Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello Baby Deux: 25 Weeks Update

I'm getting way lazy on all this baby updating stuff. Seriously. Oh well. I didn't even take out the real camera this month, or do anything fancy. ANDDDD it's been 5 weeks since the last update. So here it goes. 

Yes. Your eyes do not deceive you, that belly is a growin'.

The Babe
She's doing fabulous. I'm watching her kick from the outside now, too. A few weeks ago (around 21 weeks), Declan felt her for the first time. I remember that moment so clearly with Eme--it's just as special this time around, too. At my appointment this week she was stubborn and we had trouble finding her heartbeat, but we finally did. I wasn't nervous because I could feel her squirming in there. I guess she's around 1.5lbs or so now. 

The Momma
This is my favorite time of pregnancy---my most blissful time I'd say. I don't feel sick at all, I'm only slightly (not annoyingly) uncomfortable. I still sleep great. I'm not overly exhausted. I just feel kind of normal'ish with mild aches and pregnancy pains, but nothing awful. It's been good! I feel good. 

The Bod
It's just different this time. I've gained weight quicker with this pregnancy, but am overall 50lbs smaller---so I'm hoping it starts to slow down (the weight gain). I'm up about 11lbs 'officially'. It's still a lot of weight gain I feel like for being just shy of 25 weeks, but, such is life. I've not been doing much in the arena of exercise. I literally feel like I have to pee every few minutes, that part is awfully annoying. But I still am active. If that makes sense. I think it's kind of hard NOT to be active with a toddler. AKA: I can still run & chase the kid down at the mall, big 'ole belly and all.

The Big Sis 
I can't even get over the cuteness of Emeline and the baby belly. It kills me. She asks for her baby sister every morning, hugs my belly, gives it kisses, says goodnight to her...and best of all? When I say, "Emeline, who is your BEST FRIEND???" she replies, "_[insert sissy's name]_"  The best part is, THAT WAS TOTALLY UNPROMPTED. 

When I asked her to tell me who her best friend was I fully expected her to answer with either "Finley" or "Everett", and so I died a little of the cuteness when she answered with no hesitation, that it was in fact her baby sister.

The other day I kept telling her that Baby Sister won't live in my tummy forever, she will come live with us, and she'll be here where she can give her real kisses on the cheeks. She seemed excited. Again, she's probably clueless. But it's too freaking cute and I love 'sharing' this pregnancy with her.


15 weeks to go. Cannot wait to kiss this little baby girls cheeks raw ;)


  1. You're looking so good Momma! No surpries there. And, um, 11 pounds is nothing. I'm only 5 weeks ahead and I'm hovering around 25 pounds.

  2. you look fantastic! Can't wait to hear what baby girl's name is!

  3. You look fabulous! Don't worry about the weight gain. It will come off. For now, just enjoy being pregnant with that precious baby!

  4. You look wonderful, Katie!!! I'm excited to hear the name! :)

  5. You look adorable, as always! I love this time of pregnancy too... I'd say it's great from like week 15 until 25/30 and then it gets really uncomfortable! But until then, you just look like a cute pregnant mama! :)

  6. Best friends?! OMG the cuteness! Stop it right now!! You look amazing mama,all belly for sure!

  7. You look great, I love your outfit! I'm glad the baby and you are doing well.

  8. You look great Katie! So sweet with the "best friends" thing!

  9. Well, first and foremost, you are looking amazing!!! 11 lbs doesn't look like anything on you. You are all belly....barely belly, but all belly!!! You are still so tiny though. 2nd, I can't wait to hear baby girls name!! And 3rd, I'm IN LOVE with your new blog design!!! You're so lucky that you know how to do that and can change it whenever you want! ;-) Love it!!!

  10. Look at you hot stuff rocking a denim mini!! Love that bump!

  11. WAY too cute about baby sister being her best friend!! :)

  12. You look great!! And 11 pounds at 25 weeks is nothing! Enjoy this time (I know you are) before the aches and pains set in full force!

  13. You look great! I have already gained 15 lbs and I am about 4 weeks behind you- and the belly feels huge! I think the more kids you have, the quicker the belly pops ;)

    Awwwe- Emeline will be such a great big sister! :)

  14. You look fab! And I can't wait to hear little girl's name! You are so creative with names, I know this one is going to be great too!