Friday, May 4, 2012


It's no secret that a special little someone in my life will be turning TWO next week. And oh, what a difference this birthday is from last year. I mean, she understands what's happening. We've talked about her birthday for weeks (months maybe). She knows she's going to be "TWOOOO-AH!" and that she's going to see Minnie on her birfday. Her excitement knows no bounds.

Because of our upcoming trip, we obviously axed any and all plans to have a big party for her. It just didn't make sense.

But naturally, family that won't be with us in Disney still wanted a chance to celebrate with her, and so this past Wednesday at our family dinner (with Declan's side)--we did just that.

Unlike last year, things like birthday cake, and presents ('pwesants'), and people singing happy birthday to her ARE SO COOL. And rock a little 2 year old's world. She smiled from ear to ear when the happy birthday song was sung to her. She indulged in her specially made Minnie cake (made by her aunt Lyryn) with a fork, all big-kid like. She saw the pwesants, and was interested, and even took time to open the cards and 'read' them.

She ooh'ed and ahh'ed over each gift. "'Innie 'Ouse (minnie mouse) PJ's!", "pwincess shoes!",  "a dora book!"

She was in awe. Little 2 year old heaven.

At one point, while I was helping her open gifts, she looked up at me, gave me the cheesiest "I'm so happy" grin, and then snuggled into me for a hug. The moment was quick, and no one else saw it, but it was the sweetest few seconds ever because I could just tell she felt so special, so loved. She didn't need a big, huge party.

I watched as my big girl (attempted) to blow out her candles--and it was almost hard for me to hold back the tears. My baby? She's not a baby anymore. But she's becoming a big girl. A beautiful, sweet, tender-hearted girl that I'm so honored to love and mother.

Let the birthday celebrations begin, kid. That was only the beginning.


Happy Friday!


  1. Awww, I love the 2nd birthday! It's the moment they get it that I love. So adorable.

  2. How adorable! Happy Early Birthday Eme Kay! :)

    Weird question-my husband has been approached about a potential position in Easton, PA. Is that close to you? I know NOTHING about PA, so any warm fuzzies you can paint about the state would be great!

  3. I remember when Leah turned two in December.... such a special time. Celebrating the year that's passed and the year to come. TWO is such a fun age. This is the year they really become 'big kids'.

    Happy birthday Emeline!! I'm sure your all going to have an amazing time at Disney. Can't wait to see pictures! :-)

  4. That cake looks amazing! Happy birthday Eme! You guys will have a blast in Disney!

  5. What sweet memories. It is so hard to believe she is almost two! How does it all go by so fast??? She will have a blast in Disney! Can't wait to see all the pictures!

  6. This makes me excited about Jackson turning 2 in July! :)

    ...and puts me more at ease about having a "huge bash" for his birthday this year; which we are not going to do.

  7. Ok, a few things...

    First, Eme is getting so big!! There is no trace of baby at all! And I'm in love with her curly hair!

    Second, I'm also in love with your dark hair! It looks so sophisticated and shiny. :-)

    And of course, the cake is a-mah-zing. I do love me some cake. ;-)

  8. Aww what sweet memories to have. Shows that kids don't need all the bells and whistles :)

  9. Aren't birthdays for little ones fun! I love the collages you put together. Did you use a specific program for that or just photoshop?

  10. cute :) Love the minnie cake! Hope you guys have a blast at Disney :)

  11. Oh man, she's going to have SO MUCH FUN in Disney! What a sweet little "big" girl you have. :)

  12. How fun!! She looks like she had a blast :) Birthdays really do get more fun each year- they start realizing it is their day and then they start getting excited about having friends over or having a certain theme, and of course the joy of getting a specific gift that they have been begging for- such good times!

  13. She looks so grown up all of sudden! I can't believe she's almost 2....which means MY baby is almost 2 and that can't be possible!

    Hope you all have a blast in Disney!!

  14. Aww, what a sweetie! I'm glad she enjoyed her second birthday. That's a big deal!

  15. This age is SO fun! Soak it all up lady :) and have a blast celebrating that sweet girl over and over!