Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boom, boom, boom-even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.

Writing about occasions, or's not my thing. But I do it because I forget. I do it because I want to look back and remember all these fun things we do and did together as a family. And in a way, this is like my scrapbook.

We had one of those weekends that is mostly empty, but yet, so full. And no, I don't mean in a cute heart-felt-full way, although, now that I think about it--there WAS a lot of full-heart moments this weekend. I meant that I'm really good at packing up a weekend with odds-n-ends despite having 'no plans'.

You see, nesting has kicked in. Not in all areas (as my dirty toilets and dusty sills can attest), but in certain areas for sure. We spent a lot of time this weekend doing garage clean-outs (seriously, storing baby/kid stuff will be the death of me! no space. grrr.), cleaning out cars, etc. I even (for the first time in way too embarrassingly long to admit) took apart Eme's car seat, cleaned the cover, scrubbed that sucker down and vacuumed it out. And? Ew. That is all.

But we also balanced out the crazy nesting purges organizing with fun. We went yard saling one morning. We had dunkin donuts. We spent time together just our little family at the park, having dinner out on the restaurant patio, and ice cream outings. Declan & I put Eme to bed one night and spent a few hours out on our deck just talking...about everything & anything related to our future, our family, our dreams and goals. I love time together like that.
1. Friday night: Kicking off the holiday weekend with some back patio fun
2. Mac, totally lounging like the lazy pup he is. We love him.
3. My $15 desk & chair find for a work station I plan to make in my kitchen.
4. A little sunnin' action for momma while Emeline napped
5. At the park, she picked flowers & loved on her daddy.
6. Our ice cream date.
7. I made mini-strawberry-shortcake cups for our cookout. 
8. We got a little patriotic for Memorial Day.
9. Cannot deny the cuteness of a baby bikini, no sirree. 

After Friday night, Saturday & Sunday Funday--we still had the big Memorial Day cookout at my parents house. My dads birthday normally falls on or close to this day, so we also celebrate him! (His birthday happens to be today! Happy birthday daddio. smooches.)

My parents house and yard is the best (although it would be way better with a pool, just sayin'). They set up all sorts of water'ish fun for the kids, they have a trampoline, a swingset, ladderball & washers for the adults--lots of beer, soda, and ridiculously good cookout food.

And well--the rest of Memorial Day was history.


Put it in the books. Summer has begun.


  1. Today was a good day to be born, it is MY birthday too! (and JFK's, as my grandmom has reminded me since I can remember) It looks like you guys had quite a weekend!

  2. looks like a great weekend for sure!!! i love that little desk! cannot wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Aw it all looks so fun, Mr Soldier and I had an evening of sitting and talking about out future goals and dreams on Saturday night after Madison went to bed and I loved it : )

  4. Sounds like a perfect kickoff to summer. I just read the above comment and didn't realize today is JFK's bday, it's also Peter's birthday! Happy birthday to three important men, then. :)

  5. I'm not a yard-saler (yard-sale-scavenger?), but we're in need of a newish office desk. You may have convinced me to try. Maybe. :)

    Glad you had a good weekend! Looks like fun!

  6. Why didn't you invite me to that awesome party?

  7. Looks like a great weekend! So jealous of your desk yard sale score! That's a beauty!

  8. That sounded like such a wonderful weekend! Great and cute pics! You look so cute! And I can't believe you got that desk and chair for $15, great job!

  9. We had a great weekend too! All I could think yesterday was how good it was for my boys to have 3 days together. You guys have so many great pictures, do you have a lot of pictures up in your house?

  10. What a steal for your desk & such a beauty too!! Looks as if the transition from Spring to Summer is lots of fun for your fam!

  11. Looks like a great weekend!! Love your dress, where did you find it? Target!?!??!

  12. I read this post earlier at work and had to show a coworker how cute Eme is. Because she is way too cute.

    And then I also told said coworker "look how cute she is. I could totally be pregnant in the summer if I could be that pretty while doing it". Yep. Talking about you. You look amazing Mama. I know you don't feel like you rock pregnancy, but you so do.

    Glad y'all had some good family time this weekend :)

  13. looks like a great fun filled weekend! your dress is super super cute! love it :)

  14. Eme is to stinkin cute in her memorial day outfit!! Glad y'all enjoy the weekend :)