Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Letter to you with ~10 weeks left....

To my littlest baby girl,

I get to meet you in about 10 weeks, give or take a little. And part of me cannot even believe we're that close. And sometimes? I wish it were tomorrow because I just cannot wait to have all those moments with you.

Those moments where I first get to lay eyes on you. The moments where I get to hold, cuddle and nurse you for the first time. The moment where I get to introduce you to your big sister who is waiting excitedly for you. The moment when we become a family of four. 

But yet we still have so much to do. And it's good. You need to continue and grow and get all chubby and cutesy in there. So hold tight.

You need to know we're so excited about you. We talk about you every day. Your daddy & I talk about who you'll look like and if you'll be a spitting image of your sister, or have your own very unique look. Either way, I know you'll be a beautiful girl, both inside and out. We talk about how much love you'll get from your toddler-sister. She's bound to have her moments, but overall? I think she's gonna smother you with love, endless kisses, and lots of hugs. 

You're entering into an insta-family. Something that I feel is different than when your sister came. We know a bit more, although we're continually learning, but that family kind of love--it's there. And we'll be welcoming you with open arms and hearts, little girl.

My hopes and dreams for you are simple. I want you to love God & people with all your heart, the same prayer I prayed and continue to pray over your sister. That you would have compassion and a heart so full of love. That you would love the unlovable. That you would embrace those that need to be embraced. That your presence would light up a room. That your inner light would just shine and shine. 

It's true, we're much more relaxed with your arrival than we were with your sister. I don't have the room ready (in fact it's still occupied by your big sissy), no clothes are washed yet, and the 'to-do' list around the house is endless. But? It doesn't mean we're any less excited. Any less ready to be your parents. We're stoked, little girl. 

So keep on growing strong & we can't wait to kiss your sweet cheeks soon.

Love Always,


(I wrote a letter at this time to Emeline, it is.)


  1. What a beautiful sentiment for your new baby. <3

  2. Such a sweet letter. I can't believe there's only 10 more weeks! So exciting! :)

  3. So sweet! Can't wait to see Baby Deux finally!

  4. Very sweet! I hope your girls will know how blessed they are to have parents like you and Declan.

  5. Everything about the birth of your second child is so different than your first because you'll go in there knowing a little more of what to expect even if things do differently. And the moment you meet her will feel a little more "real" than it probably did with Emeline if that makes sense. It's pretty awesome :) I loved everything about my labor with Luke (especially that it was only 8 hrs vs the 26 hrs with Nathan) And the sleep deprivation for me was a little easier to handle because I knew those moments of 3am nursing were to be cherished because they grow so fast. I'm excited for you and your family! 10 weeks will fly by!

  6. So cute!

    This will be awesome for her to read when she is older.

  7. Aw! I can't wait to see her and hear what you are naming her! Love that prayer!

  8. I can't wait to "meet" her! And isn't it crazy how more laid back you are the second time around? Just wait until she is here - you'll do things you never would dream of doing with E!

  9. This is just the sweetest thing I've ever read. You make such a wonderful Katie!

  10. Just think how she can read this back some day and KNOW the love you had for her before she was even born. I just love that. Beautiful, Katie.

  11. I seriously got choked up!!! This is just the sweetest thing ever!!