Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I love...

-Slow, quiet mornings with my girl. The peacefulness... those times just us, those are going to be much less in a few months. And despite knowing also how great it'll be, too--exciting, new, fresh, squishy her a sister, I'll miss it. So until then we'll have a lot of slow mornings lounging in bed, watching cartoons, doing whatever we please on a whim because we can.

-The pregnant belly and baby girl in there. I must say, being pregnant with #2? It's much harder to spend 24/7 dwelling on the baby like I did with Emeline. Purely because I'm distracted like whoa (in a good way) by the one running laps around my couch. But I love feeling her in there. It's fun to have a belly to rub again. I'm finally to the stage where I don't feel like I want to die of nausea and vomiting, and so this semi-blissful stage will last a few more weeks until I feel like a whale. And then I'll be all "oh my achey __, ___ or ___."

-The warm welcome I got when I came back to Twitter after Lent. It was very nice. My time away was super and I actually loved it. I've definitely put up some boundaries for myself when it comes to it, though--because I just don't need to spend unnecessary time sucked into details of things I never needed to know, anyway. But I do love certain aspects of it. My husband likes me being on twitter because I can "ask my friends" in a hot second what movie we should rent on a Friday night and have responses and movie reviews within minutes. I agree with him, that part is totally convenient :)

-The day after you've grocery shopped. Is it me, or does it just make the decision about 19081092x harder on what you're going to eat at every meal? Maybe this is Pregnant Katie talking but I just wanna sample everything I buy. It's awful. And delicious. And treacherous to the dreaded scale. 

-When I'm looking for something around the house, frantically searching, and my almost 2 year old comes running to me with said item, yelling, "I DOUND IT, MOMMA!" It is way, way helpful and I have a feeling that will help a frazzled momma of two out big time in the future.

-AppSmitten's new appMATCH feature on Facebook! It's so so awesome! It's a simple little questionaire (all done through facebook) that will then take your answers and match you to some apps they think will fit your personality/lifestyle. If you wanna try that out, you can do that right here. Let me know how your results turn out!


On that note...time to get myself dressed and go on a little outing with my sidekick. You know, for the heck of it.


  1. She's so lucky to have a mama like you. Enjoy your time together. :)

  2. One thing I miss the most about just being Kirsten and I is the after-nap snuggles. We'd always cuddle on the couch with a snack, drink, and her favorite show (or sometimes mine...) Of course Simon's totally worth it - as you know - but it's easy to get all nostalgic about those sweet memories.

  3. Awww you are so living my life two summers ago. I remember those feelings oh so clearly. XO

  4. I'm glad you are back on twitter! I've been mia lately but sometimes I have quick questions for you too and I've missed not being able to ask you!

  5. I'm glad you are back on twitter! I've been mia lately but sometimes I have quick questions for you too and I've missed not being able to ask you!

  6. Haha! Definitely not just you. We get home from the store and can't ever decide what to have for lunch.

  7. We missed you on Twitter! True story--one day, I was like "I haven't seen/heard much from Katie lately..." and then remembered you gave it up for Lent. And I must say, I was super sad. And you talking about your girls just makes my heart happy. You're such a good Momma. Can't wait to see all the joy in your life when there are two little girls running around...precious.

  8. Gah. I'm SO going to miss our morning snuggles in bed and like Erica said, the post nap snuggles on the couch. So bittersweet.