping. The sun was shining. She swam like a champ. And saw her best girlfriend, Finny. We headed to my sisters where I met my mom & sister-in-law for breakfast and some secret planning of future events. Eme played sweetly with her baby cousin that she adores to no end. More sun shining. More birds chirping. Good times.

Our normal day ensued. Lunch, naptime, and THEN is when it all happened. A series of misfortunate events. Yes, we'll call it that.

A play time of Emeline & Mac tossing his nylabone back and forth to one another (yes, Mac can throw...sort of) ended up with a heavy plastic bone accidentally bounced down the stairwell, landing on a shelf nailed into the wall, causing everything on the shelf to fall to the ground, INCLUDING THE SHELF--ripped out of the wall, nails, some drywall and all. Ca-rash. The 'uh-oh''s and 'I sowwy's' began.

A few minutes later I had the first-ever experience with catching your toddler drawing proudly.....on the walls. No worries though, it was only a PURPLE! FINE POINT! SHARPIE! In all seriousness, I'm glad it was fine point. Walking in on your toddler proudly beaming and exclaiming, "I drawin'!" is much cuter than I anticipated it to be. Also? Thank God for magic erasers, canIgetanAmen?

Minutes later, we were both in my bedroom. She had tugged at a cord to my heating pad that happened to be wrapped around the base of a tiered standing lamp next to my bed. It caused the entire base of the lamp to shift, sending the entire lamp crashing to the floor...the thick, glass dome at the top smashing into a million and one god-forsake pieces. Everywhere. It was the loudest boom/smash/crash ever. She was nowhere near where it fell, and neither was I--but holy big mess batman.

Within 45 minutes--this all occurred. By the third event? I was kind of in that "did this really just happen?" daze.

Knowing I already had a long evening ahead, since Declan was at a Phillies game after work, I had made plans with a girlfriend and her son, Emeline's age. Both of us had the daddy's/husbands out for the night and knew we'd need some company and to help pass the time. So to the mall we went.

The mall time was spent with us momma's telling a lot of half-stories. You know what I mean. You start a story, your toddler distracts you. You go back to story, your toddler distracts you. You pick up on your story again, your toddler distracts you. Chick-fil-a. In fact, it was a free chicken-strips day. FREE. Random yet engaging conversations about baby names with the employee (& the momma of 3) at BabyGap. Playground time. Our kids splashing in the fountain & throwing pennies in like they've done it forever. Our cute little 2 year old 'couple' holding hands in the mall and looking way too natural doing it. Chatting & laughing in the elevator until we both realized, minutes later, that neither one of us had ever pushed the button to go up--uh...duh. Ice cream and tickle/giggle fests. Out past bedtime. Loud Justin Bieber on the way home.

As I was carrying her up to bed to start her nighttime routine, I kissed her head and she affectionately snuggled into the nook of my neck. Without even hesitating I said, "We had a good day, didn't we?"

She replied, "Yesh momma" with the biggest, cheesiest grin. And then MY BRAIN started telling me, no! woman! do you remember what happened earlier? The Series of Misfortunate Events? Bad day. You had a bad day.

I shook that off quick because yes, despite those annoying things that happened, the accidents, and then the drawing-on-walls moment, it was a great day.

And I'm glad that the scripture "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks"* quickly popped in my head--because it reminded me that I let my heart appreciate all those little, great, fun moments during the day. That despite the few nuisance things that happened earlier in the day, good won.

*(luke 6:45b)


  1. LOVE. What a reminder to choose to make things better and dwell on the good stuff. I would have been so tempted to wallow, but it's inspiring to me that you made the choice to get out and play and find the better!

  2. I LOVE this post Katie! You're right ... sometimes its hard to let the good win & sometimes its easier to just think about all the bad things that happened. But it's so important to remember the good. I'm glad you did even when so many crazy things happened! You're a good momma!

  3. This is what I needed to hear! Not only am I happy that you had a good day but you've changed my outlook on a few bad days earlier this week. :) Thank you!

  4. What a bustling, toddler-filled day! Eme and her little friend are too cut holding hands in the mall. Good for you for letting the good win. Hope y'all have a womderful weekend!

  5. It would be easy to let the bad get to you but it's so much better to let the good shine through.
    I'm glad good won.

  6. secret planning of future events? so excited to know what this event is! Yes, I'm nosy.

  7. I needed this post! Thanks for reminding me to change my perspective on a very long morning!

  8. Wonderful post! So true! Good for you for remembering the good in the day and not the series of unfortunate events! the new header! It's awesome!

  9. Such a good post.
    That picture of them holding hands? I die. So adorable.

  10. love this love you. you're a great mama, wife, sister and friend! xoxo

  11. Oh my. I felt so bad when I read all of that on FB, how does everything happen at once?! Your verse is perfect.

  12. Love this. So often, it really is about choosing the good. We had a rough, rough morning. Within 20 minutes of being awake, I was waving the white flag (and Evan was still at home!!!) but, I quickly determined that we'dturn it around and now I can say that our day is going splendidly. For now ;)

  13. Toddlers have a "MOMMY IS TALKING TO ANOTHER ADULT" alarm. They cannot stand it when the attention is on anything other than themselves. I notice it every time I get into a conversation with an adult with a toddler. Suddenly the toddler is like "MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY!" And once you have their attention, it's usually something inconsequential, like "I like strawberries." HUH?

    Oh well.

  14. Ironic that I read this just before my 22m/o's bath...I think not : ) He was exhausted & hit me in the face 2x, threw his lovey in the toilet and peed all over me...I took a deep breath and thought about this post!!! Thank you! B/c although the end of the day was wretched, overall we did have a great day.

  15. We so often forget all the blessings and little moments that happen throughout our day, in the midst of the craziness of life! Thanks for the reminder to be thankful!

  16. I so had a day like this not too long ago and I too actually came out of it feeling like it was a good day. Yay for positive thinking and I love that verse. I need to memorize that one!